My Hospital Stay: Wednesday

Big Dick

Stephen’s mind was still buzzing after Nina helping him shower yesterday. He’d been thinking about it all day and it still put butterflies in his stomach. But as much as he was thinking about it; even yesterday couldn’t match what had happened on Monday with Carol. As soon as he got a really vivid picture of Carol in his head she appeared in the flesh.Every time she had passed by the entrance to the room, she had waved at him and smiled. Her mouth even said ‘hello’ but there was no breath behind it to make even the slightest noise. Carol’s smile was as genuine as it always was. There was not even the smallest trace of mischief in it that might have alerted her colleagues to what had happened.With all the Nurses around, doing all their little things, it was surprising that Carol and Nina were the only ones knew what had actually gone on. Stephen kept looking at the faces of the nurses, trying to figure out if they were in on things or not. He looked for the slightest smirk or the cheeky wink of an eye; but there was nothing.The more he thought about things, the more he realised that what they had done was probably grounds for at the very least suspension. It probably wasn’t a good idea to gossip about it in case it got back to management. He certainly wasn’t going to complain.It had been another depressingly glorious day outside. Depressing because he couldn’t enjoy the warmth of the sun or smell the clear blue skies. It was almost 11 PM and well past the average patient’s bedtime. The daytime hustle and bustle had now been replaced by the sneaking footsteps of the much smaller nightshift staff.Stephen thought he’d heard delicate footsteps coming into the room… but nothing more came of them. Even though he was the only patient in the room, the curtains had still been drawn around his bed for his privacy.Even though it was late, he just couldn’t sleep. With the fingers of his uninjured hand, he pried open his laptop once more. The hardest thing was trying open it all the way up without ripping half the keys out or knocking it off the table. With a little persistence, Stephen eventually succeeded.After turning it back on from standby the screens came back to life just as he’d left them. He had about half a dozen windows opened with an eclectic mix of subjects. A YouTube video of upcoming computer games, another with a music video, a movie review. By now he’d forgotten what two of them even were. Somewhere hidden in the middle of the windows was a site with some adult pictures.He’d touched himself a couple of times; but mostly he just liked scrolling through and clicking on the images just to look at them for a little while.”Can’t sleep?” Carol’s voice came softly.When Stephen looked up she was already standing there at istanbul travesti the side of the curtain. She’d appeared as if from nowhere.Stephen’s first response was to defensively pull the bed sheets up over himself a little. He then looked at his laptop and instantly realised that he still had the pornographic page up. Reaching up with his hand, he pushed the lid back down. For something so simple, his left hand was still so clumsy.After excising a few deep and nervous breaths he made eye contact with her and gave his reply. “I just don’t seem to feel tired.”Carol was still standing there smiling at him. She knew from his reaction that he was hiding something and couldn’t help her curiosity. Gracefully she stepped in beside him and pulled the tray trolley to an angle that she could work it. When lifted the lid back up the screen was still active and lit up the dark cubicle.Stephen realised to his embarrassment that he hadn’t closed the lid far enough for it to go back onto standby. He felt powerless to stop her from looking at it.Delicately she stroked the scroll pad to look at his screens and satisfy her inquisitiveness. Page by page discovered what he’d been looking at. Even in the low light she couldn’t help but see his erection making a tent underneath his sheets. Ironically it was his attempts to hide it that had so obviously drawn her attention to it. She stared at his bulge for a moment before directing her attention back to the laptop.With the scroll pad, she looked through his screens one by one. The first three screens where just normal boy stuff and she could read the headers of the last two which would appear to be more of the same. Just from the titles alone, she could see that the two that sat in the middle were a little more interesting.Carol clicked on the first one and it showed a series of pictures of an adult model. The images began with her standing by a sofa in a figure hugging dress. As she scrolled down the page and the story progressed the woman gradually stripped off naked and ended up masturbating with a glass dildo. Carol savoured the images for a moment before clicking to the next window on Stephen’s screen.Stephen stared sheepishly up at her… but Carol placed all her attention onto the screen.The next screen was a video of a sex scene that had been paused half way through. Carol delicately stroked the pad and tapped it to resume the clip. It continued to play with the sound muted. It took only the slightest movement of her nimble fingers to turn the sound up just enough that people in the corridor wouldn’t be able to hear what it was; only they could.She moved the position of the tray table back towards Stephen and moved nearer to the top of the bed. With an outstretched arm and travesti istanbul slowly leant right over the top of him, gripping tightly to the head of the bed to support herself.Stephen looked up at the mounds of her breasts that were inches from his face. For a few moments, he tuned out of anything else that was happening and stared up at her bust. As she moved her grip to make herself more comfortable her breasts giggled a little; even from within her snug fitting uniform. Stephen could almost feel their warmth pulsing against his forehead like a midday sun.He lay they almost paralysed by the situation and breathed slowly and deeply. Stephen couldn’t see all of her face past the curve of her ample breasts. But he could see that she was still giving all her attention to what was on his laptop and he could see from the height of her cheekbones that she had a huge smile on her face. As his brain began to reset itself he was finding it harder to ignore the video. The sound acted to draw his attention slowly back to it.The video was about halfway through and showed a younger man fucking a mature woman. They pair of them were entwined on the huge couch, they young man laying under the woman and thrusting furiously into her.Carol watched for a few moments as the woman guided the man’s cock back into her pussy after it had accidentally slipped out.Whether consciously or subconsciously; Stephen worked his body away from Carol so that he had almost pinned himself up against the far side of the bed.Carol watched him in the corner of her eye. Even though she knew enough from his body language that he hadn’t meant to; Stephen had made enough space for her lay next to him. She gracefully stood up before sitting down on the bed next to him. With one easy move, she rolled onto her back beside him and lifted her legs into the bed.Stephen’s heart was thumping slowly, but firmly. Their shoulders could only just fit on the bed side by side. Carol wriggled her feet a little to work her shoes off over her heels until they popped right off. Before getting fully comfortable she reached out to the laptop and restarted the video clip.It began with the woman sitting on the large couch by herself. She was dressed in a tight skirt that barely came down to the knee and an even tighter buttoned blouse. The woman was unnaturally busty and clearly had significant breast implants.As she sat with her feet up on the couch painting her toenails, a knock came to the door and she yelled out for the noise to come in. The young man who was clearly about twenty-five in real life was obviously trying to play someone that was eighteen because of the way he was dressed.The young man asked to see someone and the woman explained he wasn’t home. She then beckoned istanbul travestileri him to sit down beside her and chat a little while.While Stephen’s attention was on Carol, Carol kept her focus on the video. She had watched a little porn back and forth over the years but it was far from part of her daily routine. This type of fantasy would be fairly typical for a young man; a friend’s mom, your mom’s friend. Or the slightly more forbidden note of a sexy stepmother. Even if they had no intention of doing something like that in real life it was a common fantasy role-play.Carol began to enjoy the slow and gentle beginnings, it heightened the erotic tension in the air. Building it up to where it was near to overflow. Her own breath quickened and she too had to deepen her breaths to try and control them. It was obvious to Stephen that it was more than mere curiosity that was keeping Carol’s attention… she was actively getting turned on by it.As the story on the screen continued, the woman began to seduce the reluctant young man by first exposing her massive breasts and then having him take off her blouse for her. The cups of the woman’s bra were huge, but even they could barely contain her large and firm breasts. She flicked her dark hair back to expose her breasts even more. The young man played with them and even began to kiss them. The woman forcefully pulled his head in between them before guiding him to her nipples which he latched onto enthusiastically.With the corner of his eye, he watched Carol’s hand move towards her groin and make small rubbing motions against her pussy. At first, he wasn’t sure if she had got so turned on that she had got uncomfortable or if she was actually trying to stimulate herself.By now the woman on the screen had stripped off the young man’s T-shirt for him and was now working on removing his jeans. She pulled them down to his ankles and he trod back and forth to slip them off his feet. The woman was on her knee’s in front of him and was admiring the bulge of his cock inside his boxer shorts. She wrapped it up in the material of his shorts and even bit into the cotton with her teeth.Carol’s breath quickened again. Then after several swift gulps of air, her breathing suddenly stopped. She held that deep breath for a few heartbeats before giving a slow exhale. Whatever part of her brain was churning something over it had led her to her conclusion.She looked down at Stephen’s cock that was still making a tent beneath his bed sheets. His cock was every bit as big as the one on the screen. Carol’s hand then began to work it’s way over her thigh before making the small leap onto his hip. Stephen’s cock was now almost within her grasp.In the few moments that they had become distracted, the two people on the video were now both standing up together. The man was now totally naked and his cock was standing to attention. The woman had already removed her skirt and was about to take off her bra and release her bountiful breasts.

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