My First Bi Experience


The following is a true story and although some of the details may be a little different than what really happened (my memory is not that good), on the whole, the story is true and I have written it to be as close to what really happened as possible.

At the time of this experience, I was right out of High School, about 19. I was an administrative aid (secretary) to a lawyer here in the mid-west and I was in Phoenix for some training. There were about 20 of us in the class and although I was the youngest, I fit in with the group well enough.

The classes were boring and longer than they should have been, but we all enjoyed the time just the same. The thought of being flown so far from home just to go listen to someone for 5 days was something that I knew was special. We were given great food for breakfast and lunch as part of the class and I was given a spending allowance for dinners and expenses by the law firm. For a not too special 19-year-old girl from nowhere, it was pretty good living.

I, of course, got to know some of the girls during the breaks and the meals we shared. Most were middle-aged mothers, a few were much older and only two were in there 20s. I was the youngest by a long shot, but I didn’t mind, and they didn’t seem to want to push that point.

One afternoon, one of the girls started talking up the idea of us all going out as a group for the evening. I could tell she had something special in mind and most of the girls were on board. I wasn’t involved in the main conversations, so I really wasn’t sure what we were doing, but I thought it would be fun and decided to go along for the ride all the same.

We all met at the lobby of the hotel at 7:00 that evening and there was a line of cabs to take us to our destination. Again, I still wasn’t sure what I was about to get into, but I went along anyway.

We first went to a restaurant and where I had steak for dinner. It was a very nice restaurant and the food was excellent, but after a little chit-chat, one of the ladies took the lead and had the waiter round up a line of cabs again for us.

I still wasn’t sure where we were going, but hey, how bad could it be. I was in paradise. While we were riding, the topic of my age came up. They kept talking about how they were going to get Jennifer into the club and there was giggling and fun and I just sort of took it all in. I figured we were heading to some nightclub for some dancing and fun and I was excited by the idea. I had never really been in a nightclub before and like them, I worried that I would not be able to enjoy the fun because of my age.

We got to the club and I paid the man at the window and he just escorted us all in. I couldn’t help but think, “boy, that was easy.” But he waked us in the main hall and I could hear the loud music and I could smell the smoke from cigarettes. The place was very dark, and it seemed as though we were the only people in the club. Next thing I know, we turn this corner and Oh My God! I took a huge deep breath. My pulse started to rise and I thought I was going to faint. The girls all looked at me at the same time and started to laugh very loud. There was a stage in a big room with big comfy chairs everywhere and there was a muscle bound guy on stage completely naked and holding his penis by a golden pole. They started grabbing my arms and walking me into the room to sit down as they were making their crude comments. “Haven’t you ever seen a man’s dick before” as they laughed. “You’re gonna like this place Jennifer!”

They went on and on for what seemed like eternity making jokes and staring at me and I just blushed profusely and stared at that thing on the stage. Yea, his penis. I had never even conceived of a place like this before. It was a strip club with men on stage instead of women. What a novel idea? And God I was starting to like the concept.

You see, I had some sexual experience by then. I had been with 3 guys before that and I knew what the male anatomy was. To be honest, I was a bit of a closet horn dog. I loved men and nakedness and sexual things and I thought about it all the time. I had been masturbating for many years and I just loved sexual things. However, that was all from my closet. Outwardly, I was the little innocent girl that was just a normal girl. Nothing sexy or sleezy, just a girl.

Eventually, the girls realized there were naked men on the stage and they quit staring at me. We all had our big comfy chairs and we just laid back and soaked it all in. Men in thongs came over and asked us if we wanted drinks. God, all the guys in this place were fit. They all had nice abs and were thin and GOD, what can I say. They just turned me on. I just sat there squirming in my comfy chair trying not to be too obvious about was going on down there. I mean, I was really aroused.

One of the dancers went over and whispered in the ear of one of the girls in the chair a few chairs from mine. She was an attractive girl. Blond hair, fairly thin yenibosna escort body, nice smile, mid-thirties and she looked as if she was enjoying herself, but that this was not her first time in this type of club. I could tell the girls that were new to this by the looks on their faces. They were blushing and giggling and holding their hands over their mouths and talking to the others. But this girl, Jenna, wasn’t any of that. She was taking it all in with a smile and kind of grooving with the music and watching the men with a more deep appreciation. She had “Oh Yes” all over her face.

The guy had just got off stage and he still didn’t have his thong on, so he was all floppy and loose. He comes over to her and whispers in her ear as we all watched. Next thing I know, she reaches up and squeezes his balls and penis with her hand while he is whispering to her. He sort of pulled away quickly and started to take a deep breath. I couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure this was going to get us all thrown out, but it didn’t. He started laughing at her and told her that her hands were freezing. She reached up and put her arm around his neck and apologized and kissed him on the lips as she again grabbed for his pouch.

Now everything was changing. I mean, it is one thing to watch naked guys prance around the room, but Oh My Fucking God! She was touching his penis. She was fondling this guy right out in front of everyone, and he wasn’t stopping her.

Next thing I know, she was up from her chair and he was walking her slowly to the back of the room. All of us just stared at one another in shock and watched her walk off. None of us could really see what was happening, but it obviously was very cozy and she was moving her head back and forth and putting her arms around his neck. We couldn’t really see, but I assumed there was a lot of ecstasy going on back there.

One of the other girls took her lead and got another guy to go back with her. Another girl did the same, and another and another. At one point, there must have been five girls from our party back enjoying time with the men. One of the girls leaned over to another girl and asked how much it costs to do that. She said she thought it was $100, but that she wasn’t sure, so we pulled one of the guys to the side and asked. He told us it was $100 to start with and there were other services that could be added for more. He wouldn’t explain what that meant, but we all sort of knew it would be different degrees of contact.

There was a lot that went on for many hours after that. Most of the girls had been to the back of the room with a guy and all the girls returned looking like they had just been screwed. The guy would escort the girl to her chair holding her fingertips and would kiss them on the lips and sit them down. All seemed to really enjoy.

After a while though, I could tell some were getting tired and were ready to go back to the room. They all got together and started talking about the trip back to the hotel. A few of the girls said they wanted to stay a while longer. One was the blond, Jenna, that was first to go back with the dancer earlier in the evening. I blushed a little and said I also wanted to stay a while, which of course got a huge laugh out of all the girls. They made all kinds of rude remarks and such but eventually, they said they didn’t mind since we were all just taking taxies and they left.

There were three of us left and we all sort of moved ourselves into a small group of comfy chairs together. Jenna leaned over to me and asked what I thought of the club. I told her I had never seen anything so erotic in all my life. She looked me in the eye with a sort of examining look and said, are you OK with all this? She said, this is a lot to take in for a young girl and I don’t want you to get all weird over this.

The other girl was fighting her sleepiness in a real bad way and both of us could tell. She was all smiles and glassy eyed, but we could see every once in a while that she would sort of nod off. Kind of like the kid that hated going to bed because of all the fun, but couldn’t really fight her body any longer. Jenna and I talked her into getting a cab back to the hotel and by about 1:30 it was just Jenna, me, and all those male dancers in the club. I was starting to get a little sleepy, but I just had to fight that. I hadn’t had enough of this place and I wanted every nano-second to count.

Jenna and I talked for a while. Mostly chit-chat. We hadn’t talked much before that evening and we just talked about out lives back home and what our work was like. She told me she was married and had a few kids, which sort of caught me off guard. I asked her if her husband knew she visited places like this. She sort of looked at me closely, grinned and said, “What happens on the road, stays on the road Jennifer” and I just burst out laughing. I had never heard this before, but it seemed so appropriate. We were zeytinburnu escort in the private land of candy where all was to be eaten but none was to be taken home.

I liked her. There was something very confident about her. Something….Hmmm,….Something I never really indulged before over a woman. Something sexy. I, of course didn’t say it, but I was attracted to her.

After a while, one of the guys came by and I saw what I had seen earlier in the evening. He leaned over at her and whispered in her ear, she reached up and fondled him, he pulled away a little, giggled and whispered in her ear some more as she played with him.

It was different this time. I was real close. I mean, I could see the veins and stuff on his penis as she fondled him. I could see that he started to get a little aroused. I knew she was going to go back with him and he grabbed her hand and pulled her up to him. What happened next though was not something I expected. She leaned down to whisper in my ear and asked if I wanted to join them in the back. She said that she didn’t know if I was that way, but that if I was interested, I would have a really great time.

In an evening of being stunned, I was hit again. It was as if she hit me right between the eyes. I should have known to be ready for anything, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t believe what she just said. I didn’t know what to do, so I pretended that I didn’t hear her and asked her to say it in my ear again. She said, “Nice abs here and I are going to go in back for a while and have some fun. I would like you to join us if you are interested. It will be my treat and you don’t have to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

I heard it all that time. Every syllable. And like an out of body experience, I felt my legs lift me up as she pulled on my fingers and they walked me to the back room.

We walked into this room that had “VIP” written over the door way and in the room were these big leather couches. He walked us back to the corner of the room and immediately started kissing Jenna. She continued to hold my hand as he kissed her and within no time, he started taking off her clothes. He unbuttoned her blouse as she just let him take control. She had nice boobs. I guessed a 36c bra, but really wasn’t sure. I was really getting scared at this point. I had no idea where this was going, but I just couldn’t pull away. Like the moth to a flame, I was just so attracted to this.

Her blouse and bra were now off and he turned his attention to me. This sort of made me jump and Jenna interrupted him with her hand. She looked at him and said, let me do it. She is nervous. She gently looked me in the eyes and reached at the top of my blouse around my neck. “Are you OK with this Jennifer? Tell me to stop if you don’t want to do something.” I told her I was OK, which I really wasn’t, but I didn’t stop her.

She unbuttoned my blouse slowly as she looked at me in the eyes. Once she had the last button unhooked, she slowly took the blouse off my shoulders and gently put it on one of the other couches in the room. She asked me if I would like to help her and I nervously nodded my head and reached out to her bra. I was shaking so much as I grabbed the clasp in the front of her bra. It pulled apart in just an instant and I could see her boobs start to sag in their pouches as the bra dropped away some. I slowly took the bra and opened it and pulled it away from her breasts. I had seen many women’s breasts in my life, but that was the first time I had really been that close. Close enough to touch and actually making contact with her skin. It was so erotic.

I took the bra off her shoulders and to her surprise, I immediately reached down and grabbed the front of her pants to unclasp them. I looked into her eyes and asked her if she was OK with this. She smiled and looked at the guy real quick then looked back at me and said with a big smile, take anything you want. Don’t stop if you don’t want to.

I undid the clasp on her slacks, grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled it down till it stopped. She just watched me as I worked and I slowly, but deliberately put my thumbs on each side of her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. She had a very good body for someone her age. She wasn’t 20 but I didn’t care. She was enough for me and I really lusted for her at that point.

Once she had taken off her shoes and slacks and folded them nicely on the couch, I looked and saw she was in her white lace panties and I think I surprised both of them again. I looked over at the guy and immediately reached over and grabbed his thong. I pulled it down as he stepped out of it and I reached up and gently grabbed his penis as I stood up. He was hard now and I really loved the feel in my hand. I stroked it for a few seconds and Jenna proceeded to unbutton my jeans. She unzipped them as I still had his penis in my hands. She put her fingers on each side and instead of just pulling mecidiyeköy escort them down, she put her fingers under the sides of my panties on the way down. All went down at once. I took the hint. She wanted things to move along. And there I stood with my clothes at my ankles, completely naked in front of these two.

I stepped out of my shoes and away from the clothes as they guided me to the couch. As they sat me down, Jenna immediately started sucking on my nipples and she reached between my legs and started fondling. I was all hairy and unshaved down there, and although subconsciously I wish I had been shaved for this, I really didn’t care. I hit orgasm in less than 10 seconds. I have never hit that quickly. I couldn’t believe it. It was so strong too and I just road with it.

I reached out and grabbed his penis with my hand and slowly licked around the tip. I wasn’t sure I should be doing this with a guy that had obviously had a very active sex life, but I just couldn’t stop myself. I stroked him with my hand as he pushed his penis in my mouth and I just sucked as hard as I could.

Jenna knew exactly what to do. She was right on my spot and it was working again. Before I got there though, she stopped sucking on my nipples and moved her head down between my legs. I had to stop with my male friend at this point. I wasn’t sure at all about having a girl between my legs licking me in those places. She knew I reacted and looked up at me and asked if I was OK. I nodded, grabbed her hair and pulled her to me. She licked me up and down and darted inside me, and GOD when she hit my button. It wasn’t long, and I had another orgasm. Again, it was intense and strong and I felt my body jerk as I pulled her head against me.

I was all weak-in-the-knees at this point, but I couldn’t just leave things as they were and watch. Jenna had done some wonderful things to me and I wanted to make sure she knew how much I appreciated it. I caught my breath slowly and reached over at her and pulled her up to the couch. When she sat, I asked her to move her bottom to the edge. She did and I quickly took my fingers to her slit. It was moist and slippery and I could feel her breath deeply as I touched her. I reached down with my mouth and sucked on one of her nipples as I played slowly with her furry little area. She also had not shaved in a while, but it didn’t matter. I was really starting to like the things I was doing to her.

She was real sensitive to my touch. Every time I would go near her clitoris, she would take a deep breath and pull her head back and jerk a little. I played for a while, but knew, ultimately, I had to do the deed. The unthinkable. The thing I had never, ever, in a million years thought I would do. I was going to put my tongue on another girls private area. I had to. She had done it to me.

I didn’t have to. Before I knew it, the guy had done it for me. He was down on his knees in front of her and went right at her as I rubbed her clitoris. I could feel the spit from his mouth on the back of my fingers as he would lick up her, but I wasn’t in the mood to care. We were going to push Jenna to orgasm and orgasm she did. It took a few minutes, but she started to pull her head back more and breath hard and her body tensed as she let out a “Fuck that feels good!!!” as she convulsed on the couch.

He just laughed as he looked up at her from between her legs. She also started to laugh as she was catching her breath and we all just laughed with one another there on the couch. Eventually, Jenna looked over at me and said, you know, one of us hasn’t had their “O” yet. We both smiled at each other and looked at him at the same time. He grinned real wide and said, well….OK.

So we proceeded to both lick on his penis and she jerked him off while I played with his balls. He was pretty quick also. He tensed in less than 5 minutes and sure enough, there was a steam of white headed toward the couch. Jenna got some on her hands, but not much and she just took a towel that was laying near and wiped it off.

This was some evening and all of us were pretty tired. I had never seen such things in my life before that point and it was like my nerves were on edge the whole evening. Jenna and I went back to the hotel in a cab together as she held my hand. We got to the hotel and said we would see each other in the morning and we both went up to our rooms. I got in my room and ripped every stitch of clothing off immediately and jumped into bed. I wasn’t finished with my fantasy and I played there in bed till 5:00 am.

Jenna and I saw each other the following day of course and both of us looked the worse for wear. It didn’t matter though. I still thought she was sexy. We got together that evening and the next for some private time together in our hotel and we had some really hot nights, but relaxing. Yes, I did the unthinkable, and yes…I enjoyed it. It was a little weird at first going down on a girl, but I got over it and she really seemed to really enjoy. We watched movies and ate pop-corn, and we of course played with one another for hours on end. It was a great time, but it had to end. I had to go back home and she had to go back to her husband and kids. I have never seen her again, but wherever she is, I hope she remembers our nights together and how much it meant to me.

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