My Widow Maid


My widow maid

Hi friends, I had sex with my maid.

I am from an upper middle class family boy who studied engineering in a reputed college. After finishing degree, I worked for one year and after that I planned to join coaching classes for government jobs.

I got into a coaching class and got a separate house for me there. I always value my privacy. Chose that house since it was lonely with only a few neighbors.

Here comes the heroine of my life. As I was there to study, I heard there was a mess around us but none of them were good. While I was searching, my mom found a neighbor who looked to be in her late 20s. Mom told me she will be your maid, clean the room and daily morning and evening and give me food.

As mom liked her, I couldn’t argue anymore. She was hot. But I couldn’t accept it. Since it feels like I was overreacting for having a maid for me while I came for exam preparation. I selected that institute since I can meet my girlfriend who was also near that institute.

She used to come and go. Weekly once, at least. We have foreplay and all. My parents visit Haramidere escort bayan me monthly once. My maid was also helping me without disturbing me. I always look at her body, waist, wet boobs, big ass. Damn sexy legs. It was just a single room building. If she comes, she will be In Front of me only.

One day, my girlfriend and I got so intimate that she removed her dress partially. While enjoying my GF, she entered the room and saw us like that. She looked at us and went away quickly. She didn’t see my eyes, and I didn’t speak.

Nothing happened. So everything is back to normal. One day I got a cold fever, and it was all raining. And even phone signals were not working. My maid decided to stay with me all night. Current got cut. She lit a candle. Imagine how it will be. A wet body damsel in saree standing Infront of you with a candle.

As I was covered with everything I got, my erection was not visible. She tried to apply balm on my chest while I was having my head in her lap. It was a heavenly view for me. Big boobs. Shaking above me.

As Escort İkitelli soon as she started applying balm, she also kind of felt warm. I felt it from the body heat. It was thundering. I held her tightly. I released my hold quickly. She stood up. Checked the doors and windows. Simply came back to me and laid down next to me.

She was smiling at me for two minutes. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. Few seconds later I felt a hand on my hand. Opened my eyes and saw her hand was taking my hand to her hip. I felt a shock. She pressed her hips with my hand. That’s it. We have beautiful, passionate sex.

We Kissed madly. Removed her saree. Got naked. I Played with her body parts like a doll.

She came near my knees and started to suck my cock and also bite my cock.

I was enjoying it, but didn’t want to cum in her mouth. So I made her sleep down and started kissing her small, hairy pussy.

Her pussy was leaving a slow fragrance of perfume.

I only kissed her pussy 5-10times only.

Then I came on her pussy and put my cock Çapa escort inside.

In one shot, my cock fitted inside her and I started like a piston on her pussy.

She enjoyed it like hell. We didn’t even speak until I finished it. She just signaled with eyes to ejaculate inside. That was my first penetrative sex. Morning she dressed up and gave a cute smile and dressed up In Front of me.

And due to heavy weather. One week was left for us. One week was heavenly sexual with my maid. I asked her for details. She was a widow who married a drunk man. She was 32. I couldn’t believe it. She just lived there since it was her husband’s property now in her name.

After that she also helped me with studies by staying away whenever I study. She even blackmailed me to study properly and taught me tricks with girls making out. Even my girlfriend said my foreplay increased her lust. I gave that pleasure to the maid that night. She never spoke too much. We were like friends with benefits for the next one year.

I got cleared of my exams and got a job. I persuaded her to come to our home. My marriage proposal is going on with my girlfriend and also my sexual drive with my mad.

She told me to stop. But I couldn’t control it. I stopped it after marriage. But started it again since my girlfriend stops to have sex frequently. She is now in late 30s. But I look like a diva.

That’s it.

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