Music To My Ears

It started late one night at a bar. I was out with my girlfriend Chris and the rest of a local community orchestra she’s part of. They’d just played their last concert of the season and were celebrating. We were all drinking beer and having fun, especially me since I’d just gotten back from a week in the city. But before I get too into the story maybe I should tell you a little bit about us.

I’ve been openly gay since I was 15, and I’m what most people would consider sort of a butch dyke (until they find out what I’m like in bed, then they realize I’m not as tough as I look). I’m 5’10 and have the build of a soccer player. I like playing sports and try to keep fit. I have fair Scottish skin and short red hair that I like to do funky things with, from unusual cuts to crazy colors. I have 5 tattoos, including one a few inches below my belly button that everyone loves. Chris is kind of the opposite; she looks real feminine but when the lights go out there’s no question that she’s in control. She’s almost as tall as I am, with long sandy blond hair and a deliciously curvy figure. She’s got enough holes in each ear to put a rainbow in, and a pierced nipple (only one, and yes, I kinda like it that way; I get a bit of both).

We were hanging out with her friend Amy, who’s a bit shorter, maybe 5’7, and pretty curvy (though she’s more petite than Chris). She has an olive complexion and dark, curly hair that goes just past her shoulders. Amy is also the other lesbian in the band, and Chris’s former French horn teacher.

My girlfriend is one of those people who can pick up any instrument and play it (though some endeavors are more successful than others). Most of the people in the band are that way too, and for someone like me with no musical talent, they’re fun to hang out with, even if their conversations go way over my head. My favorite moments are when Chris will just start playing something while we’re hanging out. It’s like our own personal soundtrack.

Anyway, back to the story. Amy was getting especially drunk, probably because she tried to keep up with me, and I can easily drink her under a table. We could tell how drunk she was when she started trying to distract me while I was beating her at pool. First it was the lewd faces where I was aiming. When that didn’t work, she started grabbing my ass or stroking my leg while I lined up my shot. At first, Chris was a little protective. But then she just started laughing at it, because it was clearly driving Amy crazy to watch us together. Amy told Chris she wanted to take me home, she would sign to Chris what I can only assume were lewd phrases (I don’t know enough sign language to understand them). But that was it for that night. Chris and I went home and didn’t say much about it until about a week later.

“So Amy really likes you,” Chris said over dinner.

“I noticed,” I said between bites of my chicken. I’m a cook, and I can make just about anything. But if you ask me, nothing beats good home cooked fried chicken.

“What do you think of her?”

“I like her, but you already knew that. I have met her before, remember?”

“She’s pretty hot isn’t she?”

“Ok,” I said, pushing my plate aside, “Where is this going?”

“I was just wondering…..” Chris said, trying to sound innocent.

“Sure, and I’m the pope,” I said, rolling my eyes. Then suddenly it all became clear. “Oh I get it. You want in her pants, but you need an excuse, seeing as how she used to be your teacher.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said, trying to sound innocent.

I just glared at her.

“Ok, fine, you win,” she said.

“I thought I sensed a little tension between you two,” I laughed.

“So what do you think?”

“I think that we shouldn’t worry about anything. If something happens, it happens. She’s coming for dinner tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah. You’re not mad?”

“Why on earth would I be mad? Do you know how many people would love to be in my position?”

Chris laughed at that, and said “As long as you’re not mad. I love you baby. But we need to get ready, I’m taking you out tonight, remember?” With that, she escort bayan got up and kissed me.

We went dancing that night at a nearby club. I dressed in my tight, low-rise jeans that I usually save for just such occasions when I want to look really hot. They don’t leave much to the imagination. I also wore a wifebeater and a funky brown striped shirt with snaps (for easy removal). Chris wore an ankle length skirt that was really just a wrap that tied at her hip and a tight black t-shirt from The Clash (one of our favorite bands). We danced all night and got home so late that we just went to bed.

The next morning we woke up after noon. I got in the shower and washed my hair. I was about to soap up when I was joined by Chris.

“Let me help you with that,” she said as she took the bath gel from my hands. Slowly she soaped my back, massaging the tension from my muscles as she did. I groaned softly as the tension flowed out of my body. Her touch is wonderful. She’s so gentle and yet you can sense an untapped reserve of raw power in her hands. It’s beyond sexy and it never fails to make me shiver with desire. I turned around and kissed her, my tongue gently slid into her mouth. Her tongue pressed against mine, and her hands slid from my shoulders to my breasts. She rubbed her palms over my nipples and then grasped them between her fingers, rolling them gently.

I let out a low moan and pressed my body closer to her. I kissed her harder now and began to scratch my nails down her back. She broke the kiss and ran her tongue down my neck. When she reached my shoulder she bit down, just enough to make me gasp. Then she continued downwards. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wall of the shower. Her lips closed around my left nipple and her teeth scraped gently across the tip. I moaned louder at this contact. Then suddenly, Chris stopped. She knelt down and began soaping my legs, starting at my ankles and working up. When she reached my pussy she stopped. She stood again, and her fingers lazily traced my tattoo. She leaned in and whispered in my ear “not yet baby, not yet. Rinse off.”

I rinsed and Chris shut off the water. We stepped out and dried each other off, enjoying the gentle caress of the soft towels.

I walked back out to my bed and once again I felt Chris come up behind me. She ran her hands down my stomach, and once again, she stopped just short of the place I so longed for her to touch. Wordlessly, she lay on the bed and motioned for me to join her. I climbed on top and began devouring her body. I kissed down her neck, pausing to dip my tongue into the dent near her collarbone the way she loves so much. I continued down and captured one nipple in my teeth and flicked my tongue over it. She arched her back slightly and ran her hands up my back. I switched sides, licking slowly across her chest, watching her face change as I hit the spots she liked. I took her other nipple in my mouth and played with the barbell she was wearing. I love the way she squirms when I flick it or tug lightly on it. I paused and sat up to look at her, and I let my hands play over her stomach and take in the softness of her skin. Then I positioned myself lower and kissed her abdomen down to her mound. I moved further down, and kissed my way up from her knee to her pussy. She was starting to writhe at that point, so I began with feather light touches with my tongue all over her pussy. She moved her hips, trying to get more contact, so I gave her more. I licked little circles around her clit, slowly savoring her delicate flavor. She moaned my name now, urging me to continue. She wrapped her legs around me, locking her ankles behind my back. I teased her opening with my fingers and then slowly worked two inside. I started pumping my fingers into her, rotating my wrist with each stroke. As I did that, I flicked my tongue rapidly over her clit. She started grinding her pussy into my face.

“Oh baby, I’m so close!” she screamed.

I took this as my cue and doubled my efforts. I eased a third finger inside her and continued licking her clit. Within minutes I felt her wetness drip down my wrist and her legs tightened around me. bursa vip escort She grabbed what she could of my hair and pressed my face to her pussy. I kept licking and licking as she screamed her pleasure over and over again. Only when her hands released their grip and she stretched out her legs did I stop. I wiped my chin and moved up to kiss her. Her hands ran through my hair, gently this time.

“Mmmmm….now I remember why I keep you around, you’re really good at that,” Chris said, breathlessly. I playfully smacked her on the shoulder. She closed her eyes for a second and breathed deeply. Then, in a flash, she flipped me over and straddled me. She bent down and sucked gently on my earlobe. From there she licked down to my breasts and looked at me. She rolled my nipples between her fingers but she could tell I didn’t really want to wait, so she kissed her way down my stomach. She slipped her hands under my knees and put my legs over her shoulders. She spread my pussy with her fingers and blew gently on my clit, driving me crazy. She very slowly pushed a finger inside me, wiggling it around and making me squirm. Just when I was about to go crazy with desire, she attacked my clit with her tongue, flicking and swirling and driving me closer and closer to the edge. Then almost as quickly as she started, she stopped. She traced my pussy with her tongue until I was squirming and moaning with desire. She shoved her tongue inside my pussy and fucked me with it. When I started matching her rhythm with my hips involuntarily, she started licking my clit again and put her fingers back inside me. Soon I was screaming loud enough for the neighbors to complain as a huge orgasm rushed through my body. When I came down I kissed her gently and we lay in each others arms for a while.

About an hour later there was a knock at my apartment door.

“Shit!” I said, jumping out of bed. “Is it 5 already?” I grabbed my clothes from the night before, since they were right there on the floor where I left them. I pulled on the bra and the wifebeater, but couldn’t find my underwear. So I just pulled on my jeans and went to the door to let Amy in. As I opened the door, Chris pulled open the curtain that separates my bed from the rest of my meager studio apartment and walked out. I heard the girl talk start behind me as I walked to the kitchen to start dinner.

“Chris, honey, you’d better be careful or I might try to steal your woman. Look at that sexy thing,” Amy said with a wink.

“I heard that.”

Chris laughed and said, “Oh believe me, it only gets better. You’ll find out once dinner’s ready.”

I opened a bottle of nice wine and pulled out some cheese I had bought the day before. One thing you learn in culinary school is that nothing works up a good appetite like some alcohol and appetizers. As the girls were chatting I brought over some slices of cheese and the bottle of wine with two glasses. “If you don’t want me to be able to hear every word you say about me, you have to go into the bedroom and pull the curtain,” I said. Not that I minded, they were being very complimentary, but I got the sense that I wasn’t supposed to hear what they were saying. They giggled and went to have their little private chat while I made dinner.

After dinner and dessert (and 2 1/2 bottles of wine) we were all satisfied and kinda tipsy. We sat on the couch sharing gossip. Chris was being real quiet, and I swear I saw wheels turning in her head. My suspicions were confirmed when she said, “So Amy, what do you say to a little hot seat?” Hot seat is a game we play at parties, where one person sits in the hot seat for a set time period and has to answer any questions that anyone in the group comes up with, as well as doing any dares the group agrees on. I know my girlfriend well enough to know that when she starts a game like this, she usually has a very specific goal in mind. I figured that night it was probably a little threesome action.

“Ok” Amy said.

“Good. You first. What is the hottest fantasy you’ve had lately?” That question surprised even me, because usually Chris is less direct in her probing. bursa elit escort But that was only the beginning.

“Well,” Amy said, blushing, “I could tell you. Or I could show you.”

Chris grinned a mischievous grin and said “why don’t you show us?”

With that, Amy got out of her chair and straddled me on the couch. She bent and kissed me on the lips; her tongue prodded its way into my mouth and caressed mine. She ran her hands under my wifebeater and easily unclipped my bra. She played with my nipples for a minute before she pulled away and moved over to where Chris was on the couch. I could see a sly grin on Chris’s face before Amy and Chris began making out. We quickly abandoned any pretense of a game of hot seat and moved into my bedroom. Amy and Chris dueled tongues and removed each other’s clothing in a frenzy. I sat in my reading chair and watched, very much enjoying the scene playing out before me. Amy had Chris pinned on the bed and was sucking gently on her nipples, alternating between the two. Her hands were busy tracing wide circles around Chris’s pussy, making my girlfriend move her hips in an effort to satisfy her growing lust. Amy kissed Chris again, and I watched one finger disappear between her lips and heard a muffled cry. Amy began moving her finger in quick circles around my girlfriend’s clit, quickly building up her orgasm. I heard Amy whisper “I’ve wanted you for so long, it’s too bad you had to be my student.” Chris could only moan in response as Amy took two fingers from her other hand and pushed them inside her. Then Amy bent down again and started playing with Chris’s nipple ring. I knew Chris wouldn’t be able to resist the triple stimulation for long, and I soon saw her legs stiffen and her back arch as she screamed out in ecstasy. When she relaxed, Amy smiled, and kissed Chris gently. Then she looked over at me. I was wide-eyed from the event I had just witnessed, and Amy came over and knelt in front of me.

“Did you like that?” she asked as she ran her finger up to my pussy. When she pushed two fingers inside I moaned loudly. “Oh, you liked that a lot, I see,” she said. With that she leaned forward and began licking little circles and figure-8s around my clit. Her tongue was moving so fast I couldn’t tell what she was doing. All I knew was it felt wonderful. I opened my eyes and saw Chris watching us, one hand absent-mindedly playing with her perfect breasts.

Amy clearly knew what she wanted, and didn’t want to wait, which wasn’t a problem for me. She was driving me to the edge quickly. Every flick and swirl of her tongue drew moans out of me, and I knew I was going to come hard. When the orgasm rushed over me it was like a tidal wave. I don’t know how many times I came, but by the time I was done I was shaking and couldn’t stand up. Amy grinned and pulled me over to join her and Chris on the bed. Chris kissed me deeply and tickled the roof of my mouth with her tongue. Then she whispered in my ear “let’s see if we can make this better than her fantasy.” With that Chris pushed Amy back on the bed and began tonguing her nipples. Amy arched her back, clearly worked up from her previous activities. I moved down and started massaging and kissing my way up from her ankles. Chris was slowly circling Amy’s clit, and when I got there she wrapped her fingers in my hair and pushed me into Amy’s pussy. I figured Amy was probably very worked up already, so I wanted to make it last a little bit longer. I teased her clit with my tongue; first I licked circles, and when Amy started moaning audibly I eased off and flicked my tongue back and forth, barely making contact with her clit. Then I pushed 2 fingers inside her and moved them in circles. I found her g-spot and massaged it. Amy shut her eyes and clenched the sheet and Chris moved in. Chris started licking Amy’s clit while I massaged her g-spot. She did those magical things with her tongue and before long Amy was squirming all over and screaming loudly. Soon, her whole body shook as she came hard. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out and pushed Chris’s head away. We both smiled at her and kissed each other. Then we moved up and kissed her.

“Wow” was all Amy could say for a minute or two. When she was more alert, she said “that was better than I could’ve possibly imagined.”

“Mmmm…yes it was,” Chris said. “Maybe we should do it again sometime.”

“Definitely” I said. And with that, we got under the blankets and fell asleep.

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