My Sister Blows Me in My Tent Ch. 11


“Fuck! I’m still hard!” I said as I looked down at my cock. I had nutted so many times today and yet my dick was still pulsating with desire. This was crazy!

Janey laughed. “I think we should do something else. I don’t know about you girls but I would love to have my pussy eaten.”

“Yes, I want that!” Liz said in excitement.

“I could always go for some head,” Josephine said.

“How do we do this?” I asked Janey. “Should we get the mattress pads out of the tents and set them down here?”

‘Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Janey said. We all grabbed a mattress pad from our tent and set them down in a rectangular shape on the ground.

Carl and I watched as the girls began to get undressed. My eyes were on my sister. I was so horny for her again after that great blowjob. She took off each item of clothes in a teasing way. My dick was twitching like wild as I looked at her. I needed to be deep inside of her again.

Janey stood before me in her bra and panties and yanked me towards her. “I want you to take off the rest,” she said as she whispered in my ear. I suddenly felt her teeth gently bite my earlobe. It turned me on even more to feel that.

My hands went to the back of her bra and I unclasped it quickly. Her bra fell to the ground and her amazing tits were in my line of sight. I grabbed them and squeezed them with a hunger that was building inside of me. I swear I felt like I could bite into them like a peach. I squeezed and güneyşehir escort played with them for a moment before I put my mouth on each nipple.

Janey gasped and clung to me. Her hands were tight on my arms as I sucked on her nipples. I could hear the other girls getting undressed as clothes fell to the mattress pad. I glanced over and saw that Liz and Josephine were both completely naked. Carl was staring at his sister very hard.

“Josephine, I’m going to eat Liz out first. Is that ok?” Carl whispered. His voice was husky from lust and he kept staring at his sister.

“Of course. I can wait my turn,” Josephine said. “But I want to suck your cock as you eat her out.”

“How do we do that?” Liz asked Josephine in an excited voice.

“How about Carl lay down on his back and you sit down on his face?” Josephine said.

“Oh, that sounds hot as fuck!” Liz said.

“Come on let’s do it,” Carl said in eagerness. I watched as they all got into their positions. Liz stood over Carl’s face and peered down at him with a smile on her face.

“Come on, Liz. Give me that pussy!” Carl said.

Liz giggled and then squatted down on her brother’s face. Carl’s hands went to her legs and his mouth latched onto her pussy. Liz let out a very deep moan and her back bucked.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She moaned as she looked down at her brother. Josephine had Carl’s cock in her mouth and güneyşehir escort bayan was sucking it fast as she watched him eat his sister out.

I moved my mouth from Janey’s tits and then pulled down her panties. Janey grabbed me by the head and kissed me deeply. Her tongue was eager to enter my mouth as we kissed. I opened my mouth and our tongues wrestled in desperation.

I slid my hand in between Janey’s legs and slipped a finger into her wet pussy. She gasped in my mouth as I moved my finger in and out of her. There was a loud wet sucking sound as her pussy gripped my finger with each thrust inside.

“Wow, you guys are so fucking hot!” Josephine said. “Carl, I want him to eat me out after her!”

Carl made a muffled sound as he continued to eat Liz’s pussy. Liz was moaning loudly and had her hands in her brother’s hair. Josephine took Carl’s cock back into her mouth and sucked him off harder. Carl started to make moaning sounds under Liz’s pussy.

I led Janey down onto the mattress pad until she was lying on her back. My sister watched me avidly as I got down on my stomach. My hard cock was turned to the side as I situated myself the best that I could. Janey opened her legs to show me that pink slit of hers.

My mouth was already watering as I put my tongue on it. I ran it up and down on her slit as Janey moaned. Her sweet juices tasted absolutely divine. I moved my hands escort güneyşehir to her snatch and opened it up so I could see that pinkness that I loved. I stuck my tongue deep inside of my sister’s pussy.

Her juices met my tongue as I buried it in her warm tunnel. Janey let out a very loud moan. Her body trembled slightly as I ate her out. She tried to keep her eyes open as I ate her out but the pleasure was too much for her. Her eyes snapped shut as I ran my tongue over her pussy lips and up to her clit.

Janey’s mouth fell open as I toyed with her clit in my mouth. It was my little play toy and I was going to have some fun with it.

“Right there! Don’t stop!” Janey screamed.

“God, he’s going to make you cum already?!” Josephine said as she looked over in surprise. “I am definitely next!”

I let out a chuckle and then focused on my sister’s pleasure. Her clit was hard as I licked it. It turned me on to know just how much I could get my sister aroused. I applied a little pressure to her clit with my tongue and Janey yelled out.

‘Fuck! I’m cumming!” Her body rocked against me as she came. Her hips left the pad and then dropped sharply. I held onto her legs as best as I could. Janey moaned and shook violently as I continued to eat her out. I watched her as she came. What a wonderful sight it was.

I took my mouth off of her pussy after a while and licked up the wetness of my face. Janey was panting with her arm over her eyes on the pad. I watched my sister’s chest rise and fall rapidly.

I heard Liz cry out and I watched as she came on Carl’s face. She rubbed her pussy on his face as she came. I knew that Carl was probably having the time of his life right now. Josephine took Carl’s cock out of her mouth and looked at me.

“I’m next,” she said with a smile.

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