Not Shy Anymore

For Women

I had only been in the adult bookstore once. A crazy friend wanted to show it to me so we went in one night and looked at books, toys and then peeked at a few videos. I was nervous and embarrassed but also intrigued and not just a little titillated. We had left, him making crude jokes about it and me … well, it was hard to get it off my mind. I had always been very sexual and this place was very sexual. It stayed on my mind for a few weeks, playing into my masturbation fantasies, until I finally decided I had to go back. It took a while to get up the nerve but one night, all alone, I slipped in the back door. Now the books and magazine had been interesting but the videos were what caught my eye. After walking around looking at things long enough to try to make it less obvious why I was really here, I mustered my courage and went into the next room. It was two corridors lined on both sides with doors, each leading into a booth. On the doors were posters advertising the videos you could see within. I began walking slowly along reading the posters, trying to find Maltepe Escort the one I would watch. I saw other men doing the same. They were also eyeing me but if I looked at them their gaze would quickly go back to one of the posters. I found a video that looked pretty hot and nervously opened the door and stepped inside. I wasn’t planning on doing anything but watch and I was terrified that the other men there might think I was inside jerking off, so I left the door slightly ajar. I put some quarters in the slot and the video came to life. No sooner had it started I heard the door open and saw an older man standing in it. “Would you mind if I shared your booth?” he asked. I was a little startled, thinking his request was pretty forward but I didn’t see the harm in it. “No, that’s fine. Come in,” I responded. He stepped into the booth and locked the door behind him. I turned to watch the video when he spoke again. “Would you like a blowjob?” “Okay,” I said, very surprised. My friend and I had sucked each other a little but had never Maltepe Escort Bayan come. The idea got me hard, and quickly. By the time he’d unfastened my jeans my cock was ready and launched itself out of my underwear. He leaned down and started to suck, slowly letting the head push through his lips and deep into his mouth. I watched the movie and his head bob up and down on my shaft. It felt wonderful but my mind just wasn’t with it. I found myself thinking instead of the older man who had seduced me a few months before, thinking of the feel of his cock in my mouth and how his cum had tasted. I couldn’t resist any longer. “Why don’t you let me do you?” I asked. He looked up, surprised by my suggestion. “Sure!” he said and we quickly switched places. He had a small cock and I easily devoured the whole of it. Now this was better, I thought. I relished this sweet little prick in my mouth. I sucked and licked and tongued until his body stiffened and I again tasted that sweet salty man-cream. He didn’t cum much and I wondered Escort Maltepe if he’d already squirted his load. Still, it left that unmistakable taste. After he came he seemed in a hurry to leave. We closed up our pants and he left. I finished watching the rest of the video and then did the same while thinking about what had just happened. So the open door was a sign, an invitation. I picked another booth and went inside, again with the door open. A man in the corridor had seen me leave the first booth and when I stepped into the second and left the door open, he quickly followed me inside. Without saying a word he turned and locked the door while I fumbled for quarters. “You wanna blowjob?” he asked very directly. “No, thanks,” I replied. “How ‘bout I do you?” “Really? Sure!” Surprised, almost elated, he quickly undid his pants and pulled out his cock. Even still less than fully hard it was beautiful. I pushed away his trousers and underwear and took it lovingly in hand. As I massaged it grew harder and longer until a lovely seven inch cock presented itself to me. I lowered my mouth over the head and he moaned softly. Slowly I let him penetrate further and further until my nose was in his pubic hair. His strong man scent made his cock taste even better. I moved up and down on his stiff prick, licking the head and sucking as it nearly left my mouth.

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