My Best Friend’s Dad

Adriana Chechik

The summer heat is driving me a little nuts. Trying to manage my horniness through these sexual fantasies. Thanks for checking them out.

Everyone is at least 18 years of age


It had been about a week since my best friend, Jim and his uncle, Dave, had ravaged my ass in Jim’s backyard. Jim’s visiting Uncle Dave had joined us in our tent for a nightcap on the last night of our weekend sleepovers. Jim and I were both off to separate out of town universities; Jim was leaving next week and I would be off a couple of weeks later. Little did we know how memorable this weekend was going to be! Somehow my young slender, relatively hairless body and my bubble butt made me a person of interest to a number of dirty older men and Jim’s Uncle Dave was no exception.

His uncle had brought out the drinks already mixed. As I realized later, Jim’s drink was laced with a strong soporific and he passed out shortly after downing it. Dave had laced mine with alcohol, leaving me feeling woozy and vulnerable. He wasted no time in seducing me and sucking my defenceless cock dry before proceeding to pound my bubble butt with his hard sausage and filling my bowels with his hot cum. As if that wasn’t enough, my best friend Jim, having woken up earlier than expected and witnessing his uncle have his way with me, decided that I was free for the taking and proceeded to give me a thorough fucking of his own.

Needless to say I was walking funny for a few days afterwards. I told my parents that I had strained my hamstrings in a game of touch football and, thankfully, they accepted my explanation. After two or three days my discomfort eased; now all that remained from my ass raping was a little itching and tingling to remind me of my humiliation. Jim had left for college and his uncle had gone back home. I was relieved not to be seeing either of them again before I too left for college.

“Michael! Jimmy’s father is on the phone for you.” My Mom’s voice called down into the rec room where I was laying on the couch in a pair of jean’s shorts and a flimsy T-shirt watching TV. My body stiffened. Jim’s father! Shit, was I in trouble? “Got it, Mom!” I yelled as I picked up the downstairs phone, my stomach doing flips and my heart pounding. “H-h-hello, Mr. Gordon” I stammered.

I was always a little nervous around Jim’s dad, anyway. He wasn’t a big guy, about 5’9″ tall; lean in a hard muscular way but he was a bully and not above giving his kids a smack in the head or intimidating their young friends (me) when they came around for a visit. He would fake punch me and laugh when I flinched. He would call me ‘Mikey’ and sometimes get me in a headlock or an arm lock and not let me go until I said ‘Uncle!’. Then he would give my ass a hard slap and laugh. “Gotcha!” as he let me go. Not my favourite person.

“Hi, Michael, how are you doing? All ready for the big college adventure?”

“Yes.” I replied, unable to think of anything else to say.

There was a slight pause and, I guess when he realized I wasn’t going to say more, he continued. “Listen, Mikey, Jim has left for college already as you know and my brother, Dave, has returned home so I don’t have anyone to help me with finishing up this garden project of mine. I was wondering whether you might be able to spare me a few hours of a little hard labour today. Give you a chance to earn a couple of bucks before you go.”

In my head I was screaming, “No! No! No!” I never wanted to see anyone in that family again for the rest of my life. However, I had been brought up to be an obedient little boy and I heard myself replying: “Um, sure, Mr. Gordon. What is it you want me to do?”

“Great! I need to go up into the bush near Caledon and dig up some plants to bring back down to the city. It should only take a few hours. Can you help me?”

I was relieved. No mention of what had transpired last week. “Yes, of course,” I exclaimed, my relief coming out in a whoosh. “Whatever you need!”

I heard Mr. Gordon chuckle a little at my enthusiasm. “Whatever I need, eh? Love your enthusiasm, Mikey. I’d like to get going right away if that works for you.”

“Sure. I’ll just let me Mom know and I’ll come right over. Do I need to bring anything?”

“Just that muscled body of yours.” he said warmly. I let my Mom know and headed across the road to where Mr. Gordon was already waiting in the car. As I was crossing the road a nervous awareness that I was a little scantily clothed in short denim shorts and a flimsy T-shirt shook me a little but I shrugged it off. This was just an innocent country excursion. No need to fear, I told myself.

The drive out of town took a little under two hours. Mr. Gordon asked me about my university plans and future goals. He showed no special interest in my body, keeping his eyes mostly on the road or the scenery outside the car. I felt relaxed, warmed by the sun flooding through the car windows.

“Here we are!” Mr. Gordon pulled off the road down an almost invisible dirt trail and parked the car. “We have to carry the shovels and stuff from here Ankara escort but it’s only a short hump.” We unloaded the car and headed down a fairly unused path. Mr. Gordon had me lead the way. “The path leads directly to where we are going,” he reassured me.

The trail rose and fell, at times a little steeply. A couple of times I was bent over almost on all fours as I made my way up the incline. I found myself flushing at these times and not just from the exertion. I was aware that my shorts were riding up and I could feel the soft pouches of my buns, shiny with sweat, exposing them to the warm sun. I also felt that I was giving Mr. Gordon a nice eyeful. The thought flooded me with a strange mixture of excitement and anxiety.

We reached a small grassy clearing by a slow moving river, the banks along the river spotted with large flat rocks warmed by a sun sitting high in a clear blue sky. We parked the food and water in the shade and picked up our shovels and burlap sacks and headed into the wooded glen. This time Mr. Gordon took the lead. “The bushes I want are just a little ways along.” he said his voice a little more raspy and edgy than it had been.

Soon we were digging and filling our sacks with the purloined bushes. The sweat was pouring off me and I stripped away my T-shirt as we progressed. Occasionally I was aware of Mr. Gordon taking in my young sweaty body. His eyes felt like they might burn holes in the slick flesh protruding from the bottom of my shorts. I worked a little harder to try and quell the growing sense of unease in the pit of my stomach.

“I think we’ve got enough.” With those words we gathered our bags of plants and our shovels and headed back to the secluded clearing. I guzzled back my water so fast that it overflowed and ran down my heaving chest cutting rivulets through the accumulated dirt and grime. I was looking longingly at the running stream wanting to cool down my overheated muscles.

Mr. Gordon read my look and said: “Damn! We should have brought our swimsuits!” I laughed. “Yeah, that would have been perfect.”

“Hell, nobody is going to come across us here. Let’s go skinny dipping.” he said. Before I could raise any objections he had stripped off his own shorts and shoes and underwear and headed into the creek. I stood awkwardly with that old familiar feeling of wanting to hightail it out of the woods and run all the way back home. My eyes kept drifting down to take in his thick eight inch penis awakening in me a heady mix of curiosity and anxiety. “Come on, Mikey; don’t be a pussy. It’s just us guys here. No one is going to see you.”

“You are.” I thought but being trained to listen to my elders I began to disrobe, pulling off my sneakers and my dirty sweaty socks. Mr. Gordon was already in the water as I hesitated, my fingers on the button of my shorts. It was my turn to take in Mr. Gordon’s body. He was in as good shape as his brother, Dave. I surreptitiously scanned his muscled torso my eyes again drawn to the thick eight inch cock swinging between his legs. And, again I felt a strange rush of excitement and fear. I had to force myself to be casual and not to stare but I think he caught me looking.

Like his brother, Mr. Gordon was good at acting like he was ignoring my discomfort. “This is great!” he exclaimed, “Come on in, slowpoke.” He turned away as he slowly waded into a deep cool pool of water in the middle of the slow moving stream. I watched his buttocks flex as he stepped gingerly over the stones into the deeper water.

Shaking myself out of my fear I undid the button on my shorts and slowly lowered the zipper. Looking at Mr. Gordon’s naked torso had given me a bit of a chubby and made me even more reluctant to completely reveal my nubile young body. I turned slightly to the side as I slowly lowered my shorts to my ankles and stepped out of them. My underwear had ridden up into my crack and my left buttock, smooth and glistening was exposed and on display.

Sneaking glances in Mr. Gordon’s direction I could see he had turned towards me and was intensely drinking in my inviting buns. I also realized that by turning sideways he probably had a nice profile of my swelling six inches. Turning completely away from the stream I pushed my sweat-soaked undies down to my ankles putting my young bubble butt on display for his lusting eyes. My head was swimming and it was slowing down my movements. Anyone watching would have thought that I was doing a bit of a striptease!

With my hand modestly covering my soft erection I stepped into the cool stream. Gratefully the cool water quickly helped my erection to subside as, in order to keep my balance, I had to surrender my modesty, stretching my arms out to both sides and slowly stepping through the rocks towards Mr. Gordon and the deeper pool of water. Mr. Gordon, blatantly now, drank in my nakedness. Here I was walking towards him arms outspread as if to say: “Here I come! Help yourself!”

As quickly as I could I sank down into the cooling stream, moaning with pleasure as it cooled me and washed away the sticky grime. Ankara escort bayan I closed my eyes and submerged glad that my excited flesh was now pretty much hidden below the water. We both floated and swam around Mr. Gordon’s private little swimming hole neither of us speaking or paying much attention to the other as our bodies recovered and refreshed.

Floating lazily on my back, lulled into a less vigilant state of mind, I was startled out of my reverie by a pair of strong hands grabbing my ankles and pulling me down under the surface of the water. I came up sputtering as Mr. Gordon laughed. Forgetting about my discomfort in being naked I reacted by splashing him, driving the heel of my hand into the water and sending strong sprays of water into his face and eyes. He roared with delight and dove through the spray, tackling my slick body and wrestling me under the water.

We played like kids, rolling and tumbling, laughing and gasping for breath. I loved the feel of his lean well-muscled body when he would pick me up and throw me back down into the water. As our play progressed he grabbed me with increasing intimacy, easily throwing me up over his left shoulder then looking around as if I had disappeared. “Where did Mikey go?” I felt like a five year old as his left arm wrapped around my knees and I struggled in vain to release myself from his grip.

“Mikey, where did you go?” he asked again as his right hand cupped and squeezed my buttocks supposedly to keep me from squirming out of his grasp. Squirm I did but he held me firmly in place as his right hand took the opportunity to roam over my defenceless buns. His left cheek was pressed against my baby-smooth ass cheek. As if it was part of the struggle he brushed his cheek along my firm plump ass and, ‘accidently’ slid his lips over my inviting flesh. As he toyed with my defenceless nakedness I was humiliated to feel my dick throbbing and expanding, pressing into his soft shoulder.

Suddenly he released me, tossing me back into the water and swimming over to sit up on a flat rock at the edge of the stream. When I re-emerged for air my eyes were immediately drawn to his groin and the throbbing, hard, eight inch cock standing proudly out from his torso. “Come here.” he ordered, still panting from our play, his voice husky and rasping.

“Um, Mr. Gordon, I really don’t want to. I think I’d rather just go home now, if you don’t mind.”

He laughed the laugh of a dirty old man. “Oh, but Mikey I do mind. My brother Dave told me all about your little camping adventure.” I froze in panic. “That’s right. He said that you showed him a really good time. Don’t you think that I deserve a good time too?”

“No, please, Mr. Gordon! I’m not like that. It just happened.” I was stuttering, desperately trying to figure out what to say to stop things from going any further.

“Well, I’m sure your parents are going to be unhappy with that explanation. As a neighbour and a father I think it’s my duty to let them know what their little boy has been up to in my back yard. Of course, I’ll be deeply sorry to have to tell them and I’m certainly not going to mention my brother’s part in it all. You can imagine that they are not likely going to be too happy.”

“No, please don’t. They can’t find out!” I cried.

“Can’t?” he said mercilessly, spreading his muscular legs open a little wider, his cock still hard and thrusting out from his grey pubic hairs. “How are you going to convince me? Besides, remember you told me ‘Whatever you need, Mr. Gordon.'” He was leering at me as I stood frozen realizing that he had me trapped. I couldn’t let my family find out what I had done.

“Come here, now.” he ordered in a stern voice. I waded slowly towards him, my eyes darting, hopelessly hoping for some escape or rescue. “Closer.” He commanded reaching out and cupping the back of my neck to pull me in between his spread thighs. “Now,” he whispered in my ear, “how about you put that pouty little mouth of yours to work and give my cock a little loving attention.”

I pulled vainly against the grip he had on the back of my neck. “I’ve never done that before, Mr. Gordon. Please,” I tried, “I don’t think that I would like it.”

Again he laughed huskily, forcing my head down towards his groin. “Well, son, I think that I’m going to like it a lot and that’s all that matters to me.” My mouth was inches from the precum that was glistening on his uncircumcised head. My resistance was weak, knowing that the result of my struggle was inevitable. Smelling the muskiness of his manhood and gazing at his throbbing cock up close I was ashamed to feel my mouth beginning to water in anticipation.

As he felt me beginning to surrender he loosened his grip on the back of my neck. Nonetheless, my head continued to descend and I parted my trembling lips as I dipped and my tongue snaked out to lick the precum off the tip of his penis. “Aaaahhh!” His breath released in a soft sigh as his hips curled forward, raising his cock towards my obedient mouth. I bent a little further, letting the head of Escort Ankara his meat push past my reluctant lips. His grip on my neck prevented me from pulling away and for a moment I just held the head in the warmth and wetness of my mouth.

As if possessed my body took over and I began to slide up and down his pole, my saliva coating his thick shaft allowing it to penetrate deeper and deeper into my virgin mouth. I began to lose myself in what I was doing; sliding his cock in and out of my mouth and licking the length of his shaft like it was my favourite Popsicle. Mr. Gordon laid back and arched his hips, instructing me to give his balls some loving attention. The thought repulsed me but I dipped lower taking first one then the other then both into my hot mouth and bathing them in the wet warmth of my saliva, occasionally sucking gently on his tight scrotum as Mr. Gordon’s moans deepened and became louder.

“Uuuhhh! God, this is incredible! You are one amazing little cocksucker, son. Aaaah! Jesus! You are a natural!” he exclaimed as I released his balls and licked my way back up his throbbing rod, plunging down onto his throbbing meat causing him to buck and thrust.

“Faster, faster!” he cried holding my head between his big strong hands and forcing his hot sausage down my throat. At this point he took over, holding my head in place, pumping and thrusting furiously into my defenceless mouth. “Aaahhh! Aaaahh! Aaaahh!” I could feel his cock swelling as his pumping became more and more frenetic until: “Aaaaahhhh!!!” His cock exploded in my mouth shooting hot cum down my throat, filling my mouth to overflowing. With one final thrust he pushed all the way into my throat and held my head locked against his groin as my throat muscles sucked down every last drop of his salty sperm.

Suddenly his body went limp and his legs fell open, releasing his grip on my head, allowing me to slide away and to sink down into the water. I let the stream cleanse my face and opened my mouth to wash out the taste and feel of his ejaculate. I felt a little sick to my stomach, more from the idea of what happened than from the ejaculate which, surprisingly, I found tastier than I had expected. We both laid back recovering, Mr. Gordon on his hot rock, me in the cooling stream. Neither of us moved or spoke much for what felt like five nor ten minutes then I became aware of him beginning to stir and clear his throat as he shifted back up into a sitting position looking at me with slowing clearing eyes.

“Boy, you are good. I know a few frustrated husbands on your block who would be eager for your services.” My imagination began to scan the faces of my neighbours wondering who he might be talking about. “Hey!” he said bringing my attention back to his eyes which seemed afire with lust. “Come back over here.”

“What now?” I wondered but moved obediently to him knowing that I was in his hands. He had shifted his sitting position on the rock moving his hips forward, his lower legs hanging down into the stream. I waded up to him and he reached out his left hand cupping my firm little ass and pulling me in closer to press up against his body. His fingers described small circles on the taught flesh of my buns alternating with gentle caresses and possessive squeezes. He leaned into me whispering in my ear: “You’ve been a bad little boy, haven’t you? You’ve been a very naughty little boy seducing me with that hot pouty mouth of yours.” “What!” My brain screamed! “I seduced him!?”

“Daddy’s going to have to punish his naughty little boy, isn’t he?” When I didn’t reply he repeated: “Isn’t he?” more sternly. “Oh my God,” I thought. “Shades of Uncle Dave!” Reading my thoughts he cupped my ass more firmly. His hot tongue licked my ear and his teeth gently pulled on my earlobe. “That’s right.” He said. “Someone needs a little paddling on his cute little bum.”

Mr. Gordon pushed me over his lap (at this point resistance felt futile) and shifted me into position, my defenceless buns literally and figuratively in his hands. His left arm pinned my body in place as his right hands rested on the swell of my buttocks, sliding down, almost meditatively, to squeeze the soft pouches near my tender hole, stroking my thighs and dipping his hands down to knead and massage between my legs. My cock quickly began to stiffen as he had his way with my naked ass requiring me to shift a little and give my hardening rod room.

“Is my little boy enjoying himself?” He asked leaning down to brush his lips across my quivering buttocks.” “Daddy? Little boy?” It hardly described our relationship or my age but my cock loved the implication of what he was saying and, incredibly, grew even harder. Without warning he lifted his big warm caressing hand and brought it sharply down on my back side. “Oww!” I cried out. This was much harder than Uncle Dave’s punishment!

“That’s okay.” he said. “Cry as loud as you like. No one will hear you. And you’ve got an ass that just begs for a good spanking.” With those words he proceeded to do just that, his harsh blows raining down on my burning jiggling orbs as I cried and twisted trying vainly to escape his lustful discipline. I felt like the pounding my ass was taking would never stop. Mr. Gordon’s erection grew and pushed up into my stomach as his discipline continued.

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