Multiple Units #102


*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned; expect to find mistakes.

Just a quick, unhappy story of one man’s anger and two recipients of his bitterness.


Venice Apartments had a sign out front, with the name ‘Venice Apartments’ in black against a background of the Italian flag of green, white, and red. Encircling the name was the silhouette of a gondola and gondolier.

The complex was comprised of four separate buildings arranged in a square. Each building faced inward, faced the pool and small courtyard. The first building, the northeast building was three floors, with five apartments on each floor. Apartments 101, 105, 201, 205, 301 and 305 were two bedroom units. The three units in between each two bedroom unit were one bedroom units. The southeastern building had apartments 106 and 107 on the ground floor, each a two bedroom unit. The second and third floors had four single room efficiencies on each. The southwestern building was a duplicate of the northeastern building, each floor with a two bedroom unit on the corners, separated by three one bedroom units. And the northwestern building was a duplicate of the southeastern building, a ground floor of two units, each with two bedrooms, then eight one room efficiencies atop. Behind the northwestern building was a large laundry room and an exercise room.

Across the parking lot in front of the northeastern building was the rental office. And on top of the rental office was the apartment building’s clubhouse. Each tenant had the right to reserve the clubhouse for parties, but they must notify the apartment manager of the desired time that they planned to use the clubhouse.


Timothy Edward Douglas relaxed on one of the chaise loungers near the pool. He had use the complex’s exercise room and had just swam fifty laps in the small pool. The late morning sun beat down on him, but Tim did not feel the warmth of the sun. He felt no warmth at all.

Could he have prevented it? When Bobby Marchon, his best friend, his roommate for the four years they’d played football for the University of Louisiana at DeGarde had said he would not live to see age twenty five, should Tim have seen the warning signs?

Everyone said there was nothing Tim could have done. Even Bobby’s father, a frail, defeated shell of a man had hugged Tim as they stood at the gravesite and said if Bobby wanted to kill himself, he was going to find a way to do it. Wasn’t nothing Tim could do about it?

“Bobby, you God damned ass hole,” Tim muttered angrily and flung himself into the pool again.

When Tim surfaced after twenty vigorous laps of the pool, he saw that he now had company. He smiled to the two young girls as they pretended they didn’t see him. Again, Tim flopped onto the chaise lounge, feeling some of his anger slowly dissipating.

The two girls, Tim knew lived in one of the studio apartments on the second floor. Both girls were very similar in body types; short with a few extra pounds, mostly in their buttocks and thighs, and pale, pasty skin.

One girl was a red head that kept her carrot orange hair in a messy bob. The other girl was a brunette with mousy brown hair that just graced her pale, chubby shoulders.

They both kept glancing at him, then hurriedly looking away and whispering and giggling to each other.

He had seen one of them, the red head wearing a Brick’s Pizzeria uniform. The other girl, he had heard her say that she worked at the Joy Four movie theater. Tim was sure that working part-time jobs at minimum wage meant they really couldn’t afford much more than the rent on the studio apartment.

Short Moves, the company he and Bobby had started with Bobby’s pickup truck did not have any jobs scheduled for today. Even if they’d had a job scheduled, Tim would have cancelled it due to the funeral. Tim supposed that either the two roommates were off today, or were working the late shift.

Again, they glanced his way, then looked away quickly and giggled to one another. Tim smiled; he could finally feel some of the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds around his mind. He did not know their ages, but he could remember a time when he had been young and inexperienced and felt exhilaration at the simplest of things.

“I’m Tim. Right there, in one oh two,” Tim said, his voice sounding oddly loud to his ears.

“I uh, I what? Oh, uh hi Tim, I I’m Leah,” the brunette stammered, adorable blush coloring her pale face.

“I, I’m Pam,” the red head chirped breathlessly.

“I’ve had enough of baking out here,” Tim said, toweling his long brown hair.

“I uh, oh, okay, see you,” Pam squeaked.

Tim smiled, seeing the disappointed looks on the girls’ faces. He wasn’t vain, but he did know that he was good looking. He’d posed nude a few times for art classes at U.L.D. and had been featured in four gaziantep masaj salonları pictorials in Parasols Magazine. His brown hair was long, reaching to his shoulder blades. His eyes were large brown eyes, his nose was a regal nose, and thanks to forty five hundred dollars’ worth of orthodontist work, his teeth were straight and dazzling white in his tanned face.

His arms and chest were massive, both from gym work and from the physical labor he did nearly every day, moving furniture and odds and ends in and around the greater DeGarde area. His waist was narrow and his thighs were massive.

“I’ve got some pork stew heating in the slow cooker,” Tim continued, flinging the towel over his broad shoulder.

“Uh, yum!” Leah said.

“What? What’s a slow cooker?” Pam asked.

“Mm? Oh, some people call it a crock pot,” Tim said. “Just need to make some rice go with it.”

“Oh!” Pam said.

“And biscuits. Can’t have stew without biscuits,” Leah said.

“Good idea,” Tim smiled and Leah smiled, happy with his praise. “So, y’all want some?”

“I, what? I, pork stew?” Pam squeaked, blushing hotly.

“I uh, yeah, yeah, I guess,” Leah agreed, trying to act nonchalant and failing miserably.

Tim led the procession to Apartment 102. Opening the door, he stepped aside so that Leah and Pam could enter first. As the two girls entered, Tim did ogle their chunky buttocks in their too tight bikini bottoms. He guesstimated that the two girls sported B cup breasts, just a mouthful on their chests. But both possessed nice, full, squeezable and flappable buttocks.

“Mm, oh man!” Leah said, approving of the good, earthy smells in the apartment.

“Wow,” Pam said, looking around at the expensive furniture.

Tim smiled; he’d managed to pick the furniture up in a hotly contested divorce between an oil field platform manager and his trophy wife. The couch alone was a five thousand dollar piece that he’d paid two hundred and fifty dollars for.

In his kitchen, Tim quickly assembled the ingredients for biscuits and put a pot of rice on for cooking. As he worked, he learned what he could about Leah and Pam. They were both nineteen, both were part-time employees, and both were life-long friends.

“Yeah, ever since like first grade,” Pam said.

“How tall are you?” Leah asked.

“Six four,” Tim said, sliding the biscuits into the oven. “You? How tall are you?”

“I’m five feet,” Leah lied.

“You are not! She’s four eleven. I’m five feet,” Pam corrected her best friend.

“Shut up; I’m five feet,” Leah insisted.

“Which is what I’d guessed first time I saw you two,” Tim agreed. “I said, bet they’re about five feet. What y’all want to drink?”

“I, what you got?” Leah asked.

“Hmm, beer, got this oh, can make us some iced tea; it’s that powdered stuff,” Tim mused. “Water. Hmm, got this sparkling water crap, Bobby was always drinking that, the big homo.”

“I, you, you not homosexual, huh?” Leah asked, face a mask of shock.

“Hmm? Oh! On no, no, see, that, that’s just the way buddies talk about each other,” Tim laughed. “No, Bobby wasn’t a homo. He, he loved him the ladies.”

“Then why…” Pam asked.

“Just busting each other’s balls,” Tim tried to explain. “I, you call each other names and they try to do you one better than you slap each other and laugh and…”

Both girls looked on in shock as Tim burst into heart-wrenching sobs. He cried for the loss of a friend, a true friend that he would never ever see again. The loss of a friend he would never ever laugh with and drink with and play video games with ever again. He would never ever call Bobby a ‘homo’ or ‘pussy’ again and hear Bobby’s smart ass response ever again.

When Tim came out of the bedroom, still wiping at his running nose, he saw that Pam and Leah had taken the biscuits out of the oven and had turned off the rice. Quietly, he served the meal and they sat to eat. Tim noticed that both girls had cans of Gratchely’s beer in front of them. He grabbed a bottle of Bobby’s sparkling water and offered a silent toast to his departed friend.

“I, man! This, this is good,” Leah praised, using a biscuit to shove some more onto her fork.

“You, there any honey for the biscuits?” Pam asked.

“Hmm? Oh, oh yeah, sorry. Need butter?” Tim asked, getting to his feet.

After all three had eaten seconds, they sat on the couch. Tim somehow found himself sandwiched between the two girls. Neither girl objected when he casually draped an arm across their shoulders.

“I um, uh, so, uh…” Leah tried to think of something to say.

Tim leaned over and softly kissed her. Leah wound her arms around the handsome stranger’s neck and returned his kiss with enthusiasm.

Pulling his mouth away, Tim kept his left arm wrapped around Leah’s chunky body. Turning his head, Tim saw Pam staring at him and Leah, eyes wide. She jerked her attention away from her roommate and focused gaziantep masaj salonları escortları all of her attention on Tim when he leaned over and put his lips to her mouth.

Just as Leah had done, Pam wrapped both chubby arms around Tim’s neck and kissed him with deep passion. Pulling away from Pam, Tim kept his right arm around her pudgy shoulders.

“You two ever kiss each other?” Tim asked, slowly edging the girls toward one another with his arms.

“I uh, I mean…” Leah stammered. “It’s not like we’re…”

“I, we uh, you know…” Pam squeaked.

Tim’s cock had begun to stiffen as he kissed each girl. Their passion was titillating, exciting. Watching the two girls kissing one another with the same fervor they’d kissed him with was very erotic.

Being ambidextrous had come in handy when in school. Once, Tim had broken his right hand in a scrimmage, but had been able to complete his assignments by using his left hand. Now, Tim put his double handed skills to use, deftly unhooking the girls’ bikini tops while they kissed each other. Pam let out a surprised squeak when her bikini top fluttered open.

Tim gently ran his hands up and down their smooth backs. He gently raked his fingernails over their soft skin. Finally, the two girls pulled apart and looked at him.

Tim leaned over and softly kissed Leah. He let his left hand drop to her pudgy buttocks as they kissed. His hand fondled and squeezed her sweetly rounded backside while his right hand continued to softly run along Pam’s spine.

Leah was reluctant to let Tim cease their kissing, but Tim was stronger than her. He gave Leah’s firm buttocks another squeeze then began giving her smooth back a gentle up and down motion as he kissed Pam. His hand dropped to Pam’s buttocks and he squeezed and fondled her firm hillocks of flesh as he sucked on Pam’s tongue.

“Mmng!” Pam grunted as Tim’s hand snaked around and began playing with her small breasts.

“Mm, oh, oh yes,” Leah grunted as Tim began squeezing and fondling her small breasts.

Tim silently guided the two girls to kiss one another again. Pam let out a squeal when Tim eased his hand inside of her bikini bottom. She let out another squeal as Tim’s fingers ran up and down her deep furrow.

“Mm, oh, oh God,” Leah grunted as she felt Tim’s fingers dancing up and down the deep furrow of her buttocks.

“Bed’s a whole lot bigger than this couch,” Tim suggested, gently pushing them to the edge of the couch.

“I uh, I’m not…” Pam stammered, but Leah was already on her feet and walking toward the kitchen.

Tim stood and followed Leah through the kitchen to his bedroom. He smiled a satisfied smile as he could hear Pam’s flip flops slapping the linoleum floor of the kitchen right behind him.

In the bedroom, Tim peeled down the snug swim trunks. Leah had flung her bikini top to the bedroom floor and was easing her bikini bottom down over her ample hips. When Tim’s fat cock came into view, Leah paused and goggled at the sight of Tim’s thick meat.

“I oh!” Pam grunted, pretty eyes wide at the sight of Tim’s large, angry looking cock.

Tim was a tall, well-muscled man. His cock was proportional to the rest of him. To the two five foot tall girls, Tim supposed his cock did look quite imposing. He knew, though, that both young women would have little trouble accommodating his impressive meat.

Leah dropped her bikini bottom to the floor. Pam looked around for a place to put her bikini top and bottom, then, with a shrug, Pam dropped her bikini on top of Leah’s discarded clothing.

Both girls had slightly small breasts. Leah’s light brown areolae and nipples were slightly larger than Pam’s quarter sized light pink areolae. Both girls did have just the slightest hint of a paunch or soft belly. Both girls did sport slightly wide hips and slightly thick thighs.

Tim stretched out on his bed and waited to see who would make the first move. He was not surprised that it was Leah that first scrambled up on the bed. Not surprisingly, Pam followed her friend onto the large and comfortable bed only a few seconds after Leah had scrambled up.

Tim pulled Leah’s nude body against his own. His hands went to her fleshy buttocks as his lips mashed against her lips.

“Mm,” Leah moaned into their kiss.

Pulling Leah tightly against himself, Tim rolled onto his back. Holding her firmly, Tim pulled Leah to straddle his hips, her moist pussy dragging against his erection, the coarse scrub of pubic hair tickled his sensitive cockhead as she rubbed against him.

“I uh, mm,” Leah grunted as she could feel his erection resting against her puffy inner lips.

Tim pulled Pam closer and sought her lips with his own. Pam was an enthusiastic kisser and thrust her tongue into Tim’s mouth.

After a few kisses, a few touches, Tim had Pam grip the headboard in her small hands. She squeaked when she realized her pussy was hovering masaj salonları gaziantep millimeters above Tim’s mouth.

Leah squeaked when Tim flexed his groin muscles, causing his erection to rasp against Leah’s pussy. Pam squeaked out again when Tim’s tongue began lapping up and down along her puffy inner lips.

Leah tremulously gripped Tim’s cock in her hand. Then with resolve, Leah raised up, allowing Tim’s trapped cock to spring upward. Then Leah placed the head of Tim’s cock to the mouth of her pussy and settled down.

Tim let out a muffled groan as his thick cock was being swallowed by a warm, wet and very snug pussy. He lapped at Pam’s musky tasting pussy, teasing her fat little clitoris with the occasional lick, bringing her closer and closer to her crisis.

“Augh,” Leah grunted when she had all of Tim’s cock buried in her depths.

She could feel the head of his cock pressed painfully against the mouth of her cervix. With a hard shudder, Leah slowly forced herself up on her knees. She shuddered again as she felt oddly empty when the head of his cock rested just inside of her pussy.

Pam gasped, squeaked and moaned as Tim lapped insistently at her pussy. She grunted when his tongue managed to swipe against her clitoris. She grunted again when Tim lapped at her clitoris a second time. She squealed loudly when Tim captured the bud in his mouth and sucked forcefully on it.

“I, uh, I oh! AIeegh!” Pam squealed in orgasm.

“Augh, augh, I, I oh God, Oh God!” Leah squealed as her own orgasm overwhelmed her.

Tim released his hold of Pam’s clitoris and lapped at the nectar that drooled out of her slit. Leah slumped forward, panting from her own orgasm, then let out a little squeak as Tim again flexed his groin muscles, causing his cock to quiver inside of her.

“Switch places,” Tim ordered when Leah again began to hunch against his cock.

“Huh?” Pam squeaked, eyes wide.

“Switch places; I want to taste her honey pot,” Tim ordered.

Reluctantly, Leah wiggled off of Tim’s cock. Pam looked at Tim’s very wet organ and bent to take him into her mouth. She tasted her friend’s essences along the length of Tim’s cock as her small tongue lapped all around the thick shaft.

Then, with some trepidation, Pam straddled Tim’s hips. Glancing up from the thick cock in her hand, Pam saw her friend’s sweetly rounded backside as Leah straddled Tim’s face.

“Hey!” Leah yelped them giggled when Pam playfully swatted Leah’s chunky buttock.

With resolve, Pam raised up, then lowered herself onto Tim’s cock. She grunted as his immense girth stretched her pussy open.

Tim lapped hungrily at Leah’s tasty little pussy. He could taste the juices from her earlier orgasm coating the scrub of pubic hair and the insides of her thick thighs. Lapping at her juices, Tim traversed his tongue upward, along her puffy inner lips until he found her little bud.

“Fuck!” Pam barked out loud when she had all of Tim’s fat meat inside of her pussy.

“Fuck is right,” Tim thought. “Fuck you’re tight.”

Leah squealed and gasped as Tim lightly bit on her clitoris. Pam gasped and squealed as an orgasm welled up in her guts.

“Fuck yes!” Tim bellowed and pumped a stream of semen into Pam’s clutching pussy.

“I, oh, oh God!” Pam cried out as she felt the hot stream of semen jetting up into her pussy.

When Tim managed to catch his breath, he placed Pam on her back. He had Leah kneel between her friend’s legs, cleaning her of Tim’s spunk. Leah grunted aloud when Tim placed the head of his cock to the mouth of her pussy.

It was not a comfortable angle for Tim; he was significantly taller than Leah. Leaning forward and stretching his legs, Tim was able to gain purchase into her snug depths.

“I, oh, oh Leah,” Pam keened in orgasm.

“Augh! Augh, oh God,” Leah keened in orgasm as Tim pounded her hard and fast.

“Fuck yes,” Tim cried out, pumping a stream of semen deep into Leah’s pussy.

Leah and Pam swung into a sixty nine, Leah straddling Pam’s head, feeding her friend Tim’s semen. When they’d licked each other to orgasm, Tim moved them apart and lay between them. He lifted his flaccid cock in silent invitation and Pam and Leah knelt on either side of him and cleaned his cock with their mouths.

“Always the quiet ones,” Tim thought as he watched the two sluts frantically pleasuring his cock.

“Augh, I, nuh uh,” Pam giggled when Tim tried to push his finger into her winking anus.

“I augh, hey,” Leah protested as Tim’s finger pushed up into her rectum.

Tim mashed his thumbs against their little buds and both girls bucked in orgasm. Pam was the first one that could accommodate three of Tim’s thick fingers in her rectum. She whimpered in fear as Tim greased his cock, but at no time did she tell Tim he could not fuck her ass.

“Mmng, ack!” Pam grunted as Tim pressed his greased cock against her tightly clenched anus.

“It, that hurt?” Leah whispered urgently as Pam’s eyes goggled.

“I, augh, oh Jesus God it fucking hurts,” Pam sobbed out as she pushed back against Tim’s forward thrust.

“I, I don’t think I want do that,” Leah informed Tim even as Pam screamed in orgasm.

Tim didn’t answer. His cock was being squeezed in a white hot vise grip. He could feel Pam’s walls squeezing him, milking him. He could feel the girl thrusting herself back, trying to get all of him inside of her.

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