Mummy, Sylvia and I Update

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A lot has happened in the interim; I’ll try to update you. The least bewildered by that first weekend was beautiful Sylvia. She took the lead with Mummy, reassuring her that all was well and that things were entirely natural. She was so full of love and understanding. I’m not sure I was that much help initially I must confess. The first decision she took was that we would sleep in Mummy’s bed but that she could join us on special occasions. Somehow this wasn’t us kicking Mummy out of her bed but sold as us giving her the most extraordinary favour. That first night I fucked Sylvia with unparalleled passion and devotion, of course she was now Mummy and I was forever proclaiming my undying love for her. A naked Old Mummy meanwhile was sat on a chair at the foot of our (now) bed watching and perhaps learning. Sylvia instructed Mummy to lick her clean after I’d cum in her a second time. Mummy methodically obeyed, doing a thorough job. Sylvia allowed Mummy to kiss us each good night but then she was to leave.

Sylvia Kıbrıs Escort moved in. She became mother to me and to Old Mummy too. She was our saviour. As she grew to dominate Mummy so our own relationship shifted. She became less submissive, just as I grew less dominant. She deftly handled the tension between Mummy and I. Undeniable sexual tension but tension also that reflected years of an emotionally dysfunctional relationship. Mummy flowered in so many ways, becoming so much happier than ever before. There was a tenderness between us now that had not been there before. Under Sylvia’s guidance the inevitable happened and we did finally fuck. I will never forget cumming in my beautiful mother that first time as she urgently clung to me, tears running down her cheeks in joy. My emotions were more mixed. There was anger in my fucking as well as love. Sylvia was sweetly proud of us both and deeply moved.

What caught us by surprise though was when Sylvia became Lefkoşa Escort pregnant. God approved. I was delighted and wasted no time in marrying my Goddess. I should have done so before. So of course was Old Mummy who was Sylvia’s devoted servant by now. I didn’t know what being in love was before. I worshipped Sylvia like I could never have imagined. And yet this Goddess loved nothing more than waking me up with a blowjob, was happy to share me with Old Mummy and many more besides. She knew she would always be my Queen. Without her I was nothing. With her I was an all powerful King and soon to be father. I was her creation, she’d given birth to the new me and so perhaps she was prouder than ever to serve me still.

Old Mummy was mine to do with as I pleased. She was happy and I was happy too, not having to think things through every time, not to bite my tongue. Having her as my willing slut made life a lot simpler. We didn’t have any arguments and if I wanted to fuck Girne Escort her when she was cooking that was my privilege, if I wanted her to blow me when I was driving that became her duty. If I wanted her to tell a few of her friends, her sister and other random women so she would sweetly tell them how much she adored me and how grateful she was for a second chance at life. How she was so much happier now and wished that Dad had died earlier and that I would have been her Master sooner. She cooked for Sylvia and I like a good housekeeper, she saw to all our needs, grateful for the slightest acknowledgement. No humiliation was beneath her, on the contrary she delighted in proving her total submission. I could be cruel but nothing could beat having my pretty mother lick my dirty ass clean. She even came to crave my piss so often did I piss into her open mouth as she knelt before me. I would stroke her hair and she’d be the happiest little girl. I would tell her how much I loved Sylvia, that she was my Mummy now, that she was so much better than her. Old Mummy would only be grateful and love Sylvia all the more through the tears.

Each of these episodes merit a whole chapter as does introducing my sister Lucy in to the equation of course. Would people like to read about these adventures?

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