My visit to my aunty’s


Disclaimer: I do not encourage or condone many of the behaviors depicted in this story. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

During my first year of college, I visited my maternal aunt Chithra during college vacation after my semester examination who lives with her daughter. She too was home during those days due her won vacation. One Saturday morning my aunt suggested that we both start taking care of our health seriously from now on and it is good that we fix our annual checkups from now itself as she does every year. She suggested that her physician who lives a couple of lanes away is known to her for many years, and almost a family friend by now and it would be good that we too can get checked with her, as her checkup was due the next day. 

Myself and Reema, my cousin, didn’t have much of a clue about all these, but rather reluctantly agreed looking at each as we knew we didn’t have much of a reason to say no even though we weren’t all comfortable having checkups and all at that stage. We reached the clinic which is a couple of blocks away on a Saturday morning and it was on one side of her house itself. There was no one at the clinic and around the area at that time as we entered after removing our footwear. We were greeted by Shalini, my aunt’s physician. She was wearing a t-shirt and pajama bottoms and seemed to be in her mid-thirties and had a slender figure in a tall frame in comparison to my aunt who was a little thicker and shorter but not at all falls into the Chubby category though.

My aunt wore a pale blue knee length dress, Reema was in her kurti and pajamas while I wore a sleeveless netted top with a pair of denim jeans. She took us ahead to a room adjacent to the living area where she had set up a home clinic which was reasonably well equipped and had a very pleasant ambience. My aunt introduced me to Shalini and it wasn’t the first time Reema was here I suppose, though probably for a checkup of this nature. 

“Shall we start? Who’s going to go first then?”  Shalini looked at me and Reema alternately while we Eryaman Escort looked at each other with hesitation as neither of us didn’t know how to respond.

“Maybe we can do it together for both of you and then for Chithra, or all of you together?” She looked at us again as well as my aunt who replied with just a giggle looking at us sheepishly. 

She started with our pressure first. It was Reema at first and then followed by me and it was done in a flash as she then moved to take our temperature. She bought two thermometers and had us hold it simultaneously orally for a couple of minutes before recording the temperatures. 

Then she proceeded with having a quick look at Reema s eyes, then into her nostrils and ears. She also checked around the neck area pressing into the flesh a few times. Then came my turn to go through the same and it was pretty quick and seamless. 

But the shock came all of a sudden.

“Alright girls. Take off your tops and pants and get on to the scale.” She uttered.

Both of us were terrified to be honest and looked at each other in shock. I can see at the corner of the room aunt was letting out a laugh.

We didn’t know what to do and remained frozen while looking at each other and then at her shockingly.

“It’s time for you ladies to get accurate measurements and also to be proud of your bodies.” She reassured me with a pat on my thigh.

“You need not be ashamed of your bodies, especially with us women here. Come on!”

We still remained reluctant though She took Reema by hand and helped her with taking off her top first. Reema finally took off her kurti top over her head and held her across her front instantly but only to be taken away by Shalini. She remained fixed with arms across her body as Shalini pointed at her bottom too. Reema could sense what’s unfolding and had no options but to obey as Shalini. It took her an eternity but eventually the pants came off and there she stood in her while colored bra and matching panties with each of her hands trying to cover over her privates. I was starting to palpate heavily knowing the eventualities that I too would be undergoing in a while as Shalini let Sincan Escort Reema towards the scale next to the wall and had her climb onto it. Reema still had her hands across her body but Shalini ensured they stayed away from her frame and she maintained a steady posture to record her height, as well as the weight. Reema is much thinner than me and weighed only forty kilograms which gave her a slender figure. She looked cute and at the same time vulnerable in her interwar rather hopelessly. 

Next came my turn and having known of the eventualities I rather took over my top exposing my black colored bra first and then came off my pair of jeans giving everyone a peak at my red colored panties. I too got myself measured and was around eight kilograms heavier than Reema. All this time my aunt was keenly watching both Reema and myself and probably having a great time witnessing our vulnerability and young flesh. Perhaps I was rather average built compared to Reema’s slender figure which was clearly visible with both ourselves standing just in our bras and panties in full display. 

We returned to the examination table and sat a foot apart from each other. This time Shalini began with me, having plugged the stethoscope she started auscultating me from my neck to abdomen. Left with only a bra above waist, it seemed easier for her to probe me in all places as well as on my back as the cold metallic piece pressed against my tender flesh. Similarly, Reema too was auscultated in the next couple of minutes before she proceeded to the next stage. She bought herself a Hammer like thing and started prodding at both our joints one after the other, especially our knees and also at other places on our well exposed legs. With our feet dangling from the examination table, the whole process would have provided a great means of exhibition to my aunt in the meantime. 

Next came the escalation. Without uttering anything she put her arms behind me and unclasped and there came off my bra and of course instinctively I crossed my arms across myself but only for a moment as they were moved away by Shalini. She had a good look at them for a while before starting to probe each of them. Etlik Escort First she prodded with her fingers on different parts followed by squeezing them with her hands and gently squeezing including my nipples. I could sense a gentle wetness forming down there by then partly due to the embarrassment of being watched by both my aunt as well as Reema a foot away, still in her interwar. She helped my hands towards my head, started probing again more thoroughly for the next few minutes on angles all over my bosoms. 

Next came Reema’s turn to undergo the agony. She already looked red having to expose herself and let herself explore all over. Shalini moved to Reema and got her bosoms exposed in a flash. For next few minutes she prodded, palpated and probed Reema’s front to the core as I watched without blinking my eyes, so as my aunt most probably. Reema somehow by then had built the courage to sit still and go through the encounter. Then she asked both of us to get down from the examination table and had us do five squats each simultaneously as she watched our limbs and movements a few feet away so as a couple of steps of duck walk to utter embarrassment. 

I was back at the examination table next and this time lying on my back. Shalini nonchalantly grasped the waistbands of my panties and pulled them in one go making me threadbare in front of two clothed ladies, and a girl a couple of years younger to me sitting in her panties. She spread my legs wide enough for her to come in-between and have a good look at it first externally as she started probing my pubes with her fingers. She spreader my openings using her fingers first, had a look into and then put on a pair of gloves and slid inside me her forefinger and middle one together. I could sense I was reasonably wet by then having gone through the entire thing and it rather made it easier for her to slide in. I could feel her fingers twisting and turning inside me for a minute or so before they came off. There came another pair of gloves and along with it she brought a bottle of Vaseline and applied it in her fingers and around my rear. Time for her then to enter my rear as well. First she went ahead with her middle finger alone and then gently slid her forefinger as well, giving me an awkward tightness over there for a minute or so until she let me go off and wiped myself with a tissue. 

Next came Reema’s last piece of clothing. She had a bit of a pubic hair down there and she was almost teared up in her eyes. She too got probed with both her orifices explored by Shalini’s gloved fingers.

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