Mr. Fix-it Ch. 01

Big Tits

“What do you mean it’s broken!?”

Alexis hung her head in shame. It had been the third time this week she had done something to screw the mail sorting machine up and her boss was about to have a cow. Mr. Bryant was always yelling at Alexis for breaking something. She was somewhat of a klutz when it came to working large machinery.

“I guess I’m going to have to be the one to call it in,” Mr. B said “since I don’t want you to break my phone.” Alexis glared over at him then continued doing her data entry work. About 20 minutes later the door swung open and Lexi’s heart stopped. She felt an immediate chill go over her body as HE walked in. Matt, the resident technician, the man who had lived in her fantasies ever since she had started working there two years ago.

Alexis was the typical 20 year old, or so she thought. Others, however, saw her as little miss plain jane. She had long curly auburn hair and piercing deep blue eyes. She stood about 5’5 and although she had only a 34B chest, she was very proud of it. Her office never really had a strict dress code, so Alexis would always wear jeans or a skirt to work.

“Hey Mr. B, hey Lexi” Matt said. Lexi could’ve just melted in her seat at the sound of his voice. She turned and smiled back “Hey Matt.” Lexi’s face turned bright red and she let out a small, uncontrollable giggle. Matt smiled back at her and started working on the machine. After Lexi finished her data entry work she went back to her desk to get her work ready to turn in for the day. She tried her best not to look up and watch Matt, but every little sound he made caught her attention and she couldn’t get much work done.

Matt worked diligently on the machine, occasionally looking over at Lexi, catching her looking back at him. Matt was 47, but you could only tell by the grey in his hair. He stood around 5’11 with hazel eyes and salt & pepper hair. He was fairly well built with a very friendly face, almost sort of a Garth Brooks look. Matt wasn’t the handsomest man in the world but for some reason Lexi grew weak every time she saw him.

“Alexis? Ms. Parker!!”

Lexi jumped, quickly pulling herself back together to find Mr. B standing over her desk. “I don’t pay you to daydream,” he said “not on my dime.” Lexi grabbed a stack of papers and walked over to the copy machine. “Sorry Mr. Bryant” she said as she starting to copy her work.

“All done Mr. B, if you could just sign here”

Lexi turned quickly, her eyes locking onto Matt’s. “You should be good to go now” he said. Lexi could feel her tummy start flutter as he smiled at her on his way out the door. “See ya later Lex” he said. Lexi let out and almost inaudible “Bye” as the door quickly shut behind him.

Lexi quickly finished her copying and asked if she could take her lunch break. It was a nice cool spring day so Lexi decided to take her break outside in her car. She turned on the radio and leaned the seat back with the windows open. Her first intentions were to take a nap, but she couldn’t get thoughts of Matt out of her mind. Before she knew it, her hands had started wondering all over her body. Lexi sat up for a moment to make sure no one was around. She sat back and closed her eyes. She thought about how Matt’s voice sounds saying her name, and how it would sound saying other things, naughty things. Lexi’s hand slid under her shirt and she started rubbing her tummy. She loved how soft and smooth it felt. She felt her pussy started to throb and her hand went under the hem of her skirt. Letting out the softest moan, Lexi slowly slid her hand up her leg and between her thighs, tracing the outside of her panties with her finger.

She softly rubbed the inside of her thighs, feeling the heat given off by her now wet pussy. The dampness seeped through the crotch of her panties. Lexi’s fingers made their way to that spot, as drawn by a magnet. She started lightly rubbing her pussy through her panties. As tingling started to get stronger, she slid her hand down into her panties. She couldn’t believe how wet she was getting just by the thought of Matt. Lexi ran her fingers up and down her pussy lips, loving the sensation it was giving her, skin on skin. She dipped a finger inside her pussy to get it wet, then slowly moved up to her clit. She started circling her clit with her middle finger, then moving it back and forth. Her breathing got faster and faster, almost keeping time with the motion of her finger. She started to moan.

Lexi decided to let her other hand join in the fun, so she moved her other hand slowly down over her body, into her panties, letting her finger slide into her tight wet pussy while her other finger massaged her clit. Her moans grew louder while she finger fucked her pussy and rubbed her clit. Lexi bit down on her lower lip and started to grind her hips into her fingers, loving how delicious it felt. Her whole body was on fire and her heart was beating so fast she thought it would burst out of her chest. She rammed her fingers into her dripping pussy harder as she felt her orgasm vastly approaching. Lexi let out a silent scream and arched her back as her body exploded in orgasm, drenching her fingers and seeping onto her panties.

Lexi sat there for a moment, catching her breath. She brought her wet fingers up to her mouth and began to slowly lick and suck her juices off of them, giving time for her heartbeat to return to normal. After her fingers were licked clean, she sat up, fixed her hair in the mirror, popped a piece of gum and got out the car to go back to work. With her legs a bit wobbly, Lexi made her way back into the building, only to be stopped dead in her tracks before making it to the elevator.

“Did you enjoy it Ms. Parker?”

Lexi spun around quickly to see Mr. Bryant smiling back at her. “Excuse me Sir?” she said nervously.

“Your lunch Ms. Parker, did you enjoy it.”

“Yes Sir, it was very delicious, thank you” she said, after letting out a sigh of relief.

“On your way back up, could you please stop by tech services and grab some incident report forms for me? Matt took the last one and I’m sure we will need more soon.”

“You have GOT to be shitting me,” Lexi thought to herself. “Okay,” she said as Mr. Bryant left the building for his lunch break.

Lexi got onto the elevator. Her pussy started to throb and a devilish little grin swept across her face as she thought about that little “incident” of her own in the car. She pushed the number 3 button and patiently awaited what would happen next.

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