New Girl in Podash Ch. 02


Angie awoke in the morning in her bed. Her head hurt and she tried to scramble around and see the alarm clock. “Oh my God!”

It was nine in the morning. She’d overslept and the girls had to be in school today. Jumping out of bed, she pulled on the thick robe provided for her and ran out of the room. Down the hall and around the corner and she reached the door of the girls’ room. It stood open and looking inside she knew instantly they’d left already.

“Damn!” turning on her heel, she ran to the stairs and down to the first floor. Rounding the corner to the breakfast room she pulled up short. Seated at the table was William, calmly drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper. She must have made some noise because the paper lowered and he looked at her.

“Good morning, Angela.”

“I’m so sorry, Master William. I can’t believe I overslept. I know my alarm was set.” Angie pleaded, her hands coming together at her waist unconsciously.

“It’s quite all right. Come in and join me for breakfast.” He picked up a small silver bell on the table, ringing it once.

Less than a minute later the far door opened and in came the maid she met the first night there. William ordered fresh breakfast.

Angie came over and took the chair to the right of his. She nervously wondered what to talk about. Quickly she realized she need not worry because he had returned to reading his paper.

Angie ate the biggest breakfast she’d had in years. She stopped when she was stuffed and wondering if she could get back upstairs. Setting her fork down, she looked up and saw that William was watching her. Blotting her mouth with her napkin, she spoke quickly. “I’m sorry. Did you want to ask me something?”

“Yes, I did, in fact. We didn’t get very far in reviewing the terms of the contract last night.”

Angie flushed a bright pink as she recalled exactly why that had not happened. What she didn’t remember was how she got into her bed, and undressed. Clearing her throat, she forced a reply. “Uhm, yes. I know.”

“I’ve decided to remove one of your duties, and begin with the one I’d planned on instituting later.” He paused and leaned back in his chair. “You won’t be going to school with the girls, or working as their nanny after all.”

“But that was my primary job.” Angie protested quickly.

“It was the first job of many, as you would remember, or know, if you’d bothered to thoroughly read the contract in the first place.” William pointed out, shrugging.

Angie threw her napkin onto the table. “You knew all along that I had not read it, didn’t you?”

“Of course. I’d seen how you conducted your business. That’s partly why you ended up broke and living in your car.”

“How did you—?” she broke, realizing it didn’t matter. “What do you want me to do?” She knew it was a loaded question, considering last night.

“The last clause in your contract stated that I had the option to breed you, if I so chose. Once it was complete, you would be free to stay or go. We are going to proceed with that immediately. I see no need to wait since we are so compatible, and we’ll come in before the two year expiration on the contract.”

Angie didn’t move for a moment. She was sure she had not heard him correctly. Instead she focused on the end of his statement. “Didn’t you say you can extend the contract?”

William smiled leaning forward. “Ah, yes. And there is a good chance that I will renew and breed you a second time.” He stood. “I’m glad to see you ate a hearty breakfast. We’ll want you to eat that way all the time. You have a doctor’s appointment at one, and then you’ll be picking up the girls for their haircuts. I will see you tonight for dinner.” As he came around the table he paused beside her. Bending down he ruffled her hair and whispered in her ear. “You are as hot and sweet as home made pudding, but I’ll call you ‘muffin.’ See you tonight.” He kissed the nape of her neck and then he was gone.

Angie was stunned. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. No doubt about it, she decided as she stood to return to her room. She was just like that other ditzy blonde who fallen down a rabbit hole. Except her rabbit wasn’t planning on poking her with a carrot stick!



For the doctor’s office, she had to wear the long line girdle and bra again. But this time she wore a polka dot blue blouse that buttoned to her collar and had short sleeves. With it she wore a mid-calf length blue skirt that was straight, but not tight. It took a while to get her seams straight. That’s when she noticed for the first time that the foundation garment had padding and shaping she’d not noticed before. Looking at her reflection sideways, she was shocked at how much more pronounced and rounded her butt had become. Suddenly she had a big, obvious booty!

When she looked again with the clothes on, she felt it was even more noticeable. In the school skirt, it must have been better concealed. Between the way her breasts were molded, shaped and lifted in the front, and this ass from behind…well, she didn’t want to think about it. Combing her hair, Escort Bayan she got her small purse and applied lipstick.

Ophelia was waiting for her when she came downstairs and informed her she was accompanying her to the doctor. She had instructions from Master William.

Angie shrugged and accepted that she was just along for the ride.


Inside the exam room, Ophelia sat on the chair by the desk and Angie was on the exam table in the dressing gown. It was open down the front and she had a sheet across the front of her. She swung her feet, feeling restless. In spite of the negative looks from Ophelia, she kept on swinging them.

The door opened and a middle-aged, slightly graying man entered the room. “Hello Ophelia. And you must be Miss Angela. It’s a pleasure meeting you. I’ve read William’s notes and this won’t be any problem whatsoever. I’ll have all the prescriptions called in and delivered to the house. My nurse took a history and I’ll get her in here and we’ll do the exam. No need to waste time, is there?”

As she lie back on the hard table, she only half-listened to the doctor muttering as he examined her.

“Natural breasts, I see? That’s good and you’ll be able to nurse without any trouble.” He poked and prodded. “You do a monthly exam, don’t you?”

Ophelia poked her as well. “Answer the doctor, Miss Angela.”

“Uh, yes, of course.”

“That’s good…it’s even more important with a big breasted girl like yourself. Now, let’s move on, nurse.”

Angela could feel her face and neck still flaming from the casual way the doctor referred to her breasts. She didn’t need it constantly pointed out to her.

“Nice wide hips,” the doctor added a few minutes later.

She tensed as he did the gynecological part.

“You have very full labia folds, miss. Your clitoris seems slightly larger than normal too. Any problems?” he asked calmly.

Problems? What the fu—?

“Sorry, doctor,” Angie reply after Ophelia prodded her again. “No, uh, nothing.”

“All right then,” the doctor said briskly. “We’re all done here. I will be in touch with William, and you’ll be hearing from us. Good day!”


The limousine was out front of the office waiting on them. The girls were already ensconced on both side seats, working on homework.

“Hi, Angie!”

 “Hi, Angie!”

“Hello Toni, Tina!” she replied with a smile as she entered the limousine first. “How was school? Sorry I overslept.”

“Not a problem, Angie.” Tina started to answer, grinning, when a loud clearing of a throat interrupted her.

Ophelia entered the car, taking the position nearest the opened door. The throat noise was obviously a signal.

“Good afternoon, Miss Ophelia.”

“Good afternoon, Miss Ophelia.”

The tandem greeting echoed through the small enclosure.

“Good day, girls. We don’t have much time so put your things away.” Her voice brooked no defiance.

Almost too quickly the limousine glided to a halt once again. Angie started to open her door, but Tina reached out and stopped her.

“We’re supposed to wait.”

As if on cue, the far door opened once again and Ophelia exited first. “Hurry along everyone. We mustn’t keep the parlor staff waiting.”

Angie followed the girls, feeling like she was one of the baby ducks following mother duck Ophelia as they trailed into the beauty shop a minute later.

Lily was at the reception desk and grinned at the girls. “Hey! Small world! Didn’t I just see you—” she let her words trail away and both twins laughed. Lily then smiled at Angie. “Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye the other day. Your hair turned out nice.”

Angie had to smile. The poor girl hardly tripped over the word. “Thanks, Lily.”

Ophelia’s finger nails drummed on the glass counter impatiently.

“Good afternoon, Miss Ophelia,” Lily spoke quickly.

“Is everything running on time?” Ophelia asked stiffly.

“Uhm, Betty Lou is, but Helen is a little behind.” Lily smiled at Angela. “My aunt convinced her it was long enough.”

Ophelia nodded. “That’s fine. I understand you have added Miss Angela as well?”

“What?” Lily looked confused and then she glanced down at the scheduling book, running her fingernail down the listings. “Oh, here it is. It will be with either Betty Lou or Helen, depending on who is free first. You can all be seated if you like.”

Ophelia took a seat in one of the dryer chairs, right behind Betty Lou’s station. She spoke to the stylist first.

Angela sat next to the reception desk and the twins took chairs closer to the front door.

Lily leaned over and whispered, “I swear that Ophelia does whatever she da—oops! Darn well pleases.” She grinned, shrugging.

“Tina! I’m ready for you, sweetie!”

Angie watched the look the sisters shared as Tina walked down the aisle to the chair. Her face looked like she was going to the guillotine, rather than getting a haircut. Of course, if she’d known what her conclusion was going to be, she would have had a similar look.


Tina Bayan Escort sat in the chair. She hated these haircuts, but her father insisted. The whole town had these weird ideas about hair. Still they’d been here for so long that it was really coming to be their normal, not the opposite.

She didn’t fidget as the paper went around her neck, or as the pink cape floated around her. not until Betty Lou told her what her father had planned.

“Your father decided to let you girls have chili bowl cuts this time.”

Tina breathed in a huge sigh of relief. That wouldn’t be so bad she figured. And closed her eyes and relaxed.

Betty Lou began immediately. The scissors carved out the stark, abrupt line for the bowl, except that it tilted forward to come down to her eyebrows and the back rose to within an inch of her crown. The clippers roared over her head.

Tina took a sigh of relief when Betty Lou set the clippers aside.

Betty Lou wasn’t done though. She filled one hand with white shaving cream and applied to all the clipped areas, below the thick rim of the “bowl.” Using a pink disposable razor, she shaved the hair from her head. When she finished, she wiped the area of any remains, and then filled her palms with some oil. She rubbed this in, and using some type of cloth, she literally rubbed her scalp until it shone all around. Smiling broadly, Betty Lou announced, “Done!”

Tina looked at her reflection. It looked like her bangs just continued all the way around her head. She was also surprised at how thick her hair was, making the difference between the surfaces of her hair, and then much lower was her scalp. She fought back her tears as she got up from the chair. “Thank you, Miss Betty Lou.”

Ophelia patted the chair beside her. “Sit here, Tina, while we wait for the others.”


Lily looked at Angie. “Betty Lou is ready for you, Miss Angela.”

Angie stood, straightening her dress. “Thanks, Lily. Wish me luck that I don’t leave here bald.”

Lily chuckled as Angie walked away.

Angie tried hard not to gape when she saw what had been done to Tina’s hair. Swallowing hard, she smiled at the girl. “Your hair looks g-nice, uhm, real cute.” Silently she kicked herself and then took the chair Betty Lou had turned around for her.

“My goodness,” Betty Lou remarked loud enough for everyone in the salon to notice. “Don’t you look so much nicer and more lady-like today, Miss Angela? Master William remarked how pleased he was with your appearance.” She paused to put the paper around her neck and then the cape. “He just wants a few adjustments, which he feels will make your hair perfect. The good thing is we can do these dry.”

With that, Betty Lou began. Immediately the clippers came out and she removed the comb guide. “Chin to chest.”

Just then Angie heard Toni’s name called.


Toni almost fainted when she caught sight of her sister. This was worse than she’d hoped for. Some of the girls had school had cuts like this, tilted at angles, called chili bowls.

Tina met her gaze just once and quickly looked away. Toni didn’t blame her sister. If they looked at each other they’d be crying a river of tears at this cruelest of fates. Instead she accepted the chair Helen had turned around for her. Frissons of fear went up and down her spine.

Helen wasted no time. Clippers roared to life and attacked the hair on Angie’s scalp that lie below her muffin-style haircut. Tiny pieces of hair flew through the air,

Angie closed her eyes, accepting the new fate for her hair.

Time seemed to pass so slowly. She was so aware of the feel of the blades of the clippers that she was sure there was no guard this time. Immediately the vision of Tina’s shaved scalp popped into her head. This must be what he’d decided for all three of them. As for herself, she had signed her rights away, but it seemed so old-fashioned that he controlled his daughters so intently. Still, the whole community was like that—all the women appeared to be subservient…or perhaps it was submissive.


That’s what he’d called her. Or rather that was how he referred to her expected behavior. She knew she had no one to blame but herself. That didn’t make it easier though.

“Hold real still now dear,” Betty Lou told her.

Angie opened her eyes and saw a blue cream being applied to the area that had just been clipped close to the skin. Giving an imperceptible shrug, she knew questions were not acceptable.

“Now, while that works, I’m going to turn you over to Marie.” Betty Lou told her as a middle-aged woman with a poodle-cut, the prettiest shade of lavender, came up beside her.

“Hello, Miss Angela. If you’ll just follow me.”

Reluctantly, Angie came to her feet and followed the woman. She was surprised at how far back the shop extended. Marie closed the door behind her and Angie saw a table, like an examination table. “Uhm, what’s this for?”

“Don’t you fret none, child. I have all of Master William’s instructions written down so there will be no confusion. Escort First I’ll need you to remove all of your clothing.”


“Yes, dear, all of it.” She handed Angie a small paper gown. “This needs to open in the front. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Just have a seat on the table.”

Was there a back door in this place?

Reluctantly she followed the other woman’s instructions. The gown only came to the tops of her thighs, which didn’t make her feel any better. She had barely scooted on the table when the door opened again, only this time two women entered.

Marie smiled. “This is AnnaBelle and she’ll be assisting me. First we are going to do a piercing. Please stand.”

Angie pushed down the words of protest and obeyed.

“Hold still,” Marie spoke, bending down in front of Angie. She poked at her belly button and then there was a loud click.

“Ow!” Angie cried out and tried to recoil.

AnnaBelle was behind her, grabbing her and preventing her from moving before she could form the thought into action.

Angie looked down and saw she now had a small gold belly-button ring. Reluctantly she admitted that she’d considered one many times in the past, but always chickened out.

Next several gold hoops of varying sizes were brought out. Three were placed on different fingers and soldered into place. Three narrow and medium thick were placed on her right wrist, and permanently sealed. An even larger one went around her left ankle, but it was not soldered. Deciding it was too odd to be true, Angie closed her eyes and waited for them to finish.

“Let’s get that cream off now.”

Angie sat down on the table and AnnaBelle began wiping the blue stuff off. As she did, Betty Lou left and then returned with a steaming towel.

“We’ll use this once AnnaBelle gets all of the depilatory off.”

Angie felt her mouth drop open.

Depilatory! Oh my God no!

Angie looked at the other two women, wondering why they weren’t staring back at her. then she realized that she’d only screamed the words in her head, not out loud. She took a deep breath, which was just in time for the hot towel to be applied. Feeling a little faint, she gladly acceded to Marie’s instruction to lie down. A folded towel had been placed to be under her portion of her back. Immediately Angie noted that it bowed her body, thrusting her breasts upward. She tried to shift, but Marie stopped her.

“Stay just that, Miss Angela. All right AnnaBelle begin working the right nipple.”

Angie gasped as she felt her right nipple grasped. Quickly the fingers began squeezing and rolling it, extending it every so often by pulling it upwards. She needed to protest. She wasn’t bisexual, but she stayed quiet. Was it because she was accepting that it was all part of the contract? Could she be accepting her new role? Or was she really submissive and this was coming out?

Suddenly ice was applied to the distended flesh. Angie opened her eyes. This she was going to object to…”Ow! Damn! Oh my God! What did you do to me?” The words poured out like water over the Niagara Falls—unstoppable. “Holy shit!”

“Be quiet, Miss Angela. We will put the ice back on in a minute. Hold still!”

Fear kept her immobile.

AnnaBelle began fingering and working her other nipple, followed by the ice. This time she was prepared and grit her teeth. It still hurt, but she didn’t cry out this time. She just hoped they would be done soon.

Tears running down her cheeks, she was told to sit up a few minutes later. Three piercings more were added to each ear, and finally, and in her opinion the worst, her left nostril was pierced. A flat gold stud was locked into place.

Soon she was left to redress and return to Betty Lou. The small mirror in the room reflected the half inch golden nipple rings and belly button one. Turning away she gingerly worked her way back into the long line bra and girdle, stockings, slip and then blouse and skirt. She held her head up as she walked back out, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that many of the other women were watching, as if they knew her secret now.

Seated in Betty Lou’s chair, she stared straight ahead. It was impossible to avoid her reflection. She had thought the contrast of dark hair at the sides and blonde on top was bad, it was nothing compared the bald expanse she now saw in the inch area above her ears. With the short matching bangs, and all of it curling under, she thought she looked ridiculous.

Betty Lou commented on the smoothness of her skin. “Its feels just wonderful and look at the shine. You are lucky to have such a healthy scalp. Now let’s have Lily shampoo you real quick, and I’ll finish you up.”

Angie listened to Lily chatter, but she was working hard to keep from crying. Her nipples hurt and her ears stung. Her nose ached and her belly ring felt funny beneath her girdle.

In the chair once more, Betty Lou began combing and separating and sectioning off her hair. Soon she saw small pieces of hair flying in every direction. How much was difficult to tell, but finally Betty Lou took up her hair dryer and began fluffing her cap of hair. She used a round brush on the bangs, but not on the rest. She merely used her fingers to run through the hair. When she he turned the chair around, her “muffin seemed even fuller. How in the world—?

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