My Husband the Gynaecologist


Sorry if this is extremely inaccurate. I’ve never been to a gynaecologist before so I am just going from research. I tried to keep it as realistic as possible except for the expected small amount of added stimulation.


I’m not scared of doctors. I don’t fear the pain of needles or routine examinations, but doctors’ appointments always made me feel slightly uncomfortable. I find it very difficult to feel comfortable around new people, so examinations by doctors I don’t know, a very physical situation, aren’t exactly my forte. As a child I suffered from anxiety and had difficulty making friends. Again, as a child, doctors visits where someone I didn’t know, usually an older man, was examining me terrified me.

I met the man who is now my husband at my best friend’s wedding. Call me cheesy, but he was the best man and I was the maid of honour. We are different in almost every way. He is tall, strong and muscular, while I am short and petite. He has brown eyes and dark hair, while I have blue eyes and blonde hair. He is calm, confident and reassuring, while I am quite shy and often over-emotional. He’s a doctor, while I’m a microbiologist. Okay, yes, you may think that a couple with so many differences could never work, but we just do. We clicked immediately.

He’s a GP, but specialises in gynaecology. I hadn’t visited a gynaecologist since I was at university, over 5 years ago, and I decided it was necessary to get a check up. I discussed it with him and we decided that he would examine me but that we wouldn’t reveal to anyone at his practice that we’re married, as there’s a rule against treating family members and partners. We thought it should be relatively easy to keep it secret as I kept my maiden name rather than changing my surname to his when we got married.

On the day of the appointment, I arrived at the practice and sat in the waiting room. I was soon called through to an exam room by a nurse who handed me a pink, crinkly gown and a small cup. She asked me to go into the adjoining bathroom and remove all my clothes, put on the gown and urinate into the cup. I did so, then returned to the exam room and sat on the examination table, waiting for my husband to enter. The exam table was the same kind of plastic-coated foam as a dentists chair, Ataşehir Escort with a covering of sterile paper and held a pair of menacing looking stirrups on the end. It felt cold on my ass as I sat there. The whole room felt cold and I blushed as I felt my nipples harden.

He knocked quickly before opening the door.

“Hello Mrs Harrison. I’m Doctor Williams. It’s lovely to meet you. I’ll be conducting your exam today,” he said sweetly.

“Hi Doctor Williams. Nice to meet you too. Sarah is fine, by the way,” I replied. He pulled the swivel chair from under the desk next to the examination table and I began to lie down.

“No it’s okay, not yet. You can lie down if it’s comfier for you than sitting, but I’d like to ask you a few questions first,” he said. He then proceeded to ask me questions that he already knew the answers to, including whether I was sexually active or not, if it was protected or unprotected sex, what method of protection and/or birth control I was using, if I’d ever visited a gynaecologist before, if I had any family history of breast cancer or other feminine cancers such as cervical, ovarian or uterine cancer. While doing this, his dreamy, brown eyes met mine and I was mesmerised like a giddy schoolgirl.

“Okay Sarah, what I’d like to do today, since it’s been so long since your last visit, is a breast exam, a pelvic exam with a Pap smear and a rectal exam. The uterine sample you gave will be used to test for urinary tract infections. Do you have any questions, issues or objections with that?” he asked finally. I shook my head. He asked me to remove my gown and slide up to the top of the exam table where it was still upright, allowing me to stretch my legs out fully, without reaching the stirrups, while still sitting up.

“I’m just going to press lightly on each of your breasts, one at a time. I’ll need to do so with you both sitting up and lying down in order to check properly for any problems. Okay?” he said, “Just try to stay as relaxed as possible for me. Keep taking deep breaths,” There it was again. That calm, soothing voice. I closed my eyes as he worked. He started on the outsides of my breasts, pressing in circles and moving in towards my nipples. Each time, he pinched them gently and I felt them start to go even harder. Anadolu Yakası Escort I thought about him nibbling on them, with his dick inside me, as he had done the night previous. The thought made me horny and I could feel my pussy getting wet. I tried to stop the thoughts and stop the feeling and stop the very obvious reaction from my pussy, but I couldn’t. I held myself back from moaning as I knew the nurse was staring at me.

“Everything seems in order,” he said as he walked over to the sink and snapped on a pair of rubber gloves. “Can you slide down to the bottom of the table and place your legs in the stirrups, please?” he asked. I did as he asked. He explained the process of the pelvic exam and slid a gloved finger between my pussy lips, applying a little extra pressure as his finger touched my clit. My pussy was now dripping wet with my juices; this was evident by the sheen of liquid on his glove as he removed his finger. I tried to stop them flowing by clenching my muscles.

The nurse handed him the lube and he laughed lightly, “That won’t be necessary, Amelia. As you can see, the patient has more than a sufficient amount of natural lubricant.” My face went crimson. Not because I thought our cover was blown, but because it was so humiliating to have the nurse think that I, a married woman, was so turned on by him, a married man, my doctor no less. Before I new it, he had slid two of his gloved fingers inside my pussy and was pressing on its walls, his other hand pressing on my abdomen. By this point, I was so turned on, I needed to moan. No, forget that! I needed to orgasm! I was on the edge and one slight thing was going to send me over the edge. He was well aware of this.

“Amelia, can you pass me the speculum please?” he asked his nurse. She handed it to him and a look of confusion passed over his face. “No, no, no, that’s going to be far too small! Where are the rest of them? I requested a medium Graves!” he accused.

“I’m sorry Doctor Williams. Doctor Hammond had a patient earlier that she needed it for. It’s probably still in her exam room,” she stuttered nervously.

“Well can you go and get one please. She can’t take any bigger and I won’t be able to get the right exposure with one any smaller. Can you make sure it’s warmed too, Kartal Escort please,” he replied.

“Yes Doctor, of course,” she said, leaving the room, leaving my husband and I alone.

As soon as she was out of the room, he stood up, walked to the head of the table and kissed me passionately, his tongue circling mine. I could see the bulge and slight wet patch in his scrubs and knew he was as turned on by all of this as I was. Sitting back down in his chair, he placed his lips between my pussy lips and sucked up my juices and sucked on my clit before licking rapidly, lapping up the cum that I had just released. I moaned gently. Then he replaced the two gloved fingers in my pussy and slid them in and out at a great speed, immediately adding a third finger. He placed his hand over my mouth as I screamed in orgasm, to avoid us being heard. Cum shot from my pussy, strings of it covering his fingers and more hitting the paper covering the exam table. After finishing, he wiped his fingers, the paper and the outside of my pussy as best as he could, quickly before the nurse returned. She handed him the speculum.

“I’m going to insert the speculum into your vagina. Try not to tense your muscles or it’ll make it more difficult for both of us. It might feel slightly strange but it shouldn’t hurt. If it does or you have any concerns let me know,” he told me. He inserted it and opened it. He checked with me if it was okay and when I nodded he told me he was going to do the Pap smear.

“Again, if you feel anything more than a little pressure, let me know,” he continued. He was right, just a little pressure. I wasn’t sure whether it really was just a little pressure or whether I was just hypnotised by the deep brown of his eyes constantly meeting mine.

“Good girl! Well done! You’re doing really well Sarah! I’m going to do a rectal exam now. Just stay lying like that. I’m going to insert two fingers into your rectum in the same way I did with your vagina, and then press on your abdomen again,” he explained. We exchanged a look. We both knew that my rectum was extremely sensitive. I could cum almost instantly with anal sex. When he inserted his fingers, my pussy started to drip with juices again. It was mortifying and all he did was grin!

“Hmmmmm…” he said mischievously, “I think you need an enema. I don’t have time to do one today, but I’ve finished your exam now. You may return to the bathroom to redress and then make an appointment for an enema with me, later this week if possible, before you leave.”

My husband clearly enjoyed embarrassing me.

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