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Deal breaker

A day of firsts

The train of metro 51 to Amsterdam south station arriving at Wibautstraat was more than usually overcrowded due to earlier delays. Normally I’d wait for the next one, assuming that would be less crowded. I knew I had to get in today, not wanting to be late the first day on my new job. So I strategically positioned myself next to one of the doors, like I had done in New York City countless times, hoping to squeeze in when people got out. Not many did, but being only 1.50 tall and having a young girl figure, as my former boyfriend described me, has its benefits. I managed to get myself a little spot with my back against the door and my cheek pressed to the chest of a much taller woman. Luckily not some smelly homeless guy I thought inhaling her scent. Nice!

To introduce myself; my name is Elisa Star and at that time I was 22. I am born in the United States of America, New York City, New York. I had recently graduated at the University of Amsterdam and I was on my way to my new job. With some luck I landed an entry level position at one of The Netherlands top three banks and I hoped to become a permanent Dutch resident. Being open about my bi-sexuality made returning to Trump country not the best plan, but let’s stay away from politics. My short dark hair gave me a sportive look. I am rather small. Most Dutch people are much taller than me, so I tried to compensate for my teenage figure by wearing somewhat more mature clothing. Being mistaken for a 12 year old is annoying. The week before some 17 year old boy had been hitting on me. He was shocked when I told him my age and had problems believing me. I believe I am pretty and have never had any problems getting dates with men as well as women.

Somehow I managed to put my bag between my legs on the metro floor so that I would not have to carry it for the next 12 minutes. While doing this I checked out the body of the woman I would share .40 square centimetres with this ride. She seemed tense but also confident, a power woman. She had long strong legs, very long actually, and nice hips and under her soft blouse I felt the warmth between her breasts. She smelled nice and clean. For a moment I fantasised about really leaning my face in to her mounds.

At Amstel station quite a few people left our train, but even more came in. She got pressed into me even more and I noticed she put her hands on the window on my sides to prevent her being pushed even further into me. I looked up to her realising she was talking to me. Her eyes were blue jewels set in a beautiful face framed by nice blonde curls and were watching me questioning. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.

-‘Sorry I do not speak Dutch.’

-‘No problem. I said you’d better turn around, otherwise you may get suffocated.’

So sweet, although I wouldn’t mind these warm and soft cushions smothering me, I thought.

-‘Ok I will try. Can you give me some more space?’, I said instead.

-‘Not really but I will push back a little. I feel like a sandwich.’

When I felt she managed to give me the space I needed I turned facing the doors now. Then I felt her giving in to the pressure and her body squeezing into mine. I was in heaven in her arms and she awkwardly held me there. Her breasts were in my neck now and I carefully leaned into them. I didn’t want her to notice, for that would be such an embarrassment. For some time I just enjoyed her proximity in silence. It felt good and warm; I felt myself getting aroused.

-‘Never seen you in the sneltram before,’ she ventured when we were past Overamstel.

Sneltram is some Dutch word for a type of metro I learned in my first weeks in Amsterdam, so I actually understood she was trying to start a casual conversation with the stranger she was being ground into by the crowd around us.

-‘I prefer to commute outside rush hour, I like my personal space. And you?’

-‘I am a rush hour type of girl, not!’, she said mockingly: ‘However I am late today and need to be in the office in time for some official presentations. I found I had no choice. It was too late to arrange a ride. And you?’

-‘I will start on a new job today,’

I heard her smelling my hair, while I answered her. Luckily I washed it that morning.

-‘Good for you. Where if I might ask?’

I named the large bank where I would be working.

-‘Congratulations then. I hope..’

At that moment the door opened and we needed to step onto Rai station’s platform to enable other people to get out. I finally could take a proper look at the beautiful woman. She was so amazingly tall, 1.95 I thought. She was in her late thirties or early forties. She was wearing a blue and grey women’s suit with a white blouse and a light beige raincoat. Her heels were just above sensible height and made her even taller. She got away with that easily. She really looked upper class lost in the metro. It was actually quite awkward standing there looking at each other after the earlier forced kocaeli escort proximity. At age 22 I felt like a girl next to her.

-‘You are so small,’ she said: ‘I first thought you were a teenager.’

-‘You are a beautiful giant, I am Elisa by the way’, I replied extending my hand.

She shook it but didn’t release it.

-‘Thanks, I think. My name is Margot and I really need to get in again.’

-‘Me too, although it is still too crowded.’

-‘We will find a little corner where we can snuggle up. We will be working for the same bank anyway.’

Margot started to get into the train back first, using her expensive backpack to force other commuters backwards. The angry looks of the people cramped in the metro didn’t even bother her. I followed her example by squeezing myself into her body until I felt her breasts on the back of my head again. Interesting start of the day I must say. I think I actually heard her moan at that time. Three minutes later we were out on station Zuid and walking towards the Mahlerplein exit, where she’d take the staff entrance and I would enter through the main one.

-‘I wish you good luck today and let’s do coffee one of these days. Here is my business card, feel free to call when you are settled.’

I took the card from her and we separated towards our entrances.

The welcome in the team was heart-warming, the department even ordered flowers for me. The morning was spent on meeting the team members, getting the laptop and software working and discussing the new CFO that would start today. That took my mind of my encounter with Margot effectively. During lunch I kept an eye open for her but never spotted her in the crowded restaurant. After lunch I was being guided by teammates toward the buildings auditorium where we would be introduced to the banks new sustainable strategy and some announcements. Rumours were that the new CFO would be presented. I missed most of the news, because I was just too busy getting to know people and learning to very basics of my job. The auditorium was like a college hall or a movie theatre with room for 400 people, red cotton clad seats with plenty of legroom for the tall people. A beamer showed the meetings title on the back wall and the stage was filled with a small table with two huge vases with flowers and a transparent lectern. Walking down the stairs of the auditorium I finally spotted Margot speaking and laughing with some nicely suited gentleman, a senior manager it seemed. She seemed very relaxed and confident. She was a bit taller than him. Margot caught my eye when I got seated in the third row and her face really lit up. She waved and I waved back smiling.

-‘Do you know Margot?’, asked my co-worker Bert who noticed our interaction.

-‘Not really, I bumped into her in the metro this morning. She is Margot something unpronounceable.’

I had read her business card which stated she was head of financial reporting. Is she now… That wouldn’t be..

-‘So you bumped into the new CFO, Margot Buitendijks, silly woman. We have been discussing her all morning.’

I looked at him a bit sheepishly I think. The connection was not made before in my mind. Am I really that stupid?

At that moment the senior manager took the microphone and started on his part of the presentation. With more humour and self-relativity than I expected from a bank official he guided us through last quarters financials. After about half an hour the numbers on the screen were replaced with a picture of the recently deceased CFO Bernard Altman. A heavy silence fell in the large room.

-‘As you are aware I have been trying to step in for Bernard on a temporary basis. A tough job which I couldn’t get have handled without his very professional team. Thanks to all of you we were able to deliver the half year report today. Also today we have announced Bernard’s successor in the media and I am delighted to introduce you to Margot Buitendijks, our new CFO.’

Margot stood up and got next to the current speaker. He handed her one of the bouquets of flowers. The temp CFO was rambling on about Margot’s resume and why he thought she was the most suitable candidate. With a broad smile on her lovely face she took over the microphone. She started by praising Mr. de Wilde for his outstanding performance under difficult circumstances and also all finance teams who dealt with losing the CFO unexpectedly.

-‘I will take on this new responsibility with pride and will respect the people that actually make it possible for the board to steer this ship. A big thank you is in order and therefore we arranged for drinks after this meeting. You are all invited.’

Loud cheering and applauding rolled through the auditorium. Margot seemed quite popular. She raised her arms up in a calming gesture.

-‘Almost there people. In a time honoured tradition I want to invite all our newly on-boarded staff members to join me on stage and introduce themselves. As you all know there is only one month between darıca escort this and the previous all staff meeting. I have only one name for you, Elisa Star please step forward.’

An enthusiastic applause from my teammates supported me.

-‘You could have warned me,’ I whispered with a mock angry face to my manager.

-‘I didn’t know,’ she excused herself.

Hesitantly I made my way from the middle of my row, to the stairs and onto the stage. Margot and the other manager gave me a warm smile. My heartbeat skyrocketed and my face was beet red. Again I shook hands with this Goddess. An assistant handed me a microphone.

-‘Thank you all for the applause. This must be an anti-climax after the great news you just received. Also my congratulations, Margot. I am Elisa Star. Today I joined the bank as a reporting specialist and I have to say this is my first position since my master at University of Amsterdam. I am excited to get started.’

-‘Welcome Elisa and please join me at the ‘borrel’ which will start now.’

She handed me the second bouquet and kissed my cheeks to congratulate me. Three times as the Dutch always seem to do.

-‘Please call me,’ she said softly.

Margot was immediately afterward claimed by all kind of manager types who were lining up to congratulate her. Some also congratulated me, but I was largely ignored I awkwardly managed to leave the auditorium with me second large bouquet of the day and landed in what the Dutch call a borrel. Free beer, soft drinks and wine and waiters going round with bitter balls and other snacks. I planned to retreat to my desk, but was stopped by Bert.

-‘We are here, ‘ he said making a gesture to the rest of the team, who already were having a beer.

-‘Let me get a beer first.’

-‘We already got you one,’ said Ilya with a smile: ‘So you are on first name basis with the new CFO. How come?’

Dutch directness; I should have anticipated that, but it took me by surprise. Again I went beet red. Angela another woman in our team took pity.

-‘Don’t feel uncomfortable, he is just teasing you. You were taken by surprise. You did well down there.’

-‘Thank you Angela.’

After a while they seemed to have forgotten about me and most conversations were Dutch only. I was pretty okay with that for that gave me the opportunity to observe my colleagues and our new CFO, although the latter was nowhere to be observed.

-‘Miss Star?’

A lady, age around 60, interrupted my thoughts. I looked at her with surprise. She had a very friendly smile on her face.

-‘That is me.’

-‘Sorry to bother you. I am Lena, Margot Buitendijks’ personal assistant. Welcome to the bank. Margot wants you to join her for lunch tomorrow, does that suit you?’

I was surprised for I had assumed that Margot had just been polite to me. There was off course no way that this wouldn’t have suited me, however I did have a team lunch meeting on the division of tasks. Me being the reason for this meeting made it risky not to be there. Lena was watching me patiently.

-‘I actually do have a team meeting over lunch.’

-‘Let me handle that, who is you teamlead?’

I mentioned Johanna’s name.

-‘The ambitious woman, nice that’ll put her in place.’

With that Lena left.

-‘What did Lena want from you?’, Johanna asked when I joined the team again.

-‘Margot Buitendijks wants to meet me tomorrow over lunch. I hope you don’t mind.’

-‘You? Alone? Why?’

-‘I don’t know, I hardly know her.’

-‘Dress nicely tomorrow; this is a huge opportunity for you and nice marketing for the team. I will reschedule the team meeting.’

On my way home I noticed that I was constantly on the lookout for Margot, but no such luck. I felt really worked up and also tired from all the new impressions. From the train I ordered and paid Pizza to be delivered at my door, so at 18:30 I was all done. I decided to take a shower and then give my parents in New York a call. They had already sent me some what’s app messages asking how I had been. At 8 I was on my sofa scrolling through the choices Netflix had to offer. My brain wandered to the weird events during this morning’s train ride. In retrospect it wasn’t as sexy as I made it to be at that moment. I was pretty sure Margot would not have been busy feeling up a young woman in the metro on the day of the announcement of her big promotion. Still I found myself in a sexy day dream about her. Her scent, the soft feel of her breasts, easily imagined naked. My hand wandered into my pyjama bottoms and I gave myself over to the images and sensations my horny brain presented featuring the new CFO and me doing really naughty things together.

Scary steps

Traveling an hour earlier enabled me to avoid another metro squeeze with our lovely CFO. Margot was nowhere to be seen. I felt somewhat disappointed, for my brain was still a bit worked up for her. I still had our lunch appointment to gölcük escort look forward to. I was wearing my best business ensemble and made sure my makeup was done perfectly. Entering my work floor was not rewarded with some playful remarks regarding my meeting with Margot as I expected, but by dead silence. I was the first one in. My mind wandered again to yesterday’s encounter. Surely Margot was not into women, was she? Somehow I hoped she would be bi-sexual like me, but would I dare to bring up this topic? I very much doubted it. I assumed it would get me fired faster than anything else. When they arrived my co-workers seemed to have forgotten all about yesterday and were discussing ways to get to get our team better known on senior level. During our daily Johanna suggested I would mention our teams mission to Margot, which I felt to be ‘surely’ an option. I could easily sneak that in between telling her I was infatuated by her and trying to steal a kiss. Not! After that the morning was not moving very fast, but eventually it was time for me to meet Margot.

My heart was really racing now. I took the elevator to the 23rd floor and entered the reception area of the managing board. I was truly amazed by the luxury surrounding the secretaries. Half I had expected these secretaries to be the most beautiful young women but that turned out not to be the case. Most of them were over 50 and very well dressed, but never someone I’d like to date. One of the ladies stood up and greeted me in Dutch. Used to this I just responded in English by mentioning my name, knowing that anyone in this company would switch language immediately.

-‘Miss Star, you are expected. Unfortunately Margot Buitendijks is running a bit late. I will guide you to some seats where you can wait. Care for something to drink?’

-‘Coffee please.’

A few minutes later I was seated on a design sofa in a nicely decorated waiting area. I could get used to such luxury. Even the coffee was better than the fresh bean machines at our floor produced. I felt very nervous sitting in this silent area. I studied the paintings on the wall and realised these were original pieces each to be valued at enormous prices. After about 15 minutes I began to feel a bit grumpy and hungry. My nerves were extreme, like waiting for the dentist when fillings need to be done. I resolved to wait another 5 minutes and then to excuse myself and get some sandwich at the staff restaurant. Just in time I heard her familiar voice and two other voices which I recognised from some of the introduction videos I had been watching this morning. It was Margot accompanied by the CEO and the CRO.

-‘Lunch is served in our lunch room, a tradition as you may know.’ Mark van Dam, the CEO said.

-‘Oops, I was not aware of this tradition and I have a lunch date with a new employee. I’m sorry!’

-‘Don’t be sorry. It might be nice to have this person meet us in person instead of through all these stupid videos. Invite him I would say.’

-‘She is not management level Mark. She recently graduated and only joined FA yesterday.’

-‘The metro girl?’

-‘Yes, she has been waiting for me now for almost half an hour.’

-‘Ask her to join us..’

The latter was said with such authority that I thought Margot had no choice, but she did not give in.

-‘I really think that would put miss Star in a bit of an awkward position, don’t you think?’

-‘Would you feel awkward?’, a pleasant voice close by asked.

I was startled to see the CRO had walked up to me. Evan Atternot was standing in front of me and offered his hand to help me on my feet. I felt so confused and overwhelmed I needed some time to respond. I got off the couch and shook his hand.

-‘I think so a bit, the honour is quite unexpected. I am Elisa Star.’

-‘I am Evan, that is Mark, Margot you already met.’

A vision of us having a foursome popped into my mind. Margot and me nude on our knees sucking their cocks. The elderly guys all sweaty with their suit pants at their feet. I could almost taste their pre cum. Yuck.

That would have been a career move, but fortunately this didn’t happen. I really should watch less porn. What happened was that I sat with the three most powerful people of the bank in their lunch room enjoying a very Dutch lunch with cheese buns and broodjes kroket, the same as they were selling in the Staff restaurant on the second floor. Evan and me were drinking orange juice where Margot and Mark drank milk. I couldn’t really eat much because of the tension of the situation and because they were asking me a lot of questions on my work. They made me talk a lot. With my limited knowledge of my teams responsibilities I still think I marketed our work properly. I also managed to ask some questions on their work but there I received the press ready quotes I also would have gotten from the videos on the intranet. After half an hour the lunch was over and the men claimed they needed to get working again.

-‘I should be going to my department too, I guess,’ I said when they had left. I felt disappointed and down.

Margot looked at me with a warm smile.

-‘Please join me in my office for a little while. I will ask Lena to inform Johanna you are delayed.’

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