My Fantasy



You’re a little older… about 32. You’re friends with my third cousin, you actually work for him. I’m only 18.. my family is very close so I see you all the time. At first I thought you were just a decent looking 32 year old guy who happened to be friends with my cousin.

Then I got to know you, and you were a 32 two year old guy who suddenly seemed very appealing. And you actually don’t look too bad… you work for his landscaping business so you’re tanned, a little beer belly but mostly just a little stalky.. a short messy hair cut… you’re actually kind of hot. We share one very important hobby: smoking pot. You actually went behind my cousin’s back and smoked me up with a blunt of some hydro…

I can’t fall asleep. We’re on vacation together; me with my 17 year-old third cousin Nikki, you with your boss and friend, Angelo, her father. Nikki and I also brought up a couple of our friends, who all sleeping in her room. I volunteered to sleep in the living room.. right where you happened to be sleeping tonight. The couch in the living room is in the shape of an L, my feet to your head. My feet are cold so you’re warming them up by putting them under your pillow. By now you’ve passed out and I can hear your elevated breathing.

My feet are definitely hotter since they’re only about two inches from your head. The only thing I can think about is you. I set up the scenario in my head:


You wake up and I pretend to be sleeping. You turn on soft porn that’s playing on HBO and watch it, glancing at me every couple of minutes. Eventually you look over and my eyes are open, locked on yours. I slowly get up and move toward you, ours eyes locked on each others the entire time.

I lift up my leg and put it around your waist and straddly your lower stomach, one arm on each of your sides. I lean over and lick from your neck up to the back of your ear, reaching up with my left hand and running my fingers through your messy hair, tingling your scalp. You move your Tuzla Escort hand over to the side of my face and lift my head up gently, locking your eyes with mine once again, and bring my face to yours.

We start kissing, lightly at first, mostly our lips blending together, and then harder, you pulling on my bottom lip slightly with your teeth and me stopping to lick your upper lip like a cat who’s about to devour it’s dinner. Finally we both quit holding back, and our mouths turn into one, our tongues massaging each others. I can feel energy coming from you, and you want me as badly as I want you.

You reach down and grab my ass through my thin pajama shorts, one cheek in each hand, and pull me down into you with my pussy rubbing against the crotch of your cargo shorts. You start rubbing my freshly shaved pussy inside my shorts as gently as you can with your right hand and move your left hand up to my 36-C rack and head straight for my nipple. You can feel it get hard as your start to massage it, slowly at first and then to the point where you’re squeezing it and pulling on it.

Sitting up, you stop kissing me and lock eyes with me again, but your hands don’t stop moving. You look down to see me massaging my other tit, caressing my already hard nipple alongside you squeezing the other. You rip my shirt up forcefully and lean down, licking my tits at first, all around them and on them, then finally kissing your way to my nipple. You lick it softly at first, feeling how hard it is, and then sucking it as I start to breathe harder and faster.

I move my hand from your hair down the back of your neck, lightly rubbing the back of your neck, and then run my hand down your shoulder and your side to the crotch of your pants. I can feel that your hard, but I don’t fully understand the size of what’s waiting for me. I undo your belt and your pants, and grab your dick. I can barely fit my hand around it, and I have to move my whole arm to jerk you off fully.

You slide Gebze Escort your pants off, and pull me on top of you grabbing my ass on each side. You reach further down to the back of my pussy, and pull me forwardly extremely forcefully, pulling my lips apart and ramming my clit against your rock hard, giant dick. I rock my hips around in circles causing you go get even harder, and you start sucking on my nipple again, and squeezing and pulling on the other.

My breathing gets harder again, and you have me kneel over your face. You pull my shorts aside and start rubbing my pussy outside, and then inside my slit, and then start gently rubbing my clit. You lift your head up and gently lick me up and down, then stop to massage my clit with your tongue. My whole pussy is tingling and wet, and I start to moan softly. You start licking harder, moving your tongue so fast it feels like it’s vibrating. You probe me with your tongue, licking in and out as quickly as you can. Now I’m trying to stifle my moans as they’re growing into screams, and my legs start to shake.

My hands are grabbing at your hair, and eventually I pull your head back by your hair and push you down, crawling so I’m kneeling over your legs and pulling your boxers off of you. Your dick is so big and hard, I just want to suck it until your eyes roll back in your head in ecstasy. I rub it slowly at first, stroking it with my finger tips, just watching your face. Then I grab it as hard as possible without hurting you, and start to give you a pretty rough hand job. I like to make you feel so good it hurts. I move back and lean over, licking your head softly, kissing up and down and licking all around your shaft. Eventually I put your head in my mouth, slowly at first, and then licking harder and further down, up and down.. up and down. Your dick is so big my jaw gets tired quick, but I relax my neck muscles as much as possible and begin to deep throat your entirety, and I can feel your body tense up as your breathing gets Aydınlı Escort louder than ever. We have eye contact throughout the entire thing.

I sit up, dropping your dick from my mouth but never out of my hand. I crawl up so your dick is just under my pussy (I’ve removed my shorts) and gently rub your head against my clit, asking you how bad you want to fuck me, how bad you want to feel my tight pussy all around your giant dick. I ask you if you want to make me scream, scream for you to stop until I scream because I’ve never felt an orgasm that intense before. I slide your head into me, sitting down on you as slowly as I can.

It’s a tight fit but I get all the way down, feeling you inside of me as I move my hips in slow long circles around you, my back arched and my head back. I look down after a few rotations and see your eyes locked on my body, your hands holding my hips. You move your hands up and down my back and make your way to my tits, where you massage then slow and hard. I let out stifled moans and watch you, moving my hips faster and faster and up and down. I lean over and put a hand on the top of the couch and one on your side, as your grab each of my hips and help me bounce up and down, grinding my throbbing clit against you. I move my hips front and back as your push and pull me up and down your dick. You start licking my nipple again, sucking it into your mouth and nibbling it. I pull your head back by your hair with the hand that was on your side, making eye contact with you, telling you I like it rough, I want you to make me feel so good that I cry because it starts to hurt, telling you to break me in half and fuck me like I’m a doll. Fuck me like you’d want to be fucked.

I spin around, keeping your dick in me as much as possible, and put my back to you. I lean back, almost leaning against you, and bounce up and down as fast as I can. My tits are bouncing around and you watch them, reaching up and holding them in your hands. You pull my hair a few times, as hard as you can until it hurts the way I like it. Eventually we break down, me first as I plunge into a series of multiple orgasms. I think I count 4 climaxes before you finally bust inside me, your pulsing dick filling me with your sweet cum. We slow down and finally stop.

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