my mom the wanker


Back in the day of my innocent youth, I was beginning to experience a nice tingly feeling in my cock when I rubbed it. I had seen the older boys jack off and shoot their cum out into space, but I hadn”t done that yet, just rubbed it and enjoyed the feeling.One morning, while going through this ritual with my always stiff first thing in the morning dick, my mother walked into my room. I hurriedly covered myself with the blanket, but she had already gotten a view of what I was doing.She came over and sat on the bed and apologized for interrupting me, then asked to see my dick because she wondered when I would begin enjoying the pleasures of young adulthood. Of course I was super embarrassed, but she pulled the blanket down and I automatically istanbul travesti covered up with my hands, even though one hand would have been enough for my small dick. She pulled it down and said, “I see you”re getting pubic hair, that”s a good sign.” She pulled my skin back and said she wished she would have had me circumcised now, but too late for that. “Have you ever cum yet?” she asked. I tried to act dumb and she gave a short explanation so I told her no.She proceeded to rub my dick up and down in the traditional way, starting slowly and gaining speed as she went. She said, “Does that feel good sweetheart?” And I simply replied “Uh huh.” as it was feeling too good istanbul travestileri to talk. And now, I was feeling the feeling I always got to, but it was starting to go beyond that, way beyond that. And then, I started pumping my hips, mom started pumping her hand harder and I shot my first load, clear to my neck. Then a shot to my chest, another to my chest and yet another to my stomach and mom kept on stroking. Soon it was just oozing out onto her hand and I was breathing so heavily. “Don”t move,” she said, “I will be right back.”She came back with a warm, wash cloth and proceed to clean me up. When she got to my dick, she squeezed the last drop or two out and washed it down good. travesti istanbul But it was still stiff as a brick, so she started wanking it again and soon, here it came. I got up on my elbows to get a better view of the geyser about to happen and when it did, the first load hit me squarely on the chin. And like the first time, each shot hit lower and lower on my belly till it was oozing into her hand again. She then cleaned up this load and said breakfast will be ready soon.It became regular, I would wake up with a boner and start rubbing it and soon, mom came in to finish the job. Finally, one morning she sat on the bed and her robe was loose and I could see her right tit, with the nipple all stiff and protruding. As mom jerked my cock ever so lovingly, I reached out and touched her tit and she gave off a shudder. She said that felt good and continued stroking me till my load hit me somewhere high up on my body. She cleaned me up and we were done for the day.The next morning, she came in with her robe on, but completely open.

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