My Cellulite Mistress Ch. 05

Alexandra Daddario

Tuesday would have been a normal day at work except for the fact that Tonya made me wear a lacy pair of panties under my slacks. This was the first time that she made me wear panties out of the house. They kept me hard and horny most of the day since I had not cum for a while.

When I got home from work Tonya was very excited to see me. She gave me a big wet juicy kiss and I enjoyed the feeling of her fat black lips mashed against mine. We made out for a few minutes and I just melted into Tonya’s fat and cellulite. This is what I loved about her. She was so soft and my body just kind of got enveloped into her folds. It felt so good.

“We have to get you ready for Rick.” Tonya explained, breaking that awesome makeout session, “He is going to come over at eight and I promised him that he could have your ass.”

I was so frightened but wanted to please my fat wife who filled me with the most delicious shame and love. She led me to the bathroom by the hand where she made me strip. Tonya then removed my cock cage and reapplied the Nair to remove the stubble that had grown in the last four days. I enjoyed it as she lovingly rubbed it all over my body and into my most private places. My cock was dripping precum and she made me scoop it up and swallow it down.

Tonya then asked me if I had to poop. I told her that I had already pooped on company time a few hours ago. She then surprised me by taking an enema bulb out of the vanity drawer. She had me step into the shower while she filled it up with warm water and applied some KY to the long nozzle.

Tonya also undressed and joined me in the shower with the enema. She pushed it up my ass and I could feel the warm jets of water spraying out into my ass. She commanded me to hold it in while she filled it up another four times and repeated the process. By now I was starting to cramp so she let me run to the toilet to expel it. Looking into the toilet I saw that there were some small pieces of feces and that the water was pretty brown.

Tonya had me come back to the shower again and refilled me with another five bulbs of the enema. This time when I ran to the toilet no fecal mater came out and the water was just a little off color. She repeated filling me twice more but these times I just unloaded in the shower and the expelled water seemed to be totally clear.

We then both enjoyed a nice hot shower while lathering each other up. Tonya pinned me against the wall with her cellulite and made out with me some more, telling me how much she loved me. I felt so secure and loved. I loved her completely and would do anything for her, even get fucked by Rick if it made her happy! When we finished the shower, I dried her off making sure to get between each lovely roll of fat. Tonya then dried me off and I really had to concentrate not to cum when she dried my crotch. I knew there would be hell to pay for if I did.

When we were both dry, Tonya went and got some ice cubes. She had me hold them around my cock so that it would shrink and go back into the cage. I really regretted my loss of sexual freedom but in a weird way I liked it because it proved my commitment to Tonya and reminded me constantly that she owned my ass.

Once the cage was back on We rubbed lotion onto each other and got dressed. We both wore black thigh high stockings and garters, over the garters we wore lacy black panties. Tonya had a huge bra and I had a padded one. Both of us put on sundresses and we zipped the backs up for each other. Once we were dressed Tonya applied my make up and then hers. Man, we looked hot and I felt hot!

Since it was only seven thirty Tonya had me pour a couple glasses of wine and we sat down on the couch to sip it as we waited for Rick. I knew that Tonya would not let me make out with her because she wanted to keep our make up fresh for our man, but I just could not keep my hands off her fat cellulite. I lifted up the hem of her sundress and lightly stroked and squeezed the inside of her huge fat thigh that, was closest to me.

“I love that you can’t keep your hands off me baby.” She stated, “You make me feel more desirable than I ever felt when I was young, much thinner and beautiful. I love you for it. I also love that you will let me have fun with strong burly men. I would never want to marry one of them, but I need to get pounded good on a regular basis. I truly love you for it and I am so happy that you are now going to get to feel how good it is to be fucked by a real man.”

I felt so ashamed of myself. Here I was a good looking, young man in my prime, with great earning power and no desire to be used as a plaything for a blue-collar man. I was dressed like a girl, wearing a cock cage and married to an obese black woman twice my age with only a fifth of my earning capability. I burned with shame and I knew deep down that it was my calling. It was where I was meant to be. The cage was almost cutting into the flesh of my cock I was trying to get hard so bad!

We sat like that Anadolu Yakası Escort for a while, me just feeling Tonya’s huge masses of cellulite on the inside of her thigh, and Tonya petting me and telling me how great it is to get fucked by a real man.

At seven fifty the doorbell rang, and I went up to get it. I could see that it was Rick through the peep hole and let him in. He looked me over up and down and almost bored into me. It did not make me feel comfortable, so I mentioned to him that he was early.

“Well, why wouldn’t I be early for a chance to fuck a hot piece of ass like you!” He sneered.

Tonya waddled up and kissed Rick on the lips. He pushed her away.

“Now why would I want to play around with you when I got this hot young thing here that I can take advantage of?” He stated to Tonya.

I closed the door and we all walked to the sofa. Rick told Tonya that today she was just going to be watching because he wanted to enjoy me and be able to brag about it to his friends. I felt like an object, as I went to get Rick a cold beer from the refrigerator.

Handing it to him he asked, “Should we get started?” He took a long chug and put it down on the arm of the sofa.

Rick then unbuckled his belt and pushed both his pants and underwear down around his knees. He sat down on the edge of the sofa and took another swig of beer.

“Well, don’t just stand there, girl. Get these boots and pants off and get to work pleasuring me!” He commanded as he raised his feet off the floor.

With butterflies batting their wings in my stomach, I quickly pulled his boots off and then his pants and underwear. When he spread his knees open I saw a thick cock and huge balls. I was kind of in shock. Even though I had cleaned his cock last Friday it had come right out of Tonya’s gash. Now it was just in front of me and I didn’t have a desire to touch it.

“Well, get to work girl!” Rick snarled, snapping me out of my reverie.

I got down on my knees between his legs and grabbed his semi hard cock. I fondled it some, both in fear and curiosity. While fondling it and exploring its velvety soft texture it started growing. Soon it was totally hard, about eight inches long and about two inches in diameter. It was a massive specimen of male-hood and I could see why Tonya loved it.

Rick scooted forward some on the sofa and grabbed my head pulling it down in the direction of his cock. I knew that I didn’t have a choice, so I just opened my mouth and it was stuffed with a huge cock. It felt soft and hard at the time time and tasted clean, so I just naturally started rubbing the underside of it with my tongue. The surprising thing is that as much as I was humiliated by what I was doing it felt nice. It tasted good and I loved the soft and yet hard texture of it. I inserted it deeper and was rewarded with a moan from Rick.

“Yeah, that’s it, girl!” He moaned, “Work it like you were made to!”

I started really working on his cock. Bobbing my head up and down and speeding up the rubbing of my tongue on the underside of his shaft. It was getting easier now that it was covered in my spit and I found myself really enjoying the task. I grabbed the sides of Rick’s ass cheeks and just worked that monster the way I liked it when Tonya used to suck me off. I was hooked! This was fun and the shame of what I was doing was even better! I realized that this was where I belonged and would always be willing to suck cock from now on!

“Whoa, slow down girl!” Rick exclaimed, pulling me off his cock by my hair. “I want to enjoy this and not have it over in just a few minutes. Why don’t you work on my nuts some? Let me cool down but still enjoy it!”

I was sad to have his big cock out of my mouth but looked forward to sucking on his balls. Rick scooted all the way forward on the couch so that his balls were hanging over the edge and then just leaned back like he was a Roman Emperor. I leaned down and just sucked on some of the scrotum. Now I could really smell his manly musky scent, and this rammed home the shameful thing that I was doing. Realizing that I had a big burly man’s scrotum in my mouth made my stomach churn. This was more humiliating than mouthing Tonya’s herniated asshole! I loved the debasement and precum oozed out of my caged cock soaking my panties.

I just sucked on the skin of his balls for a few minutes. I guess Rick was getting tired of this because he told me to not be shy and to take a whole nut in. I opened up wide and sucked a whole ball in. If fit perfectly in my mouth and I lathered it with my tongue. I couldn’t believe how good it felt in my mouth and it tasted good too. I could have done without the hair but it reminded me that I had a man’s nut in my mouth so I was glad that it was there! I rolled it around in my mouth some and sucked on it gently, while continuously stroking it with my tongue. It was soft, and I could taste Ricks manly muskiness. It was not much different physically Kartal Escort than Tonya’s fat outer Labia and I enjoyed it. After a few minutes I switched to the other nut and lathered it in love too.

“That’s great but get back up to my cock now.” Rick commanded.

I released his nut and licked all the way up the shaft and put his head back in my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Tonya frigging herself. She caught me looking at her.

“That is so sexy baby!” She exclaimed, “I will reward you tonight.”

I was so proud of myself for making my wife happy but right now I had to please Rick, so I concentrated on his cock. While I was sucking on his balls a lot of precum had gathered in his shaft and it all oozed out into my mouth now. I loved my own precum and Rick’s was just as good, so I gobbled it down. I slowly worked more and more of his cock into my mouth as I got it wet again with my saliva.

Soon I felt the head of his cock at the back of my throat and I was still a few inches away from his pubes. I loved the way Tonya used to deep throat me, so I made it my goal to do the same to Rick. I started bobbing down harder and I could feel his head pushing into my esophagus. This caused me to gag so I slowed down a little, but Rick had caught on to what I was trying to do. He now grabbed my hair and on the next bob down he held me tight and didn’t let me back up. At first, I felt like I was going to cough and choke but after a few seconds I regained my composure. Rick relaxed his pressure on my hair and I bobbed back up again and took a big breath of air. He now pushed my head back down again and did it hard. I felt his head actually go past the entrance to my throat! I almost panicked and thought I was going to throw-up but once again after a few seconds I regained my composure. On the third bob down his head went into my throat even farther but I was still and inch away from his pubes. I still felt like I had to choke but I did not panic this time. Rick held my head there for about ten seconds before letting back up. I took a couple of deep breaths and then I bobbed down real fast. I felt my nose burry itself into his pubes and hit his pelvic bone! I though I was going to choke but I just held my breath while he held my head down tightly.

“This is great!” I head Rick moan, “You are even better than your wife! I am going to be using you a lot from now on!”

I was so proud of myself! I could see Tonya with her hand down her panties frigging herself furiously. I was glad I was turning her on. I would do anything for her even against my will. This was turning out to be fun!

Rick kept up the pace. He would let me get a deep breath or two and then he held my head down on his cock, with it completely impaled in my esophagus for about ten seconds. Sometimes my nose felt crushed against his pubic bone and the hairs tickled my cheeks, but I was doing it! I was deep-throating a huge cock!

Then he got more frantic. Rick sped up the pace not even letting me breath. He thrusted in and out of my poor throat about a dozen times real fast and then just held my head down. I could feel his cock swell and pulse as he let out a huge groan.

I felt his cum in my throat and then he pulled out so that just his cock was in my mouth. I felt his cum flooding over my tongue and I enjoyed that taste. I didn’t swallow but let it roll around in my mouth like I would a fine single malt. Man was it good! I guess Rick got too sensitive because he pulled his cock totally out of my mouth and blasted my face twice.

I swallowed down the cum that I had in my mouth and quickly took his cock-head back into my mouth to get the big bead of seamen that was at his slit. I savored the taste and wanted more! That is when Tonya waddled over and scooped the cum off my cheek and fed it to me. It was even tastier because it was off her chubby fingers.

“Baby that was hot! Tonya exclaimed, she then said to Rick, “I hope you can get it back up because I want to see you take his ass! He needs to learn what it is to be a real woman!”

“Don’t worry, Tonya” Rick replied, “His ass is to fine and tight for me to miss out on. Let’s have a drink or two and I will take his ass next.”

“Why don’t you get us some more beers.” Tonya commanded.

I went to the kitchen and when I returned with three cans of beer I saw Tonya and Rick making out on the sofa. I was jealous as hell, but I was happy that my wife was in a real man’s arms, being ravished as she needed. I opened all the beers and set them on the stand at the side of the sofa. I then sat down on the floor between Rick’s legs and licked another bead of cum off the end of his cock. It was soft now, so I just inserted one of his nuts into my mouth and sucked on it gently.

“That’s it, ladies!” Rick exclaimed, “That’s how you treat your man!”

In some perverse way it made be proud to be called a lady. At that moment I also felt a real close bond to my wife. Maltepe Escort We were sharing a big burly man together! Tonya and Rick alternated between making out and sipping their beer, while I alternated between nuts and beer. I thought of it as having beernuts!

By the time we had finished our beers Rick was getting hard again. He suggested that we go into the bedroom. Once we were there he told Tonya to take off her panties.

“I don’t like using store bought lubes.” Rick stated, “I am going to lube up my cock in her cunt and fuck your girly ass with your wife’s natural lube.”

Tonya removed her panties and her dress and laid over the edge or our bed. I was enthralled by her huge round ass globes. They were all rippled with cellulite, but the rick dark black skin was smooth. I could also see her fat pussy, peaking out between the bottom of those big round masses of chocolate flesh. It already glistened with moistness and I could smell her excitement.

Rick walked up behind her and slapped those big orbs a few times. As I heard the loud cracks of the slaps and saw all her flesh move in slow waves from the force I experienced the most humiliating jealousy. I wish it was me with my hands on that fat ass! I loved her with all my heart and I would do anything for her!

“Get on your knees beside her.” Rick commanded, “I want you to see me penetrate her first hand, so you know what you will be getting.”

With that Rick lined up his cock and sunk it all the way into her with one hard thrust. His pelvis melted into her huge orbs and I knew how soft they must feel for him. He was so lucky! It had been a while since she let me penetrate her and I was burning with jealousy. Rick thrust in and out a few times and removed his cock and pointed it at my face.

“Clean her juices off me slut!” he barked.

I gladly took his cock down my mouth and sucked all her wetness off. It was delicious, and I loved doing it! For the next ten minutes Rick alternated between fucking Tonya and making me suck her juices off. He then just fucked her for a few minutes and she had a hard orgasm. I could see her rolls of fat contract and sway as she clenched up in her bliss. Rick then ordered me over the bed next to her.

I laid on my stomach, with my legs hanging over the bed, next to my fat wife, looking into her face and she held my hand.

“Baby, I am now going to witness your shameful deflowering and I will be right here next to you.” She whispered to me, “I am so proud of you and love you for it! Enjoy it and know that after this you are truly going to be my sissy!”

I could see Rick scooping up a few fingers full of her wetness and then I felt him smearing it on my asshole. He rubbed it some and scooped up some more from Tonya’s leaking gash. I now felt a finger work its way into me. It felt like the fox tail but plug that Tonya made me wear sometimes but it had a hard fingernail and the rest of it was softer. Rick scooped up a few more fingers full of her cream and worked it into my hole. Now his finger was going in deeply and it felt nice.

“I hope you are ready bitch because here it comes!” Rick grunted, as he penetrated Tonya with a few more strokes, to lube up his cock I suppose.

He then stepped behind me and could feel his large soft, but Iron hard cock on my hole. His fingering did not prepare me for the initial entry and I felt searing pain. I grabbed Tonya’s hand tightly and winced. I must give Rick credit though, because he did not force it in more. He just held the head in my hole and gave me a few seconds to get used to it. When he saw that I relaxed some, he started small rocking thrusts. It still hurt as he slowly worked his huge cock into me but that sharp searing pain had dissipated.

I felt an incredible fulness as Rick’s pelvic bone contacted my ass-cheeks. The feeling was beyond anything that I had ever felt before. Ten times more intense than that pleasurable feeling before taking a dump, a complete fullness and more than anything a burning sense of shame that a man was using my ass, as he would use a woman’s!

Once Rick was fully in my ass he just held it there. I enjoyed the pressure of his pelvic bone on my cheeks and the front of his thighs on the back of my thighs. I had reopened my eyes and I stared into Tonya’s big black eyes. She grasped my hind tightly smiling like an excited schoolgirl.

Rick only gave me a few seconds to enjoy my shameful situation before pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in. It hurt. Not too bad though. With each stroke it hurt less, and a rich pleasurable feeling started taking over. I could feel all the stickiness building on the bedcover as my soft caged cock drooled precum. Rick read the change and started pounding me harder and faster. I loved it! I could not believe I had waited this long to let a man fuck me! It felt so much better than fucking a pussy! I was made for this! I knew, at that point, that I was more gay than strait and I was at peace with myself.

I moaned loudly at the pleasure of Rick’s masterful fucking. If I was not laying across the bed I would have been thrusting back at Rick to greedily get more of his wonderful cock inside of me. The hard smacks of his hips against my ass were even great!

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