My Hobby Pt. 02: Sally


Not long after my conquest of Louise I had an interesting encounter with a girlfriend. After I had gotten with Louise I was frustrated at work pretty much every day and had compensated by hitting the gym hard. I started to notice that when I was there this girl (she must have been like 24/25) was usually there at the same time as me. Initially I just enjoyed looking at her working out as she usually wore those tight black work-out leggings and a nice tight crop top showing of her flat stomach. She was there most days so she was obvious a bit of a work-out bunny. I wondered if I had just missed her before or if she was new.

Anyway didn’t think much of it until one day she took the treadmill next to mine, she was powering her way through a hell of a run and I was enjoying a few glances sideways at her body which was looking great with a nice sheen of sweat on it. With her hair in a ponytail she was a hot sweaty gorgeous sight. I finished my run which gave me a chance to grab some water and watch her run. She had a great body not my usual type she was really skinny, not in an anorexic way, she was definitely towards the lower end of her ideal weight and man she looked good on it. She was probably naturally slender but as I watched her run I couldn’t help but imagine pulling back on her honey blond hair and kissing the sweat off her neck as my other hand roamed over her body. Her legs would feel so bony wrapped round me and her tight little butt suggested she would be tight as fuck.

Had to snap myself out of it, suddenly realised I was just standing there watching her, I’m such a pervert sometimes. Anyway I finished my work-out and left and apart from thinking about her later while jerking off I didn’t really think anything of it. That’s just what it’s like to be a guy right? hot girls everywhere and sometimes the mind just takes off on a flight of fancy.

As it happens I saw her so often in the gym over the next few weeks that we started to smile and gradually say hit to each other and occasionally occupying the equipment next to each other. It wasn’t until one night I was in the Sauna and she came in wearing a bikini that made it almost impossible to not stare at her that we actually spoke.

“Oh hi,” she said. “I just started to use the Sauna everyone says its so good for you after a work-out.”

“Yeah it sure is,” I just about managed to say without sounding like a tongue tied school boy. “Really eases out the muscles.”

As she stretched out opposite me I got a great look at her gorgeous legs and well pretty much every other part of her body, with so little on I could see that while she was skinny she definitely wasn’t too skinny just a very slender young lady. I could feel my cock responding to the amount of skin on show and where my thoughts were going. We didn’t really chat too much just sat and enjoyed the heat and relaxed.

“Right I need to cool down,” I said “Plunge pool time for me”

She laughed and said “Enjoy, I think I’ll take a bit more heat first.”

“No worries, see you tomorrow,” I said as I left.

“Yeah see you then,” she confirmed my suspicion that she was going to be in the gym most nights. Damn that was all the motivation I needed.

I noticed over the next few sessions now that we had spoken the hellos were a bit more genuine, more smiles as our gazes caught from time to time and we were on equipment next to each other a lot more.

I was grabbing a water as I had just finished on the bike when she came over to get a drink, towelling down the sweat on her neck after a good session on the stepper (I hate that machine). “You heading to the sauna?” she asked me.

“Sure am,” I replied “I really need it after that mountain climb session on the bike.”

She laughed and moved away saying “Well I guess I’ll see you in there.”

I doubt I’ve changed so fast. Sliding open the door to the sauna I saw she was indeed stretched out and already enjoying the heat lying on a towel.

“Hi there,” I said taking up a spot opposite here, there were a couple of other people in the sauna so beyond her answered hello there was little conversation. Good thing about sauna is that few people spend too long in it so it wasn’t long ’til we were alone.

“Thought they would never leave,” she suddenly said.

Laughing I replied “yeah, I was beginning to think they were here for the night.” I leaned forward towards her and reached out my hand “By the way my names Rob.”

“Oh yeah, cool,” she said sitting up and shaking my hand “I’m Sally, nice to meet you Rob.”

We exchanged a few of the regular pleasantries and then both lapsed into silence until she got down and said “right, gotta go cool down, see you tomorrow?”

“Hey,” I said, “fancy getting a juice at the bar after a shower?”

I saw her brief hesitation before she said “Yeah sure see you up there.”

I had ordered a juice and selected a nice corner seat when Sally arrived, she waved in my direction and I noticed her genuinely warm smile. As she approached Trabzon Escort I could hardly keep my eyes off her she had changed into an Adidas crop top with the Adidas logo nestled perfectly between her small perky breasts and a pretty standard pair of legging with a sort of puffer vest on top, she looked hot as hell.

“So,” she said sitting down “you invite lots of girls for a juice after the sauna?”

I could tell by her smile that she was having a laugh but I detected a hint of tension behind the question.

“If by lots you mean just you then yeah,” I replied.

She had a pretty amused smile on her face as she considered my response. “Ha well yeah, as long as it’s just me lots then that’s OK I guess.”

“We’ll see,” I replied!

“So what do you do for a living?” I asked her.

She sort of shrugged and answered “I work in PR, so that means I have to go into an office with a bunch of girls trying to outdo each other in the fashion stakes, the skinny stakes and the who can get the best client stakes. It’s kind of competitive,” she said.

“Sounds terrible,” I replied.

“Yeah it sort of is,” she laughed.

I decided I quite liked her laugh and the way she sort of looked at me through her hair as she sucked her juice through a straw. OK I decided I need to know.

“Do you have a boyfriend Sally?” I tried to ask casually.

She sat back and looked at me quite directly before answering “I do Rob, we’ve been together about 2 years, he doesn’t do the gym so you’ll never see him here.” “What about you?”

“Ahhhhh it’s complicated,” I replied she smiled at that “strictly speaking I’m a free man but I did make work more complicated than it should be if you know what I mean?”

“Screwed the boss didn’t you?” she replied.

What could I do other than mock bow in her direction and say “yeah, yeah I did, she’s married as well.”

She threw her head back and laughed at that “naughty boy, you best not get any ideas about me, I’m a good girl,” she said.

Something about the way she said it and the look in her eyes told me this was unlikely to be the case. But game on she is in a relationship I wonder if I will get the same charge and excitement seducing her, probably not but still if I can fuck her it will still be all the sweeter because she is cheating.

At home that night all I could think of was fucking Sally hard, pulling her ponytail back as I took her doggy style and watching her little butt shaking as I ploughed her hard. I’m sure my neighbours heard me cum after having those thoughts.

I didn’t really have a plan for seducing this girl yet I needed to know her a bit better. So off to the gym I go!

Getting to the gym I was disappointed not to see Sally and was almost finished my regular workout when she came in. “Stuck at work?” I asked her.

“Yeah had to come direct as well which means I have heels and a dress stuffed in my locker. Probably have to iron later.”

I almost forgot to answer wondering if she wore tights or stockings with her dress and imagining her legs in high heels.

“Sure they wont be too bad,” I replied. “Enjoy your workout I’m heading for the sauna maybe catch you later?”

“Coffee?” she asked.

“Hey it’s Friday how about a drink?” I countered.

I figured she was going to say no at first but after a pause to think she said “yeah, yeah I’d like that.”

I looked at my training watch and said “45 minutes in the lobby and take it from there?”

“Sure, see you there. I best get working now,” she laughed as she said this and waved as I headed downstairs.

OK Rob OK calm down, take it easy it’s only a drink doesn’t mean a thing. Was what the small voice in the back of my head was telling me. My hardening dick on the other hand was telling me that he was far more positive that this meant he was getting out to play. I liked my dicks optimistic attitude better than that small voice in my head.

I got dressed and hoped that Sally wasn’t too smart that I looked scruffy next to her, but having seen PR girls in their work clothes before I realised this was probably a forlorn hope she was simply going to be stunning and I knew it.

As I waited I was imagining how good her legs would look in heels and stockings and when I turned around I had no need to imagine this any longer. I hadn’t considered bare legs as an option but it was quite mild. Her legs had a sheen to them following her workout and sauna they looked long, slender and silky smooth. I really wanted to touch them. Her dress was amazing a tight bodice showing off her nice slim body and then flaring out over her hips and falling mid-thigh. As she walked towards me her legs flashed from underneath the hem showing off their lovely shape and hinting at a whole lot more.

The thing is having seen her in workout gear I pretty much knew what her legs looked like, almost had their contours burned into my mind for the wank bank but still seeing those hints of thigh as she walked Escort Trabzon was so sexy.

“Hi,” she smiled at me. “Where we off to then?”

“Assume you’re localish got a favourite bar?” I asked.

Sally just shrugged at me and I laughed and said “alright then lets go to this place I know it’s not too far from here really if you can walk in those heels?”

She just laughed and punched my arm and said “high heels expert level here mate.”

“Alight then lets go.”

As we walked we chatted a bit and of course I was taking any opportunity to look at her. Like a typical guy I’ve gone on about how hot her body was but she really was very pretty with an oval face, big blue eyes and the way her mouth quirked up at the corner when she spoke just made her dimpled smile even more attractive when it broke out on her face. Oh man when she smiled her face really did come alive. I wonder what she looks like when she cums?

Getting to the bar it was busy but not overly packed but little chance of a seat.

“What can I get you?” I asked her and was not surprised at all when she ordered a white wine.

Grabbing myself a cool beer we moved into the crowd to find a place to chat. Taking a sip of my drink I was surprised by her first question.

“So tell me Rob, you fucked your boss, what exactly are your plans for me?”

I could hear her laughing as I spluttered into my beer, “errrr not sure what you mean,” I weakly replied.

“Oh come on Rob!” she exclaimed.

Taking a deep breath I leaned closer to her and replied “I want to fuck you as well, want to feel your body wrapped around mine and hear you moaning my name.”

“I knew it,” she said.

Shit I thought, shit she only asked me that to sucker me out of the I’m your friend line of seduction and I went and fell for it. Well at least she knew I wanted her now. Getting a bit more confident I replied.

“I’m sure you didn’t agree to come for a drink with another guy ’cause we’d just be friends,” I said with more than a hint of sarcasm at the end.

She shook her head laughing and I thought I’d blown it.

“No Rob I’m not some innocent little girl. Did you think I didn’t notice you mentally undressing me every week in the gym? Did you think that bikini was just what I planned to wear to the sauna?”

As she left the question hanging I could feel my cock throb to life reminding me that he knew there was a chance, mental note I should listen to my baser urges more often.

“So Sally,” I said “what’s your plan then it sounds like you actually have one?”

She took her time and took a drink of her wine flashing those baby blues at me over the rim of the glass. “I really don’t have a plan just thought I would cut the bullshit. As I just said I’m not an innocent little girl and I’m not single but as you pointed out I know we aint gonna be friends, well certainly not platonic anyway.”

“OK,” I laughed “a fair point well made”.

“So you want to fuck me Rob? You think I am so easy that a little drink in the bar will have me hanging on your every word and bouncing on your dick before the end of the night do you?”

“Errrrr have you seen yourself?” I replied. “Every guy in this bar has checked you out, even the ones that are with someone.”

“OH I know, I know how fuckin hot I am Rob. I work damn hard to be this fit and to not have the snooty bitches at work calling me a fat, ugly cow behind my back. But you see the thing is Rob I could walk up to that bar and flirt with any of these guys, take them home, fuck their tiny little brains out and have a great time but I don’t.”

I was really starting to like this girl now she was giving me a challenge and attitude and she did know that she could have anyone in the bar. I could hear the challenge, I’m taken Rob, I’m taken and I could fuck anyone in this bar, Rob, so what makes you so special!

“Glad to hear you don’t do that Sally,” I replied, as she arched an eyebrow at me I followed up with “because that would leave me standing here looking like a total prick.”

As she laughed at that she giggled “yeah you would as well.”

“at least we agree on that,” I laughed.

My mind was moving fast now, I had to have this girl I knew it and I was really horny now as well which is when you tend to make a mistake so I knew I had to take a step back, play it calm and not screw up I was pretty certain I was only getting this shot at getting her into the sack. Her challenge to me I felt had been pretty direct and I could feel that rush that I had with Louise come back and consume me.

The first drinks now pretty much done with Sally asked if I wanted the same again and went to the bar. This was good, this gave me thinking time. Given her boldness in challenging me, the sheer confidence of it I reckoned my only plan was to be just as bold. I’d already told her I wanted her. Already told her some of my desire I reckoned I had to lay it out there for her. Paint a picture for her and then Trabzon Escort Bayan see if she would choose to take part. If I could get her to sleep with me I knew this was gonna be a great conquest. I had assumed that she would be easier as she wasn’t married but that was just me being arrogant and naïve.

“Here you go,” she said as she returned from the bar. “Figured out how to get me in the sack then?” she said.

I took my drink, straightened up to my full 6 foot height her in the eye and simply said “yes, yes I have,” and took another long slug on my beer. I could see the impact my statement had on her, she looked just a little less sure of herself for a second and then her sardonic smile returned to her face as she simply replied

“oh yes?”

While she had been at the bar I had been thinking and something about the way she had approached this being so up front, highlighting how hot she was and mention yet again the vanity competition she had going on at work had made me think that maybe just maybe she was slightly sexually submissive, that she just wanted to be told what to do. It was a gamble and I was gonna start slowly but confidently but I had decided this was my play. If I was wrong if she liked to be dominant, then I was screwed here and not in the way I wanted to be. But here goes nothing I thought to myself.

Before I said anything, I reached out and grabbed her arm, I could feel her tense as I leaned down to her and said quietly but close to her face so that she could feel my breath on her skin. “Oh yes indeed.”

As a look of surprise went across her face I was pleased to notice my grip on her upper arm was not currently being challenged. Touch is such a powerful thing and this was a power play.

“What I think Sally, is that you know, you really know that you are hot as fuck, you know that everyone wants you. I reckon you get off on the power play at work of being the skinniest hottest PR maven and that sometimes when you fuck your boyfriend you are imagining him actually doing what you want him to.”

She had looked down into her drink as I spoke and when she looked up there was a flush to her cheek. “Oh and what do I want him to do then Rob?” she asked the challenge still remaining but I was sure I was onto the right path now.

I moved my hand off her arm and around her waist and pulled her towards me. With an “Oh,” forming on her lips I could tell I had surprised her.

“You get bored being on top of your boyfriend” I said “get bored of coming in from work after all the power plays and he doesn’t pin you up against a wall and fuck you hard. You spend all the time in the gym releasing that frustration,” I carried on “you’re here tonight because you need a man who will tell you what to do and who will take you hard.” I was almost panting into her ear now and I knew she could feel my cock swelling against her.

As she looked up at me “is that right?” she said

“You know it is,” I said pulling her hard against my erection “you are going to come home with me tonight and once I am finished telling you what to do and when to do it, I am going to spank you for being such a bad girl and doing everything I asked you to do.”

As I said this I lifted my hand and lightly spanked her through her dress. She jumped and melted into me more moulding herself against me more.

I carried on “I’m going to spank you for being such a bad girl and cheating on your boyfriend, then I am going to get you so hot with my tongue and my fingers that you will beg me to fuck you, beg me to let you cum. You are going to be a hot mess of wanting, lust and desire and I am going to be the one that finally lets you discover what you really want.”

OK might have gone too far she could know what she wants but a lot of people just don’t.

She put an arm against my chest and I thought she was going to push me away but she simply looked up into my eyes and said “OK.”

“OK?” I replied

“Yes,” she sighed, “yes make me do all those things you want me to do, all those thing I’d never do for anyone else.”

“Finish your drink then,” I replied “it’s time to head home.”

I took her hand and led her out of the bar, I had chosen somewhere closer to my pad but first I had an urgent need and a submissive girlfriend that I didn’t want the lust glaze to come off of, I needed to keep this moving. I knew just the place as we walked down the street I kept an arm around Sally’s waist keeping her body pressed against me, continuing the physical contact was crucial for the next minute until we got to the spot I had in my head. We were still a good 10 minutes from my place but I had a plan now.

I quickly turned down a side street and moved around the corner a bit where it wasn’t easy for anyone to see us. Sally was looking at me with an air of anticipation. I put my hands on her shoulders and as I applied a downward pressure said “get on your knees.”

As she sunk to her knees I quickly unzipped and got my cock out “suck it,” I commanded.

She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and for a moment I wasn’t sure if she was going to do what I needed her to do or suddenly refuse! A tension hung in the air with Sally in the gutter on her knees, my hands on her shoulder and my cock bobbing a few inches from her mouth.

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