My Dear Friend Abby


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has graphic sexual content.

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Copyright by the author,

NOV 2007


Driving had become hypnotic, and I was glad to finally be so close to home. It was late at night and the neighborhood was quiet. I drove up my old street, and pulled into my driveway. I shut the car off and looked at the house where I had grown up, it was my home, but I no longer lived there. I wanted something, I desperately wanted something.

I walked into the empty house. It had been a long drive, and I was glad to be home. My parents and brother were gone for the week, and this is just what I needed – the place to myself. I had been feeling so lost lately, school was hard and there were so many new pressures on me – I wanted some solace – some comforting place. And the coziness of my old bedroom was pulling me home.

I desperately wanted to feel something calm and reassuring – and in a way, that’s what Abby has always meant to me. Abby lived next door, and she’s been such a loyal friend. She was the little sister I never had. Abby is my nickname for her, everyone else calls her Emily.

She was just about to graduate from high school, and that meant she was growing up – she had just had her 18th birthday — but she still acted just the cute little girl she was when I was her baby sitter.

When I was leaving for school last fall, it was Abby who was the most emotional about me leaving. I was so sad to say goodbye to her. And over the last few months, she had written me a lot of really nice letters.

The house was quiet and warm. I felt tired and lost.

I sat at the kitchen table and stared blankly into space. Then I heard a knock at the side door, and I knew it was Abby. Instantly, I felt happier.

Then the door opened and Abby was in the kitchen. I ran up to her and we hugged.

“Beth!” Abby exclaimed.

“Oh Abby, you waited up for me…” I said as we hugged.

“I saw your car pull in the driveway!”

“Let me look at you” I said.

Just seeing Abby was comforting. She had grown up since the last time I saw her. She was wearing a big bulkysweater and nylon running shorts. She looked fit and athletic, but she was still petite – almost delicate. But even after all this time, she was still Little Abby.

It was so nice to see, she was still the way she always was, and it was really impressive.

She was smiling at me, and she said, “Oh Beth – I’m glad you came home.”

“I wanted to be here – to see you,” I said.

We stood on the hard the kitchen floor, just staring at each other, and then I said, “Abby, I’m sorry – I’m so stressed from the long drive. I think I need to lay down.”

“Can I stay for a little bit?”

“Yes, of course. Let’s go upstairs.”

I badly needed the comfort of my room – of my bed. It was a safe place for me.

We climbed onto my tiny old bed, and it felt so good.

Abby sat next to me. The room was lit only by my little bedside reading lamp. And it gave off a warm orange glow.

I lay down on my back and kicked my shoes off. I was wearing a light-blue shirt that buttoned down the front, a wool skirt and a pair of dark blue tights. It’s funny, I felt like I was dressed like the baby sitter. The smooth fabric of my tights felt so nice against my old thick comforter.

Then we talked.

We talked in a way that reassured me of our strong connection. Abby told me about her life and I was happy to listen. We talked about her mom, about the boys at school and about how things had been hard for her. I know that I had helped her in other things, and it felt so good to be there for her.

I was on my back, and Abby was sitting up right next to me, really close. And — this was weird — but I thought she was looking at my breasts – I mean, she really was. And I was about to call her on it.

But she looked so serious, and I could tell she was struggling, and she wanted to tell me something.

I said, “Abby, it’s okay…”

Abby just seemed to blurt out, “My mom thinks I should start wearing a bra.”

“Really?” I responded, and it came out a little like I was laughing. “I mean, you’re still so little – Abby, you’re pretty flat chested.”

I immediately felt bad, that sounded almost mean.

“I know, it sounds so dumb,” Abby said. “But still – I don’t know what I should do.”

I could hear it in her voice, this was hard for her – it was something that was obviously bothering her. I wanted to understand what she was feeling – if I could.

“Well, I don’t know if this helps, but – one of the nice thing about being away from home is that I don’t have to listen to my mom anymore.”

“You’re şişli escort lucky.” Abby paused, and then asked me, “You wear a bra, don’t you?”

I was a little surprised by the question, but Abby had a really nice way about being direct with me. She never hesitated if she had a question – any question. I really appreciated that, and I felt it deserved a serious and honest answer.

“Yes, Abby – I wear a bra most of the time.”


“Well, my breasts are bigger than yours. They aren’t — like – big by any means, but they jiggle a lot if I don’t have a bra on. That’s not a big deal, except sometimes I notice that men will stare at me if I don’t have a bra on.”

“I know what that’s like.” Abby said.

“Yeah – it can be awful.”

“Is it? I mean, maybe they think I’m pretty.” Abby said in a way that was both vulnerable and confused.

“Oh Abby – you are pretty. But men can be – I don’t know. They act so creepy sometimes.”

“Do you ever have problems with…”

She just trailed of into silence.

I asked, “It’s okay, what kind of problems.”

“Well, problems with your nipples?”

“Problems? Like how?”

“I mean, do they ever seem like they’re too easy to see under your shirt? Like it’s embarrassing?”

“Well, I guess — maybe sometimes, but wearing a bra helps a little.”

“Maybe I should wear a bra then.”

“Is that it – is that why your mom wants you to wear a bra?”

“Oh – I don’t know, maybe. It’s just that…” And Abby trailed off.

“What? It’s okay.”

Abby looked so serious. I was felt so concerned, I desperately wanted her to be happy.

“Can I show you?” Abby said nervously.

“Yes – of course.”

Then Abby sat up on her knees, and carefully lifter her big bulky sweater over her head. She had a tight white t-shirt on under it. She pulled the sweater off and set it on the bed.

My first reaction was almost disbelief. Abby was no longer just a cute little girl. She had a perfectly womanly figure. He hips were wide, her waist was narrow, and her breasts were still small – but they were round and they looked simply wonderful under the tight t-shirt.

And yes, her nipples were VERY prominent.

“Look at me” Abby said in a sad way. “I feel so embarrassed sometimes.”

“Oh Abby, don’t worry…”

“What do you think?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I knew this was really difficult for her. I was staring at her nipples, and she seemed so eager to let me look at her, to let me help.

I finally said, “Abby, yes – I understand why you might feel like it can be obvious, even through your shirt, it’s very easy to see your – um, your nipples.”

“I know,” Abby said softly.

“But listen to me, you look so pretty, and it’s all so lovely – I mean, you’ve grown up so much since the last time I saw you, and you should be happy…” I worried that sounded strange. “It’s okay to feel awkward sometimes. You are a no longer a little girl, and growing up is a new thing – a confusing thing. Believe me, I know.”

Abby thought about what I said, and it seemed that maybe it rang true for her.

Then she said, “Do you worry about your nipples, I mean even with your bra on?”

“Well, yes, actually I do sometimes. Like if I’m meeting someone for the first time — especially a guy – it always crosses my mind, like – are my nipples showing? But, it’s never been something I worry about too much.”

“I worry…”

“Abby, you’re so young – it’s still all new to you.”

“I worry a lot.”

“Oh Baby, don’t feel bad about this.”

I watched Abby as she sat there in silence, and she seemed lost in thought. I felt so sad for her, and I truly wanted to help her. I wanted to somehow let her know that I would do anything I could to console her.

Then Abby carefully whispered, “Beth – can I – um, can I see your bra. I mean, can I see if it helps…”

This was a funny request, and it startled me a little. I thought for a moment – would this be okay? And then I answered, “Yes – sure.”

I was lying on my back, and I undid the buttons on my light blue shirt, doing this felt so easy and so appropriate. I un-tucked it from my old “baby sitter” skirt and opened the shirt and spread my arms out on the bed. I don’t know why, but I was genuinely happy to let Abby see my bra. Abby was on her knees and she moved in and looked closely at my chest.

“Beth – your bra is pretty.”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

” I mean it – it looks really nice. I like it.”

She was looking intently at my nipples. There was something so sincere and honest about Abby – and I always so desperately loved that part of her. She had such a wonderful sensitivity, and even now — now that she was 18, she still seemed like such a little girl.

I asked as calmly as I could, “Can you see my nipples?”

Abby looked carefully and said, “Yes, but they’re not that easy to see under the fabric.”

“Well – yeah, they’re hard to see now, but sometimes – Oh boy, they can really be obvious!”

“Like when”” Abby asked.

“Well – When mecidiyeköy escort I’m cold, they really stand out.”

“How cold?” Abby asked,

“Oh – it doesn’t take much…”

Abby continued staring, and her expression was kind and thoughtful.

“Can I try something?” Abby asked politely.


“Just let me.” And then Abby leaned in and gently blew on my chest.

“Abby?” I exclaimed, I was really surprised.

“No – please let me, I wanna see if I can make you feel cold.” She said it in a way that was so kindhearted. She sounded happy. And as odd as it sounds, it was totally cute. Her little girl voice just seemed to melt me.

Maybe this should have felt too personal or something, but it didn’t at all. It felt enormously pleasant. And part of me was really curious if Abby really could affect my nipples just by blowing on me.

“Okay, this will help.” I sat up – took my shirt off, and then I lay back down on the bed and spread my arms out over my head. “Okay Abby, go ahead and try.”

Abby exclaimed, “Beth – you don’t shave your underarm hair!”

“No – I let it grow out when I moved away.” I replied. The hair in my armpits is dark and thin and feels soft to touch. I actually really like it, I’m proud of it.

“It looks pretty,” Abby said in a genuine way.

“I think so too,” I replied.

Abby smiled and said, “I don’t shave my armpits either, but I don’t have any hair yet.”

She tugged at the sleeve of her t-shirt and showed me. Her armpit was smooth and pale, “See – But now that I see you – like this, I’m going let my hair grow too.”

I whispered, “Good for you.”

Abby stared at me and then calmly said, “Beth, your breast look bigger that I thought they were, I mean – with your shirt off, they look bigger.”

I laughed and said, “I’m growing up too.”

Abby smiled at that. She looked like she really understood me.

Then Abby said, “Okay – relax, I’m gunna see if I can do this.”

She carefully leaned in and slowly blew, directly on my bra. Oh my god, it felt wonderful.

Then she blew on my armpits, and the sensation was overwhelming. I let out a quiet, “Mmmmm…”

Then I heard Abby kind of gasp, “It’s happening!”

I looked at my self, at my own breasts and my bra. And I could see that my nipples were now a little harder, and Abby looked so delighted.

I said, “That’s so cool! Keep trying, let’s see if we can do better than that.”

And then Abby took a deep breath and carefully blew on my tummy, and I could feel my nipples tighten.

This was so amazingly relaxing, and Abby was so excited. And It felt wonderful, like I was truly at peace, and I really loved the attention from little Abby. And – I know this sounds strange, but I loved the fact that she was staring at my breasts.

“Beth – Oh my god, your nipples are so hard now, and – they look pretty.” She was so pleased, and in really warmed my heart.

“Really – you think so?”

“Yes, I mean, look – they’re really easy to see through your bra.”

I lay there, for a long time just drinking in the sensation – it was wonderful. I was so affected by Abby, she was being so gentle and kind. This was such an intimate moment, and it really made me feel a closeness that was magical.

Then she blew a cool steady breath, right between my breasts. And I could feel my nipples get even harder and more sensitive.

Abby said, “This so amazing.”

All I could do was let out a contented, “Mmmmmm…”

And then she stopped, and she sat there next to me. She looked at me with her wonderful smile and said, “I miss you.”

I replied, “Oh Abby – I miss you too.”

We sat in silence for a while. The room was warm, and I looked at Abby and I was filled with love.

I worried so much about Abby. Something was weighing heavy on her, I could tell. She was so vulnerable and so young. She needed something – some kindness. I knew I could help her. It was such a good feeling – so fulfilling, to know we were together at that moment.

We sat there in silence, the feeling in my old room was exactly what I needed – and I just drank it in. We were quiet for a few minutes. I was so fulfilled just looking up at Abby. I was too peaceful to move, I just lie there, calm and still on my back with Abby focused completely on my bra.

Then Abby whispered, “Your nipples are going back to normal.”

“You stopped blowing on them.”

Abby thought for a moment, her expression could be so easy to read sometimes. I knew she was going to ask me something personal.

Then she said, “Beth – Does anything else make your nipples get hard like they were?”

“Well, at school when my boy friend, when Mark, touches them, that definitely makes ’em pretty hard.” And I giggled, but Abby remained so serious.

“Is it just the touching?”

“Well, I guess that’s part of it. But, I think it’s the sensual part – I mean, the arousal is from the emotion too. The mood is important.”

“The mood?”

“Well — I think so, like the mood when I was with Mark, when we were — together şişli escort bayan alone.”

“So – Just the mood can make them hard?” Asked Abby.

“Yes – I think so.”

Abby asked, “Can I try something?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Okay, I want you to close your eyes and relax.”

She spoke slow and soft, but it was obvious she was excited and happy.

I set my head on the pillow and closed my eyes, then I took a deep breath and let myself melt into the bed.

Abby whispered, “I want you to imagine that same mood, like with Mark.”


“Imagine being alone in your dorm room with Mark, but was when you first met, and he would act really kind and gentle. Think about being on your bed with him…”


“Please, let me try this — I want to — Please?”

“Okay, go on…”

Then Abby went on and slowly described a situation with me on my dorm room bed, and she described me lying there wearing only my bra and panties. And Mark was totally naked, and he was kissing me, little soft kisses all along my neck and shoulders.

Little by little she described the kisses — one after another — getting closer to my bra, to my breasts. It sounds so odd, but her sincerity and her excitement were seemed so honest, it was truly poignant for me.

Then Abby was silent and my eyes were closed. It wasn’t awkward or anything, it was nice and calm.

Abby whispered, “Oh Beth – I can’t believe how — how – hard your nipples are right now.”

I opened my eyes to look at myself, but what surprised me was that Abby had her hands in her lap, and I think they were inside her running shorts. As soon as she saw my eyes were open she quickly put her hands on her knees.

Abby was so vulnerable, the last thing I wanted was to make her feel awkward, so I looked down at myself, and sure enough, my nipples were showing through my bra. I was really startled by how dramatic it all seemed.

I said, “This is so – I don’t know, so weird. I mean – I really didn’t expect that this could happen like this.”

Abby whispered, “I watched as they got harder – it was really amazing.”

“Oh Abby…”

I was lying there – and we were both looking at my hard nipples under my white bra. Abby was sitting up, and had this lost look on her face. I thought she may have been embarrassed, but I didn’t know. She looked like she couldn’t make-up her mind as to what she wanted

to do next.

Then she started to cry.

“Oh Abby, it’s okay…”

I reached up and gave her a hug. We sat up together for a while, she wasn’t crying hard, but she seemed so confused.

“I don’t understand why I’m like this…”

“Abby – it’s okay, Life is confusing – especially stuff about sex, and growing up and all the emotions around this”

“But you seem so confident and normal.”

“Oh Abby, I’m human too – sometimes I feel so mixed up. Especially about sex. I can be an emotional mess a lot of the time.”

She actually seemed really surprised to hear me say that. Abby said, “Really?”

“Yes really,” At this point Abby seemed to be done with her crying, and I lay back down on the pillow and said, “Come here Abby,”

And she lay down and snuggled in close to me, hugging me.

“Do you really get mixed up too?”

And then I said, “Oh Abby – Mark and I broke up, and the whole thing has been so hard for me.”

“What happened?”

“Well – Mark was really pressuring me to have – well, to have sex. I’m so worried about getting pregnant, but he just wouldn’t stop trying.”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No, it’s okay – I wanna tell you.”

“Okay…” Abby whispered.

Abby asked, “You let him touch your breasts didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“That sounds so nice…” Abby said.

“Well, more than that happened.”

“Really, like what?”

“Well, at a certain point, we would. Well – I would only let things go so far.”

“How far?”

“Well – He and I would both be naked…”

“Really?” Abby interrupted.

“Yeah, and we…”

“What was that like, I mean seeing him naked?” Abby asked.

“Oh – it was actually really nice.”

I felt funny telling Abby all of these intimate details, she was so young. But, she was asking from a real place of curiosity, and I felt – I don’t know, I guess I felt honored to tell her these things. I felt so close to her.

Abby said, “Beth, I’ve never seen a boy – I mean, I’ve only heard about how a boy can get hard.”

I described exactly what Mark looked like naked, I described as best as I could what his erection looked like, how big it was, what it felt like and – most of all – how it made me feel. She was asking a lot of questions and I tried to answer them as honestly and calmly as I could.

“Oh god Beth, it sounds so – I don’t know, so scary.” Abby said.

“Yes – It can be really scary.”

“I don’t know what I would do…” Whispered Abby.

“I didn’t know what I would do either. But, I just had this way of following my emotions in a way that would…” And I trailed off.

“What?” Abby asked.

“He would — we would….”

Abby begged me, “Oh, please tell me”

“Well, he actually made me, he got me to…”

It was like she read my mind. Abby asked, “Did he make you orgasm?”

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