Neighbours – Chapter 13


My dreams were full, and while the details fled from me as I woke, my morning erection was much more intense than usual. I tried to roll over and hide it, but Cheryl took notice before I did. “My my my, look at you,” she joked. “Have I been neglecting you?”“Oh no, not at all. We’ve been busy, what with the house and everything…”“Well, maybe we should take a night off soon… and break this bed in right. Don’t you think?”I fought to keep my face from betraying me. I forced a laugh and a smile.“Yes, maybe we should.”I got out of bed and gave her a kiss. Her hands on me felt good. But knowing the danger of disobeying Liam, there was fear and panic in me as well. I moved away and slid back into our typical morning routine. Cheryl took note of the time and did so as well. I couldn’t help stealing a few more glances at her, as she stripped out of her little cotton pyjamas and stepped into the shower. My mind was a jumble of thoughts and emotions. She was so sexy, and I wanted to grab her and take her, but I knew that I wasn’t allowed. The man next door controlled when I could fuck my wife, or even masturbate. I could feel the sensation of Liam taking me and fucking me. That had been the first time I’d really cheated, by my own previous rule, and of course it was the first man who’d ever fucked me as well. This man had made it clear as well that he ücreti elden alan escort intended to fuck her himself. There was no way I could stop his plans, not without total ruin. If he exposed me, I’d lose her anyway. I was distracted, but my time with Cheryl in the morning was brief and routine. It bothered me a bit that I realised that I was becoming almost eager for her to leave each morning, as I was anticipating each morning’s tasks. Along with those, there was also the unknown. I didn’t know much of Liam at all, but he seemed wicked, devious and creative. He was like the very best of the Doms I’d met online, and he was real and here. No wonder I felt a thrill along with the fear.My own new routine started as she pulled away. I fetched my things and slid on the panties and the stockings. With a bit of fiddling, I got the chastity cage in place. I closed the lock, very aware in that moment that the key was in his possession and control. I had no idea if or when he was coming over, so I set down to work. I started in my office, as I had a whole wall of shelves that were just waiting to be filled by the boxes and boxes of books piled near them. I had gotten through about three boxes when I heard a firm knock at the front door. I drew in a deep breath, ready ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort to begin once more.It wasn’t Liam knocking. Instead, it was just a rather disinterested-looking courier driver, delivering my package. I thanked him and tucked it under my arm. I opened it back in my office, gathering up all the packing supplies carefully for disposal.  In a pile on my desk were the panties and the sex toys. I had purchased things like this before, but I’d always gotten too afraid of having their hiding places discovered, so I’d thrown them away. I didn’t think that was going to be an option this time. My phone chimed with a text.“I saw the delivery. Make sure the new plug is charged, set up and ready to use. Strip down to just your panties and stockings. Unlock the front door. By 10 am you are to be kneeling by the sliding glass doors at the back of your house, with the new dildo stuck to the door. Start sucking and servicing it and put on a good show until I get there.”There wasn’t much time, so I got busy quickly. I stripped down first, feeling silly and exposed, even alone in the house. My caged cock made only a small bulge in the front of the panties. Setting up the plug was simple enough. It charged via a provided USB cable that just ücreti elden alan gaziantep escort bayan plugged into my laptop. After that, I just had to download an app to my phone, create an account, and link the plug to it. It was time, so I got to the last instruction. Another thing we loved about the house was that there were large sliding glass doors at the breakfast area off the kitchen that allowed direct access to the back deck and the sizable and private backyard.I knelt down near the doors and wet the base of the dildo and stuck it to the glass. The moulded, all-too-realistic silicone cock jutted out at me. I did one last check of the time, and then started.It felt silly and strange to be giving this toy a simulated blow job, but it was just one more thing I didn’t have a choice about. In no time I was drooling around it, and trying to battle and overcome my own gag reflex. I felt submissive and slutty. I felt depraved and perverted. I had no idea when he might appear, so I just kept servicing the toy, trying to see it as training and practice. I became so focused on the toy that I didn’t notice him at first. There he was, standing on my back deck, with a wide taunting smile on his face and his phone held up, recording more incriminating material. He stood for a moment, and then pulled up one of our deck chairs, to watch and record, making me feel the humiliating torment.In his own time, he stood up and moved away. A few minutes later, I heard the front door open and his footsteps approaching me. “You may stop, but keep your mouth on the dildo,” he instructed.I knelt there, my mouth full of it.He moved away, moving around the house for a few moments before returning. “Get on all fours. Spread your knees.”I was able to obey without releasing the toy cock from my mouth.

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