My daughter Kelly Part 2


The end of Kelly Part 1
Lisa asked if she could see it I knew then I was lost I opened my robe pulled my boxers down up sprang my cock Lisa looked at Kelly and said your right it is bigger than dads I sat open Mouthed she got up walked over and said its a lot thicker too The next was a shook bet he fucks better than my dad too, I looked at her and asked has he fucked you she smiled and said yep ever since I was 10 he fucks me in every hole I have and he has screwed Kelly too she loved it when he did her they other week I was stunned looked over to Kelly were she shrugged her shoulder and grinned at me. Loved it she said he had me twice, that was my undoing as I starred at Kelly, Lisa had lent over me and had opened her mouth and started to suck me I was astonished she was a pro

Kelly part 2

I sat as Lisa began to suck me she had taken me deep all in one go it had been quite a while since I had sex and this 15 yr old had been taught well

As she was sucking me she snaked her tongue around my cock, I sat there staring at Kelly she watched as Lisa was sucking me she smiled and asked could she have some too I said no its bad enough letting Lisa it would be even worse if you were to touch me, I tried to say about incest but couldn’t make a sound Lisa was doing such a job on me I was about to cum I said I was cuming to pull off she tilted her head up towards my face and just continued, With that I started to cum I blow a fair amount but Lisa managed to keep it all in her mouth,

She got up as my cock began to shrink walked over to Kelly and kissed her as she kissed her I saw her give her some of my cum I watched in awe as Kelly took it rolled it about her mouth she opened her mouth with it on her tongue showed me it closed her mouth and swallowed , she said not bad dad its not Sex hikayeleri as salty as Pete’s (Lisa’s) dad

I sat there with my cock flaccid and watched as the 2 girls kissed each other, I cant believe my girl was as far into sex as she was.

I recovered and after while got up and wondered into the kitchen I made a coffee and 2 hot chocolates for the girls my head was going mad thinking about what had occurred I felt guilty as hell and couldn’t believe I had let someone as young to touch me never mind giving me a bj.

I went back into the lounge with the drinks as I went in I saw the girls giggling together Kelly looked at me with a look that could melt stone and smiled she asked if I had enjoyed myself I said yes but it shouldn’t have happened, I feel guilty about it she said don’t Lisa loved doing you and she wants more from you I said no never again, “Ha famous last words”.

I sat in my chair thinking about everything I had seen and done it didn’t take long and my cock started growing I twisted around in my chair as though I was watching the t.v. and keeping from the girls my rigid cock I stared blankly at the t.v. as I mused about things I turned to Kelly and said we had better get to the doctors and get you on the pill before you have an accident.

Lisa piped in and said told you he’s not like my dad he just fucks me to get me pregnant I said do you want a baby, she said not yet in another few years perhaps, I asked her if she wanted to talk to her dad, she replied would you I don’t want to stop having sex but would like it even more without a baby I said I would.

I told the girls to get ready for bed they shrugged and made there way upstairs and went into the bathroom,
I made sure everything was safe and tidied up put the dirty pots in the dishwasher and made Sikiş hikayeleri my way to bed, as I got on the landing the girls came out the bathroom both naked as usual I looked at them and thought I would never think of them as innocent girls again bouncy tits and asses as they skipped along to Kelly’s bedroom what a pair one with pale skin and Kelly pale skin and Kelly with a permanent tan both little beauties though.

I went through to my bathroom stripped and got under the shower dried myself went through to my bedroom climbed into bedand laid trying to get to sleep no chance I couldn’t get the image of Kelly out of my head as she was sucking and being fucked dreaming it was my cock in her and fucking her hard,

I heard some noise coming from the landing got up and walked down to Kelly’s bedroom opened the door they were sprawled over the bed saw me I asked them to be quiet and to go to sleep as I walked back to my bedroom I noticed I had my erection as I walked it swayed from side to side I wondered to my self how long it had been there before going in to Kelly’s bedroom or while I was looking at them or after I came out, I climbed into my bed and had to have a wank I knew I could not get to sleep with a throbbing boner I had it didn’t take long thinking about the two girls bodies and how I would love to fuck them what an imagination I had how I came it was my third in as many hours I didn’t realise I had so much cum in me.

I eventually dropped of to sleep with cum drying on my stomach and chest.

I woke up the following morning with a mouth over my cock or so I thought but didn’t move as I believed it to be my imagination until I heard a gagging noise I opened my eyes to see a head of jet black hair moving up and down on my cock I either couldn’t or didn’t want to move and spoil Erotik hikaye the sensation I was feeling I realised it was Kelly and how I wanted her to suck me and swallow everything as she continued to suck me I reached out and began to fondle her pussy she was wet through I moved my fingers from her pussy to my mouth and tasted her juices god she was sweet how I enjoyed the taste.
Lifted her upwards away from my cock and twisted her so I could take her cunt to my mouth I pushed my tongue deep getting a full taste of her for the first time, she never said a word although she mound aloud she trough her head back and shook I continued lapping and plunging my tongue in she shook and trmbled and through her head back shivered shock and collapased over me I knew she had orgasmed I picked her up laid her on her back opened her legs climed between them and pushed my cock to her opening

I thrust into her hard my full length travelled inside her my balls slapped her ass I held myself there for a few seconds enjoying the heat I slowly pulled out and drove myself in again she squealed and shuddered I did this for some time then slowed my pace and twisted my body as I slowly moved in and out all this time she was squeaking and panting I wasn’t going to last much longer so I sped up pumping in and out, Kelly’s back arched she was cuming again I was about to follow her I realised I had no rubber on pulled out just as I was cuming and sprayed her from her belly to lips string after string of cum flowed she lay there looking at my cock she struggled to sit up reached over as the last of my cum was leaving my cock opened her mouth took the cum and my cock inside her mouth and sucked my dry

What a feeling I know it had been a while since I had sex but nothing had ever felt as good her tight hat cunt had been the best I had ever had I had lost my will to her I was a perv so I thought I could have cried if it hadn’t been so good,,,

To be continued if asked for

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