My Alter Ego Dirty Old Man


So who said that the “Golden Years” are actually golden at all?

I just moved down south to a warmer climate, the shoveling and cold was finally getting to me. It took a few trips to find a place I would be comfortable with. I finally settled in an adult community that promises no screaming kids and the majority of home owners above the age of fifty five.

Being a much older gent, just celebrated my seventy sixth I figured I would appreciate the idea of the older people respecting each other’s property and privacy, the fact that it’s a nice quiet place made it even better. The few times I was there I also saw something else that really caught my attention.

I’ve always had an eye for the ladies. I married once, didn’t work out so after the ex-wife took pretty much everything with her I had to rebuild from the bottom up.

Hell there’s always some beach where you can see all the tits and ass you want. I like the ones that use those little bikinis. I don’t see why they bother, you can see everything, and I mean everything. So it was a good move.

The older you get the slimmer the pickings. So like any self respecting dirty old man I went to the internet to find that special little lady who could enjoy a roll in the hay, so to speak, every now and then with no ties or hassles. Brother, gone are the days of making a connection without a connection if get what I mean. I met some real nuts and a few keepers. I’ve had some great times, so no complaints.

I’d been here for about four months when the place next to me went on the market. The man lost his wife and moved back to be closer to his kids. I watched people go in and out for some time. The place was in pretty good shape but it didn’t sell. I figured it must be the asking price; in any case it sat vacant for quite a while after he left.

One day I was sitting on my little porch and a car pulls up, nice Buick; I see the realtors’ sign and figure just another showing. A guy gets out, goes up to the front door opens it and walks in. I thought what the hell.

I knocked on the door and he yelled come in so I did.

“Good morning, my name is Benny, I live next door, was wondering why this place hasn’t sold yet, mind if I take a look around?”

“Nice to meet you Benny, John with Sommer’s Realty, sure take your time, but, it actually has sold. I’m just here making sure everything is up to par. The house sold out of state to a woman who is moving down within the week now that the property has closed.”

I walked through the place and it wasn’t bad at all. The former owner put money into it. There was tile throughout and ceiling fans in every room. Nice up to date kitchen and bathrooms.

“What did it sell for, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that but the woman got a great deal. The kids were really eager to sell and she made a decent offer so they took it. It’s really something isn’t it, you can buy a house sight unseen and all the work is done over the net. I don’t know that I would do it but this lady is pretty savvy, she had the house inspected top to bottom before she agreed to the deal.”

“When is she moving in?”

“I believe by the end of the week. You’ll finally have a neighbor.”

“Well thanks for the information John have a great day.”

Sure enough Friday morning a big moving van backed up the driveway and a couple of guys got ready to unload the truck. A car pulled up at the road and stopped, must be the new owner. I was standing at my living room window when she got out of the car.

This was a real piece of woman. I never had much of an interest in scrawny women; I like to know there’s something to roll around with beside skin and bones. I couldn’t guess her age, everyone seems to look younger than they are but she wasn’t older than maybe her middle forties, fifty tops.

I like younger women, more stamina and still like it if you catch my drift. This one was built like a brick shit house, wasn’t it the Commodores who sang about something like that?

Anyway, she was really stacked, nice big boobs, pretty sweet ass and legs that were made to be spread wide open. When she turned around she was a very attractive girl. Nice dark hair and pretty face. I didn’t remember the real estate guy mentioning a couple, so I think she was a single lady.

I couldn’t help standing there watching her walk up the driveway thinking I’d love to get into that. I may be up there in years but my equipment still works pretty well. Okay maybe I need a little help now and then but Viagra is cheap enough for a good rock hard dick. I’m a lapper anyway; I love to lap me a sweet pussy. Big bouncy tits and I can almost guarantee a real sweet suck me clit to go along with them.

Kids today think it’s all about the fucking, you have to be a man of my age and experience to know better, isn’t that right guys? I’m in for the long haul, no fast fuck and see ya for me. I like to take my sweet ass time and examine every inch of my woman before I fuck her. Esenyurt Escort Bayan I could suck tits and clits all night long. Sweet Jesus, I’m already standing here with a hard on and I haven’t even met her yet.

Ok, I stood there most of the day just keeping my eyes on that. When she walked her tits jiggled and her ass bounced real nice. I could see myself right behind her, you know, doggie style slapping those cheeks and getting a good ride out of her.

By late afternoon the truck was empty and left. Sweet cheeks looked like she was in for the night. I fixed some dinner and sat down to catch a ball game. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I jerked off real nice that night just thinking about my new neighbor.

I’m an early riser; I’m up at the crack of dawn. Made myself a pot of coffee and went to the window. I thought I died and went to heaven. Miss Sweet Cheeks was outside between our houses throwing out some empty boxes. She dropped some packing paper and bent over to pick it up. Those nice big tits almost fell out of the top of her little nightie. Holy crap they were awful sweet.

She stood up and turned towards my window, I think she saw me standing there through the blinds. When she turned around and bent over again she threw me a gander at that real nice ass. I moved slow like away from the window, I didn’t want her to think I was a pervert or something.

The sun caught her body and I could actually see the tops of her legs and her nipples sticking out through the thin dress. Then she went back into the house. I watched for her all day but no luck.

After dinner I saw the light on in her kitchen. I remembered I had a good pair of binoculars and figured what the fuck, I might get lucky.

I pulled a chair up close to my window and pointed then focused until I could see inside pretty good. I was sitting in the dark so there was no way she could see me looking.

I must have sat there for a few hours just watching her prance around putting stuff away and emptying boxes. When she bent over I got a real up close and personal at those tits. Yeah, I was hard; I started stroking up and down real slow and thought about what I could do with that. I was just about to shoot my wad when she turned the fucking lights out. I was pissed.

As luck would have it, tonight was my lucky night, turned out better than even I could have imagined. The light went on in the bathroom and the blinds were wide open. Sweet Jesus, please don’t let her close those blinds.

I almost choked when she pulled that dress over her head. That little honey was bare ass naked. Not only could I see her ass, she was standing in front of a mirror so I got the whole fucking show.

Those tits were even better than I thought. Nice and big and round, big dark puffy circles around huge pointy nipples. Yeah I was drooling like a dirty old man.

I moved the glasses down real slow and landed smack dab on her pussy. It was clean, she must shave it, no hair to choke on, and oh shit I could taste that creamy cunt.

She started washing all over and I had all I could do not to run over there and tell her I’d be more than happy to wash her up real good. When she put that washcloth between her legs I actually saw those lips pull apart so she could get inside real nice. When she picked up a towel I knew the show was coming to an end and sure enough, she dried herself off and out went the light.

My cock was dripping, I had to take care of it or I’d never get any sleep. When I was done I hopped into the shower and then went to bed. I thanked God for my new neighbor and promised if I got the chance to get any part of her I’d go to church every Sunday for a month. What the hell, maybe prayers really do get answered.

Over the next few days she was busy everyday unpacking boxes. I’d see her come out once in a while just to put the trash out. I watched for her every night but nothing compared to that first night. I was hoping to meet her at some point and then it came to me.

Being the good neighbor I was I thought why don’t I bring her something and introduce myself? If nothing else at least I’d know her name.

I had some things to pick up so I went down to the super market, they’re like one stop shopping these days and picked up a nice plant with little pink flowers. It reminded me of her nipples.

I walked over to her place after lunch and rang the bell. I didn’t hear anything and thought crap, she’s not home. I rang once more just to be sure.

“Hi, I’m in the back, come around through the side gate.”

Thank you lord she was home. I felt my old hands start to shake and I had to take a deep breath just to calm myself down. I walked to the gate which was actually right across from my side door. You didn’t have to go out into the street to get back and forth between the houses.

I opened the gate and stood there.

“Hello there neighbor, I’m Benny, from next door I thought I’d come over and welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Hello Avcılar Escort Bayan Benny, I’m on a ladder so come on in and please latch the gate behind you.”

I walked around the house and there she was what a piece of woman. She was up on a ladder trying to hang some flower basket brackets.

“You look like you could use some help?”

When she turned around she was gorgeous. Dark long hair pulled up and deep brown eyes and lips that I could already feel wrapped around my Johnson.

She came down off the ladder and those tits just begged me to reach out and grab a handful.

“Hi Benny, I’m Liana, I guess I’m not that good at this kind of thing, I can’t get the screws to stay put.” Oh could I screw the hell out of you.

“Well today is your lucky day, I’m pretty good with this sort of stuff so how about I give you a hand?’ Yeah I thought a hand between those legs would be real nice.

“Oh this is for you, welcome to the neighborhood, I don’t cook so I figured flowers are always good.” Notice the pink flowers, like your nipples.

“Thank you so much that’s so sweet of you, and now you can get the brackets up so I can hang it where it belongs.” That quim belongs on my face.

I’m a pretty good sized fella; about six feet, one hundred and ninety pounds give or take. I got a little beer gut but otherwise not that bad. I didn’t need the ladder so I moved it out of the way. Within about an hour or so I had the brackets up and she had her plants hanging all nice and pretty.

“How can I ever thank you Benny?” Let me lick your pussy for starters that would work for me.

“No problem, that’s what neighbors are for.” They’re for fucking you real good too.

“How about a cold drink, I have Ice Tea or a cold beer if you’d prefer?” What I’d prefer is a good taste of those big tits.

“A beer would be just fine; I don’t want to keep you from anything though.” I just want to suck and fuck your brains out that’s all.

“Have a seat, I’ll be right back.” Oh yeah, I’d love to take you from the back, good old doggie style.

I sat down and looked around. It was a real nice house. The back porch was pretty secluded; you couldn’t see anything from the street. Our houses backed up against State owned land so there were no houses behind us. One of the features that were built with each house was complete privacy fencing. How good was that?

“Here we go, I hope its cold enough for you?” That’s okay I need to cool off and calm down my little friend. He was trying to come to life just looking at her.

“So where are you from Liana?”

“I moved down from up north, the cold was getting to me. I like the warm weather, how about you?”

“Pretty much the same thing, I got tired of shoveling snow.” Oh would I shovel into you.

“Are you a single lady?” Please say yes so I can have a chance to get in you.

“Yes, I’m not the marrying kind, I like variety, sounds awful but it’s true.” Sounds just fine to me, I can supply all the variety you need.

“What about you, married, single?” Free to fuck you silly any time you want it

“Divorced, just didn’t work out.” I’d love to work you out though.

I couldn’t help looking at her tits. She was sweating and her little shirt was wet, showed her tits real nice and those nipples, I was dying to get at those suckers.

I finished my beer and I could tell she had things to do so I thanked her for the beer and told her to give me a holler if she needed anything, said good bye and headed for the gate. Anything including but not limited to fucking the hell out of her any time she wanted it.

Over the next few weeks we got to be pretty friendly. I helped her hang curtains and pictures and stuff like that.

I’d watch those knockers bounce around and wanted to bury my face in them. Depending on what she had on I caught a few good looks of that pussy. I jerked off pretty much every night.

There were a couple of times I actually got a little feel because of what we were moving or hanging. At night I’d sit by my window and watch her move around the house. Liana wasn’t much for closed blinds. I’m not complaining believe me, I got a pretty good look at most of her. I just wanted to get my hands on her.

One Friday night her lights were out, I guess she turned in early so I watched a ball game. It must have been almost ten when my phone rang. No one ever called that late, so my first thought was a wrong number. I picked up the phone and saw it was Liana.


“Hi Benny, I’m sorry to be calling so late, I was wondering if you have any thing for a sore shoulder. I thought I had some of that ointment but I can’t find it. I hope I didn’t wake you?”

‘Oh not a problem I was watching a game but it’s over so let me see what I’ve got and I’ll bring it over.”

“I’d really appreciate it, this really is sore and I can’t get comfortable.”

I looked in my medicine draw and found some icy hot just the thing that she needed. Of course what she really needed was a good fuck from yours truly, that would fix her up real good. I was crazy thinking about what she might be wearing.

I walked over and she was at the door.

“Hey, this should help, just rub it in real good, it works pretty quick.”

“Benny, could I ask a big favor, I can’t reach the sore part, would you put it on for me, I’d really appreciate it.”

Are you kidding me, I was about to get my hands on you and you were thanking me. Don’t get ahead of yourself old man, I was already getting hard. Good thing it was dark.

“Come on into the kitchen, I can sit right here and you can put it on.” How about I put my mouth on those tits?

Liana was wearing a tube top I think they call them, anyway her shoulders were bare and it covered her tits and nothing much else. Her shorts were tight and hugged her ass not to mention how they showed off her mound all plump and sitting right there between her thighs.

“It’s just below my neck on the right; I must have lifted something too heavy.”

How about you lift my balls, they’re nice and light won’t hurt a bit. Maybe you can lift that pussy onto my face.

“Well you sit back and let Dr. Benny fix you right up good as new. I have magic fingers you know.” How about I dip them in your sweet cunt and finger you?

I put a dab of stuff in my hands and rubbed them together. I put my hand on her neck and started rubbing it in. Her skin was like soft cotton, and she was bending her neck so I could get to the right spot.

“Ohhh God, that feels so good. I might not let you stop.” I’m not stopping trust me. I could make you feel real good all over.

My fingers rubbed her neck and shoulder and she started breathing deep, it felt better than good I suspected.

“Let me get the other side just in case since I’m here anyway.”

I had my hands on her shoulders just rubbing away. She laid her head back against the back of the chair; I could see the tops of her tits sticking out of the tube top.

I moved my hands down just under her neck and watched her nipples plump right up and stick straight out.

“You have great hands Benny, feels really nice.” You’d love my tongue too.

“You’re all tensed up, I bet I can get you real relaxed and loosen up these muscles. Tell you what just relax and rest your head back and let your arms down along side of you.”

My hands were warm from the ointment and kind of slippery. I rubbed her shoulders and then down her arms. I brushed the backs of my hands against her tits and she didn’t move or seem to mind. My hands were almost down to her waist so I rubbed her skin between the bottom of her top and the shorts. She moaned I swear she did.

“Wow, that feels great, don’t stop, it’s really helping.”

I thought, fuck it, go for it or she can do is stop me, even though I was sure she wouldn’t. This little lady needed more than ointment she needed a good full body rubdown and I was just the guy to do it.

“Just relax; it will only get better trust me.” This lady needed to relax and I was more than willing to help her out.

I started at her neck, rubbing and playing with her shoulders and down her arms. I let my hands drop from her neck to the tops of her tits and rubbed them real slow and she started to wiggle in the chair.

“Ummm you’re doing such a good job, it feels better already.” It’s going to get real good after a while so just let that pussy wiggle around and get nice and wet.

“That feels real good doesn’t it, I can really get you nice and relaxed.”

“”I’m in your hands Dr. Benny.” No you’re not but you sure as shit are about to be.

I slipped my hands down a little more into her top and squeezed her tits. Now she was enjoying it real good.

“Ahhh, Dr. Benny you know just what I needed; my body is so tense with all the moving.”

It was make or break time. My hands were just above her nipples.

“You like that, should I do it even lower?”

“Ohhh, yeah, it really feels nice.”

I almost shot my load, I had my hands on her tits and she loved it. I went lower and scooped her tits into my hands and really rubbed them good. Her nipples were stiff and hard in the palms of my hands. I moved my fingers up and plucked them right in between my thumb and forefinger, pinching and twisting them real good.

“That’s so good, I like that a lot. ” Well let’s get rid of this stupid top so I can see what I’m doing. Go for it old man, she’s ripe and ready.

I pulled the tube top up and over her tits and over her head. There she was big round tits, nipples like nuggets right in my hands. I pulled them straight out and kept twisting watching them get bigger and bigger. I had to get my mouth on them.

“Oh Dr.Benny, you know just what I like.” Fuck yes I know and you’re going to get all you like I can promise you that.

“I need you to move for me so I can see what I’m doing and make sure I’m getting all the right spots so you get real relaxed.”

I moved around her and sat down in the other chair. I told her to stand up and sit on the edge of the table right in front of me.

“See this way I can get to all those places that are so tensed up and relax them real good.”

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