My First Blind Date Ch. 03

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Reading the previous chapters first will help understanding. Strong sexual content.


Sue awoke in the clinic recovery room. All was quiet and she called out softly to find out if anyone was there. A female voice immediately answered and asked if she was ok. Sue put her hand up to her eyes and felt the bandage and said she was fine. Her mind saw the blackest black she could ever remember. The nurse was by her bedside and took hold of her hand. Sue asked if she could have a few ice chips and the nurse gave her a spoon full. The nurse told her that it was one in the afternoon and that Sue should remain on her back, flat for another 30 min then she would be able to move around more. She said that after that time she would let me in to see her.

After the thirty minutes the nurse asked if Sue wanted the head of the bed up some and she said yes please. Sue also asked if she could put on her own gown as the ties on the back of the hospital gown were not comfortable. The nurse said wait one and she would get her gown. She came back to the bed and said put your hand out and here is your gown. As Sue reached out for the gown she came in contact with hooks on a prosthetic arm. She took hold of the gown and the hooks released it. She said to the nurse that she enjoyed feeling her hooks and the nurse replied that almost all of the employees in the clinic were some sort of amputee. Some even had more than one limb missing depending on the type of job they had to do. Sue remarked that that sounded wonderful. She asked how much of her arm was gone and the nurse said all of it at the shoulder. She said unfortunately she still had her left arm as it was needed to do nursing functions.

Sue changed into her gown and asked if I could come in now and the nurse said she would go get me and she thought April was there also and would it be ok if she came in. Sue said of course and the nurse left to get us. Sue had found the button on the bed that lowered it and by the time I wheeled over to her she could reach out and we could hug and kiss. April waited her turn and sat on the bed so Sue could give her a hug and kiss. Sue said she felt great, just a little groggy from the anesthesia and no pain. She again thanked me for helping her reach her dream. I told her it was definitely my pleasure seeing her so happy.

April asked me if Nurse Ann had shown me her arm and I said her hook for sure. April said she was sure she would show me the rest later. Ann said that we should go now as Sue needed to rest today and she needed to check her dressings. We both hugged and kissed again and left.

Ann said it was time for Sue to get up and try using the bathroom. She had Sue sit on the side of the bed for a few minutes to be sure she did not get dizzy. She then removed the IV needle that was in Sue’s arm as the fluid bag was empty. She had her stand by the bed a few seconds and when she said she was ok, Sue took hold of an elbow which turned out to be artificial and was guided to the bathroom. Ann noticed that the gown was very short and would not have to be removed as she directed Sue to the john. After she sat down she left Sue alone. In a little bit Ann heard the john flush and she went to the door. Sue came out with her hand extended and Ann gave her the prosthetic arm to guide her back to bed.

Sue asked if she could “look” at it and Ann said of course. Sue used both hands to explore and Ann explained all the functions as Sue found different things. April guided Sue’s hand down a piece of flat, 3 inch wide plastic that extended from the shoulder area on the arm to her right breast. The plastic was rounded and cut out and her breast extended through the hole. The object of this was to keep the arm and shoulder joint steady so it would not rotate. The plastic extended that way as a support.

Sue asked if she could feel her stump and Ann said great. She heard her take off her top and then she guided Sue’s hands to the straps and told her what needed to be undone to get the arm off. Sue did so and Ann told her to take hold of the upper arm and remove it. Sue did so and laid it on the bed. Ann moved her right side to the side of the bed and said for Sue to put her hand out. She did so and made contact with Ann’s body. She worked her hands up to the shoulder area and found where the arm had been removed from the shoulder. Sue found the socket and the rest of the area had been left intact. She lightly moved her fingers over the area several times and once she felt Ann shiver as she did so.

Sue asked if it would be ok if she moved her hand down lower and Ann said please do. Sue moved her fingers down and soon felt the side of her breast. She moved her fingers outward and followed the breast contour until she reached Ann’s nipple. This time Ann gave a much larger shiver and her nipple was very large and hard. Sue cupped and hefted the breast finding that there was no sag and it was a good size.

Ann turned so she was Pendik Escort facing Sue and Sue brought her other hand up to the other neglected breast. Ann said that Sue had the most sensual touch of anyone that had ever touched her. She also said she thought Sue had been practicing her blind “looking” touch for some time. Sue replied that she had. Ann said she understood the need to do something about those feelings. She backed away from Sue’s touch and then asked her to put her arm back on. Sue reversed the process and in a couple of minutes things were back to normal appearance although both women were very aroused.

Ann said she needed to check the dressing to be sure everything was ok. She unwrapped the bandage over Sue’s eye sockets that went around her head a couple of times. She then removed the 3X3 gauze pads that were over the eye lids. She examined the lids and surrounding area and told Sue there was no bruising at all, that Dr. Jack was such a great doctor. She then gently opened the lids and looked at the packing and found no sign of foreign fluid. She told Sue that and replaced the pads and bandage with fresh ones.

Sue asked if she could have something to eat and Ann said she would find something. Would Sue be ok by herself while she was gone? Sue said she would be fine so Ann left. When Sue heard the door close she let herself get a little excited about what had happened. She never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would be blind for real some day. She hoped the next few days would pass quickly and the whole process is over.

Ann got back, fixed the tray on the over bed table and told Sue how the food was arranged. Ann asked if she needed any help and Sue said she thought she would be ok. After eating Ann suggested Sue rest for a while as she thought Dr. Jack would be in later.

Sure enough he showed up about five pm and asked how Sue was doing. She said great and thanked him so much for his good care. Dr Jack said no problem and he needed to remove the Vaseline gauze from her sockets. He had her sit in a regular chair and he moved his wheelchair alongside the chair facing her. Sue heard him put some gloves on and he removed the bandage and 3X3 pads. He asked Ann for some pickups and found the end of the gauze and started removing it. Ann was holding a small basin just under the eye and told Sue it was there if case she moved her head and bumped into it.

There was a fair amount packed in the socket and at the end Dr. Jack looked at it good to see if any blood or other drainage was on it. Nothing was there. He did the same thing with the other side and again it was clean at the end. He shined a light into each socket and said to Sue that they both looked great.

He told her he did not feel like he needed to put anything back in there, was she ok with that. Sue said that was fine with her also, could he leave all of the dressings off. Dr. Jack did not think that would be a problem and he joked did Sue want a mirror to see how they looked. She almost bit but caught herself and laughed hard with him. She then reached him and gave him a big kiss.

Dr. Jack told her he was serious about what he was going to say next to her. He wanted her to stay quiet for the next 24 hours and try and stay stress free. He did not want her blood pressures up and she was not to have any orgasms. All three of them snickered about that but he said again he was serious. He did not want any pressure causing any problems with where the surgery had taken place. Sue said she understood and she would comply. They hugged and he asked if she needed anything else, she said no and he wheeled out. Ann put her hand on Sue’s shoulder and said she was sorry those were his orders but he meant what he said. Sue said she understood the reason and thanked Ann. Maybe if I am still here tomorrow…………..

Ann helped her back to bed and remarked that she had a very handsome boyfriend and how sexy he was in his wheelchair. Ann said she was also attracted to paraplegics. She also asked what had happened to him and Sue explained that polio was responsible. Ann said that was good as there was still sexual function then. Sue laughed and said yes he has plenty of theat.

Ann also asked Sue if she had really seen April before the surgery. Sue answered that she had and how beautiful she was without her arms and shoulders. She also told her that she had “looked” at her like she had done to her earlier before she actually saw her. Ann said that both Sue and April had been lucky to have been able to do that. Ann said she would like to be the very way April is someday…. if she found someone that could help her live without having to work.

Dinner came and Ann told Sue how things were arranged and watched while Sue ate. She thought to herself that she was really prepared for what she had chosen.

April and I came back that evening to visit and Ann said she was going to leave the room for a Kurtköy Escort while, she gave me a very stern look and said no sex! Sue and April laughed hard and Ann left. Sue then explained to me what Jack had told her she had to do. I said damn and let’s go April like we were going to leave. We all had a great time together. April said she knew quite a few of Jack’s patients but she liked us the best.

April went back out to the waiting room so Sue and I could have a few minutes alone. She could not resist saying NO SEX as I opened the door for her. I swatted her on the butt as she went through. Sue had shown us that the bandages were gone and as I came back over to the bed she asked me what I thought. I told her she had always been the sexiest woman I had ever known but that now she was perfect. Even without the glass eyes she looked fantastic. I told her that the sex ban was totally unfair.

She got out of bed and straddled me in my chair and said she agreed. I know she could feel my hard and she wiggled her pussy against me. We hugged and held each other until Ann came back in and when she cleared her throat we said ok and Sue got back in bed. I kissed her good night and said I hoped she was back home tomorrow. Sue asked me to send April back in so she could say good night. Ann was all smiles and gave me a hug with her prosthetic arm and saying good night on the way out.

When April came in they hugged and she said how sexy Sue looked tonight. April said seeing her with nothing to cover her eyes and knowing she was blind made her very Horney. Sue said yes, that was the problem. Would she do Sue a favor and please take care of me tonight. Sue could tell how hard and frustrated I had been. April said she would take care of the problem and said good night.

Ann told Sue she would be right outside the door doing charting and to call if she needed anything. Sue said she was tired and going to bed. She found her way to the bathroom and then got in bed. She could hear Ann outside the door and for the first time put her fingers up to her eye lids. They were sunken with nothing behind them but they felt exquisite to her touch. The best part was she could not see but there were no plastic cups or tape or anything over her eyes. Her pussy was very wet but she followed doctor’s orders and did not get herself off.

When April and I got home, Jack was home and sitting on the patio. We talked about Sue and how good she was doing. It was late and we all went to our rooms. I tried to read for a while and about 30 minutes later April knocked at my door (I could tell it was her as she just says knock, knock). I invited her in and she opened the door with her foot, came in and closed it. All she had on were very high heels. They pulled her calf muscles very tight. She smelled like sex. She said Jack and Sue had sent her to take care of me and here she was. I was lying naked on the bed and had not covered up. I laughed and she told me what Sue said to her earlier and she had told Jack and after she and Jack had sex, he sent me to you.

Sue got into bed with me and we kissed. I played with her big breasts which she loved for me to do. She soon worked her way down to the hard on I had developed and started sucking. With no arms or hands her mouth is her next best asset for bringing pleasure. After a few minutes she deep throated me and I lost it. She took every last drop. I asked her to move up and sit on my face. She did and Jack was still running out of her. I cleaned her up giving her a couple of good cums and we kissed and said good night. I thanked she and Jack for thinking about me.

The next day Sue awoke after sleeping all night. The night nurse had left her alone and only after Sue was awake did she make her presence known. She asked Sue how she was feeling and she said fine. She said her name was June and would be there until noon when Ann would be back in. Sue said she was glad to know her and asked if she was an amputee also. June said yes that she had no legs. They had been removed a short distance from her hips and she was also a paraplegic at T-5 which was a little high in her spine. It was totally severed and had been so since she was 10.

After she became an adult she felt her legs were just in the way and she could get along easier without them. She only worked at night when Dr. Jack needed someone to stay with a patient that was usually asleep most of the time. She was married and he was a devotee who took fantastic care of her.

Ann and April had told her that Sue liked to use her hands to “look” at stumps and she loved showing hers off so she would be glad to do so later. Sue said thanks she was “looking” forward to that. June asked if Sue would like to take a shower and she said you bet. She gave Sue a plastic shower cap and asked her to put that down over her eye sockets and not get any water in them. June said she would wash Sue’s hair at the sink after if she wanted. Ümraniye Escort It was very short so would not be hard to care for.

Sue took a nice long, hot shower, dried off and came out naked to get her hair washed. She stood with her legs slightly separated. June noticed her shaved pussy and thought what a beautiful, sexy women. June would love to eat her she thought to herself.

June had her sit in a chair and put her head under the water at the sink. She shampooed her hair and gave Sue a towel to dry it. Sue did so and ran her fingers through it and they were done. June asked if Sue wanted to “see” her stumps and of course Sue jumped at the chance. She always loved amputations and crippled legs. June moved her chair in front of Sue and was wearing a short skirt. Even then her stumps did not stick out. She undid the Velcro that held the waist band closed and opened the skirt. She told Sue to put her hand out and when she did she guided it down to her stump.

When Sue touched it June had no feeling of it and could only imagine what it felt like. Since she had been a complete para for the last 15 years she had never experienced sensual touch there, or in her pussy. Sue asked if she could feel and June confirmed she could not. She added that she had never felt a man’s cock or mouth in or on her. But she added that she and her husband had great sex other ways.

Sue used both hands and lifted the stump running her finger all around the end. She could feel the large femur bone at the end. There was only a skin flap covering it as June would never be able to use prosthetics to walk so no extra protection was needed. Sue could just barley feel any scar and never could feel any suture holes. The stump was very atrophied and flaccid with no muscle tone at all. Sue said out loud it was a very sexy thing to have in her hands. June put her hand on top of Sue’s and said thanks. June gave a hint with her hand for Sue to move higher and she did. She soon found the catheter that ran out of June’s urethra as she had no control over her bladder.

When Sue found no pubic hair she smiled and June said even though she had no feeling down there she kept it that way to make changing catheters more sanitary and her husband liked it that way. June said he loved to have intercourse with her and she enjoyed it very much also. Even though she could not feel him in her she enjoyed watching him doing it and knowing he was able to cum enjoying what she provided for him. Sue ran into the bottom of her blouse and without her asking, June said ok, you can unbutton it. Sue did so and when she had them all open, moved her hand back down to June’s pubic bone. She started moving her hand upward and when it got just below June’s breasts she told Sue she could now feel her hand.

Sue ran her hand just a little higher and ran into June’s breast. She cupped it and found her nipple. She lightly ran her finger around it and her breast. June was only slightly bigger than Sue was, a B cup as opposed to Sue being an A cup. Sue could feel June reacting to her touch and June said my god I see what the girls are talking about. You have such a fantastic, sensual, sexy touch. Add to that my breasts are very sensitive since I have no feeling in my pussy. Sue added her other hand to the other breast and within five minutes of massaging and fondling them she felt and heard June orgasm.

June brought one hand up and touched Sue’s nipples having seen them get very hard and distended. June told Sue she was a very beautiful sexy woman. She did not do so for long as she knew the doctor’s orders. Sue said it would be nice if they could get together sometime and June said she would enjoy that. She said her husband knew she was bi-sexual and did not mind her being with other “crippled” women.

June watched Sue run her finger through June’s slit and then lick her finger off. Sue said she was very wet and to lift her butt up so she could put a towel under her before she ran down on to her skirt. June did so and again as she placed the towel, Sue got another finger full, this time running her finger into June’s pussy as deep as she could. June said her husband liked to eat her even though she could not feel it. Sometimes she wished she could but it was a small price to pay for being able to be a para-amp. Sue asked if she and April had been together and she hesitated for a few seconds and finally said yes they had, several times. Both Jack and her husband knew.

June and Sue kissed each other then Sue got dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. June wiped her very wet pussy off and left the washcloth in place as she redid her skirt. A very short time later Dr. Jack came in and asked how things were going…..with her eyes. Like he almost, or did know what else might have happened. He did not care obviously.

He got a light from June and asked Sue to sit so he could check things out. He took his time looking very closely at the whole socket. He then told Sue to hold out a hand. He dropped 2 glass balls into them and Sue got excited and felt them very closely. He said they just came in and after his exam saw no reason to not put them in, unless Sue wanted him to wait awhile. She yelled NO, DO IT NOW!

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