My Tale


This story contains descriptions of Incest, Anal, Lesbian, Hetro, Bi and Wet Sex, All characters are over the Age of Consent. If you are offended by any of the above go no further, if your not…Enjoy.


Chapter 1:

Mind you, it was a very pleasant way to have been bought back to earth, I had been mindlessly working away at a jammed genoa winch when the knock against the hull interrupted me, I looked up the half-meter to the pontoon to be greeted with the sight of two pantie-covered crotches, one pale pink the other pale blue and if the way the material dissappeared into a couple of cute butt cracks I’d say g-string type panties.

“Enjoying the view Uncle Ben?” laughed Sorrell, daughter of my best mate Roger and his beautiful wife Clare. Sorrel was the pink and her twin sister Claris the blue.

“Well are you two going to come on board or just squat there all day? Because…”

“Better not, sis”, interrupted Claris, “poor Unlce Ben is starting to look uncomfortable down there.”

The girls stepped carefully down into the cockpit of “WhereTo” my 52 foot trimaran and also my home. Plonking themselves down on the cockpit cushions.

I should explain, the twins are now 18 and I had known them since I’d fallen into a relationship with the Mother and Father almost 12 years before, while I am sure that they were both fully aware that Roger, Clare and I were involved in a sexual relationship, they treated me as they always had, as a favoured uncle. Mind you most of the tickling and other childish games had ceased long ago. I still got lots of cuddles and chaste kisses from the lithesome young beauties and the occasional show that I’d just experienced and I know for sure that they did that on purpose….games young girls play I guess.

“And, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?” I asked as I collected my usual kisses.

“Oh God! Uncle Ben, have you forgotten we’re all s’posed to be going sailing with you, Mum and Dad dropped us off to help you get tidied away while they went and got supplies for the weekend” Sorrel reminded me.

“Oh shit!!!, I’d forgotten all about that, this winch has been driving me nuts for the last couple of days and I’ve just got it back together, sorry girls.”

“We’re still going though, aren’t we?” asked Sorrel, who loved sailing and was turning into a very competent skipper.

“Of course, but I need to get some beer on board, there’s plenty of wine and stuff, but I’m low on Crownies and that beer your Mum likes.”

“WhereTo” was pretty tidy anyway, I’d had a big clean-up yesterday so I asked the girls if they’d give her the once over while I went ashore to get some beer.

“No problems Uncle Ben, will you be long?” asked Claris.

“Probably about an hour or so, she’s pretty neat and tidy so you won’t have much to do”, I replied grabbing my wallet and jumping up on to the pontoon.

As it turned out, I was only gone for ¾ of an hour and as I went to get on board I looked down into the master stateroom and just about passed out, I could tell one of my DVD’s was playing by the soundtrack, moaning, groaning sex sounds and Sorrel and Claris where laying on my bed, stripped to their little g-strings, a hand between each others legs, stroking gently while their other hands’ were twisting and pulling at their erect nipples. They were both totally engrossed in the action on the screen, and no doubt on the sensations they were creating in each other’s panties. I watched for perhaps 5 minutes as their fingers delved beneath the crotch of each other’s g strings and as they continued playing with their nipples. They looked absolutely beautiful as they enjoyed their own and each others bodies, I could only imagine what else would happen if I didn’t interrupt, but I couldn’t just stand there, and besides Roger and Clare could arrive at any time.

I stepped on to the deck,, placing the beer I was carrying noisily, fiddled around for perhaps five minutes before they both came up the companionway ladder looking flushed but smiling broadly, once again dressed in their very short skirts and singlet tops, however their erect nipples, and they were big, erect nipples, stretched the material and I could clearly see the ripe pinkness through the skimpy tops.

They were still holding hands, smiling and almost giggling as Claris said,”You were not away very long Uncle Ben?” “Not long enough you mean”, laughed Sorrel, giving me a cheeky grin and her sister a hug.

“Hi everyone” came a call as Roger and Clare came along the pontoon, effectively preventing me from reacting to the girls’ little game. Clare came on board first, she was wearing exactly the same outfit as her daughters and she was as beautiful now as she was when we first met, and had a body that women 10 years younger envied. I scored a fleeting but passionate kiss and a pelvic thrust that pressed hard against my semi erect cock, as she felt it she gave a me a questioning look for a moment but then a knowing sort of look flashed quickly in her eyes as she winked at me. I just shrugged dumbly.

Roger Porno started handing shopping bags and boxes of supplies over the safety rails which I passed on to Clare and she passed down to the twins in the saloon. We’d done this many times before and had the routine down pat and we were soon motoring out of the Boat Harbour. We’d been pretty busy getting away and while the scene I’d witnessed between Sorrel and Claris kept playing over and over in my mind, I never had the opportunity to tell Roger and Claire what I’d seen.

Some hours later we were running along under a following wind at about 8 knots, the twins were forward in the tramp, “catching rays”, while Clare was on the helm. I was sitting behind her running my hand up her leg, to her panti-covered crotch as Roger pulled my semi-erect cock from my pants and slowly began stroking it, he pulled his own cock out with his other hand and was slowly stroking it as well. I knocked his hand away so I could do for him what he was doing for me. I slid my fingers into Clare’s panties, immediately finding her wet cunt and sliding two fingers into her.

“Ohhhh……mmm, I’ve been waiting for that all day” murmered Clare as I slid a juice covered digit into her arse and slowly finger-fucked her cunt and arsehole at the same time.

“You lying bag” laughed Roger, “you’ve been wondering around the Shopping Centre with a cunt full of cum all morning”

“Yes, but this is different, I’m getting both of my holes fingered and I can see you two wanking each others cocks, that always makes me hot, Rog, suck Bens cock for me.”

Clare always took control of all our sex games, it was she who had first convinced Roger and I that oral sex between guys wasn’t all that bad, and we now enjoyed that aspect of our love affair as much as we enjoyed fucking and sucking Claire.

I gasped a little as I felt Roger’s lips glide over the head of my cock and he began to suck strongly.

“Guys,” I said, “we really need to talk for a moment”, I pulled my fingers from Clare’s panties and sucked her juices from them, Roger let my cock slip from his mouth, catching a glistening drop of pre-cum from the tip of my cock as he did so. Strangely enough I kept slowly stroking his rock hard cock, it felt comforting in my hand as I tried to work out what I was going to say to them. This could quite likely be the end of a long and loving relationship.

“This morning when I got back to the boat I saw the twins, they didn’t see me though.

I’d evidently left one of my DVD’s lying around and they were playing it, but also they were naked and playing with each other as they watched the porno, I’m so sorry, I should have made sure I put it away.”

Roger chuckled and took my shrinking cock in his mouth again as Clare laughed and waved her hand around to catch my wrist and guide my hand back to her crotch.

” You goose Ben,” she said as I slipped my fingers back into her, “the girls have been sexually active now for a couple of years with boys and girls, they are both as bi as we are, and they promise us that its all been mouths and fingers, neither are vigins though.”

“And as for us, they know all about our lifestyle, they caught us out, on purpose I think, with Simone, Gary and their daughter.” She looked me in the eye as she said, ” they came into our room the next night while Roger was up to his balls in my arse. Hand in hand and naked as jaybirds, told us politely what they’d seen the night before, thought it was beautiful and they intended joining us in future. Claris slid under me and started licking my clit like a pro, when Roger pulled out of me Claris locked on to his cock.. So we had this massive 4 way fuck, Roger was caught between the four of us he’d slide his cock into my cunt and one of the girls would pull it out and suck him clean. In the end he filled my cunt with cum, I thought he as going to explode, he just kept cumming. When he finished and slipped out of me Claris was onto his cock and sucking him clean of cum and cunt-cream, you know how wet I get.

Anyway Sorrel wriggled down and told me to kneel over her face, I could feel Roger’s cum dribbling out me and into her mouth. When her mouth was full she clamped her hand over my gaping cunt and scooted up and squirtted the cum into my mouth telling me not to swallow, she dived back between my legs as Claris abandoned her father’s dick and started kissing me and sucking cum from between my lips, Sorrel was still working on my cunt and I was close to cumming myself as she bit lightly on my clit I came.”

“So you can see we have some fun times in front of us” she finished.

Listening to the story had me as hard as a rock as Roger continued to suck me and I could fell myself getting very close and then I came filling Rogers mouth with hot cum, he stood and began kissing Clare so she could suck my cum from his mouth, as I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock furiously until he too came, cum slipped from between my lips as I too stood to kiss Clare and to give her a mouth full of Rogers cum when I felt two pointy boobs squash against my Altyazılı Porno back and two arms slide around me, “could I have some of Daddy’s cum Uncle Ben?”, a quite little voice asked.

I turned in her arms and her lips mashed against mine, her tongue forcing its way into my willing mouth as she began to suck cum from my mouth into her own, then squirt it back into mine, as we played this extremely sexy snowball game I felt another pair of lips slip over the head of my cock and begin to suck.

I looked down as I felt those two pointy tits slide down my back the hands slipping around my hips and grabbing my balls, squeezing gently. Sorrel was slowly sucking my semi-hard cock into he mouth as her sister continued to manipulate my balls. “It might take you a while to get anything Sorrel, your Dad did a good job on me.” I told her.

She let my cock slip from her mouth and stood in front of me as Claris also let me go and joined her sister, slipping an arm around her waist. Clare was still behind the wheel although Roger had stripped her down to her white g-string and was sitting back on the cushions naked and slowly playing with his flaccid tool. I looked at the girls, they were indeed beautiful, their breast were probably b-cuppers the same as their mom’s but stood high and proud on their chests whereas Clare’s slightly sagged forming a gentle crease against her chest, all of them had rather largish nipples standing a good 15mm proud of their breasts and each of the ladies individual statement was that their nipples coloration varied from Clare’s deep red through Sorrels paler but still red nipples to Claris’ pink.

My eyes traced down their slender bodies and then I began to laugh.

“What’s wrong with you Ben,” asked Clare.

“I think I’ll have to rename the boat”, I laughed….”Hairfree”, I said still laughing, they all got the joke and began laughing as they saw the joke, because Sorrel and Claris. like we three older ones had absolutely no body hair, Roger Clare and I had bee done years before as we all bore the same revulsion for pubic hair.

“Oh yes” laughed Clare,” that was each of their 16th birthday present, well one of them anyway, both of them had been waxing virtually from the time the began to sprout.

By now we were just about at our destination. A little bay protected by a mangrove lined ismuth, once inside the “Whereto”, apart from her mast was invisible, you could get three medium size boats in there, however if you wanted privacy, you hoisted Flag “P” and no other local would come in. We’ had some huge orgies on the beach with 3 boat loads of people cavorting on the beach and boats, but this weekend, by unspoken consent, “P” went to the masthead as we moored.

The girls had resumed their panties, while Roger and I had also pulled on a thong. The air virtually was sizzling with sexual tension, but we purposely played it down, not wishing to blow it away in one mad fuck-a-thon. We had a light lunch and a swim and a few beers, and while the others once again enjoyed the cool waters of the inlet I rigged the foredeck shower so we could all wash away the salt.

After we’d all relaxed, and once again donned g strings we 3 adults lay back, Roger and I either side of Clare, and watched the girls as they slowly began to play.

Claris started the games by laying beside her sister and licking her lips, Sorrel opened her lips to let her sister’s tongue go where it wanted, licking or slipping between her parted lips until their mouths mashed together and they kissed passionately. Claris broke the kiss and sat back, her hands going to Sorrel’s breasts, taking a nipple between her thumbs and forefingers, she pulled and twisted them until a soft moan escaped from Sorrel whose hands sought her sister’s tits and duplicated what Claris was doing.

Claris abandoned her sister’s tits and bought her hands up to cup Sorrel’s hands against her own boobs, she closed her eyes as Sorrel continued to manipulate her nipples and then she disengaged Sorrel’s hands from her tits so she could begin to lower her head to Sorrel’s chest, sucking first the engorged right nipple into her mouth, we could clearly see her teeth clamp down on the ruby red nubbin, wobbling her head from side to side as Sorrel let forth another moan of pleasure. Claris repeated the treatment on the left nipple again eliciting another gasp from Sorrel whose hands flew to her tortured nipples and began twisting them as Claris continued her journey down her sister’s trembling body.

By now Clare had her hands wrapped around both Roger’s and my cocks, slowly rubbing them, I went to slide my hand into her panties, but Roger had beat me to it and his fingers were busily engaged in her cunt. I slipped my arm around her shoulders so I Could capture her right nipple and began copying what Sorrel was doing, pulling and twisting the rigid nipple, evidently all the girls liked their nipples handled fairly roughly. Clare turned her head and began kissing me deeply pushing her tongue into my mouth and sucking at my tongue.

Claris and Sorrel stood Brazzers and slipped their panties off and embraced, mashing their tits together as they kissed passionately, and then slowly they lay on the cushions, turned so that they lay head to crotch, Claris on the bottom and Sorrel laying on her sister, her spread knees either side of Claris’s head as she dipped her own head between her sister’s spread legs. We watched spell-bound as Claris lifted her head and her tongue eagerly sought her sister’s pussy lips, quickly pushing them aside to gain the soft pinkness inside.

Clare’s ministrations were now more insistent as she began to wank both Roger and I more seriously, but we were not yet ready to tear our gaze from the sight before us. Sorrel was dripping juice and Claris was joyously supping it up pushing her tongue between Sorrels now well spread cuntlips, Claris buried first one and then two fingers in her sister’s cunt, removed then and spread the moisture around Sorrel’s puckered pink arse-hole, she repeated the movement again and then speared her finger straight into her sister’s waiting arse, we heard a distinct moan as Claris returned her other finger to Sorrel’s dripping cunt and begin to finger-fuck both holes.

“Roger, lay down”, commanded Clare, he did as his wife asked as she moved so that she could impale herself on his rock hard cock, she leaned forward and pulled the cheeks of her arse apart, “lick me Ben, make my arse nice and wet, so your nice big cock can fuck my little arse-hole.” I complied, lathering up her arse, until I could easily slip a finger into her, holding her hole slightly open I licked her and then I positioned the head of my cock against her yielding arse and said,” fuck my cock with your arse Clare,” without even waiting for me to finish she bolted back against me, impaling herself to the balls on two cocks, as she began fucking us, I could feel Roger’s cock fucking in and out of her cunt sheath as he could feel mine, our rythm was slow but steady as Clare controlled the pace, she liked a languid fuck and liked to milk whoever was fucking her with her cunt ensuring he came first, feeling his cum explode inside her which was the pre-curser to her own orgasm which was getting closer now. I could feel her cunt muscles working on Roger’s cock as she milked him, I heard him groan and felt his cock twitch as her orgasmed. I pulled my cock from Clare’s arse and laid back, knowing what was coming next.

Clare turned, her hand cupping her cunt as Roger’s cock slipped out of her, he stood and I slipped down between her legs as Roger stood beside my head. Clare watched intently,” clean his cock Ben, suck us of his nice cock.” Roger slipped his softening cock into my open mouth and I sucked him clean, tasting the beautiful mixture of man cream and pussy juice, I could feel myself beginning to build climax as his cock slipped from my mouth and Clare once again spun around and bent her head to my cock and swallowed me as she positioned her beautiful hairless pussy over my face, taking her hand away cum and cunt cream began to dribble into my mouth as she continued to suck me hard.

I felt another set of lips join her at my cock as a voice beside me whispered in my ear, “Save some of that for me Uncle Ben”, it sounded like Sorrel and I felt her run her finger along my chin gathering the juices of her parents and then licking them. I bean to climax and I could feel my cock being pulled from mouth to mouth as Clare and Claris shared my cum.

As soon as Clare stood away from me Sorrel was licking my face and kissing me deeply sucking up whatever juices she could.

“And now” she smiled,” I’m gonna get some more cum out of your cock,” she scooted down and sucked my softening cock into her mouth. I looked across to see Roger and Clare once more in a 69 position so I motioned to Claris, as she came over to me she was twisting her still erect nipples, “Uncle Ben would you please suck me and tongue fuck my cunt”? , before I could reply my face was enveloped by a sweet smelling young cunt, she sat back a little holding her lips open as I probed first her cunt and then her clit flicking it and then biting it gently and then back to her dribbling little cunt. “Uncle Ben, do you know that I can cum just like you? I squirt girl cum, would you like to taste my girl cum Uncle Ben?”

I jammed my tongue into her in answer and then back to her clit and then I poked the tip of my tongue into her little pee-hole and that was it, I heard her quick moan and her body tense and quickly repositioned my mouth where I could catch what was about to come, I put my hands under her arms and lifted her slightly so I could watch but still swallow whatever she expressed, she went a little limp and the first little gusher came forth and then another and another, each one a little stronger until there was no more of the nectar, It was like nothing I had ever tasted, sweet but somehow not, it was really very beautiful and I swallowed it, savouring the taste of this neo virgin. I put my tongue back inside the folds of her cunt and once again went to work on her clit and pee-hole, and quite quickly I got what I wanted, her sweet piss surged into my mouth as she moaned in pleasure, ‘Oh, Uncle Ben that is so good, suck my pee.” as I licked her I felt a pussy sink slowly onto my now hard cock, the tightness told me that Sorrel was slowly impaling her self onto my cock

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