My Colleague Ava


My colleague Ava

I always enjoyed being a sports teacher. I have worked at public schools before. I got married at 28, and one year later I was accepted at a private international high school, where I have been working for five years now. Growing up, I always played sports, especially football. That helped me have an attractive body. At 34, I still try to maintain that body, but to be honest, being a father, a husband, and having a full-time job is not easy. Sometimes I try to run (when I have a little bit of free time), and very, very rarely, play football.

My close friends always made comparisons between me and Cesc Fabregas.

I met my wife at one of my games. She was standing in the stands with some of my high school friends. After the game, they introduced us, and the rest is history.

Marital life is not easy, especially when you have children. At first, everything seems fine, but soon you realize that life is not like in the movies.

After my wife gave birth, our sex life changed dramatically. We barely have sex, if I may say once a month. But since I trained all my life, I also had a lot of sexual intercourse.

I guess I’m used to having sex all the time. So this was new to me. But very soon, I adapted to this style of life.

Everything changed when I met a new colleague, who started working this year at our school.

Her name was Ava. Man, she was hot!

The first day she came, she was wearing a black skirt, a dark blue shirt with a “V” opening at her neck, and leather black stiletto heels. She was blonde with golden hair, sky-colored eyes, and very beautiful lips. When she smiled, her white teeth immediately caught my attention!

Hi, I’m Ava, the new Biology teacher (and she extended her hand towards me, trying to introduce herself).

Her beauty left me without words. I cleared my throat and extended my hand:

Hi, I’m Luke, the sports teacher.

It was very nice to meet you, Luke (and she continued to introduce herself to other colleagues).

As she walked near me, I could only scent her aroma. She smelled incredible. I swear other colleagues must have noticed that I’m speechless My best friend (Ed), the other sports teacher, smiled at me and approached me, whispering, “Everyone is watching you.”

After a while, Ava continued to speak to other colleagues. In the meantime, I checked her from a distance. She surely took very good care of herself, very beautiful 34D sized boobs, very shaped legs, round and strong ass, not the type of jelly ass, I hate them!

Then the bell rang, and we apologized to ourselves and went to our classrooms. While we were walking, Ed said: “I know she was hot, but man, come on, you are married. You can’t look into her like that. The other colleagues will start to have a bad impression of you.

You are right (and I didn’t say anything else until we entered the sports hall).

Throughout the day, I couldn’t concentrate on my work; all I could think about was Ava. It was so obvious that I hadn’t had sex for a long time since I was so horny!

The following days were normal. After Ava was introduced to her students, we continued our work, and we rarely met in the teachers’ office.

One day, on lunch break, I was in the teachers’ office because that day I had eaten something earlier and I was not eating at lunch break. After a while, Ava came into the office; she had just eaten. I greeted her, and she sat down in front of me.

How do you like it here? (I asked her

Very well, the colleagues seemed so nice and they were very helpful.

very good. Have you worked somewhere else before? (I continued).

–No, actually, this is my first job. I always wanted to start working, but my husband was always against it.

– Why?

When we got married, I was 29 years old, and soon we had children. We got a boy and a girl, and he always wanted me to take care of them. Now, since they’ve grown up a little bit, I thought it was time to start something new.

very Pendik Escort good. So how old are your children, 1 and 2 years old? (I smiled while I asked, teasing her about her age.)

-Haha, no, actually, they are 5 and 6. If you wonder how old I am, well I’m 38!

What is it? (I asked in disbelief). You cannot be older than me, at least you don’t look older than me!

-Why, how old are you, Luke?


-Well, you don’t seem so bad yourself!

(Was she hitting on me? Am I missing something?

Well, I try to train a little bit. At least I like to look like a sports teacher. But what about you? Do you train for something?

Yes, I try to train at least 3 times per week.

-You are doing a great job. I can see it from your body. You look fit!

(Blushing)-Wow, thank you for your compliments, Luke.

I’m just telling the truth (I smiled, and just then, another colleague entered the office).

Have a great day, Ava, and we will see each other around (I told her as I left the office).

(Wow, I must do something to have more time with her).

Every time we met each other, she gave me a flirtatious look and a desirable smile. But that was all, until one day, the principal came to our office and informed us about a seminar that we were going to have. The topic of the seminar was a collaboration between the subjects, and we would have to work in pairs.

The day of the seminar came, and as soon as we got to the class, our principal told us to sit in pairs. Since sports are very close to biology, I asked Ava: “Would you mind if I sat with you? I think our subjects connect very well.”

Not at all, Luke, let’s sit together.

(My heart was racing. I finally sat down near Ava. I must do something to try to get her.

-Finally, we can talk freely (and I smiled).

“Yes,” she said and raised her eyebrows.

So how is your life going, Ava?

-I thought we would talk about the seminar with Luke. (And she started to smile)

-We will, later. First, I want to spend the time wisely and try to make you feel comfortable.

-Wow, thank you, Luke. You are such a gentleman.

-I have my moments. But also, there are times when I am not so gentlemanly…

I have my doubts (she responded).

Seriously? How so?

“Well, you are at the peak of your career, great looking, married with children…” (she teased me smiling)

Sure, but not so much for the final one!

What do you mean, Luke?

-Common now, Ava, you know how married life is…

-Boring, you mean?! (She interrupted me.)

Yes, I mean, it’s OK, but you know yourself. Also, here at work, I don’t have anyone to really share my thoughts with.

Well, you have it now!

I paused for a while.

How do you spend your free time, Ava?

What can I say, Luke? You know how it is with kids…

-I wasn’t asking for your kids. Ava, I asked for you.

Nothing much, alone… trying to train sometimes, and that’s it.

I kind of find out that you train from your looks, but why alone? Where is your husband?

He has a company. Or better yet, say he owns the company and has a lot of money. That is why he never wanted me to work.

Do you have a pic of him?

Sure (smiling, and starting to open her phone)

When I saw the pic, I asked myself, “How on earth can an old man like him have a lady like Ava?”

Okay. I don’t know him.

Yeah, he is a little older than me…

(Then I immediately stopped talking about him, so the main focus was on her.)

-I would like to train you in some exercises, but I’m afraid of your husband now. (smiling)

-Haha, very funny.

-Since he has a lot of money, maybe he would pay someone to kill me for trying to spend time with you. Who knows?

Well, he doesn’t have to know!

(OMG, did she say that?)

I like the sound of that. Can I have your number so we can arrange a meeting with this beautiful lady?

Do Kurtköy Escort you think I’m a beautiful lady?

-And sexy AF too!

(She just froze and then said, “Write it down, and I’ll be waiting for your text tonight.”

OK, boss.

Then we chatted a little bit about the seminar, but surely we could feel the heat between us. I wanted to fuck her brains out, and she did as well.

Around 10 o’clock, I picked up my phone and texted Ava.

Hey Ava, it’s Luke. Sorry to write you this late, but I wanted to check if you got the paper for the seminar.

It didn’t take her long to answer.

Do you really want me to talk about the seminar at this time of night?

-Haha, no, I just assumed you were with your husband at the time.

-Aren’t you with your wife?!

I couldn’t wait anymore, so I made my move.

The problem is, I respect her so much that I’m about to do to you!

I waited for her answer for about 10 minutes. All that time, I thought: “shit, I messed it up.” She is going to ignore me. But then a picture came to me. OMG, she took a picture of herself in front of the mirror wearing high sandals, a cream robe, underneath a grey g-string, and a demi bra. Then, immediately, she wrote

Do you think you can scare me?

Holy shit. She was so hot. Her body was so perfectly shaped, her tits hanging semi-out, I wanted to stop watching the picture.

Then I answered.

I think we’ll have to find out.

— Luke, It’s been months since my husband hasn’t touched me with his hands, let alone done something else. When I first saw you, I developed a crush instantly. If I’m going to commit a sin, I want it to be with you. Besides, I have needs, as you can see.

Lucky me. Can we meet up this weekend privately?

Yes, Saturday afternoon. Just tell me the place.


I couldn’t speak anymore. I opened the picture again and started to masturbate.

On Friday night, I wrote to her again. She wrote me back, and I just sent her the location of the hotel. She told me she couldn’t wait.

I was watching from the window of the room when Ava came with her car from the parking lot of the hotel. She opened the door and got out of the car. She was wearing a beautiful summer dress, just above her knees, dark green with a lot of colored flowers, and a pair of beautiful black high sandals.

Just when she opened the door to the room, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her beautiful boobs stood free in her dress.

-I told you. You can’t scare me (and she smiled).

Sure thing. But I may please both of us today. What do you have to say about that?

-I came for fun today.

I didn’t say anything else. I just grabbed her waist and started kissing her slowly. I ran one hand through her hair and grabbed her ass with the other one. I started to use my tongue, but soon I realized that she has a massive tongue, and she eagerly used it.

“Wow, you have an amazing ass, strong and very shaped” (as I grabbed her ass with both my hands).

I try to train sometimes.

I continued to kiss her through her neck, behind her ear, and then I opened her boobs and started to lick her beautiful tits.

As I licked her nipples, I started to unzip her dress, then I removed her dress starting from her shoulders. Then, with a soft pull, her dress fell off. I just stared at her now in her purple thongs.

-Wow. That’s a nice piece of cake right there.

Well, are you just going to stare?

I waited no more. I started kissing her again with more passion.

Then she continued again with her beautiful tits. I sucked her nipples and with my hands, I grabbed her beautiful, firm ass. After a while, I started to touch her pussy but without removing the thong. She started to moan. Then I grabbed her and laid her on the bed. I kissed her legs slowly until I reached for her pussy. I removed her thong to the side. She was waxed, and her pussy was already wet. I started to Ümraniye Escort lick her. I filled her hole with my tongue before returning to her clitoris.

Oh, please Luke, put your fingers inside me.

I did as I was instructed.

-Ahhh. Yes, Luke, exactly like that. Yesss…

I continued to fill her with my fingers and my tongue until she came on my face. She was shaking with pleasure.

Wow, Luke. I have forgotten how it is to be eaten down there. But now I think it’s my turn. (And she got up and I laid on the bed, as she started to remove my jeans and then my boxers.)

I was already hard for her. The moment my dick came out of my boxers, it smashed against my stomach.

Wow, I surely didn’t expect that. How big is it?

-8 inches.

-mmm, it brings me back some good memories. I think I’m going to enjoy it a little now, so why don’t you rest your head on the pillow and enjoy the view (and she winked at me)?

She raised her ass very high and bent forwards towards my dick.

What I view.

-I told you.

She grabbed my dick with her hand and just stared at him for a while. She looked up and down until she took her massive tongue out and started licking me from my balls up to the head of my dick. She did the same move five to six times until it became a little wet. Then she opened her mouth and started to move her head up and down.

It’s too big for my mouth, but I told you, you can’t scare me (and she winked at me again and tried to take me all in her mouth).

She was doing a great job as she took more than half. She was eager to take me all in. Every time she goes further

Maybe you need a little help (I told her, then I grabbed her hair and started to push her head down).

She almost got it all in her throat, but she started to gag and I let her go.

-Wow, you are big Luke. (and started to wank me and lick the head of my dick, then continued to talk and suck at the same time) -I… Really… Needed… This… (then she continued to take me all in her throat).

I started to move a little bit, then she removed her hands from her ass and started to take down the thongs. I fucked her throat more intensively now.

I think that that ass is determined to be fucked.

Well, it’s all yours, Luke.

I got up and pulled her closer to the corner of the bed. She dropped her head on the bed, and her ass was ready for me. I teased her a little bit with the head of my coock. I started to fuck her only with the head. Come on Luke, don’t tease me anymore. Push it all in, please. Then, with one thrust, my dick disappeared into Ava’s ass.

-Ahhhhh (she moaned). Her pussy was so wet. I started to fuck her slowly until I reached a tempo where her ass was making a beautiful sound slapping against my stomach.

That’s it, Luke. Don’t stop now. You are going to make me cum again. I grabbed her hands and I tied them behind her back, and I fucked her faster now.

-Ohhh yesssss… (as she came all over my dick again).

I gradually slowed the rhythm until I took my cup off her pussy.

Stand up and ride me (she got up and saw the juicy cream all over my dick)

I will, but I need to clean it first (and I started to suck my coock. She again tried to take me all in.

-I never thought you were this dirty, Ava. It seems like your husband is missing a lot of things.

-I was a bad girl in college. As for my husband, if he doesn’t take care of me, I’ll take care of myself (and she started to ride me like crazy).

“That’s it, Ava, fuck yourself.” Come on, you can go faster, come on.

-Ah yes, yes (as she was going faster now).

I grabbed her waist and started to fuck her faster. Then I rolled her over on her back and we were fucking missionary.

I think I’m close to Ava. Don’t move (and I took off my coock and burst all my sperm against her stomach).

-Mmm, next time, tell me earlier. I wanted my boobs.

I thought you would say it on your face (and I started laughing).

I have never tried that. Maybe we will, who knows?

We both laid on the bed to cool off.

Ava:-Not a word to anyone, ok?!

-Of course, but when will we see each other again?

The same day, same time, same hotel.


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