Never Would Have Thought Ch. 02


Kyle took me by the hand and led me down the hall to his room. Ryan, my other housemate, stepped out of his red board shorts and followed the pointing of his cock to the bed.

My own dick was poking out of my fly, still throbbing hard from my right hand pleasuring myself as I had let Kyle, my supposedly straight housemate, take my oral cherry. I could still taste his cum stained on my teeth and smeared on my tongue. The semen that had trickled down my chin was collecting into a drop that was starting to roll down my throat.

Kyle didn’t waste much time once we got into his room. He pushed me down on his king-size bed, my six-inch dick pointing at the ceiling. He pulled off his shirt, revealing his smooth, sculpted chest. Round, brown nipples aimed at me from his tight pectoral muscles. He dropped his pants and boxers, letting his re-hardening cock and velvety balls flop free. A finely cropped patch of brown hair was settled just above his seven-inch, circumcised penis.

Ryan, my other straight housemate, had already shed his clothes and wrapped his arms around Kyle from behind. Ryan rested his head on Kyle’s shoulder, and the two locked their lips together in a kiss. Kyle’s hand reached up and caressed Ryan’s smooth, dimpled cheeks and I could see Ryan’s hips moving as he rubbed his uncut cock on Kyle’s tight ass.

“I don’t get it,” I said. “I mean, you have a girlfriend, Kyle. And a hot one at that.”

They broke their kiss and Kyle’s hairless cheeks bent to allow his red lips to curve into a smile.

“Come on, Sean,” Kyle said. “You of all people should know that women can’t fulfill all of a man’s desires.”

I guessed he meant that someone had to keep him satisfied during the week, while his girlfriend was away at a different college.

Ryan giggled as his hands crawled over Kyle’s chest, squeezing a nipple here and muscle there.

“So, Sean,” Ryan said. “How about getting out of all those clothes?”

I sat haramidere escort up on the bed and stripped off my T-shirt. My flat, shapeless torso couldn’t compete with Kyle’s spectacular physique. And Ryan wasn’t bad himself with light definition near his ribs and abs. But they didn’t seem to mind.

I peeled off my pants and boxers and let them crumble to the base of Kyle’s bed. It felt good to let my cock and blond pubic hair out in the open, but since my only sexual experience with a man had been the blow job I had given to Kyle only minutes earlier, I felt uneasy sitting naked on his bed. His sheets were so clean looking, and they smelled like the trendy body wash Kyle used in the shower.

Ryan and Kyle spent a little longer making out and grinding. Kyle had turned around and I could see his ass bob and shake as they smeared their pre-cum over each other’s cocks. Kyle’s back and shoulder muscles twisted and rippled as his hands ran over Ryan’s body, spending extra time on Ryan’s ass, where they kneaded and massaged his cheeks.

Kyle turned and walked over to the bed, his dick bouncing with each step. He pushed me back and straddled my legs, his cock only inches from my own. He leaned forward and set his lips to my nipple, where he sucked and bit on it while I moaned.

Ryan had made his way to the nightstand, where he withdrew a tube of lubricant. He slobbered it on his dick, groaning when he spread it on his cock head. He never took his eyes off Kyle, who was now bent forward and licking his way down my stomach, his ass sticking high in the air.

Kyle’s tongue then made contact with my cock. He licked it from the base to the head and toyed at the underside, making my breathing increase.

Ryan stood behind Kyle and began sticking a lubed finger in Kyle’s ass. A moan resonated from Kyle’s lips, vibrating off my cock head, which he now sucked on as if it were the fountain of life. içerenköy escort His tongue swirled around the tip of my dick and poked at my slit. I felt his hands slide between my legs, where they teased the outside of my asshole.

My cock popped out of Kyle’s mouth for a second as he turned his head around.

“Fuck me, Ryan,” he panted. “Fuck me hard, you faggot.”

Ryan smiled and withdrew his fingers. Squeezing more lube into his hand, he gave his own dick a few pumps before grabbing Kyle’s hips and preparing to fuck him.

Ryan pulled back and rammed his cock hard into Kyle’s ass. Kyle cried out and fell forward, his mouth next to my cock. With Ryan’s dick piercing his asshole, Kyle swallowed my entire cock. He deep throated me every time Ryan ravaged his ass, all three of us moaning in unison with each hard fuck.

“Suck his cock,” Ryan hissed at Kyle. “Suck it hard.”

Kyle paused for a minute, gasping for breath.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said.

“Me, too,” Ryan panted.

Kyle didn’t even let me answer. He inhaled my cock and all three of rocked back in forth with Ryan’s powerful thrusts.

I watched Ryan’s face twist and his eyes narrow. He called out in one long grunt and sped up his fucking. Kyle was now constantly moaning on my dick, and suddenly I felt his warm cum unload on my legs.

The semen was boiling in my own balls now. I called out Kyle’s name as I shot in his mouth. My cum splashed down his throat, and he swallowed it all as if he had done a million times before, which I wouldn’t doubt.

Kyle and Ryan collapsed next to me on the bed. Ryan’s cock glistened with lube and his own cum and I could feel Kyle’s semen rolling down my legs.

“I wish we had done this a long time ago,” I said.

“All you had to do was ask,” Kyle said.

He smiled at me. Ryan rolled over and put his hand on my chest.

“Now you won’t even have innovia escort to do that,” he said.

I placed my hand over his and smiled back at them.

“I guess I’ll go take a shower,” I said.

I tried to sit up, but Ryan’s hand held me down.

“Oh no you don’t,” Kyle said. “I still want to fuck you in the ass.”

“And I want one of those amazing blow jobs,” Ryan said.

Kyle sat up and reached for the lube. Ryan crawled across the bed to kneel near my head.

“Turn over,” Ryan told me.

I rolled over and immediately felt Kyle’s hand smear cold jelly in my asshole. I gasped.

“I’ll go easy,” Kyle said.

Ryan was stroking his dick in front of me. He pressed the cock head to my lips and I tasted his salty pre-cum. I didn’t waste any time now. I immediately sucked Ryan’s entire cock into my mouth, my nose poking into his soft public hair.

“That’s it,” he gasped. “Now, fuck him, Kyle.”

I felt the head of Kyle’s dick dig into my hole. He pushed it in a little and I resisted at first.

“Relax, Sean,” Kyle said. “You’re gonna love it.”

I straightened my back and spread my knees, which opened my asshole more. I still bobbed my head on Ryan’s cock, letting his pre-cum flood my mouth.

Kyle eased his dick into my ass. It felt like I was tearing at the seams, but at the same time, his pulsing cock felt good. He began to move his hips, pistoning his penis in and out of my ass. The light pain faded, and all I could feel was the warm tingling each time the tip of his cock hit my prostate.

My own cock was now fully hard, and I reached down with one hand to stroke it. Using my own pre-cum as lube, my palm glided over my cock head, and I could tell I was already about to orgasm.

Kyle began to grunt and pump harder. Ryan was practically squealing. I knew we were about ready.

With a final thrust, Kyle’s cock tagged my prostate and sprayed his cum deep inside my ass. I let my own semen fly onto Kyle’s clean sheets. Ryan grabbed my hair and held my mouth on his dick as his cum painted my teeth. I swallowed it all this time, enjoying each pulse of Ryan’s dick and every splash of his cum.

We fell to the bed together, all of us hugging together. All three of us slept in Kyle’s bed that night, and many after.

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