My Housekeeper


I have never done this sort of thing before but I needed a little extra spending cash so I looked into housecleaning. I love being naked so it was a natural jump to go for the nude housecleaning. I placed an ad on good old, trusty Craigslist that I was looking for new clients for nude housecleaning. I got many responses, but only one who seemed genuine, Billy who said he was in a wheelchair and needed someone to clean house for him. I was a little hesitant because of all the crap emails I had gotten but something about Billy was different.

I met Billy at a local pub so I could ask questions and establish a comfort level. I figured since he was handicapped, I would be able to protect myself as I probably outweighed him by 100 pounds if he turned out to be a psycho. When we met, I couldn’t help but notice that he was short, less than 5 feet tall and he had skinny deformed legs. He had a huge barrel shaped chest but had big strong capable hands and long fingers. At lunch, we hit it off remarkably well and made plans for me to come to his house the following week and clean.

When I got to his house, I realized that he didn’t really need me to clean. He lived a clean life and picked up after himself. I realized that the “need” for a housecleaner was a guise so he could see me naked. I am an exhibitionist so I had no problems getting naked for him. We chatted the whole time about sex, positions, likes, dislikes; all those yummy naughty details that people don’t normally talk about.

When I first met Billy, I was not sexually attracted to him but after the two hours of talking with him, I found myself oddly attracted to him. He was a naughty talker. He liked using words like cock, clit, pussy, and tits. But he was oddly sweet and kind. He really enjoyed watching me and I could see that I was turning him on. Throughout the evening, as I was bent over cleaning the floors or the cabinets, I would peak at Billy and see him glancing at my body. I could tell he loved the way I was completely comfortable in my own skin in front of him. I am not self-conscious at all and just enjoy being naked and free. He is a voyeur who enjoys watching people.

I made it clear that he was welcome to jerk his cock while I cleaned for him but he said he would do it later based off the memory of what I looked like cleaning and showing off my body to him. I could see his eyes dilate when my tits would swing back and forth as I was scrubbing his floors or tile. When I dusted, I would stretch up on my tip toes and bend over more than normal to give him the best view of my ass, taksim eskort pussy, and tits.

Towards the end of the night Billy asked me if he could take some pictures of me to enjoy later on while he was alone.

I said, “Sure, I don’t mind at all.” Even though I was a little disappointed.

Our conversation for two hours was about hot sweaty sex and I was horny as hell and wet. I wanted to end the evening with more than taking pictures!! We went into the spare bedroom that I had gotten undressed in. He asked me if I would put my clothes back on and take them off so he could get that portion as well. So I put my tank top and shorts back on. At this point, he turned on some music and I started dancing in the room for him, slowly bending over and allowing my tits to bounce in the confines of the top but allowing him to see. I walked over to his wheelchair and leaned down in front of him, giving him a little lap dance. Too close for pictures, but I was hoping I’d get something in return for this too.

I ran my hands up and down his legs, up his chest, and up through his hair. I teased his body with a veiled promise of a great time, if only he would take that chance.

I danced away from him and turned my back to him. I was moving to the music and leaned over to show him a really great view of my ass. Snap, snap. I turned around and began peeling my tank top off, pulling it slowly up my body so when my tits were freed, they would bounce for him. Snap, snap. Then I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off my hips, down my legs. As they neared the floor I took one foot out of them and turned around bending over to pick them up. A nice clear shot of my ass and pussy just for Billy. Snap, snap, snap.

At this point, I was so fucking horny, watching the fire come into Billy’s eyes that I needed some release. I climbed onto the bed like a slutty kitty, got on my hands and knees and spread open for him. He was enjoying the view and taking pictures. Snap, snap. I put my head down on the bed with my ass in the air and put my hand between my legs. I was going to give him a really good show, much more than he thought I was going to give him. I heard him come closer to the bed so I scooted over to the edge of the bed as well. I rubbed my fingers along my pussy, spreading my lips and showing him just how wet I was. Because of our conversation about sex for two hours, I was dripping wet. I leaned my ass back and started playing with myself. Snap, snap. I rubbed my fingers inside my pussy and back out up to the clit. Snap, snap. I really wanted eskort şişli him to touch me and I started moaning thinking of what it would feel like to have those fingers touch me, be inside of me. At this point, I felt a hesitant hand on my foot.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned.

I looked at him over my shoulder and said “please touch me.”

Billy set the camera down. He scooted to the edge of his wheelchair and ran his fingers up my legs, to my ass and swatted me a good one.

“You’re being a naughty little cunt tonight, aren’t you?” he said.

“Mmmmmm. Yes I am.” I said as the sting of the slap hit my senses.

Billy ran his other hand up my other leg to my ass and swatted me again.

“A matching pair for you!” he said and took a picture.

The whole time my fingers are plunging in and out of my pussy right in front of him. He can see my pussy juices running out of my pussy and onto my hand. He leaned in and licked my hand as I am finger fucking myself.

“You are too yummy! Can I have some more?” he said.

“Please eat your fill of me!” I said.

I moved my hand out of the way and he moved his hand and tongue in at the same moment. He ran his tongue from my asshole down, inside my pussy, and up towards my clit. He knew what he was doing with a pussy, let me tell you! He then told me to turn over for him. I flipped over on my back, scooted all the way to the edge of the bed and put my feet on his wheelchair. If he was going to eat my pussy, I was going to make it very comfortable for him. Billy tortured me with his tongue for an hour. Running his tongue from my clit, to my pussy, and to my ass. He started circling my clit, biting it, flicking it, and sucking on it. At the same time, one hand came up to play with my tits and the other hand with those beautifully long fingers slipped inside my pussy and I just about jumped off the bed.

The feel of his fingers inside my pussy, rubbing on my g-spot, his soft silky tongue on my clit, and his left hand massaging, caressing, and kneading my tit was more than I had ever experienced before. He was a true master at eating pussy. The quilt on the bed was drenched with my pussy juices at the end when I finally begged him to stop, at least for a second so I could catch my breath. I had never cum so many times with oral before. I needed a rest.

But Billy was not done with me yet. He told me to move back on the bed and he would join me. Now I was a little hesitant because of his handicap. How will this work? I had a question in my eyes and he said, “Don’t beşiktaş eskort worry, I’ve done this before.” I got comfy on the bed and spread my legs for him. “Damn, I love when a slut opens for me.” He said.

“Full access for you in return for that pussy eating you just gave me!” I said.

Billy is in a wheelchair but he does have use of his legs. So he got up on the bed and I could see that he too had full use of his cock too! Man alive, that cock is huge and throbbing just for me! I lay back, touching my body, and watched as he slowly inched his cock into my pussy. So slowly that I thought I was going to die from waiting. I was so hot and wet from the oral play that he slid right in, at his own speed. By the time he was balls deep in me, I was almost about to cum again. He just sat there and waited for me to calm down.

Once I did, he started moving in and out of me. Fucking me with more enthusiasm than most of the guys I’d been with up to that point. I lifted my legs up and he fucked me good and hard. His cock ramming into my pussy with his balls slapping against my ass, was heaven. He also had his hands all over my tits. He slapped them to make them bounce. Rubbed and pinched my nipples as he was ramming into my pussy. Timing it just right that the instant his cock hit my g-spot, he would sharply pinch my nipples, making the feeling on my g-spot even more intense.

He told me flip over again. He was ready to cum and since I had lost count of how many times I had cum, I simply did what he said.

When I flipped over, he said, “Just raise your ass up about 4 inches so I can slip inside you. I love this position the most! I want to cum deep inside you.”

This position is fairly easy for me too, because I am shorter than most women. He grabbed a hold of my hips and fucked me hard. His cock moving inside my hot, wet, swollen pussy hitting my g-spot. In no time at all, we were both cumming. My pussy wrapped around his cock and milked him until he was dry.

We both collapsed on the bed and lay there touching and caressing each other. He continued to finger fuck me feeling our cum mix and slide out of my pussy. “You are a nasty slut aren’t you?” He said.

All I could say was, “Please again.”

He had me coming again from his fingers and at the moment I came, he bent over and sucked my clit into his mouth, ever so slightly biting it and causing pain to shoot through me and doubling the pleasure of my orgasm. I was crying it felt so good.

All too soon it was time for me to leave. He stayed on the bed and took more pictures of me dressing. I dressed slowly and came back to him several times before I was dressed so we could touch each other.

“I hope you were pleased with my services.” I said.

“Oh definitely! We will have to do this again soon.”

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