My Unsuspecting Wife Bangs her Ex-boss’s Son

Big Cock

It had been almost a year since the last time I had shared my wife with another man. We had done it a few times in the past, but with both of us getting older she felt it was time to put an end to our adventures. I eventually agreed with her, even though I had a deep desire to share her once again. My wife loves to shop and decided to play hooky one day from work. She loves to shop just like many other women, and shopping alone doesn’t bother her one bit. I had returned home from working that night when my wife said, “Do you know who I ran into today?” I hate when she does this to me. It can be a thousand different people, so I guessed, “Karen?” “No, not Karen. I ran into Alex.” Again it meant nothing to me as I said, “Who is Alex?” “Alex? Remember my old boss Mike? Remember his son Alex. We used to go over to his house all the time and swim in his pool.” “Oh yeah Alex. Didn’t he have a crush on you?” “Yeah! I thought I caught him looking into the bedroom one time while I was changing into my swim suit. I know it was him in the door way while I stood there naked. When I walked over toward the door he was gone.” “How old is he now?” I asked. “He just turned twenty one, and let me tell you this, he has changed remarkably. I didn’t even recognize him. He instantly noticed me, and had come over to talk. He turned into a real hot guy.” “You are sounding like he turned you on?” “Come on now, but…” “What?” I asked. “Well, I did come home and felt a bit aroused.” “Aroused? How aroused where you?” I sarcastically asked. “Well, I masturbated to him in the shower.” My cock began to explode inside my pants. “You masturbated to him in the shower? Wow!” “Ok you got me! I have to admit I remember back to the day he had seen my naked, bahçesehir escort it made me so aroused for the next few weeks thinking about it. He said he was working as a waiter at Bristol’s while he’s going to college. His mom and dad had just recently moved down south to enjoy their retirement.” The next few days were agonizing for me. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head, my wife wanting this young man’s cock. I knew if given the chance my wife would be all over him in a matter of seconds. I then decided to do something sneaky behind her back. One afternoon I stopped by Bristol’s for lunch. I asked to sit at one of Alex’s tables. He came over to wait on me, but he didn’t recognize me at first. When I brought up who I was he instantly remembered. He felt and looked somewhat scared, and he thought I was going to bring up him talking with my wife, or even the incident of him spying on my wife years earlier. My wife was right, Alex had turned into a handsome young man. He filled out nicely from the days when he was eighteen. I tried to ease his mind that I wasn’t there to harass him for talking with my wife. I wanted to talk to him about something else. Something I thought he would like. “Alex, how would you like to do me a favor?” Alex stood there nervously, “Sure, what is it?” “How would you like to, well let’s say spend the night with my wife. Would you be into that? I know you had a huge crush on her a few years ago.” Alex stood there almost dumbfounded. “What’s the catch?” “There is no catch. Why don’t you come over one evening and you and she can get, well let’s say acclimated with one another.” It had been one of Alex’s favorite fantasies to one day be able to fuck my lovely wife. beylikdüzü bayan escort His eyes got real big, and his voice began to tremble, “Are you ok with it?” “Yeah, I am ok with it. We have a mutual agreement between us. So are in or not?” I then asked. “Sure! She is a very beautiful woman. I would love to be with her.” “Great! Why don’t you come over Saturday night for dinner, and then we will see what happens after that.” I waited to tell my wife that Alex was coming over for dinner until the last possible moment. I expected a lecture from her, but what I got from her was an excited look. I knew she wanted Alex and his young cock, and now I wanted to see him punish her with his cock tonight. I watched my wife’s reaction all day long. She had a jump to her, an overall excitement that I hadn’t seen in her in quite a while. She was aroused all day long and I couldn’t wait to see how that night would go. Alex arrived right at six. We ate and sat around for a while talking about his dad who had been my wife’s boss for a number of years. They were now retired and moved away, leaving Alex here the opportunity to make a life for himself. It had been getting close to eight now when my wife got up and sat next to Alex on the couch. Alex could hardly not notice her huge tits jetting outward while her round ass fit tightly inside her jeans. Once she sat down next to him, she asked, “Do you find me attractive Alex?” “Yes, very much,” Alex moaned out. “How would you like to make love to me tonight?” “Oh yeah, I would love the opportunity to make love to you tonight.” Alex sat there squirming as my wife grabbed Alex’s hand and led him into our bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, she began to escort beylikdüzü slowly work her top off. She stood there with just a bra on and her cleavage made quite a statement. “You want to see more?” “Oh god yes!” Alex said as his adrenalin kicked in. His cock was getting harder by the second while my wife slowly lowered her Jeans down in front of him. She turned slightly around showing off her nice round ass while Alex stood there idolizing over it. My wife now stood there in her panties and bra. She was teasing this poor young man unmercifully, as she began to unhook her bra. She pulled it away from her gorgeous tits and tossed it down onto the floor. She quickly covered up her breasts up with both arms and said, “You want to see my breasts?” “Yes! Please show me your breasts,” an excited Alex said. She then lowered her arms, showing off her beautiful tits. She then turned slightly around toward Alex. She began to tantalize him while lowering her panties slightly down the crack of her butt. She did this for a few minutes teasing him, while my cock was throbbing from the back of the room. A short time later she pulled her panties down over the cheeks of her ass. They hung there in between her legs as she bent slightly over. Her beautiful ass was pointed directly toward Alex when she said, “Do you like my ass Alex?” “Oh god yes! I love your ass!” My wife then proceeded to lower her panties all the way to the floor. She stood there naked in front of him, while posing in a very seductive way. “Did you see me naked a few years ago at your parent’s house?” “Yes I did spy on you. I had an unbelievable crush on you and I did spy on you a number of times. I must have jerked off a good hundred times thinking of you.” “You want to fuck me?” “Oh god yes! I had been wanting to fuck you since I was sixteen.” My wife was getting extremely hot now, and she walked over toward Alex. She began to undress him, first taking off his shirt, and then lowering his pants to the floor. He stood there in just briefs, ready for action.

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