My Son’s Bully Ch. 04


It was the day before my son, Billy’s, graduation, and yet all I could think about was the taste of his bully, Jake’s, cock.

We were out to dinner at some generic chain restaurant. My attempts to make conversation and keep my family engaged were going nowhere. Lillian was already passing out from her first drink (mixed with a painkiller, I presumed), and Billy was on his phone. His attitude towards graduating could be described as indifferent.

“Excited to start college, Billy?” I tried.

“Yeah sure, Dad, whatever.” He responded.

Feeling defeated, I turned my eyes towards the tv to watch sports, which I don’t even enjoy.

Then I saw him. It was like in slow motion.

Jake Johnson walked in, two busty cheerleader types on each arm. Each of them had ruffled hair and satisfied expressions, One had blonde hair and a lip piercing, the other was a redhead I recognized as Melanie Gates, a crush of Billy’s.

I was frozen. Our eyes locked and he winked at me. His lady friends couldn’t take their eyes off him. The three of them sat at a booth, each of them ucuz escort refusing to leave his side. What a player. How jealous I was.

I watched as the blonde licked and kissed his ear, and Melanie rubbed his leg. They had clearly just had sex but were hungry for more. I could relate. I could feel the blood pumping to my penis and panicked.

Suddenly he stood up. We made eye contact again and he puckered his lips at me before turning and walking towards the bathroom.

Like a very stupid man, and an obedient slut, I followed.

My heart raced as I walked to the bathroom, trying my best not to run. When I entered I was rushed into the biggest stall and ferociously kissed by Jake. His strong hands clasping my face, his powerful tongue penetrating my throat. It was like being home.

He broke the kiss and we looked at each other before laughing. This was the craziest thing either of us had done.

“This is crazy.” I said.

“Yeah” he responded as he took off his shirt.

He pulled me into his chest and I ümraniye escort went to town. Kissing it, licking it, tasting him in all his glory.

“Those two keeping you busy?” I asked between nipple kisses.

“Oh yeah” he responded, loving my tongue. “Jazmine’s a pretty good cocksucker, but she’s too afraid taking my entire cock in her pussy. She’s weird. Not Melanie though. She takes it all like a champ. Begs for it.”

“Really?” I asked, forgetting that Melanie once came to my house to tutor Billy.

“Oh yeah, she loves it. She acts like she’s this good Christian girl, when really, she’s nasty. In the best way. One in a million pussy.”

Suddenly I was on my knees. Jake dropped his shorts and his monster cock had arisen. But it was different this time. It smelled different. It was glistening.

“Why don’t you try some of it?” Jake asked.

I obeyed and took my son’s bully’s cock, which had pussy juice from my son’s crush, in my mouth.

It was heaven. It tasted better than any other pussy juice I had üsküdar escort had before. It meant so much that Jake would share it with me. And that I wasn’t a one and done deal.

I sucked it like everything depended on it. Somehow no one else had entered the bathroom.

Wait a minute.


I had a family. In the restaurant.

I took the cock out of my mouth before explaining

“Jake, I’m super grateful for your cock, as always, but my family will notice if I’ve been gone too long.”

“You sure about that?” He said, stroking my cheek.

“Positive. I wish they weren’t here. Any chance I could finish this later? Maybe tonight?”

“I think I’ll have you finish me now. I’ll finish YOU later”

With that I took the pussy-soaked-cock back into my mouth, swirling my tongue and trying to savor every moan.

Jake soon came, filling my mouth. I knew he could have lasted longer if he wanted too, but I appreciated him finishing early. Very considerate.

I cleaned up his cock before rising. He gave me a kiss and whispered “I’ll call you later tonight, Stanley Boy”

I left the bathroom before him in a daze. I couldn’t wait to see him later than night. I just had to get through this evening.

I returned to find my family had barely noticed I was gone and our food had arrived.

Although I gotta tell you, I wasn’t very hungry.

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