My Dream


(Thanks BlueStarGrrrl for your editing assistance with this story)


I am sitting working on one of my paintings and, in my head; suddenly you are there, wearing a muted silk gown, carrying two cups of coffee, ever-thoughtful.

Approaching me from behind, you lean forward to glimpse what I am working on and as I sit back, I feel you pressing up against me; a dream so vivid that I am aware of the smell of you and the feel of your humid breath against my neck.

Reaching up, my hands close gently around your neck and I pull you closer, twisting my head to kiss you, your mouth warm and soft beneath mine. Your tongue presses against my lips and I open them drawing your tongue into my mouth, sucking at it as my tongue teases yours.

The gown is loose and it half falls from your shoulders revealing your breasts. I can’t resist reaching over to touch one and feel the smoothness of you; I then stroke the nipple, dark and swollen. My hand closes round your breast, fondling it, kneading it, perfect. Your arms wrap around my neck, holding me close as we continue to kiss. I can feel your body through the thin material of the gown, aware of the warmth of your buttocks against my thighs.

You break away from this kiss and then offer your breast to me, pulling my head down to take the nipple in my mouth. Tasting your flesh, warm, and the puckered nipple in my mouth causes my cock to harden instantly within my pants. Pressing against you, as you move your Urfa Escort buttocks on my lap, teasingly aware of the rising desire within me.

My hand reaches down and finds your bare knee, the gown having slipped from your thigh, and my hand moves over the supple flesh of your thigh, my fingers lightly tracing and stroking it.

Higher my hand moves, and you groan, moan, in my ear as you part your legs allowing my hand free access across the smooth inner thigh, till I find the wispy pubic hair. I gasp with pleasure and you nibble my ear, breathing harder and faster. You shudder as my hand presses up against you and cups your pussy, velvety and pliable beneath my hand.

My mouth moves from your nipple and I whisper in your ear, “I want you and want to make love to you.”

I put my hand under your knees gathering you to me and your arms lock around my neck, then I stand up, lifting you in my arms and carry you the bed, lying you down on it. Unwrapping your gown, I stand and drink in your naked beauty.

Your eyes, filled with love and want stare back at me, and I look at your lips, puffed slightly from our kissing, parted and with your tongue lightly tracing your lips. My eyes move down to take in the beauty of your breasts, smallish with the dark and slightly large nipples now puckered and swollen- beautiful. My eyes move down over your belly, your navel to the dark patch of pubic hair, and to the lips of your pussy revealed to me as you Urfa Escort Bayan part your legs slightly.

My eyes soak up your thighs and move down towards your calves and feet, as I undo my pants letting them drop to the floor, my cock springing free, standing erect, you tantalisingly move your hands across your breasts and belly, down between your legs.

I gasp with pleasure and move forward taking one leg and lifting your foot towards my mouth as I sit down on the bed. I take your toes in my mouth kissing them and sucking them before allowing my lips and tongue to move across your foot, and then your calf up to the inner thighs, kissing nibbling and stroking with my tongue.

I can smell the muskiness of you as I move higher up your thigh and then my lips close over your pussy kissing you and my tongue enters between the lips tasting you and finding your clit. Licking it and gently sucking it, my tongue explores you, probing into your vagina.

Then I move back up to your clit and suck it gently taking it between my lips, capturing it there and then lick the imprisoned bud with my tongue. My fingers seek entrance into you, exploring the hot and wet vagina, touching the sides and moving in and out of you. My little finger playing with your arse rubbing it gently and stroking it while my other fingers probe and stroke you. My tongue licking and stroking around your clit, then licking the walls of your vagina and back again.

I Escort Urfa stand up over you and my hard cock juts out; taking it in my hand I start to rub it in between the lips of your pussy across your vagina and up to your clit, exciting you. My head lowers as I take one of your nipples in my mouth, sucking and licking the puckered nipple. Your hand reaches down between our bodies and you close it around my cock and then guide me into you pushing up with your hips and the head of my cock enters into you, as I gasp and tell you how much I love you. Your hands move to my buttocks trying to pull me towards you and enter you but I resist holding back and slowly penetrate until all of me is in you, filling you.

Moving back I lift your legs and place them against my shoulders and with my arms push your legs closed with me still deep inside of you and then slowly begin to move in and out of you – you are so tight and yet I glide into you.

I watch as you toss your head to and fro muttering my name and your hands play with your breasts, teasing your nipples, heightening my pleasure. You gasp as I push deep into you as far as I can go. My cock buried deep within your pussy, and then I slowly withdraw it almost exiting before pressing it home again, I continue this and then start to increase my rhythm, as I feel you starting to buck beneath me, your hips rising to meet me.

You pant, urging me on as I increase my speed and then with a loud gasp and shudder I explode within you and you scream as you climax with me, bucking and thrusting up to meet my thrusts as I shoot my cum deep within you.

Afterwards we lie together on the bed your head on my chest looking at each other reading the countless unspoken words reflected in our eyes.

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