Night Eternal Ch. 05


You know all the usual stuff, don’t read if it’s illegal or you don’t like sex or sex between two males offends you. All characters are purely fictional and any likeness is a coincidence. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world in which they live. Edited by Kumani

This is a story of two friends who after being apart from each other, discover a love between them they never knew existed. Ryan thinks Coby is dead, while Coby is forbidden to ever come in contact with any of his family or friends ever again. However, Coby’s rise through the ranks of Vampire society and a glimmer of hope helps to keep him going.


Chapter 5: Desperation



Well this had been a strange day! First, I find out that vampires are real! Then I get turned into one and found out that the city is really controlled by a feudal lord known as the Archon. The Mayor, city council, even the school boards are all institutional puppets under Remington’s watchful eye. This guy is the epitome of power!

I had been in my apartment unpacking, when I heard rapid knocking at the door. It was a boy I had met a few nights ago, Ron. He was kind of cute, and boy could he perform an amazing rim job! When he entered he was all frightened. He said he had seen something horrible and had caught it on video. I asked if I could see it, but he snatched his Iphone away from me before I got the chance.

Ron hadn’t been there long when a noise came from my bedroom. I was getting up to check it out, when my front door flew open and two big guys stormed into my apartment. The guy in front was tall and big. He had long red hair swirling around his face as he moved. He was wearing a long dark coat and a dark business suit. The guy behind him was also tall and big, but had long white-blond hair and wore a white suit and coat to match.

Before I could react, a third guy burst though my bedroom door and jumped on me with both feet and hands. This guy was like an animal. He was much bigger than the other two. He had greasy, long, black hair that was now hanging in my face. As he lifted himself off of me, I realized two things. First, that I couldn’t speak, it was like all the air had been forced out of my lungs. Second, there was blood dripping from this guy’s fingers. Then, I began to feel the pain. He had punctured my chest and lungs. I could barely breathe! I could feel myself slipping away.

Then, to my shock I realized the redhead was none other than Coby! My mind was racing in those last few minutes of life. I knew I was going to die shortly, but at the moment I didn’t care! One of my best friends, who had been missing for over five months, was now standing before me. I’m not sure what took place next, but I do remember the look of pain on Coby’s face as he looked down at me. Then I faintly heard him whisper something about saving me.

The next thing I remember is this immense feeling of rapture, followed by nothing! I remember thinking this nothingness was finally the death I knew was coming, but then a burning fire erupted in my mouth. I could feel life returning to me. It was a sickening sweet taste. I felt my strength return! Then, I felt the wounds in my chest closing. It was the strangest feeling.

As the vision returned to my blurry eyes there was Coby again, as well as the black haired guy. Actually, the black haired guy had this frightened look on his face but I seemed to connect with him somehow. I could feel his heart beat slowing. Then I realized that the elixir which was bringing me back to life was blood that I was drinking from this guy’s arm. My gut reaction was to pull away, but some primal instinct deep inside stopped me. I could feel a hunger building then abating as I was being nourished.

Coby stopped me after a few minutes. He then asked me several questions and told me a bit about the new life he had awoken me to. Roth was the name of the guy that was half dead, he was the guy I had just been drinking from and was evidently a troublemaker that Coby was glad to be rid of. His other partner was Brad.

Brad was the most gorgeous hunk I have ever seen! He was as tall as Coby, built like a wrestler and had the looks equal to that of Ryan. He has these amazing pale-blue eyes. His most attractive feature though had to be his hair! It is really light blond, almost white and it comes down to the middle of his back! It was everything I could do, not to stare!

So I had now joined Coby in this new life! The rest of the night was interesting to say the least. First, I found out that I might die anyway and take Coby and Brad with me. Then, I got to meet Chris and Jason. They are Coby and Brad’s Sires. ‘Sire’ is what they call the Vampire that brings you into the family he or she is partly responsible for their child’s actions. ‘Child’ is the name they give to us new Vampires, because until we learn the rules and prove that we can exist on our own, we are like children.

The meeting with the Archon went better than expected. After hearing about the problems they had gotten Kolej Escort themselves into, Archon Remington seemed almost pleased with the outcome. He seemed quite genuine when he welcomed me into the world of the Vampire.

The best part of the whole experience was that Brad would be my Sire! After the meeting with the Archon we drove home. They dropped me and Brad off at his place. We had to hurry because the sun would be up within the half-hour. As we entered, Brad introduced me to Sammy, his ghoul and daytime protector. Sammy was kind of short, but not too short and she was really cute, as in your cute little kid sister sort of cute.

Brad took me upstairs to his room. It was completely closed off to all light.

“Well Nick, I have a couple of guest rooms but none of them are sealed off to light, so I guess you will just have to sleep with me tonight!”

I smiled at him and said, “I don’t have any problem with that Brad.”

He just smiled back at me. He walked over to the other side of the bed and began to take off his clothes. He laid them all over the back of a chair. To my delight he didn’t stop as I watched him intently. Within a few minutes he was standing completely naked on the other side of the room.

He was absolutely stunning, with his milky, almost white skin, his chest filled out and his ripped abs. He was a vision of Adonis! He either had no hair anywhere on his body or it was so fair that it was not discernible to the naked eye. He had the faintest patch of hair under his arms and neatly trimmed above his cock.

He turned and smiled at me as he slid under the fluffy comforter, “Are you coming to bed? …or do you plan to stand there and stare at me all day?” He had this devilish grin on his face.

I took the hint, but I decided to give him a bit of a show. I took my time taking off my clothes, pausing at times for effect. I was very proud of my body. I had worked on it for the past five years to sculpt it into a toned machine, but not too much of a muscular look. I generally don’t like the muscle bound look, but Brad’s body was just too gorgeous! He sat there propped up on one arm watching my little show. My cock was not at all soft as Brad’s own had been when he had gotten undressed, instead I had the makings of a revival tent in my boxers. Brad got a bit of a chuckle out of my obvious arousal.

When I had finally removed my last piece of clothing, Brad lifted up the cover on the king size bed, inviting me in. I moved into the bed next to him with my back facing him. He dropped the cover over me, grabbed my waist and gently pulled me into him so that my butt was firmly placed against his crotch. He draped his arm underneath mine and ran his fingers through the light hair on my chest. He then placed his lips to my neck and began kissing it. I was in heaven, in the arms of an angel.

It wasn’t long before I felt something stir in between my butt cheeks. I was already so hard to the point that I thought my cock was going to explode. I let out a little moan and whispered, “Please take me!” Brad understood. His arm left my chest and I could feel him lean back a bit. His lips never left my neck though. Then, I felt something slick move between my butt cheeks and slowly press into my anus. A few moments later it was replaced by a bigger slick rod, which easily filled me up!

We developed a fucking rhythm. Brad was slow and gentle, but he was hitting my sweet spot and it was driving me wild. My moaning started to get a bit louder until he brought his wrist up to my mouth and whispered, “Drink!” into my ear. I felt compelled to bite down on his wrist and immediately understood why he wanted me to do something so bizarre. The moment my teeth slid into his flesh and his blood filled my mouth, I felt like I was on fire! It was the most erotic, pleasure filled moment of my life! That was until it got even better! I felt a sharp pain as Brad bit down on my neck. Then, the sensation intensified. It was more than words can describe!

Now we were like one. I could feel Brad’s heartbeat. Our breathing was synchronous. I could feel every sensation in every fiber of my being! I’m not really sure how long the fucking lasted but it culminated when violent shutters racked my body. My cum covered my chest along with the bed sheet and covers. When it was over I was completely numb! Numb from pleasure.

Brad leaned up to my ear, “That was just a taste my sweet!” he cooed, as he kissed me on the side of my neck.

The next night, when I awoke with my new lover still nuzzled behind me. His beautiful hair was draping over my shoulder and his arms were folded around my chest. He was holding me close with his morning wood pressed between my butt cheeks. As I begun to stir so did he.

“Mmmm! Good evening Nick. Sleep well?”

“Oh yea! Will it always be like that?” I asked.

“Better!” Brad responded.

“Better is good!” We both giggled at that.

That is how my life started with Brad. I became his companion, partner, lover and pupil. The next day was Rus Escort a buzz of activity. First, Brad took me out to get a new wardrobe. I was quite embarrassed when I realized he had spent over twenty thousand dollars on my new clothes. Then he made arrangements for a room to be prepared for me, but I have yet to sleep in it and I’m not sure when I ever will!

Brad began my training after the first night we spent together. He started with an hour of sparring and then two hours were dedicated to teaching me the nature of my new abilities. He explained that this would be the way things would proceed until he felt I was ready. This became my routine. For the next few days we got up, sparred and practiced.

On the third night, he was going to take me out for my first “hunt” but on the way to the club he got a call from a frantic Coby.

“Hello! …Coby, what’s wrong? …Oh shit! Um ok I’m on it! We’ll be there as soon as possible!” He closed the phone, “Shit!”

“Brad, what’s wrong?” I asked with concern.

“Ryan is trying to kill himself. Damn it! Coby only needs a few more weeks! Which of Ryan’s friends lives closest to us?”

“Peter is just a few blocks from here.”


We went as fast as his mustang would go. We got to Pete’s in less than three minutes.

“What room number is he in?”


“Ok you stay here I’ll be back in a minute.”

True to his word a minute later he was walking very fast back to the car with an unconscious Pete in his arms. I jumped in the backseat and Brad placed Pete in the front.

“Trust me he won’t even know he was knocked out. I didn’t hurt him at all.”

We drove at breakneck speed to Ryan’s place. Coby was pacing outside when we drove up. I grabbed Pete and we raced upstairs to Ryan’s apartment. I got a bit scared once because we passed by a couple of guys from classes I had with Ryan, but they didn’t seem to notice us. I found out later that Coby had used some mind trick to confuse them so they didn’t even realize anyone was there.

When we were right outside Ryan’s door, Coby asked for Pete. He leaned him up against the wall. Then he just started talking to him while looking into his eyes.

“Peter! Open your eyes for me. …Good now you are coming by to see how Ryan is doing. You haven’t seen him in a few days since Nick died, so you wanted to make sure he’s doing okay! You will remember catching the train over here tonight. You left your apartment a half hour ago! Now in ten seconds you are going to fully awake and do everything in your power to get in that apartment because you know he is inside and he could be trying to harm himself!”

With that we just backed away. A few seconds later and Pete shivered a bit, turned and started knocking on Ryan’s door. He started to panic when Ryan didn’t answer. He eventually broke the door down. We could hear his cries of help from the hallway. We were close. Another fifteen minutes and Ryan would have no longer been with us.



I was so worried that I might have lost Ryan. I redoubled my efforts to get approval from the Archon. Nick’s appearance had brought my plans to a halt. While at the same time, it made it even more important that I get to Ryan quickly because he was falling apart. The loss of Nick had been a nail in the coffin for Ryan. He had already tried to kill himself! If not for our quick action he would have succeeded that night. I hated having to use Pete, but I couldn’t watch Ryan twenty-four hours a day, so I had to compel him to watch Ryan day and night.

Pete had done as I had instructed him too very well. The major fact that Pete cared for Ryan as much as I did and didn’t want to see him harm himself either only reinforced the compulsion. This enabled me to persuade Pete to remain close to Ryan until I could hatch my plan.

A few days after Ryan’s suicide attempt, the Archon summoned me to an audience. I arrived ten minutes later. The entrance hall was full of the high society Vampires. They were always busy with their political maneuvering. I got a lot of the looks as I always do on my way in to meet the Archon. It is well known in the court that I had quickly become one of the Archon’s favorites and there were a lot of those who resented me because of this.

As I walked into Remington’s meeting hall, his face lit up with a broad smile. “Ah, Coby my boy, good of you to make such good time!”

I walked up with a small bow, “Good evening Archon, It is an honor to serve. What can I do for you this evening?”

“I feel I can trust you. If I ask you to keep something confidential can you do that?”

“Of course Archon.”

“Including your team and Christopher!”

“If you require it, I believe I can.”

“Then, I have a very important mission for you! There is a group of very powerful individuals that are seeking to replace me as Archon. I have some friends that could help me to prevent this but they live in another city. I know I am asking a lot of you, but if you could Yenimahalle Escort get a message to them, it would mean the difference, I’m sure of it!”

He gave me a package with my instructions in them, as well as a sealed letter of introduction and explanation for the gentlemen I was going to see. The target city was about a three hour’s drive. I would need to leave quickly if I was going to make it there and back before dawn.

I called up Brad and told him I had something to do tonight and that I would see him tomorrow. I jumped in the car and drove by Ryan’s place to check on him before leaving. Then I raced out of town on my mission. The drive was uneventful.

Once I arrived in the new city, I headed for this local dance club called Blood Moon, which was the haven for Victor, the Vampire I was looking for. Looking at their auras, I could tell there were about two dozen Vampires in the club, of about two hundred people. The two bouncers were ghouls. They had a faint paleness to their auras which told me they were old. The club seemed to have many partitioned off private booths. It was quite ingenious.

A few of the Vampires at the bar had noticed me come in and they were staring. I walked up to the bar and motioned for the bartender. He nodded that he would be over in a minute. A Vampire that had been staring at me walked up. He had a very thick Australian accent.

“Hey Mate, you lost or something?”

“No. You work here?”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. I know everyone in this town. You see we already got enough blokes in this pub. I think you should piss off… find another one. You might live longer!”

“Look, I’m just visiting from out of town. I’m not looking for any trouble, I just need to deliver a message and I’m out.”

“Well why don’t you give me the message, tell me who it is for and I’ll see to it that he gets it!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that! Why don’t you…” then the bartender came up.

“Yes sir, what can I get for ya!” I handed him the introduction letter. He took one look at the envelope and handed it back to me. “Go to the end of the bar, down the hall to the last door. I’ll call Ralph and let him know you’re coming. What’s your name?”

“Coby Daniels.” So I did as instructed. The Australian seemed a bit pissed that I had just snubbed him. At the end of the hall, a large Vampire blocked my path. I told him my name and he opened the door for me with a bit of a grunt. He then followed me in. He was a bit too close for comfort.

As soon as the door closed, the noise of the club vanished. The inner chamber was a large room, with beautiful hardwood floors. It had a large seating area in the middle with facing black leather couches, with a big flat panel TV on the wall at one end and a fireplace at the other.

From there the room continued with bookcases along both walls that went back to a big desk where a handsome man sat in a high back leather chair. The large oak desk was impressive. It had an intricate carving on the front of it of some medieval battle. Victor, I assumed, was the man behind the desk. He was a fine example of an English statesman. His slender face was framed by medium length straight black hair and his blue eyes bore through me the moment I walked in the door. He sat observing me with his hands folded together, as his elbows rested on the armrests of his chair.

As I walked past his lounge area I picked up a faint aura standing off to one side. It must have been his protector using a cloak to avoid detection. Being the child of one so powerful does have its advantages. If I had not been looking for it I would not have seen him. He was perhaps a generation or two of power which is less than mine. I doubt that Brad would have seen him. There was something peculiar about him though. What little of his aura I could see seemed more like that of Chris’s or Remington’s, more ancient, more regal.

Victor offered one of the two seats in front of his desk. I accepted.

“Good evening! I am Victor Blair. Owner of this fine establishment, what brings you to me this evening?”

I saw his aura shift, just slightly as he introduced himself. It was then that I realized what was going on. He was lying to me. It was so faint I had almost missed it. I stood up and calmly walked over towards the cloaked figure. The large man shifted like he was going to stop me. But I began speaking to the thin air in front of me.

“Hello Victor, I am Coby Daniels, representative of Archon Remington.” I offered my letter of introduction and sealed envelope to the air.

He began laughing as he shimmered into existence. “Well, well! It seems Remington has finally found a worthy courier. Who is your sire Mr. Daniels?”

“Christopher Westmore, sir.”

“Please call me Victor. Any child of Christopher’s is a child of mine.” He offered me his hand, and I shook it. He then walked over to his desk. His man had gotten up and moved over to the corner of the room. The fake Victor now looked totally different. He had taken on the likeness of Victor as a decoy. “Your sire helped me to get my start in this world. He is like an older brother to me! My sire died shortly after my crossing and Chris looked after me for many years. I heard that he had taken on a new child recently. You should consider yourself fortunate he has not taken many in the last century. So young Coby what brings you to me tonight?”

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