My Biggest Fantasy Right Now


Currently my biggest fantasy starts after recently having topped my gf and left her a sore yet satisfied quivering mess after a full day of fucking her with every toy imaginable.

After that I’d love to be working in her back yard, mowing the lawn or doing our garden or whatever and I don’t hear her coming up behind me. I’d love to suddenly feel her wrap her arms around me and squish her breasts up against my back letting me feel her hard nipples and piercings push into me.

As I start to get turned on as I realize that she’s not wearing a bra, suddenly she undoes my pants and yanks them down. Before I can even say anything I hear a cap on a bottle open and right as I start to say “Babe..” I feel the cool wetness of the lube as she starts pushing a massive toy into me. We’ve played with toys before and she knows I love them but this thing is bigger than anything I’ve ever taken.

Slowly but surely she starts pushing it into me but at the same time she reaches up İstanbul Escort and puts a collar on me, then nipple clamps (possibly vibrating) then she puts a cock pump on me and pumps it up fully. (If I was able to think I’d realize that there’s no way she could be holding all of this stuff on her own, but I’m still new to sex and it easily overwhelms my autistic brain. As she continues to push this massive dildo (possibly a horse dildo) deeper into me she reaches down and grabs my balls and puts a ball stretcher collar on them keeping them from sucking up inside me.

So I’m standing there and my girlfriend is pushing this incredibly huge toy into me further and further without even saying a word to me. Then suddenly she finally hilts it inside of me giving me a moment to rest and adjust. That moment also allows my brain to slightly start working again and as I stand there with my legs quickly turning to Jello, I try once again to say something and Kadıköy Escort “Ba..” is all that comes out before she pulls back six inches and slams it right back in about making me fall over and making me gasp. This starts her fucking me better than I’ll ever be able to her. (back and hip issues) She just keeps fucking me with the last six inches of it before then pulling out further and fucking it back in harder and faster until she’s absolutely pounding me as hard as she can and I can hardly even stay standing and breathing let alone think to look around or anything.

Then as I’m just about to cum, purely from her pounding my ass, she suddenly stops and takes off the harness, inverting it and strapping the toy fully inside me. And as quickly and quietly as she arrived she’s gone back into the house without a word, leaving me standing there in the yard with my pants around my ankles, this impossibly huge toy balls deep inside of me and my brain barely able Ataşehir Escort to function.

It takes me probably ten minutes to catch my breath and remotely able to comprehend what just happened, realizing that I’m also bareassed in the back yard able to be seen by any of her neighbors, but also feeling the desperate need to cum. The toy is so big and deep that I can’t even bend over to pull my pants back up and I have to waddle into the house with my rock hard cock bobbing in the pump in front of me and this toy making walking exquisite torture as the fullness keeps pressing against my engorged prostate making me shudder and almost orgasm once again.. but our rule is we don’t make ourselves orgasm, only each other can so I have to continually stop every couple paces to keep from cuming. As it takes longer and longer I start to realize that her neighbors could be watching me, maybe the hot wife or her cute teen daughter seeing me being an absolute perv and seeing just how big my cock is.

It seems to take forever to make the quick trip back into the house without reaching orgasm or tripping over my pants. Just as I open the back door I realize that my ordeal is far from over.. and I couldn’t be happier to have such a hot, kinky girlfriend.

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