My Panty Fetish and my Step-Mum (Mom)

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My Panty Fetish and my Step-Mum (Mom)I’ve been trying to remember when it was I first developed an interest in women’s panties. I mean a REAL interest, not just what k**s think about naughty things, bottoms and farts and so on, but an early sexual thrill associated with them, and I guess, what they covered. Why were they so much more interesting than my pants? Certainly they were always displayed, either in newspapers or my step-mother’s shopping catalogue, in a way that men’s underwear wasn’t. The girls were young and curvy, often there’d be two or more of them lounging around in their knickers. That wasn’t how men were portrayed! I loved looking at the pictures in my Mum’s catalogues (I always called her Mum, my birth-mother had left us years ago). Strangely I wasn’t so interested in bras and breasts, it was the panties that got me.So, way back in the late 60’s (at the time I was sixteen), I realised that looking at pictures wasn’t enough. I yearned to see and feel, if possible, the real thing. I can remember feeling really scared and bold the first time I ventured into mother’s underwear drawer. She was downstairs in the kitchen and I was supposed to be in my room doing homework when I tiptoed into her bedroom. It took me a few failed attempts to find the right drawer and I felt my heart beating loudly in my chest as at last I gently pulled open the treasure trove. Bras were on the left, but on the right side were a collection of all my mother’s knickers, neatly piled up. My initial feeling of elation soon turned into a mild disappointment as I realised they were not as exotic as the ones I had admired in the pictures. They had all been shiny, erotic in the stitching and patterns on the front panels, and in such fascinating colours – purples, reds, black. These ones by contrast were, even at that stage I felt it, boring! Everyday cotton in pastel shades. They had one thing in common, all were plain, standard, workaday garments. I had become a bit of a connoisseur, actually a panty-snob, nonplussed at my Mum’s taste. I’d built up my hopes and taken a risk and felt let down now! But I’d made a move, even at my young age, and I was determined to keep on, my panty fetish wasn’t over, in fact it was stronger than ever. What to do?Well, one positive thing was that my mother was not all suspicious of my perversion. I’d never let her see me ogling her catalogues but I was becoming more interested in her, as a woman, with panties, rather than as my mother, puberty had taken a toll. I realised she was a very attractive woman – a nice figure, a proper waist, no surplus fat, long brown hair and a pretty face. I decided to exploit her innocence about me. I dogged her footsteps more, asking questions about whatever she was doing and feigning an interest in everything from making beds, washing clothes and ironing! After a while she was so used to me being around wherever she was that I think I became invisible. Me, I was watching her closely, taking any chance for a peek up her skirt or down her blouse, but mainly up her skirt! Gradually she became less concerned about me, I’d often have a school book and appear to be immersed in it, but I was always on the watch. Highlights were when she would adjust her stockings, pulling up the hem of her skirt, adjusting a suspender belt, straightening her seams and so on. Once I was with her in her bedroom and she was sorting out clothes for washing. I had my book and made sure I seemed engrossed in it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her glance at me, checking I wasn’t looking at her, and she proceeded to remove her skirt and blouse and put them in the wash! I could see her in her bra, panties, stockings and suspenders clearly in her dressing-table mirror! It was wonderful. I kept up the comic act as she put on replacements and I hoped this may be a regular thing. But it had given me an idea…the washing! Why hadn’t I thought of it before? So a new regular treat, a daily visit to the washing basket to find Mum’s most recently discarded cotton panties, still boring plain and cotton, but with a new dimension, her aroma! Oh, the memory of the first sniff, the discovery of heavenly delights in the gusset! The thrill of delving into the dirty washing pile, retrieving her knickers, opening them up and turning them inside-out, holding the crotch-piece to my nose and the long slow inhale! And the instant erection! I would spend as many minutes as I could in the wash-room next to the kitchen, usually when Mum was in the toilet, so I would be alone with the panties for a matter of minutes. Fabulous. Then putting them back, making sure they were well buried again in the pile. Best days were when we had been away from home on a visit to relatives, or best of all a week’s holiday. Why? Because then there would be up to a week’s worth of panties to enjoy! I luxuriated in the smells, noting how some days the aroma would be stronger than others. I recognised that the strongest were when the gusset was a bit crispy, a bit stiffer – as was I! Those were great experiences, but of course I’d only get a short time to savour them. And so, some time later, I moved on to the next stage. When there were a few panties in the wash, I took one out and put it in my pocket. The first time I did this I was in a state of suppressed panic for days – would she notice the loss? To my relief she did not – she had so many bland knickers she probably couldn’t tell them apart, they just went back in the drawer. For my part, the challenge was where to keep them? Over a few weeks I acquired three pairs and hid them inside a model yacht I had in my bedroom. I probably overdosed on panty-sniffing! I would put them over my face, gusset to my nose and just lie on my bed taking deep breaths. Kept me happy for weeks! It was a short time after this that everything changed.My guard slipped. I was supposed to be doing homework in my bedroom, but had a pair of Mum’s panties in my hand, exploring them, examining the gusset, looking intently at a little damp patch, when she walked in! I didn’t see her at first, she’d stopped at the door and was clearly watching what I was doing as I held them and felt them, fortunately not sniffing at them. “Alan,” she said and I nearly fell off my bed, “are they my knickers? What’s the matter?”I couldn’t speak. My face was beetroot red. My heart pounded. She sat down next to me. A pause. “Do you like my knickers?” she asked quietly.“I’m s-sorry Mum,” I replied with a tremble in my voice, “y-yes I do like them. I’m s-sorry.” I was searching for something to say. She was looking intently at me. “Do you want to wear them?” She asked. I shook my head – strangely that wasn’t my desire, though I know many do like to. “Can you tell me why you like them?” she continued.“I… I… just like them. They’re my Mum’s. They’re yours.” I stumbled and said no more.“Well, its OK, I don’t mind. You just like your Mum’s knickers, nothing to worry about. You can keep them in your drawer, with your pants. If you like I can buy you some nice ones to keep for yourself. Would you like that?”“Oh, yes please Mum.”“We’ll go to the shops tomorrow after school, and I’ll buy some pairs for you. It’ll be a little secret for us both!”I didn’t sleep well that night. All sorts of thoughts occupied my mind, why was she so unbothered? Was she going to have second thoughts? Was she just indulging me, this being a phase I’d grow out of? Escort What would happen at the shops? Would I go red and look silly in front of shop assistants? But my willy was very stiff and I had many thoughts of Mum in panties, not the boring cotton ones, but lovely silky ones like in the magazines, black or red in colour. I took one of her pairs from my drawer and held it next to my face as I drifted eventually off to sleep. Next afternoon Mum and I went to the large department store in town. We went to the ladies underwear section, fortunately the store wasn’t busy, and Mum went directly to the knickers section. I looked around, there were panties of all types, big drawers, tiny little things that seemed to have no fabric to them, lovely silky ones like I’d loved in the catalogues. Mum lead me to ones that were just like hers. They came in a pack of five and my heart dropped. “Here we are then, let’s get you one of these packs shall we? We’d better get small for you.” Oh gosh, she still thought I wanted to wear them? She hadn’t picked up on the interest I had in them being worn, being full of her secret scent.“Mum, c-can we g-get some d-different ones?” I stammered. “Like the ones over there..” I indicated the sexy shiny nylon panties, the red or black ones.“Oh my goodness!” she seemed shocked, but composed herself, “well, I suppose so – they’re the ones you like are they? Well they’re very pretty, not everyday knickers I think, a bit more expensive. But, yes OK, we’ll get a few pairs of those – show me the ones you like best.” I picked out three pairs. A red nylon pair with contrasting stitching on the front, like an inverted triangle, a black silky pair with an embroidered panel on the front and a larger white nylon pair that Mum said was actually a panty-girdle, this too was nylon and had a flat panel on the front and stitching at the back that divided the back in two, like half for each bottom cheek I thought. “You’ve picked the wrong size, lovey, these are too big for you!”“No Mum, you don’t understand, I don’t want to wear them! I like them, to feel them, and I like knickers that are yours, that YOU wear!” I blurted all this out. There, I’d said it. I waited for the response, bracing myself.“Oh! You want me to buy these to fit me, and you want me to wear them, and then let you have them! That’s why you had my knickers hidden, they hadn’t been washed? Oh my goodness.” She looked worried and was quiet for a while, while I just stood rooted to the spot, red-faced and worrying if I could breathe. Then, after what seemed like ages, “I think you’ve grown up more than I thought, young man. I don’t know if this is right, but I can see this means a lot to you. OK, let me think.” Another pause. “Right, we’ll get these and when we get home, I think we’ll both have a little chat about it, alright?” I nodded, unable to speak.On the bus, we didn’t speak, Mum was lost in thought. When we got home Mum and I sat down on the sofa and she wanted me to explain what it was I liked about the panties. “Don’t worry, I’m not cross, but I want to understand how you feel, you need to say a bit more than you have.”So I confessed. I told her how I couldn’t stop thinking about her wearing the panties. That I couldn’t really explain it, but I got lovely feelings when I thought of her in them. How I loved to feel them as I imagined feeling them while she wore them. How I liked the nice ones in the catalogue, and wished I could see her in them, how much nicer they are than the ones I got from the washing basket (I didn’t tell her about looking in her drawer!) She listened patiently as I got the words out.“So what you really want is to see me wearing them, and ideally to feel them while I am? You actually want to see me in my underwear and for me to let you feel me up? Wow, that’s a bit of a shock. Your Dad doesn’t even seem to bother about that. Actually I shouldn’t have said that!” She blushed. “You know that isn’t appropriate, don’t you?” I must have looked dejected and crestfallen at this. I bowed my head in shame, yes she must be ashamed of me. She studied me intently. Then, “Oh, don’t look so down! I don’t know. I’m confused. This isn’t something I was prepared for! Look, I need to think about this. Don’t worry I won’t tell your Dad, but I need to sleep on it. We’ll not talk about it any more now, I’ll give it some thought and we’ll have another chat tomorrow.”I had another restless night. Nothing was said at breakfast, Dad went off to work and I went to school, I found it hard to concentrate though. What was Mum going to say? I got home as soon as I could and she was waiting for me.“Well, Alan, I’ve thought about our recent chats and our purchases and I’ve come to a decision. I hope I don’t regret it. Come upstairs,” she commanded. I gulped. She turned around and proceeded upstairs to her bedroom, I followed, my eyes on her longish skirt and the seams of her stockings. As we entered the room, she switched on the light, went across to the window and closed the curtains. Then “I think this is what you wanted to see” and so saying she lifted the front hem of the skirt, and kept on raising it, above her knees, higher and higher, exposing her stocking-tops and then the suspenders until slowly she raised it to waist height. My eyes opened wide. She was wearing the white panty-girdle. It was pulled over the suspender belt, tightly encasing her and making my dreams come true. My willy was getting harder by the second and I had to adjust my trousers and pants as it pointed vertically. I thought I was going to faint. She looked wonderful, and I couldn’t believe this was happening!“There we are, you wanted to see me in them, do you like them?” she asked, smiling at me.“Oh Mum, thank you. They look wonderful, thank you so much, you look lovely. They make me feel all hot and funny. Can I look closer, can I see the back?”“Well, in for a penny, in for a pound I suppose!” she smiled, and reached behind herself, unzipped the skirt and let it fall off. She stepped out of it and turned around slowly, displaying the panties fully for me. I stepped forward and gazed intently as the tight shiny fabric stretched over her womanly curves. I loved the way the panties stretched over a little mound just above where her legs met, and then curved down to a point. As she turned and her legs parted slightly, I was imagining the way the panty-gusset would be as it went over her crotch and that lovely little patch that always had the best aroma. I kept focused on that area as she turned and was fascinated by the way the panty-girdle divided her bottom-cheeks and then disappeared into the most secret part of her. I gazed as she turned back to face me, and she followed my gaze at her pubic area.“Well, do they meet with your approval? ” she asked. “I’m not sure I understand this for you, and you seem very focused on them. Is anything the matter?”“Mum, can I see the rest of them, the bit that goes between your legs?”“What, you mean the gusset? I’m not sure that would be right!”“Why not Mum, I’ve seen all the rest of them, what’s wrong with that part?”“Well it means that I have to open my legs to show you there, and that isn’t lady-like!”“I don’t understand. I don’t mind if its not lady-like. I like that part.” She hesitated, looking like she was turning thoughts out in her mind, she looked at me. “Oh go on then, I can see you won’t be satisfied until you’ve Escort Bayan seen them from every direction. This really is a strange interest you have!” And with that she sat on the edge of the bed, lay back and opened her legs and raised them. The sight of her panty gusset, covering her crotch, the source of her wonderful aromas, was so exciting I almost passed out. “Take a good look then!” she commanded.I intended to, This was fabulous, amazing. My Mum was sitting in front of me, legs splayed open and the crotch of the panty-girdle open to my gaze, her upper thighs open, stocking-tops and stockings all presented to me in a lascivious display. My willy was tingling with pleasure.“Mum you look amazing. I love your knickers, your panty-girdle. You look so good like that, it makes me feel all nice, I have strange lovely feelings in me. Can I feel them?”“Look Alan, not right now, I’m not ready for that. I tell you what, I’ll try on the other pairs we bought and you can look at those, then we’ll see. Alright?” I nodded. “Pop into your room and I’ll come in with the next pair on.”So I reluctantly left her and went and sat on my own bed. Mum came in a couple of minutes later, this time wearing the silky red panties. She had removed the stockings and suspenders but still had a blouse on. The panties looked great. “I suppose you want to see these from all directions too?” she asked. I smiled in approval and once again she turned all ways for my inspection. These were smaller than the panty-girdle, but were full-cut and quite tight. They were exciting me once again, and this time, without another word, Mum sat at the other end of the bed and lifted her legs up and apart, displaying the gusset for me. I was very close to her and leant forward to get a closer view. As I did so she put a hand over her crotch, spoiling my view, but I could feel heat from her legs. “That’s enough of these, I think,” she said. “I’ll get the black ones on now.” She stood and left me. Without making a sound I followed her to her bedroom, she was unaware. I peeped around the door frame (she left the door open, no doubt believing I was still sitting in my bedroom) and watched as she removed the panties. For the first time in my life I saw a mature woman naked from the waist down, only her rear, but wow it was good. Her bottom was nice and firm (it clearly hadn’t needed any support from the panty-girdle) and for a split-second I got the briefest glimpse of something between her legs, it looked a bit like hair, but there seemed to be folds of skin. I was intrigued. She pulled on the final pair of panties and I ducked back to my room to avoid being spotted.I made sure I was sitting as she had left me, and a couple of minutes passed before she came into the room wearing the new shiny black nylon panties. But this time she had made some other changes too. She now had on black stockings, high heels, and a black suspender-belt and, to my surprise and joy, she had removed her blouse and sported a black bra, an almost perfect match for the panties. Blimey! She was a revelation! This was beyond my fantasies! “I must me mad, dressing myself up like this for you. I can’t believe I’m doing it! But I’m glad you appreciate it, your Dad seems to have lost interest lately – maybe his job is stressing him too much. Alan, this IS inappropriate, and you must NOT tell anyone about it! Understand?” I nodded agreement. Crikey it was alright with me! “This is a classic underwear outfit, and I must say I love it myself, so I can understand how a young man like yourself will appreciate it.” With that she turned around to show me the back view, then, with her legs about two feel apart, she bent forward and touched her toes! This gave me a superb view of the panty-gusset, the sweat forming on the tops of her legs, the border between her thigh flesh and the panties, the seams of her stocking. Oh my god it was phenomenal! She posed for me in all sorts of positions, then finally she stood up and turned to face me again. “And I know what you want next, you want to feel the knickers don’t you? Well, if you still do, then go ahead, come and feel them, they feel nice to me wearing them I must say. They make me feel nice too, not like my normal knickers! Come on then!”So, like a shot I went up to her, but I didn’t feel the panties immediately, instead I just embraced her, I put my arms around her waist and hugged her. She bent slightly and I found my head nestling between the cups of her brassiere. The flesh of her chest and tops of her breasts was warm against my cheek and I kissed her there and whispered that I loved her. In return she put a hand on the back of my head, kissed my hair and drew me closer to her chest. Then she stepped back from me and spread her arms out wide. “Feel away!”My willy was straining in my underpants as I advanced on her, first putting my palms on the back of the panties and luxuriating in the soft, smooth and warm sensations. Then I stood behind her and put my hands around to the front of the panties. She flinched slightly as I explored the stitched panel and then felt down the side seams. I knew exactly what I wanted to do next, but it seemed so extreme that I was frightened that she wouldn’t allow it, so instead I bought time by caressing her tummy, just above the waist-band of the panties. She purred slightly, she seemed to be enjoying it. I was! Then, it was decision time and I didn’t hesitate further, I put one had on the front panel again, and the other hand on her buttocks, over the smooth material, then let them drift downwards towards her crotch. I was dripping with sweat as she let her legs open slightly and I felt the heat from her gusset as I rubbed gently. She was breathing heavily now and her legs opened further and I explored greedily, rhythmically massaging her, feeling heat and dampness, and aware of the sublime feeling, through the panties, of her front bottom. I let my fingers extend the attention to the skin of her inner thighs, and she seemed to buckle slightly. “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she sighed. I kissed her shoulder and continued. She had dropped her arms earlier and now I watched as she pulled at the panty waist-band, fascinated as pulled it away from her body so I could look down inside. I could see dark hair, and was aware of a warm musky scent. Without thinking I moved my hand, which had been caressing the front of her panty-gusset, and inserted it down the inside of the panties. She gasped and sighed with pleasure as I discovered hidden wonders. My hand rubbed the hairs a while, then advanced further, down between her legs, into the heat of her front-bottom and her panty-crotch, then my fingers entered her, warm and wet and tight they slipped up inside her and I frigged her gently. Then with my other hand I pulled down the back of the panties and let that hand go down too, between her open buttock cheeks, meeting the other fingers, transferring juices all around her sacred area and then discovering her bottom-hole, and a finger going in there too. Mum began to buck her hips and collapsed onto the bed on her side, my fingers still inside her. I thought I’d hurt her as she continued to shake, but she looked at me with love and I pulled her panties completely off her, and opened her legs wide to take in the best view of my life. Her front-bottom was wide open and dripping wet. She had lips around it that were puffy Bayan Escort and swollen. Her bottom-hole was wet and slightly open where my fingers had been. Her lips and folds were intriguing, so wet, oozing juices and smelling so enticing that I couldn’t help myself and just put my head down to her crotch and inhaled, then I licked and licked like my life depended on it. Then I had an amazing sensation in my willy and my testicles and I realised I was spurting out, almost like having a pee, but a naughty, wonderful feeling. My hips rocked as the fluid escaped. A damp patch appeared on the front of my school trousers and Mum looked at me in the eyes and said “Alan, we’ve both just cum! You’ve given me an orgasm and you’ve ejaculated in your pants. You’re a man now!”I wasn’t all that sure what she meant, but remembered biology lessons that covered reproduction in a clinical way, and realised that what had happened was me producing seed. I didn’t know women did something similar. “It was wonderful Mum” I smiled. “It was the best thing ever! Can we do it again, I loved it!”“Well, you won’t be able to for a little while. Let’s get those clothes off you and I clean you up, then we can have a little cuddle and you and I can explore properly!” She stood up, now just in her bra, stockings, suspenders and heels, and I marvelled at her anew. Then she undid the bra and for the first time saw her beautiful naked breasts and their dark nipples. She was very firm and I began to feel stirrings in my wet pants again. “OK, off with that shirt and those trousers, step out of them, hold my shoulder. Now let’s get those pants off shall we? Oh, your cock’s interested isn’t it! It seems to be growing, let’s have a look at it. Wow, you have developed haven’t you? I haven’t seen that for years, since you decided to wanted me and your Dad out of the room when you had a bath. Goodness, that’s bigger than your Dad’s! I wonder if you’ve stopped growing yet, not for a few years I think! And its growing in stature right now! You are a lucky boy, and I think I’m a lucky, naughty step-mother!”I hadn’t realised that my willy, or cock as Mum called it, was a good size, though it had annoyed me sometimes when it seemed to get out of control and used to wonder if people noticed it bulging when I got nice thoughts. Mum was still gazing at it after she had stripped me naked. Then she held in her hand and, as it grew rock-hard, she just kissed the tip and then put it right in her mouth. The sensation was indescribable and she seemed able to take it right down her throat. My cock was throbbing as she took me in and out of her. I reached out for her breasts, taking one in each hand. She sighed with pleasure as she sucked me. Then she stopped, saying that she didn’t want me to cum too soon.“Come and feel me again, lick me anywhere you like!” she said, so I lay her down on my bed and went for her breasts first, teasing the nipples with my tongue, cupping each breast and fondling gently. Then I licked her tummy-button and she shivered slightly. Slowly I continued down towards her hairy triangle, slowly slowly advancing towards that most enticing area, her aroma heady in my nostrils and she began breathing hard again, her legs spreading and her hips rising as I approached her wetness. Then I got my hands under her upper thighs, spread them and pulled her upwards towards my mouth, sucking furiously at her opening. “Oh, suck my pussy, finger it, ream it out, oh, that’s fabulous” she screamed. I lay fully over her body, head between her thighs and she encouraged me to turn ourselves over. “That’s it – sixty-nine me!” I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I enjoyed it. It meant that she was sitting on my face, my nose was in her bottom-hole and she was dripping juices everywhere, my face covered in deliciousness! Then I felt her taking my cock into her mouth again. Ecstasy! “Now its time to have your Mum. I’m on the pill, get that lovely big fat cock up my puss!” I didn’t need asking twice, Mum was looking at my willy hungrily, her legs wide and her hands holding her sopping pussy open. I went in, up, right up her as far as it would go. She gasped. “Fuck, that’s big, that’s bigger than anything I’ve ever had in there! Oh god, do me, do me, pump in me, give me all you have! Fuck your dirty mother, make up for your lousy indifferent father!”I fucked away, harder and harder, faster and faster. Then, abruptly, with a wicked look on her face, she pushed me out of her, lifted her legs and thighs against her chest, pulled her buttocks apart and put a few fingers in her pussy, then she smeared the juices into her bottom-hole and pulled it open, “now come up my arse!” My cock was surely too big, but I didn’t decline. “Go careful” she said, “not all at once, just the head first, see how it goes”. I pushed at her little brown ring and her eyes opened wide as she looked directly at me. “Yes!” I pushed further and felt my cock go inside a little. She dipped in her pussy and smeared more juice along my shaft, then groaned as I went in further, She was exceedingly tight, her bottom gripped me hard, but I continued shafting her. Her eyes glazed over and she seemed to open further, as if her whole body was open for me. She seemed in a daze, almost a trance as I in turn luxuriated in the feelings, the smells, the experience. She began thrusting and bucking again, as before, then, without warning, I had the lovely feeling again and I exploded up her bottom and exhausted fell down across her, still inside her as far as it would go. I held her close to me and we must have both fallen asleep.Some time later I awoke and we cuddled awhile. “Let’s get cleaned up and tidy this room. Your Dad will be home later, we don’t want him to know what we’ve been up to, do we?” So together, me naked, she in just stockings and suspenders, tidied up both rooms, straightened the beds, and got everything ship-shape. Mum took me into the bathroom and let me watch as she peed into the toilet. This was the icing on the cake, as she squatted facing the back of the toilet, hovering about the seat. I saw her pussy lips open until they were almost a circle, then from a little hole above her pussy, a stream of pee came out, her bottom-hole opening slightly as she relaxed into the flow. As she still dripped I felt her lips and slipped three fingers up her, then put one up her bottom. She smiled, rose and embraced me, with a long lingering kiss on the lips. “Help me get dressed,” she smiled, and I followed her into her bedroom, helped her put on her bra and panties, feeling all over her and her undies as I did so. Then I helped her with her skirt and blouse. I dressed in my bedroom, while Mum went down to cook the evening meal. Dad came home a bit later and we all watched TV until it was my bedtime.Mum came up to see if I was Ok and to put my light out (she always did that, even as I grew up). She winked at me, “Your Dad is in danger of driving me away, like he did to your birth-mother,” she said,” but you’ve given me a reason to stay! I think we can manage something similar two or three times a week if you fancy it!” I nodded vigorously. “Sweet dreams!” she said…THE END(Post-script: I had included pictures to illustrate this memory, in fact my step-mum helped me choose them from pictures she’d let me take of her over the years – yes our naughtiness continued for years. I failed in the upload process! We’d tried to include ones that accurately, or as near as possible, she was wearing that first time, but her body shape and shaved or unshaved condition has changed a number of times over time – you’ll see them in my gallery: panty fetish. Enjoy.)

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