Mumbai Helen

Part 1 – The best legs in the city.

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Hi friends, I am Mohan and I grew up in a small town just north of Cannanore in Kerala. I welcome comments.


After graduating from college, I arrived in Mumbai and found myself a decent job, and a room in Bandra close to the train station, above an Irani restaurant with a jewelry store next to it. All evening, the smells of food cooking came wafting through my windows; sometimes pleasant, and sometimes annoying. Well, this was the big city and I had no choice. I considered myself lucky to find a decent room, in spite of the inconvenience. The only consolation was to look out the window and ogle the pretty girls that walked by.

One evening, while looking out my window, my eyes caught the sight of one sexy young girl in particular. She went by this Irani restaurant on her way to the nearby church. I followed her to church, introduced myself, and soon, we became acquainted.

Her name was Helen, lived with her parents, older brother, and two younger sisters. I soon found out that they had an extra room for a PG, which stood for “paying guest”. My eyes lit up! Here was an escape from the cooking odors of the Irani restaurant! I expressed an interest in this extra room, and they offered it to me. I quickly grabbed it. (PG accommodation is common in Mumbai; where a family will rent out an extra room, sometimes with board, to a suitable candidate, to augment their income)

My dream girl Helen was eighteen and in high school; she had a medium body with no fat, short wavy hair, small petite (32A) boobs, and a great pair of legs. Her legs and thighs were firm and rounded, and she spent a lot of time admiring her legs, which she knew, were admired by every male in the neighborhood. When she wore tight skirts, it was delightful to watch her walk, wiggling her firm round butt and shapely legs. I would wonder when I could taste her pussy, have wild passionate sex with her, and have those great million-dollar legs wrapped around my back? She had a boyfriend Edward that she went out with occasionally, for movies, dinner, and parties. He was nineteen, and attended a different high school.

For a while, things were mundane. Helen’s parents, brother, and I, went to work, and Helen along with her two younger sisters went to school. Weeks went by, she gradually expressed an interest in me, and asked me to take her out to the movies. She told me that even though she liked this guy Edward, she liked me too. I wondered what this was all about, and anyway, started to take her on outings – not really dates in the real sense of the word. Occasionally we went for movies, a Chinese dinner, and an ice cream afterwards. My sexual tension was increasing, and my only recourse was to fantasize and masturbate in order to get some relief.

On one of these occasions (light dates), Helen’s friend Veronica and her boyfriend Joe joined us for the movies, at the Regal theater in Colaba. Veronica and Joe were both in their first year in college. The lights dimmed, the movie started, and Helen and I noticed Veronica squirming in her seat. We glanced in their direction, and noticed that Veronica’s top buttons of her blouse were undone; Joe had his arm around her, and inside her blouse, caressing her boobs over her bra. Helen was very curious, and occasionally glanced in their direction, but for the most part, we pretended not to notice, and continued to enjoy the movie.

After the movie, we all went for some ice cream, and then Joe suggested that we take a stroll by the beach. We hailed a taxi from Colaba and headed to Bandstand in Bandra. We all knew that the rocky beach, at this time of the evening, was the local lovers’ lane. We went anyway. We gaziantep bayan escortları found a good spot, and got comfortable. In the dim light, we noticed some other couples engaged in various stages of romance, with lots of fondling, kissing, handjobs, some instances of oral and even movements distinctive of penetrative sex. Joe quickly went to work on Veronica’s boobs, got them out, and started to fondle them, and suck on her nipples. Helen and I were just a few feet away, noticed this activity, and heard Veronica’s soft moans.

I was yearning to kiss Helen, and casually placed my arm around her, and drew her closer. She was intently watching Veronica, and was getting aroused. I planted my lips firmly around her lips and kissed her. She kissed well – with lots of tongue. I lightly nibbled at her lower lip, her earlobes and then her neck. Helen was beginning to enjoy all this foreplay.

Then Joe paused, told us that he wanted to smoke a cigarette, and asked me to accompany him a few feet away, so that the smoke would not bother the girls. At least that’s what I thought.

As soon as we were away from the girls, Joe whispered to me, “Go ahead Mohan, fuck Helen. She’s hot!”

We went back to our positions; I summed up some courage, and squeezed Helen’s petite (32A) boobs. I continued to massage her boobs, and managed to reach inside her sweater and unhook her bra. I played with her nipples, which were large, erect and hard. Helen’s small boobs felt good, and she moaned a bit. Encouraged by this I French kissed her and slid my hand under her skirt. I ran my palms up and down her firm and smooth million-dollar legs and thighs. My fingers found their way inside the elastic of her panties which felt like silk, and located her temple of Venus! It was warm, and her pussy hair was long, abundant, soft and curly to my touch. I cupped and caressed her pussy, and she opened her legs to give me better access.

Her pussy inner lips were warm, wet, and slippery. I separated them with my finger, stroked them a bit, and then inserted my middle finger inside her vagina. She jumped a bit, but enjoyed the sensation. I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants. Then I undid my zipper, pulled out my erect cock, and placed it in her hand.

She gripped it, “My goodness! This is so big!”

I asked her, “What do you mean? Whose is bigger – mine or Edward’s?”

She said, “Hhhhhmmmmmm…! Yours is broader! And longer!”

She spread my pre-cum over my glans with her index finger, and started to stroke my cock quite well. Her friend Edward had taught her well. We kissed and fondled each other, and I managed to lay Helen down. I wanted to fuck her, but she would not let me take off her silk panties. She told me that she was too scared of the location, and suggested that we do it at home, some other time. In the meantime, Joe and Veronica were fucking furiously. We could hear all the familiar slopping noises of Joe’s cock pounding away, at Veronica’s wet pussy.

This was the first time that I fingered Helen’s pussy, and the first time that she stroked my cock. Since this was the first time we were together, it was very arousing for both of us. She held my cock firmly, pulled the foreskin downwards and started to stroke my cock faster and faster, as I fingered her pussy faster and faster.

I held her clit with two fingers and massaged it up and down, like jerking off a tiny little penis. Helen tightened her legs and squeezed my cock real hard.

She moaned softly, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!” and I felt the wetness of her hot cum, on my fingers.

She continued stroking my cock. I was on the verge of ejaculating and my cock enlarged and stiffened. Helen felt my cock get enlarged and stroked faster. My body jerked. She had lots of experience stroking Edward’s cock, and knew all the signs of my impending ejaculation, and stroked even faster.

“Oh Helen! Helen! Faster! Faster! Faster darling!” and my cum spurted all over her hands and her handkerchief, that she had so thoughtfully placed on my throbbing cock.

Joe and Veronica were still fucking. Then we heard Veronica’s muffled screams and knew that she was having an orgasm. Joe fucked furiously, faster, and faster, grunted “Oh Baby! Oh, Baby! Veronicaaaaaahhhhh…!” and then just lay down on top of her.

I once again tried to fuck Helen, but she would not let me. Maybe if I licked her pussy, she would get hot enough to let me fuck her. However, this was not a convenient place to lick her pussy; therefore, I was at a distinct disadvantage. Anyway, this was our first sex date, I was happy with her handjob; she got an orgasm, we cleaned up, French kissed, and we all went home.

Mumbai Helen – Part 2 Helen takes my cock inside her.

Over the next few weeks, Helen and I went to a lot of movies, restaurants, parties and the like. Our last stop was always the rocky beach at Bandstand, and we engaged gaziantep eskort bayan in a lot of foreplay. I caressed and fondled her petite breasts, and sucked her large erect nipples. The beach was not the ideal place to fuck her, and instead, I got my customary “hand shake,” and she collected my cum in her handkerchief, as usual.

She enjoyed my kissing, and massaging of her pussy. As her excitement grew, I would insert my finger inside her vagina and stimulate her G-Spot, until she exploded during her orgasm, releasing her pussy juices. Helen was happy and content, I got my hand-job, and we would go home.


As days went by, I was like a hungry tiger waiting to pounce, and devour its prey. Yes, I would literally devour her pussy; labia, inner lips, pussy juice, clitoral shaft, clitoris tip and all! The tension was mounting within me, and I just waited for an opportunity to get Helen and fuck her. The longer she made me wait, the harder I would fuck her!

My patience was finally rewarded! One evening, I came home from work and found Helen all alone. Her parents and brother, had gone for a family birthday party in Kalina, and Helen had stayed behind. She had to finish off some school project that was due. My mind started to play tricks on me, fantasizing, and within minutes, my cock was erect!

I walked up to her, stood behind her, reached over, and squeezed her breasts. It was summer; she was wearing a thin dress and had no bra. It was a unique feeling to squeeze those small pointy breasts and feel her large erect nipples over her thin dress. Then I sat next to her, stuck my hand under her dress, inside the elastic of her panties, and played with her pussy. Her pussy hair was thick and abundant; almost like a small carpet pad. She continued her school work, but opened her legs a little. My fingers found her pussy lips, parted them, and felt the smooth wetness of her pussy. I continued for a few minutes, and as soon as I heard her moaning, I carried her to the bedroom, and laid her on her large double bed.

We kissed. I felt Helen’s hand on my cock, and she started to squeeze it. I raised her dress up and got a glimpse of her satin panties. I buried my head under her dress and rubbed my nose up and down and from side to side over her smooth silk panties. Helen loved silk panties with floral designs that she bought from the roadside vendors on Linking Road. I inserted my middle finger under the elastic of her panties and played with her luxurious, silky pussy hair. I love lots of hair on girls’ pussies and this was a real turn-on for me; not that I needed additional stimulation. I lifted her dress and removed her panties. This time they were lemon yellow in color with large pink flowers on them. I took off my pants and underwear and lay beside her. She took off her dress and now we were both naked.

After spending some time kissing her lips, I moved down to her breasts and large erect hard nipples and sucked them for a while. Next, I ran my tongue over her tummy and then went over to her glorious thighs and licked her thighs. This tickled her a little, and she squirmed and giggled. Finally, I got to her mound, and had a little difficulty licking her labia because of her thick bush. Quickly I parted her inner lips, saw the glistening wetness inside her vaginal entrance, and ran my tongue from bottom to top, separating her inner lips.

She jumped up, “What are you doing? Are you gone crazy or what?”

“Relax baby! Just enjoy it!” and continued licking her pussy.

Helen was curious. She had only heard about oral sex from some of the girls in school, and this was the first time in her life that she was actually experiencing having her pussy licked. Her body shivered and she giggled, as she was very ticklish. I continued to lick her entire pussy for a few minutes and then proceeded to her clit, which was engorged with blood and swollen. I moved her clit hood upwards, and gave her exposed swollen clit a few fast up and down flicks with the tip of my tongue.

She cried, “Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Oh my God! This is so wonderful! Lovely! Don’t stop! Uuuuuummmmmhhhh…!”

I felt her pussy muscles tighten and knew that she was ready to orgasm. She placed both her hands on my head, pushed my head further and further against her pussy.

She cried out, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Oh my God! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!”

I felt her delicious pussy juices in my mouth, swallowed every drop, and continued to gently lick her cunt. I moved up alongside her, kissed her, squeezed her petite boobs, massaged her erect nipples using two fingers and my stiff cock was positioned at her temple of love. She felt my cock at her heaven’s gate and woke up as if from a stupor.

“No, no Mohan. Your cock is too big! It will not go in.”

“Oh come on Helen – you fucked Edward – so what’s the big deal?”

“Edward’s is smaller and thinner – this is too big – I don’t know, Mohan!”

“Helen, gaziantep bayan eskort just put a little of the head in, and if it hurts, I will stop – O.K.? Just a little bit baby – I promise!”

She was hesitant at first, but later agreed, and I placed my cock head at the entrance of her vagina. I pushed a little and could feel the head penetrate Helen a little bit. Her pussy was tight, but the wetness helped the penetration. I pushed some more and got the head inside her tight pussy.

She cried, “Oh! Oh! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!”

I pushed some more and got about two inches inside her. Well, the hard part was over; my mushroom cockhead was inside her tight, warm, tunnel of love!

“I can feel it – how much is in?” she asked.

I pushed further, got all six inches in her, and said, “All of it!”

“Oh my God! This really feels good! I didn’t think your big cock would go in!”

I started to gently move my cock in and out of her, and Helen responded with some upward thrusts. She was beginning to enjoy her big cock experience!

Helen exclaimed, “Yes! Yes! Go on, fuck me, but please don’t spill inside – spill on my tummy”. (Mumbai girls like to use the word ‘spill’ when a man ejaculates).

“Does Edward spill on your tummy?”

“Yes, yes – but don’t talk about him – just fuck me. This is lovely!”

The big-cock phobia was all gone. Helen was fucking me with good deep thrusts, with the best-looking legs in Mumbai wrapped firmly around my back.

Helen’s pussy was tight! I kept thrusting deep full strokes, to let her really feel my big cock. The moaning got louder.

“My God! Mohan, your big cock feels lovely! Why did you wait so long to fuck me? Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Lovely! Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder!”

I could not believe what I heard! I increased my speed, and fucked her with long, deep, hard strokes. She responded very well. Wow! Mumbai girls; girls from the big city learn a lot; a lot earlier. I was surprised when I felt her squeeze her legs and pussy a little bit, to get greater friction.

I took my cue and fucked her faster and faster; all the time giving her long deep strokes. I felt her body stiffen. I adjusted the depth of my strokes, such that my mushroom glans stimulated her G-Spot.

She screamed, “Oh God! Fuck me! Don’t stop! Fuck mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee….! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…! Ooooooo…oooo…Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!”

I felt Helen’s hot gush of her pussy juices on my cock.

“This is terrific! You are a magic man; with a magic cock! Oh my God!”

I increased my speed to a feverish pitch; kept fucking harder and faster, and felt my tension mount. I was on the verge of ejaculating. She felt my cock enlarge and stiffen, and massaged my balls.

“Helen, fuck harder darling – harder baby, I’m ready to shoot”

“Pull it out! Pull it out!”

I pulled out; Helen grabbed my cock and continued vigorously hand stroking my cock, over her mound. Suddenly, I felt my cock enlarge, get harder and spasm.

I cried, “Oh Helen! Helen! Helennnnnnnnnnn…!” and shot my semen in several spurts; one spray unintentionally landed on her face, one glob on her neck, several drops on her breasts, tummy, and the rest on her mound.

“Oh my Goodness!’ Helen exclaimed, “This is like a bath! Do you always spill like this?” and laughed uncontrollably. She did not realize the huge amount of my cum when she masturbated me and caught my cum in her handkerchief!

I reached for her handkerchief under the pillow, first wiped her and then my cock, smiled and kissed her. She wanted to wash up.

I said, “Later baby” and kissed her again.

It didn’t take long for my cock to be erect again. This time, I placed Helen on her back, at the edge of her bed, and raised her knees. I bent over her a little. It didn’t take long for Helen to grab my cock, and place it at the entrance of her vagina. I pushed as she guided my cock, and it was in! She bent forwards and looked at it going in. I gave her all six inches.

She gasped, “My God! Your big cock feels so good! I would never have believed that this monster would go inside! I don’t know what it is, but, your cock feels great!”

I knew that it was my large mushroom head working at the right depth, giving her G-Spot a good massage, that made the difference. I took her million dollar legs and placed them on my shoulders, held her thighs firmly, and moved in and out of her pussy.

Helen moaned, “Go slower. Do it for a long time – your big cock feels great!”

I did not want to ejaculate too soon either, and slowed my pace. Helen liked this position because she had control of her legs, and could bring her legs together, whenever she wanted to increase the friction of my cock going in and out of her pussy. There were lots and lots of “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Oh God! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!” moans and I could tell that Helen was enjoying this position; or maybe it was the size of my cock.

Again, I adjusted the depth of my strokes, such that my glans gave her G-Spot a good workout. The effects were terrific – Helen’s juices were flowing copiously, and she screamed as my cock went in and out of her wet pussy, relentlessly.

We fucked for about fifteen minutes in this position, when I started to feel that we were both ready for our orgasms. I was right!

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