My Future Wife Flashing Before Letting Me Have Her


My Future Wife Flashing Before Letting Me Have HerTogether, Carla and I found a townhouse in the city and decided totake the plunge and move in together. We’d been dating for a goodeight months. Unquestionably, there was massive sexual chemistrybetween us. But we continued to date and get to know one anotherbefore rushing foolishly into a living situation that may have killedour close physical bond. In time, we discovered that we had much incommon and we decided to go ahead and get a place together.Still, the move-in worried me, not because I feared that I wouldn’t beable to get along with Carla, but that we wouldn’t be able to affordthe place. After all, I was working only part-time, as a conveniencestore clerk and concentrating heavily on school. Thankfully, Carlaused her calming charm on me. She assured me that she would get apart-time job at the college or someplace else, to help out.From the start, it was very clear to me that Carla was going toabsolutely love the freedom of the new place. Why? Well, what wasthe first thing she did after the last moving box was piledhaphazardly atop a stack of similar bulk and the last lamp was leftleaning against the upside down end table and the last of our wearyfriends shuffled out the door and we closed it behind him? Carlapulled her tight halter off and kicked her pants down. She hardlyever wore underwear and she was already running around barefoot, sothat left her completely naked. She then threw herself on the rug andspread her legs and arms wide. I watched her light skinned bodywrithing on the carpet. Carla was a voluptuous five feet seven, withbeautiful, natural, thirty-six-inch breasts. If she carried just alittle too much on her buttocks, it only accentuated her sexuality tome. Lying on the rug, her slightly longer than shoulder-length redhair fanned around her face and made her look especially wanton anddevilish.”What are you doing?” I asked.”Making rug angels,” she said, fanning her legs and arms.Then she raised her arms and looked invitingly up at me and smiled. Iwas on her in an instant. Carla helped me pull my own shorts down,spit in her hand and worked palm and fingers over my member. She hadme hard and ready in seconds and then I was sliding into her wetnessand she was very turned on and I slammed into her with great force andit didn’t take her long to be bucking and riding the waves of apowerful cum beneath me. Then she got up on all fours and I drilledher from behind, slamming into her ass, her generous buttocks makingslapping sounds with each collision of my groin. I felt myselfgrowing close. Carla turned her head and laughed and winked at me,then slid away from my hard-on, turned around and placed her handsbehind her back, kneeling before me. “Wash my face with it, baby,”she rasped. And I did, the cum slapping her forehead, jetting ontothe tip of her nose, slashing across her left eye and pumping andtrailing into her mouth. Carla swallowed every drop, then used herfingers to rub the splashes all over her face. After, she licked eachof her fingers greedily and flashed me her guaranteed to make you meltsmile.”Well, that’s one way to christen a new place, right?” I said.She nodded, collapsing on the rug, spent.A moment later, I walked to the kitchen and returned with wine bottleand goblets in hand.”And here’s another.”Carla grabbed the wine bottle from me and took a long swig of theWhite Zin. “Fuck the glasses, baby.” She guzzled again and wiped hermouth with the back of her hand. “Yummy!”She took another long swig, then passed the bottle to me. I drankdeeply and we curled up on the rug for a while until Carla went to getour cigarettes. She smoked before we moved in together, but hercigarette and liquor intake increased dramatically once we moved intothe new place. I smoked about a half pack a day then. Carla, too,initially, but she quickly raised her nicotine habit to a pack a day,sometimes a little more. I tried to get her to cut back sometimes,but she told me not to worry about it. To be honest, I don’t thinkI’ve ever had a cigarette smoking fetish, but Carla’s attitude towardsmoking and her cigarette intake certainly made me enjoy watching awoman smoke. “They feed my oral fetish, baby,” she would say andgiggle between drags. “Besides, they’re kind of cute. They’re likelittle penises,” she used to say. “Imagine? Kissing one thislittle?” She licked the tip of the filter, winked at me and laughedthroatily. (Ironically, within the first month or so of moving in, Iquit smoking altogether, even as Carla raised her nicotine intake.)We considered going out for some fast-food that first night, but wewere both exhausted and Carla confessed that she didn’t want to putany clothes on (and for the next two whole days, she didn’t).Then, lying there on the carpet, Carla took a long drag from hercigarette, crushed the butt in an ashtray and I watched a lusty smileblossom across her face.”Uh-oh,” I said.She laughed. “Uh-oh is right! I have an idea.””And I want to hear it.”It wasn’t the most original thought in the world. It has certainlybeen done before. Maybe you’ve done it. If you like stories ofexposure, you’ve certainly read about it. But we were finallyunleashed, on our own and able to do as we wished in our own place. Therefore, we found Carla’s plan quite exciting.”Let’s call for a pizza and I’ll show myself off,” she said.I felt a surge rush through me. “Really? How much will you show thedelivery guy when he gets here?”She looked at me for a long moment then said softly, “As much as youwant me to.”I phoned for the pizza. Unlike other scenarios I’ve read about sincethen, where the woman answers the door in a towel and lets it drop andsuch, Carla wanted full exposure from the get-go. I thought she wouldchicken out when the moment of moments arrived.The doorbell rang.”I’m so fucking nervous,” she said, gripping my hands.”Well, remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”She nodded. “I want to do this.””You’re sure?”She nodded.The doorbell rang again.”Answer it, baby.”I did. The pizza guy stood holding a red box. He was a scrawny k**of maybe sixteen or s*******n, with thick glasses. I asked for theprice and he gave it to me and handed over the pizza. Then his eyeswent saucer-round behind his specs as he glanced over my shoulder. Ihalf-turned. There was Carla, lying stark naked on the couch, oneknee raised, the other leg resting on it, her pretty foot swingingaway.I knew what he was looking at, so I took my time retrieving the cashfrom my wallet. Finally, the transaction was over and there wasnothing left to do but end the moment. The guy tried hard to thank mefor the tip, but nothing came out of his mouth except a weird dryclicking sound. Then I shut the door, turned around and saw Carla oncomplete display, her bald pussy lips literally coated with a sheen.We burst into laughter shortly afterward, then Carla ran over andkissed me deeply. The pizza was forgotten for several very longminutes that turned into a little over a quarter of an hour.”How was it,” I asked.”The screwing or the showing off?” she replied and that made us laughagain.”Both.””Well,” she said softly, “honestly, the screw was as good as ever, butthe free show was fantastic! I can’t believe the high I felt fromdoing it.”I nodded. “Welcome to the wonderful world of exhibitionism. Ithought you’d like it.””Wrong. I love it. Yes, already. We’re going to do more of that,Tony. A lot more.”And we did.Carla took to wearing very little around the house. In fact, she wasstark naked at home most of the time. If she got home from class orthe store, the first thing she did was pull off her blouse or t-shirtand kick off her shorts. She never wore underwear. If she wasn’tgoing anywhere that day, she stayed nude all day and night. On manyoccasions she stayed nude for forty-eight and seventy-two-hourstretches. Carla called them her “nudie marathons.”My girlfriend was also often stark naked outside of the apartment,too. She spent many an afternoon in our back patio, soaking up sun onher nude body, sipping on a glass of wine or a cold wine cooler.One day I got home and found Carla totally naked and sitting at thekitchen table. A fresh bottle of Merlot was wedged tightly betweenher legs as she worked it with the corkscrew. The bottle that we’dleft half full the night before now stood empty by the sink. Isuspected that she had skipped school that day and started drinkingand having fun early. Before I could ask her what was up, the corkpopped on the bottle. Then Carla raced over, smashed herself againstme and rubbed her crotch sensuously against my leg. I tasted hersmoky alcohol-laced breath and we kissed until she started to giggle.”What?” I asked.She laughed some more, went to pour a fresh glass, drank deeply,hoisted herself on the kitchen counter, then spoke. “I’ve been badtoday, baby.”I went over and moved myself between her legs. “How bad?””BAD!”I moved my hand between her legs and slid my fingers through her slit.She was incredibly wet. Two fingers slid deep inside effortlessly.”Yes, do that,” she slurred. Çankaya Rus Escort “Give me more.””First tell me what you did,” I said.”No! Give me a cum first. Now!” I rubbed her clitoris and slid athird finger into her and pumped them in and out. It didn’t take longfor her to start bucking all over my hand and she slumped against myshoulders.When she calmed down, we moved to the living room. Carla lay on thecouch and I massaged her feet and calves as I heard her story.”When I got up, I thought it would be a good day to work on my tan,”she said. “My all-over tan. So I re-opened the bottle of Merlot westarted last night – it was after eleven, after all — and wentoutside and lay out. The sun started making me horny. And thirsty. I came back in for more wine. I didn’t mean to drink it all. Oneglass lead to another and then I heard people passing right outsidethe fence.”She began to rub her bald mound as she spoke. “I got hornier. Iheard them talking. I wondered if they could see me through the slatsin the fence, even though it’s hard to do. The thought alone made mereach up under myself -” Carla rolled onto her stomach on the couchand placed her hands underneath her mound. I watched her fingersglisten as they as she rubbed them all over the outside of her pussy,then several fingers disappeared into her slit. “Then it was like thenaughtiest thought just blossomed in my head. What if I cracked openthe back gate a bit, like we forgot to latch it right? I almost cameat the thought, but I held off.”I got up and moved to the gate and it was like I was watchingsomebody else’s hand bring the latch up. Then I lay back on thelounger and positioned myself so that my legs and ass were facingright towards the door. I lay back on my stomach.”The wind started to bang the door lightly onto the clasp, over andover. Suddenly, I heard voices again and I knew it was those two boys- you know, from three houses down – walking back from the pool.””Really?””Really.””But why weren’t they in school?””Who the fuck knows? I just suddenly got mega-turned on that I had anaudience! So I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I heardthe door bang several times and felt the wind gust over me and then Iheard the door creak and it didn’t slam back and I turned around and Ilooked over my shoulder and there they were – the boys – standingthere, both of them, just staring at me with their mouths open.”I slapped her right ass cheek. Carla laughed. “I can’t believe youdid that!” I said. “You’re going to get arrested!””Not for an accident,” she said. “And that’s what it was, baby. Anaccident. We just forgot to latch the back door, that’s all.””Yeah, right. What did you do next?””Well, I pretended to be all flustered and I rolled off my tummy andsat up and pretended to try to cover up with my arms, like this.” Shesat up and did a half-assed (literally) cover-up while sitting on theedge of the couch.”How did the boys take it?””One was laughing, the other actually looked as scared as I waspretending to be.””‘I’m sorry!'” he said. “‘The door – it flew open by itself! Wedidn’t mean to see you!'””‘That’s okay, honey,’ I said. ‘Could you shut it now?’ And he did. The poor things looked so innocent and turned on and scared all atonce!”Carla laid back and I dove into her. My lips kissed her nether lipsand she enjoyed my tongue delving deeply into her folds. I found herlove spot and probed. I toyed with her clit and made it swell. Thenext few minutes turned her gasps and moans to squeals of orgasmicpleasure.”Carla, I love you dearly, sweetie, but you have got to be careful!””I know, I know, baby.” She pouted, then smiled and kissed me on thelips. When she moved away, she cast a sly look my way. “But I lovethis so much, I don’t know if I can stop.”About two weeks later, we were spending a sunny Saturday basking bythe apartment’s swimming pool. This provided Carla with another wayto show off, although I was surprised that her hot-pink bathing suitwas surprisingly modest. I actually teased her about the suit andasked if she was losing interest in exhibitionism. Hardly, sheexplained. She just figured she was going to ease her way into moredaring public exposure.A few minutes before we were going to pack up and call it a day, ateenager arrived at the pool. He was a rather gangly dark-haired boywho liked to hang around by the pool. Occasionally, I’d noticed himwith a couple of friends, but he was alone this afternoon.The minute the boy dove into the pool, Carla winked at me and followedsuit. Uh-oh, I thought. Here comes trouble.But it wasn’t. At least not that afternoon. Instead, I noticed Carlatreading water and talking up a storm with the new arrival. A quarterhour later, they strolled wet and dripping toward my lawn chair.”Honey, this is Tommy,” Carla said.I shook the teen’s hand.”He’s visiting his uncle for a few weeks. New k** in town and nofriends. I told him he could hang around with us old folks forawhile.””You’re not old,” Tommy protested. “Neither one of you.”Carla hugged him quickly, then released him. “Why, thank you, sir. Flattery may just get you places, you know.”Tony blushed. It was a color I’d see often on his cheeks. In theweeks to come, Tommy took to hanging out at our place from time totime. Carla encouraged him to keep her company while I was gone. Theclothes she wore – or didn’t wear – around him probably helped. Moreoften than not, Carla wore swimwear around Tommy. Occasionally, she’dsport a tight-fitting and very thin halter-top that left her gorgeousstomach and belly button completely bare. Faded cut-off blue jeansaccentuated the white top. She left her legs and feet bare andbronzed.One night I got home from the late shift and found Carla sitting onthe couch. She was wearing my black Playboy T-shirt with the whitebunny logo emblazoned on her chest. The shirt came down to mid-thigh.Tommy was sitting on the opposite end of the couch. A can of DietCoke was at his arm’s reach on the coffee table. A half-filled glassof Merlot sat near Carla. Near the glass was an equally half-filledashtray full of butts. A cigarette was burning on its rim.”Hi, Baby!” she squealed, jumping off the couch and coming over to hugme. As she leaped, Tommy glanced her way and smiled. I knew he’djust gotten a glimpse of her underwear.I said hi to Tommy and returned Carla’s hug and kiss. “Go get comfyand come watch the flick,” she said.I said I would. “What are you guys watching?””Some cheesy horror flick on Home Booze Office,” she said. I watchedher eyes dancing. They looked wet and sparkly and I knew she’d beenhaving more than the glass of wine I saw on the coffee table. As Ipassed by the kitchen, I noticed the bottle on the counter and saw itwas two-thirds empty.I walked into the bedroom and climbed out of my jeans. Then I turnedaround and discovered that Carla had followed me. “You realize youjust gave our visitor one hell of a show, don’t’ you?””I’m bad, aren’t I?” She laughed. She took a deep drag of hercigarette and crushed the butt out on the tray on her nightstand.”No, just wanton and horny.””That’s for sure.” Carla blew a stream of smoke my way. “And theshow was more than you know.””What do you mean?”In answer, Carla gave me a smirk, climbed on the bed on all foursfacing away from me, then reached behind her and flipped up theT-shirt. I was shocked. She was wearing underwear, but it was amicro-thong. The silk hugged her crotch snugly, but a thin stringdisappeared between her ass cheeks only to reappear and dig deeply intothe tops of her buttocks.”Car-LA!”She laughed.”I’m genuinely shocked!””Oh, come on, baby. Tommy sees more on the fucking cable channels! And I am wearing underwear, after all. It’s sort of like a thongswimsuit — only skinnier.”Sure. If Carla wanted to say her panties were like a swimsuit, Iwasn’t going to argue. So I climbed on the bed, pulled down thefloss-string, then mounted Carla from behind. My erection quicklygrew steel-hard within her as I rammed into her. I looked down andsaw Carla’s face half-buried into a pillow. She clutched anotherpillow with her fingernails. Directly below me, I watched my slickpenis slide in and out, her buttocks jiggling and trembling with eachof my flesh blows. Carla’s hands disappeared underneath her stomachand pretty soon her fingers were manipulating her clit and driving hercloser to orgasm. Every few strokes, I felt her fingernails dartacross my balls and caress them. A minute or two later and Carlaburied her mouth deep into the pillow and I heard her muffled moans. I reached lower, grabbed her calves, then slid my hands down to herankles and buried myself hilt-deep in her and jetted my cum deepinside my vivacious and lusty and oh so daring girlfriend.We lay side by side in the semi-darkness.”We’d better get back to our guest,” I finally muttered.”Okay. In a second, but first -” She began to manipulate my spentmember. “I want to ask you a favor.”I turned to stare at her. “Don’t tell me you want to –“She quickly shook her head. “No, but I want to Keçiören Rus Escort show him.””My God, Carla, you’ve practically shown him everything you have!””Not everything. I want him to see me totally naked, baby, and I wantyou to help me do it. Please?”I was a bit reluctant. “He’s pretty — Um. Well, you know.””Tony, he’s probably seen a porno tape or two. You know how boys are.And he’s probably incredibly curious about girls. I know he’scurious about me. He’s been hanging out with me a lot lately.””And you’ve been giving him reasons to come back.”She laughed. “Maybe.” Then she began to fondle me and nibble my ear.”Please, babe?”I sighed. “Okay, what do you have in mind?”She flooded my face with kisses. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”Carla told me her plan. I went back and hung out with Tommy and toldhim Carla was going to take a nap, but that she wanted to be awakenedat nine for a TV show.”That’s about the time I should be getting home anyway,” Tommy said.A half hour later, at about three till nine, I nudged him and told himI was going to go get my books and stuff out of the car and asked himto wake Carla up.”Okay. I’ll go tell her it’s time to watch her movie, then I’mheading home. See you tomorrow, Tony.””Right. Take it easy.”I left the apartment and took a long and leisurely route to the car. I then got in and sat in it for a couple of minutes, thumbing througha textbook to give Carla more time to carry out her plan.When I returned, the place was dimly lit and empty. I called out andheard nothing, so I headed to the bedroom and stopped at the door.Carla was lying totally naked on the bed, legs splayed out. I watchedher toes curl, then open, curl tight again. One of her hands wasburied deep in her pussy. The fingers of the other were doing afrantic massage on her clit. I stood and admired her for a fullminute as she got closer to her orgasm, then I spoke.”You could’ve waited for me, Sexy.””No, I –” She paused and arched her back. I knew she was close. “– I — I couldn’t, lover. Not this time. I really, reallycouldn’t. Sorry! Maybe next – Oh my God!”Then she came violently. The cum slammed her back and forth and sherode it and rocked herself to a shattering orgasm that left herstretched and spent. She looked at me through half-closed eyes, thenweakly motioned for me to join her.My erection needed relief. I climbed atop her chest and sat on herbreasts and pushed it into her mouth.”Suck me,” I said.”No,” she said. “Fuck my mouth. Do whatever the fuck you want withme. You’ve earned it.”So I did. Carla made her mouth into a perfect O and I pushed myselfdeep into wet moistness and plunged deeply. She took a lot of me inher, then took more. When I came, she swallowed every drop, thenlicked my penis like a flesh lollipop.Afterward, we lay side by side, a candle lit on the bedside, and shetold me what happened.”I heard Tommy come in and call my name. I pretended to be deep insleep, lying on my stomach. I was one hundred percent naked. Then Irolled over and faced him and when I half-opened my eyes, he was juststanding there, staring, looking shocked.”‘I’m so sorry!’ He yelled. I just waved at him, pretended to yawn,then smiled. ‘Don’t worry about it, honey,’ I told him. ‘I alwayssleep naked. Did you need something?'”Carla laughed. “He tried to get his mouth to work. He was juststaring and standing there and I think — I’m not for sure, but I’mpretty sure I saw him begin to bulge down there in his crotch. Idon’t think he’s ever seen a woman naked before, baby, let alone aslut woman who shaves her pussy bald!””Carla, the things you call yourself sometimes.””But I am a fucking slut, Tony. I know it. I’m getting more and morea slut everyday. I wish you’d call me that sometimes.””Carla -“”It’s true. I’m a slut. But anyway, back to Tommy. He finallymumbled that it was just about nine and my movie was starting. Then Ipretended to be in a hurry to watch it. I stood up, stretched andsaid, `Okay, then, I guess I better hurry up and pee and get outthere.'”He started to leave, but I asked him about the movie we’d beenwatching earlier and how it ended. I walked into our bathroom and Icould just feel his eyes on my ass. He started to tell me about theend of the movie. He never walked into the bathroom as I sat andpeed, but I could tell he was close to the door. Then I walked backout and I pretended to have a hard time finding my g string again. Ifinally gave up and walked to my dresser and took out another T-shirtand put it on. He said he had to get going and I guess he did. Assoon as he left the room, I stripped again, flopped on the bed and –well, you know the rest because you came in and found me playing!”The Great Tommy Flash started a whole new chapter into the world ofexhibitionism for us.After Carla’s “accidental” nude display, Tommy started spending a lotmore time around our apartment. He became Carla’s “swimming buddy” asshe called him. Tommy became such a fixture that his uncle, a singleparent who lived on the apartment complex grounds several buildingsaway from us, worried that he was becoming a nuisance. Carla met himat the pool one day and told him not to worry, that Tommy was goodcompany and that he was helping her with some projects around thehouse. I was there that day and got to meet Tommy’s uncle, too. Iwatched Carla wink at Tommy surreptitiously when she mentioned theprojects. The only projects they got into at home were endless hoursof cable TV, plus the occasional Monopoly and Scrabble game. Ofcourse, Carla would be wearing next to nothing – a g string bikini,usually, or a T-shirt that didn’t quite keep everything concealed atall times.One night Carla and I went for a drive around town. She was wearing aT-shirt and shorts when we left (she left her sandals at home), butthese came off pretty quickly and soon I had a very naked and verybrazen girlfriend masturbating by my side as we cruised the mostlydeserted streets.We drove out of town to a porno shop to rent some flicks (our nuttycity refused to rent hardcore during those days) and Carla told me todare her to go in wearing just the T-shirt. Of course, I dared her -and she did it! The shirt barely covered her buns. Walking aroundinside the store, Carla stooped low to pick up various boxes on thelower shelves and gave me several full moon shots. Each time, shewould turn around with a lusty grin on her face and wink and giggle. The minute we made it back into the car, Carla brought herself to apowerful climax.Of all the women I’ve known, Carla has enjoyed porn the most. We usedto stop by about once a week and rent some flicks. Then she began tofrequent the store on her own two or three times a week. Many times Iwould get home and find my nude girlfriend masturbating freneticallyas she watched a porn film. “Just getting a head-start, baby!” sheused to say. “Don’t worry. You won’t get left out.” And I wasn’t.One afternoon I was heading out to work and Tommy showed up. Carlahad invited him for dinner and a movie that night. I went back intothe bedroom to tell Carla her young guest had arrived. Carla wassitting at her dresser putting on some makeup. She’d just finishedshowering and she was still completely naked. A lit cigarette dangledfrom her lips and she dragged on it deeply. Although it was late inthe day, she hadn’t gone to bed until half past four the night beforeand had slept until close to one.”I wish I could go out there like this,” Carla said.”Carla, don’t push it,” I said. “You’ll either scare him off or getus both into trouble or both.”She finally settled on a red Playboy T-shirt. When I asked her aboutunderwear, she shrugged. “Fuck it. This is long enough.”The T-shirt barely covered her crotch.As she walked out of the room and I followed, I watched slices ofCarla’s lower ass-cheeks appear and disappear with each step she took.Carla pretended she couldn’t find the remote for the TV and leaned wayover to change channels on the TV set.”See you guys later,” I called from the front door. Carla wavedgoodbye. The last I saw of her was her legs on full display as shebent way over to change channels. She kept her legs straight andpressed together, which made her hourglass figure look morecurvaceous. Then Carla bent lower and gave me – and her targetaudience, Tommy – a glimpse of a good third of her lower ass cheeks.That night I got a call at the convenience store. It was Carla. Shewas masturbating. She told me she’d been shameless around Tommy,until he had to leave. She’d gotten so hot over her constant”accidental shows” that she had made herself cum twice already. Shecame again while I was on the phone, trying to concentrate on baggingitems for customers, ringing them up and giving them the correctchange! Carla promised me a hot night when I got home, but when Iarrived, she begged off, telling me her poor pussy was too tired fromover two hours of constant rubbing and dildo screwing. She promisedto make it up to me the next day, and as usual, she woke up horny andshe did.One Saturday I was Etimesgut Rus Escort off and caught up enough on school work to spendmost of the afternoon lounging at the pool with Carla. Tommy joinedus after about an hour. Carla began to wear skimpier bikinis to theswimming pool, but never her g strings. Eventually, after we were allpretty toasted, we strolled back to our place for dinner. I fired upthe grill and Carla went in to change.When I finally made it inside the apartment, I received quite a shock.There was Carla, lounging on a wingback chair, with one leg d****dover one of the chair’s arms. She’d changed into a lime-greeng-string and a half-T-shirt that came about an inch and a half belowher breasts. I could tell she was topless underneath. What was mostshocking to me was the way she so brazenly chose to display herselfaround Tommy now. There was no pretense of a long T-shirt to coverup. Mind you, this was long before the days of the Wicked Weaselswimsuit. I can imagine that Carla would have bought every singlestyle of that company’s offerings if they had been around back then. But then, the g strings she wore back then were not exactly overlymodest. This particular green suit was of the tiny triangle in frontand dental floss in back variety. In fact, the string was completelyinvisible between her generous buttocks until a thin strand made anappearance up top. Throughout the evening, Carla strolled around theapartment with her ass on complete display and her half-shirt morethan hinting at what lay beneath it. In fact, I noticed her nippleswere erect most of the night.As the evening wore on, Carla drank one glass of Merlot after another.Some people say that alcohol inhibits the libido. Not so with me,and certainly not so with Carla. She was quite tipsy by the timeTommy announced that he had to be on his way. Carla had put on somemusic and was dancing by herself and making me (and without a doubt,Tommy) a very horny guy. Before Tommy could walk to the door, Carlaput down her glass and asked him for “just one dance, please.” Hecomplied. Carla held him close. She had just lit a fresh cigaretteand she kept it pinched between her lips or between two fingers, whichwere behind Tommy’s back. The boy seemed pretty embarrassed. Carlaeventually grabbed his hands and actually placed them on her buttocksand pushed his head onto her shoulder. I watched Tommy’s cheeks glowcrimson as Carla seductively swayed their bodies around slowly. Whenher face was facing my way, she smiled and winked at me.As soon as Tommy was out the door, Carla stripped off her half-shirtand g string. Stark naked and on all fours, she raised her ass in theair and shook it at me from side to side. She craned her neck andlooked back at me and gave me a leering drunken sneer of a smile. Istared at her beautiful round globes, raised for the offering. They’dgrown much fuller since I’d first met her, but she was all woman andher fleshy hips and round ass curves only heightened the fact. Frommy position by the front door, Carla was on full display.”Come and take me, baby,” Carla said. “I need it.”I came to her, grabbed two handfuls of buttocks and squeezed themtightly. Then I stooped lower, spread her big cheeks and kissed herpink rosebud. Carla giggled.”I should be spanking your ass, not kissing it,” I said. “You’regetting worse, my dear.””I know, I know, but I really can’t help it. Swear to God I can’t.””And you were right. You are a slut at times.””A big fucking slut, baby. Now fuck me, baby, pretty please! Fuckyour bad girl slut!”I did.Carla and I saved up enough to get away to a beach condo for theweekend. I was looking forward to watching my beautiful girlfriendshamelessly display herself in one of her many thong bikini bottoms. It was a topless beach and I knew that Carla would take everyopportunity to display her beauty. Little did I know that she hadexhibition plans of her own that would make my own projections ofthings to come seem pretty tame.”Baby, don’t be mad,” Carla said after a very satisfying lovemakingsession several days before our weekend outing.”Mad? About what?””I have something to ask you. A favor, okay?”I lay on my back and she slid her sweaty nude body across mine,rubbing her shaved and slick crotch against my thigh. I found it veryhard to refuse Carla anything when she got in this type ofaffectionate and sensuous mood. “Ask away.””I want to take Tommy to the beach with us.”Silence made the bedroom seemed darker and it swelled over us like ablanket. I sighed. I loved Carla’s erotic games, but I wonderedabout her fooling around with a teen like Tommy. “Carla, are you sureyou know what you’re doing?”She giggled. “Not really. All I know is that lately, I feel like Ihave to push things further and further to get really turned on and -“”I don’t turn you on anymore?”She placed open palms on my bare chest. “Don’t be silly, Baby! Ofcourse you do. But it’s like that rush that we’ve talked about. Remember when you first told me about baring yourself in front of yourmom? That drove me fuckin’ nuts! Then you started doing it in frontof her while I was there. I was totally turned on by that. But nowI’ve experienced being the one who does the showing first hand and Ilove it. Totally! I love to show myself. It’s just incredible. Only I need an audience all the time. A safe audience, but one that’salso kind a sorta taboo. That makes what I’m doing even more of athrill. You know about that, right? Remember what you used to do athome. That’s the way I feel with Tommy. Don’t worry, baby, we’ll havefun, too.” She slid her right hand down my chest and stomach andcupped my thick member and squeezed it. “Lots of fun. I promise. But I want – I need – this other thing, too. Please? You don’t mind,do you?””No, not really,” I sighed. “You know that you can do pretty muchwhatever kind of erotic play you want as long as I’m your only realpartner and you tell me what’s up. But Carla, dear, if it’s showingoff you want, you know you’re going to have plenty of opportunities todo just that at the beach over the weekend. Maybe even around thecondo complex.””I know, I know,” she said. I smiled at the whine in her voice. Shesounded so young, so girlie, so desperate. “But I was thinking justhow fucking cool it would be for me to have a live-in audience for twoor three solid days. And there’s that I’m-not-supposed-to part of thewhole Tommy thing, you know? That taboo thingy I was talking about.””Are you sure that’s all you’re looking for in Tommy? A fun showoffaudience?”Her eyes grew round. “Of course! What do you take me for, apervert?””Absolutely.””Good!” The exchange was corny but we still shared a laugh. Then Iasked her the question again. “Be honest with me, Carla. Be honestwith yourself.”She was silent for some time. Then she spoke in a soft voice. “Well–” Another long pause and I watched one of her pretty big toes digitself into the bed sheet. “Anything else would be extremely naughtyof me, right?””You better believe it.””Like wicked naughty?” She rubbed her pussy against my leg moreforcefully and I felt her slickness.”Like naughtier and more radical than you’ve ever been, my dear.””Then so be it,” she whispered.”What do you -“”Shut up and fuck me, Tony.” And then she pushed me back onto the bedand impaled herself on my hard phallus. Carla rode me with wildabandon. Her head hung backward and her hair shook from side to sideas she thrust herself up and down, riding the pony that I became forher, and I pushed up to meet her.Hot and sweaty, Carla looked down at me from within her dark tangledmane. “Can Tommy come?”I nodded.She smiled and brought her mouth down and sank her tongue through mylips and we Frenched. “Thank you, baby,” she whispered. “Now, forsaying yes, I have a surprise for you.”Carla rolled off me and sank her face onto her pillow and pushed herbeautiful round buttock mounds high into the air. One of her handsreached below and began a slow and steady massage of her clitoris andpussy lips. The other reached around and opened up her ass cheeks,exposing her perfectly round and very pink bud.”Kiss my ass, baby. Lick my sphincter. Get me good and loose and ifyou do, you can fuck me back there for the first time.”I didn’t have to be told twice, especially when Carla turned her facetoward me and behind that falling mass of brunette hair, I saw herwink at me and cast a smile-sneer my way.I grabbed her sweaty globes and spread them wider. Her rosebud wasinches away. Then I began a methodical rim job, swirling my tonguearound and around. Gradually, it softened its pucker somewhat and Iprobed it with the tip of my tongue. Carla increased herministrations. Both hands fluttered beneath me, dancing over herpussy and clit. My tongue sank deeper into her hole, then deeperstill, as I began an insistent in-and-out rhythm that sent me everdeeper into her most forbidden of entryways. Then I pulled back andspit saliva directly onto her now gaping asshole. With one hand, Ilubed up my penis; with the other, I steadied myself on her ass cheeksbefore pushing the head of my phallus into her gaping dark opening. Carla grunted below me. The head of my member disappeared into herasshole. I pushed deeper and Carla yelped. I asked her if she wantedto quit. Her answer: “Fuck no! Go deeper.” So I did. And deeperstill. Until soon, I was hilt deep in her backdoor. It wasn’t longbefore Carla exploded and began a wild bucking beneath me. This sentme over the edge too.

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