No Regrets Ch. 02


On the drive home from Deb’s house, I was filled with thoughts and visions of the four of us having sex together. In my mind, I visualized my fiancé’s strong cock sliding into Deb’s vagina and hearing her moan as every inch of his phallus sunk into her womanhood. I could barely keep the car on the road as I thought about Dale bending me over and then pushing into me while Alex watched. For a brief instant, I conjured up the exact moment when Alex would reach out and take Dale’s cock in his hand and guide it to my anus, telling him it was okay to fuck my ass. How I got home without crashing the car I’ll never know.

Admittedly, the whole idea of Deb, Dale, Alex and me all in the same bedroom and doing sexual things to each other was a lot to wrap my brain around. But, I couldn’t deny the fact that the more I thought about it, the more interested I was and the more I desperately wanted it to happen. By the time I got back to our apartment, my panties were so wet, I felt like I needed to change them.

Luckily for me, driving home I had an absolute brainstorm on how I could use my legitimately wet panties to introduce Alex to the ideas Deb and I talked about while I was at her house that morning. So, after thinking it through a few minutes, I called Alex on his cell phone and put our nasty plan into action. I asked him if there was any way he could leave work early today. When he asked why, I started laying it on as thickly as I could and still make it sound plausible.

“My panties are sopping wet, Sweetheart.” I giggled into the phone. “I need to feel your face down there, sniffing and licking me. I need you to make me cum and then I want you to take me from behind and fuck me senseless.”

“What brought all this on?” Alex asked, as I heard him chuckle.

“I started daydreaming about the way you played with your cock in front of Deb the other night in their hot tub.” I answered. “And, I started thinking ……uh……”

“Thinking what?” He asked.

“Alex, I can’t talk about it over the phone. Come home and I’ll tell you.” I replied. “It’s nasty, though, Alex, it’s really nasty and I’m afraid you might get mad at me for thinking like that. Can you come home? I need a cock so bad right now.”

“Damn, Sally,” Alex replied, “you’re making me hard.”

“Well, if you come home to take care of me, I’ll make it worth your while.” I said, clearly into the phone. “I’m not kidding, Alex, I’m in a pretty bad way here. I need a hard cock to suck and a strong man to fuck me. Are you gonna come home, or, do I need to call someone else? I bet your friend Dale would come over if I called him. You think he would?”

“Oh, hell yes.” Alex laughed. “He’d be on his way before you could hang up the phone. I bet he’d do anything to get between your thighs!”

“Maybe I should call him, then.” I teased, chuckling into the phone. “That way, I’d have at least one guy who was willing to do dirty, nasty things to me. You wouldn’t mind sharing me with your golfing buddy would you?”

“Jeez. What’s got into you?” He asked.

“I need some sex and I need it now.” I moaned. “So, what’s it gonna be? You or Dale?”

“Okay, okay.” He chuckled. “Let me take care of a few emails, and I’ll be there in less than an hour.”

After we hung up, I skipped happily into the bedroom and slipped out of my jeans, top and bra. Stopping briefly at the mirror to compliment myself on my cleverness, I moved to my lingerie drawer to pull out the tiny, ruffled top of a see through nightie Alex bought me a few weeks back. To top off the look, I reached down to crease my panties way up between my pussy lips, and then turned to the mirror to see how it looked.

There was no way Alex would miss the intentional, obvious panty crease in my crotch, and I knew it would immediately capture his full attention the instant he saw me. With a sinister laugh, I pulled the comforter and sheets all the way off the bed and put the pillows in a nice pile in the middle of the bed — a dead giveaway that I was ready to be taken by my man.

After spraying on a little of his favorite perfume, I traipsed into the kitchen to pour us a glass of wine and then took them back into the bedroom. I spent several minutes looking through our collection of sex toys for my favorite item: the spanking paddle.

Once I found it, I laid it on the bed and went back into the kitchen to wait for Alex to get home. I didn’t have to wait very long, and as soon as he came in, his hand went right between my legs and he pressed his fingers into the crease of my sopping wet panties, just exactly as I knew he would do.

“Can you feel how wet I am?” I asked, whispering into his ear. “I wasn’t kidding, Sweetheart. I need your cock.”

Every woman knows exactly what to do to get her guy super wound up and excited. With my panties shoved up between my labia, I knew Alex would be ready to tear his clothes off as soon as his eyes focused between my legs. Believe me, I knew he wouldn’t Escort Bayan be able to resist a pair of fragrant panties, but finding me sopping wet, and hearing me say things like “I need your cock” pushed his buttons even further that I expected.

I could tell he was almost at the breaking point when he dropped to the floor at my feet and pulled my silky covered crotch roughly into his face, burying his nose into my panties and taking deep breaths as if his life depended on it. The roughness he displayed was simply a matter of his anxiousness — the animal instincts in him which I knew quite well how to awaken. I loved it when he grabbed me like that — so full of the explosive passion which I could unleash when ever I wanted to.

After a minute of sniffing me and rubbing his face in my panties, I pulled him up and led him back to our bedroom. Upon entering, he saw the bed cleared off and the paddle lying there. Before he could say anything, I stopped and held my fingers to his lips.

“Shhhh. Don’t say a word yet.” I said, reaching for the paddle.

“Sweetheart,” I said, “I’ve been a really bad girl today. I’ve been playing with myself and thinking about how nasty we were over at Deb and Dale’s house last Saturday night. I started having some very bad thoughts – things I’m ashamed of…. things I deserve to be punished for, Alex.”

Alex and I have played a ‘punishment’ game many times before. It’s the game where I confess that I’ve been a bad girl and tell him I deserve a spanking. He likes this game as much as I do, but, for different reasons. For him, he likes it because he can take as long as he wants to look at, and, play with my panties while I’m over his knees or on the bed, positioned for a spanking. He loves to see how wet a light paddling makes me get, and, he dearly loves feeling my butt and between my legs while he’s ‘punishing’ me.

Oh, he never spanks me very hard; that’s not the point of my paddlings. What he likes is the complete, unrushed and unrestricted access to my panties and my pussy from behind while he’s going through the motions of spanking me. Plus, once my natural lubrication starts to flow and he sees how wet I’m getting, he becomes keenly focused and interested in the smell and feel of my vagina. You might think I use my panties as a weapon to get Alex going, and that might be true. But, like I said — I know my man and I know exactly how to use his panty fetish to please him.

On the flip side, for me, being spanked or paddled is something I genuinely love, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s always occupied a special place in my heart. Say what you want, but, as much as Alex loves panties — I love to be spanked.

Perhaps it’s the exhibitionist in me, or the submissive part of me that yearns to be over someone’s knee, or on my hands and knees offering my bottom to be warmed. I fully accept the fact that my spankings should be performed with minimal clothes on. Not only does that heighten my own arousal, but, it provides a mix of embarrassment and humiliation to go along with the submission I crave. All of this together creates such an unbelievably rich experience that radiates through my body and allows me to embrace and accept my fate to be exposed and spanked.

And yes, I’ve confessed the darker side of my spanking fetish to Alex. And, although I’ve never been spanked in front of onlookers, he knows this is one of my most deep and sacred desires. We have yet to find the right opportunity for him to spank me in front of someone, but, he knows I would truly like that to happen. I see it as such a delightfully humiliating position to be in, especially if I’ve been bad enough to be spanked with my panties pulled down so everyone can see how wet and ready my pussy is.

True to form, Alex picked up on the game and gave me a stern look. Reaching up to grasp my shoulders firmly, he asked me to tell him what bad thoughts I’d been thinking.

“And, don’t you dare lie to me, Sally.” He warned. “You know I can always tell when you’re lying, and that’s only going to make it worse. It’ll go much easier if you just tell me the complete truth the first time.”

I hung my head in mock shame and then raised my face and gave him my classic pouty face. “I’m so sorry, Alex.” I began. “I couldn’t help it. I was thinking about how you played with your cock in front of Deb, and I started thinking how much she probably wanted to touch you….. and suck you.”

“I imagined myself watching her doing it.” I panted. “How she wrapped her hands around your shaft and squeezed your hardness. She pulled you closer to her, and when she bent her head down to take your cock in her mouth, I wanted her to do it. I wanted to see your erection deep in her mouth with her lips wrapped around you, slobbering and gagging.”

“And then I started touching myself and fantasizing about it. I envisioned you and her together.” I went on. “Dale and I stood there watching you, and I didn’t do a thing Bayan Escort to stop it. I enjoyed it, Sweetheart. I got off on it and I was so turned on, I just stood there and watched while you stripped her, pushed her over onto her back, spread her legs and fucked her. And, you should have seen the look on her face, Alex. She was in heaven. She was moaning ‘Fuck me, fuck me’ and you did. Your cock was plunging into her so deep, and I didn’t want you to stop. I wanted you to fuck her.”

“What else?” He asked, giving me a scowl and looking down at me.

“You’re gonna be mad at me for this.” I answered. “But, I couldn’t help it.”

“Sally,” he said, with an exasperated look, “quit stalling and tell me.”

“I thought about us doing things with them.” I replied, looking down at the carpet and lowering my voice to almost a whisper. “Both of us…. doing things with the two of them. Really nasty things, Alex.”

“What kind of nasty things, Sally?” He asked. “Be specific.”

I shook my head back and forth, pretending I was afraid to confess my thoughts in front of him. Immediately, he let go of my shoulder with his right hand and reached around to smack me smartly on my panty clad bottom. I kept in character, though, standing there soaking up the gloriousness of the light sting that was rapidly spreading across my butt cheeks.

“What things?” He repeated. “Don’t think I won’t pull your panties down right here and spank you on your bare butt if you don’t answer me.”

“Okay.” I moaned, looking up into his eyes. “In my fantasy, you and Dale did things together. You touched each other and sucked each other, and then you let him fuck me…. in my ass.”

“I’m so sorry, Alex.” I blurted out immediately. “I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about those things. It just got away from me and before I knew what was happening, my hand was down between my legs and I was cuming and cuming.”

“I see.” He said, finally loosening his grip on my shoulders. “And, all that turns you on? You’d get off on seeing me fuck his wife? Seeing me play with his dick and sucking him? Having him in your ass? That turns you on?”

“I said I was sorry.” I replied, looking up at him, my eyes begging for forgiveness. “I didn’t have to tell you, you know. I could have kept it a secret. I am trying to be honest about it.”

“I realize that. But, it doesn’t change the fact that you were unbelievably bad. And you’re right, you do deserve to be punished.” Alex answered. “I wonder, though, if you’d learn your lesson better if you had to confess your nasty thoughts in front of Deb and Dale, and then let them witness your punishment. What do you think about that?”

‘Oh shit!’ My mind cried. That’s a twist I didn’t foresee coming. Quickly, I had to decide how to answer. I surely didn’t want him to stop, pick up the phone and ask Deb and Dale to run right over to hear my confession, or, witness my punishment – especially before Deb had a chance to start working on Dale about the four-way Deb and I were secretly trying to set up.

“Maybe you could paddle me a little now and then make me service you like the nasty little girl I am. At least that way, I won’t feel so guilty anymore.” I replied. “Then, if you think I should be punished more, I’ll agree to whatever you decide – no matter what it is, I promise.”

“Very well.” Alex said, giving me firm look. “I think that’s fair. So, for starters, I want you completely naked except for your panties. Then get up on the bed on your hands and knees. You know the position I mean — lay over the pillows with your knees far apart and your shoulders touching the mattress. I want your thighs completely open.”

My heart was racing as I arranged the pillows so I could lay over them comfortably and still give him the access to my panties and the open view I knew he wanted. This wasn’t an unfamiliar process for me at all — we’d done this many times and I knew exactly the position he wanted me to be in once he was ready to start dishing out my punishment.

I left him enough room on the sides and foot of the bed so he could move around my body. I was careful to position myself so he could easily reach between my legs from the back and touch and feel my panty covered crotch. Once I came to rest and became still, he put his hands on his hips and walked around the bed to inspect my lewd position.

“Very good.” He said, reaching for the buttons on his shirt.

As he undressed, he spoke calmly to me, telling me he was proud of me for confessing my nasty fantasy. He told me I wasn’t being punished for fantasizing and masturbating, but rather, what I was fantasizing about.

“The deeper issue here,” he said, “is that the things you fantasized about tell me you have several deep, unresolved sexual desires. Plus, you selfishly used our friendship with Deb and Dale to satisfy those sexual desires with no regard to their feelings what-so-ever.”

It was clear Alex had an erection Escort long before he undid his trousers and leisurely laid them over the arm of the chair next to the bed. His eyes never left my panty covered bottom and the warm, wet gusset of my panties. I knew exactly what he was seeing — the way my panties were stretched across my little bottom and the way my panties were sticking to my wet pussy from behind. As the seconds drew on, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, knowing the obvious slimy spot between my legs was growing. He knew the state I was in, and, I knew the view I was giving him was exactly what he wanted, and exactly what he dreams about.

Once he was naked, he got on the bed next to me, placed his fingers against the damp fabric of my panties and slowly started to trace his fingertips in a line up and down my slit. He’d pause briefly at my clit as he touched me, and then again at the entrance of my vagina, and once again at my anus as his fingers moved up and down between my legs. As this repeated over and over, he’d apply varying amounts of pressure, and the sensations he gave me were enough for me to settle into the pillows and say a silent prayer that he wouldn’t stop what he was doing.

The mixture of being in such a submissive, inviting and open position, along with the feeling he was creating in my crotch, was so powerful I began to unconsciously moan and wiggle my tush in rhythm with his stroking. I desperately wanted him to stop and diddle my clit so I could cum, and I’m sure Alex knew that.

“You’re not supposed to be enjoying this.” Alex said, softly. “Don’t you feel even the least bit guilty about what you did?”

“Of course I feel guilty.” I answered, trying extremely hard not to giggle to myself. “Go ahead and do what you need to do and I’ll try not to enjoy it.”

I felt the bed shake and turned my head around to see him moving behind me. I wasn’t prepared for the sharp sting of the paddle as he swatted me the first time.

“Oh, shit!” I howled, genuinely surprised as the bite of the first swat stung my skin.

“Stay still.” Alex said, reaching out to put the palm of his hand directly on my butt cheek and press against the exact spot where he’d paddled me. At first, the light touch of his hand caused me to flinch, but after a few seconds, I began to melt into the sweet afterglow that followed. And, once the initial sting started to dissipate, I let myself relax and sink into the pillows I was lying on.

His hand drifted down and pressed into the pantied crease between my legs again. My wetness must have really started to flow because as soon as he touched me there, I heard the unmistakable sloppy sounds of my sopping wet vagina being touched and played with. For him, this is a really big deal — touching my panties where they cover my pussy, and especially when I’m as wet as I was.

Alex concentrated on the two inches between my clitoral hood and my vaginal opening, slowly tracing his finger up and down my wetness. I almost begged him to put his finger inside me, but, I was there for his pleasure, not mine, and I didn’t want to distract him from something he loved so much. And, this went on for a while, too. As I lie there with my butt turned up for him and my knees spread far apart, he took his time to feel me in every way he could.

“I want your panties when we’re done.” Alex said to me, after clearing his throat several times. “These are in choice condition.”

I smiled when I heard his words. He knows very well I’m always more than happy to give him my panties anytime he wants them.

When I felt his fingers finally leave me, I knew I was about to get another swat. Instead of bracing myself, I made an intentional effort to relax my butt muscles just as the paddle struck my bottom again. This time, he paddled the opposite cheek. Just as before, as soon as he’d done it, his hand covered the exact spot and he pressed his palm hand into my stinging skin.

Anyone who truly enjoys a spanking will tell you there’s a point in time where you finally subjugate yourself – allow yourself to give in and just let it happen. For me, this was that moment, and as he began to rub my stinging bottom, I became extraordinarily relaxed and sank another three or four inches into the pillows. My legs went completely limp, my hips loosened and I felt the abundant, natural lubrication in my vagina begin to flow out of me like a tiny river.

This is the point where – if I was wearing panties, and, if there were other people watching — I’d want my panties to be removed so my vagina could be lewdly exposed and displayed to everyone who wanted to see it. You see, that’s the exact instant of total acceptance and submission for me. It wouldn’t matter if the people watching were strangers, my brother, or even a co-worker. My fundamental need to be spanked and displayed would be satisfied the moment my panties are lowered and my wet vagina is revealed to who ever is watching.

But, Alex had other plans. He went further, giving me two more quick smacks on the first cheek and then two on the second cheek in rapid succession, causing my buns to heat up and my pussy to flood my panties with a copious amount of natural pussy lube.

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