New Attitude


I took a new job a few weeks ago, at an upscale salon. I do mostly manicures and facials, but once in a while, I do a pedicure. Now, in all of my twenty-four years on this earth, I have never thought of feet as erotic, and I have never even dreamed of another woman!

All of that changed yesterday. A young student from the near by university came in for a complete treatment, facial, manicure, pedicure and leg and foot massage.

I got through the facial and manicure just fine, and so did she, but when it came time for the leg massage, things got a little strange. First of all, she wore long pants, so those had to go. I gave her a sheet to throw over her lap, and I started to massage her calves. Of course, as I moved her legs this way and that, I could occasionally see her crotch. No big deal, I mean she and I were pretty much the same, so who cares, you know? Well, just before I finished the first leg, I noticed that her hand was between her legs, covering her mound. I was a little suspicious, but thought that maybe she was just more comfortable in that position.

I took her right leg, preparing to position it across my lap, and I noticed that she had eased her panties over a little and was caressing bare flesh! And I do mean bare, not a hair in sight! I stole a glance at her face and, sure enough, her eyes were barely opened and she was breathing through her mouth.

Like I said, I never thought about other girls before, but knowing she was playing with herself in a crowded salon sent sparks through my pussy! I felt my cunt start to warm up a little! I don’t know what came over me, but I slowed down the massage and started to caress her legs more than work the muscles.

The sight of one of her fingers slipping between the folds of her skin and slowly disappearing rewarded me shortly. I felt flushed! I came up with a bold idea. I decided to see if she wanted to move to a private room, because of the crowded room noise, and of course, her near nakedness. When I quietly suggested the move, she looked at me with a kind of strange look, a look of passion or lust. She didn’t say anything, just nodded her head and sat up. I gave her a hand standing, and somehow, we left the room holding Gaziantep Anal Escort hands!

“You know, it’s kinda warm in here,” I said as I closed the door and locked it. “If you want to do away with the sheet, that’s Ok with me.” I tried to sound nonchalant as I made the offer. “After all, it’s just the two of us in here, you might be more comfortable.” I smiled as I spoke, but my mouth was so dry, I don’t know how I got the words out!

She ditched the sheet and sat down, but not like before. This time her hands were on the chair instead of her body. Neither of us knew what to do, that much was obvious, so I started to resume my massage, all the time wondering how I could get her to let me watch her finger her cunt again. I mean, I couldn’t just come right out and ask, you know?

I finished her legs, and then moved my chair so that I could put her foot in my lap. Sitting at her feet and looking straight up her body, I noticed that her panties had a nice wet spot in the crotch. Knowing that I caused it made me feel even more turned on! I guess what I was doing felt pretty good because one of her hands went back between her legs, casually, not with animal passion or anything, just as if it were a reflex or something.

I don’t know where the thought came from, but I remember thinking that I would bet my life’s savings that if I sucked one of her toes, she wouldn’t complain. I did some serious soul searching for a few minutes as I caressed her foot. This was another girl, for one thing, and a toe? Come on, I tried to convince myself; you suck cock, not toes! And, of course, if I started this, would I end up jobless or in the arms of a female?

As I was thinking that neither option really appealed to me, I was shocked as I realized that I was curling my tongue around her big toe! Somewhere in my fogged mind, I heard her moan. I looked up to see her hand back under her panties! Looking up further, my eyes met hers and our gazes locked for a second. It was so erotic that I felt my cunt spasm and start drooling juice!

I was so aroused by watching her finger jerk in and out, that I slid my tongue between each toe, one at a time. As I came up the sides, I curled my tongue around each toe, nibbling softly as I sucked. My own hand went under my skirt and found my pleasure point, I never were panties, so flicking my throbbing clit was easy.

I was coming real close to orgasm, but wanted something more! While continuing on her toes, I reached up with my juicy fingers and tried to pull her panties of. “No, wait, please!” She gasped. “I’ve never done this. I…I’m scared!”

Letting her toe free, I spoke as tenderly and as softly as my burning cunt would allow. “Neither have I, sweetheart. But, I like it,” I rubbed her moist panties, “And I think you do, too.” I watched her eyes close as I moved my hand lightly over her swollen mound. “I’ll stop if you want me to. I’m a little scared just like you are.”

I could see by her expression that she was trying to make a decision, so I helped her out. I gently began to pressure her knees apart, giving her complete access to her vaginal fire.

With a moan of surrender, she quickly lifted her ass and pushed her now soaked panties down her thighs. I wasted no time in pulling them the rest of the way off, and spreading her legs wide.

What I saw mesmerized me! I never thought a pussy could be beautiful, but her’s was! The way her young, fluted inner lips just sort of opened, with her glistening juices weeping out of her opening almost made me cum on the spot!

I caught my breath and went back to sucking her toes, and watched as her finger dipped deep inside once more. It was incredible! Her juices started to flow more freely as I helped her come closer and closer to orgasm. With my eyes glued to her cunt, my lips wrapped around her toe, and my finger working like a piston in and out of my own drenched pussy, we went over the edge almost together!

I have never seen a more cunt-quaking sight than another pussy convulsing and spewing cream all over someone’s hand! We were both moaning and creaming for what seemed like hours!

I regained my senses sooner than she did, and just had to taste her fluid! I started licking her moist thighs. I think she wanted to stop me, she tried to close her legs, but she just couldn’t! Instead, she put both of her hands behind my head and pulled my eager, open mouth to her gash!

I was so turned on, I started lapping her slit like I had been doing it all of my life! I tasted and savored every tiny drop of her cum that I could find. Like a ravenous beast, I attacked her womanhood with gusto, driving her to another earth shaking orgasm! This time, my mouth was firmly attached and refused to give up a single drop of her nectar! I felt her clit tremble against my tongue as her cum squirted deep in my mouth! She held my head in place and ground her hips, fucking my face as if I were a man.

Somehow, we ended up on the floor. I was trying to get my skirt off, and helping her pull her shirt over her head. We ended up naked, me on my back and her on top of me driving her tongue past my willing lips.

She was panting for breath, trying to suck my tonsils out, and trying to talk all at the same time. “I’m so fucking horny!” She moaned, “I want to taste your quim, I was to fuck you like you did me!”

“Swing around,” I begged. “Sit on my face and ride me!”

I screamed into her wet cunt as her lips found and circled my burning clit! I came so hard right then that I bucked and almost threw her off! It was unreal! I was fucking my hips up to meet her mouth as she was grinding down on my face! We both exploded together, drowning each other’s mouths as we screamed into each other’s cunts!

For long minutes, as we both slowly came down from our orgasmic highs, we nibbled, sucked and licked each other’s tender flesh. Finally, with her weakness very apparent, she rolled off of me and crawled around to put her face next to mine. She kissed me more tenderly than I have ever been kissed before, “Thank you.” She whispered. “And I know this sounds awful, but what is your name?”

We quietly exchanged names and phone numbers while we enjoyed a few last kisses and hugs. When she moved to get up and dressed, I suddenly felt very alone. Like when a man would fuck me than come up with some excuse why he couldn’t stay. She must have noticed my expression and read my thoughts. “Would you like for me to wait until you get off work? Maybe we could rent a movie and pop some popcorn. Would you like that?”

Needless to say, she stayed all night, pleased me better than any man ever could, and is currently sleeping in my bed as I write this. Damn! Ain’t life grand?

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