Moving In


I first saw Ann when I was carrying groceries into my apartment. She was moving in. I live in one of those horseshoe apartment buildings, with an open courtyard in the middle. Pool, BBQ pit, nice place. Anyway, I was balancing my groceries on my knee and unlocking my door when I heard the commotion. I turned to look and all I saw was her tan legs and blue running shorts. She was bent over, trying to pull something up the stairs. Quite a view of an incredible ass, I thought as I dropped my groceries and ran over to help.

“Oh! Um, thanks,” she said, breathing heavily from the effort. A light sheen of sweat glistened on her forehead, plastering her blonde hair down. “My friend crapped out on me, and I’m stuck trying to get everything moved in myself.”

I told her it was no problem, and let’s get the loveseat up the stairs and into her apartment, then let me get my groceries put away and I’d help. Hell yeah, I’d help! She was hot, and anything I could do to get in good with a woman like that, I was down for it! We got her loveseat into her place, then she came with me to get a glass of water while I put my stuff away. Thank God I cleaned the place up the day before, because I’m not exactly neat. Anyway, she finished her water and I finished my groceries, and we headed down to the street where her moving van was parked.

She had a few big things left, including her dresser, bed, and a couple of tables. Some boxes, and what looked like garment bags.

“I am, well I was, a model. But I’m going to law school now.” She told me about how she dropped out of high school as a freshman and had private tutors while she traveled to photo shoots. Turns out, I had, um, well, pleasured myself to her pictures for about the past six years or so. I didn’t tell her that, but seeing her just inches away, and knowing she was going to be my neighbor, I had trouble hiding my erection!

We spent the next two hours or so getting everything moved out of her van and into the apartment, just two doors down from me. I helped her get everything situated, then drove with her to return the van. We stopped on the way back to our apartment complex for a beer, her treat, before getting home and ordering a pizza. We ate and talked as I helped her unpack her kitchen and get her bed put together. Watching her fall back on it once it was all assembled, I almost lost it. So glad she had her eyes closed, so I could adjust my cock and pinch just below the head to keep from cumming. By the time she was ready to call it a day, it was almost ten at night. I offered her a cup of coffee and a movie at my apartment, but she told me she was too tired. She did give me a big hug for helping her, and the feeling of her perfect breasts, 34-C according to her model data sheets, kept me wide awake all night long.

A couple of days went by before I see her again. I swim every morning in the dinky pool we have. Twenty meters long, so I have to do a lot of laps to get anything out of it. It keeps me in shape, though, especially when I mix it with running several miles every afternoon and weights at the campus gym three nights a week. Anyway, she came out to go for a morning run just as I was getting out of the pool.

“Hey, Ann! Getting settled?”

“Yeah, getting there. You swim in that pool?”

“Well, I flip a lot more than a regular pool, but it helps. Swim for an hour every morning, and even in this little thing I get a decent workout.”

“Oh, okay. Well, I better go on my run. I have an appointment at the law school at nine.”

“Want some company? I usually run in the afternoons, but you don’t know your way around yet.”

“No, I want to get going, and you’ll be a few minutes. Besides, you just swam, you wouldn’t be able to keep up!” She smiled and hit play on her iPod and started trotting, looking back and smiling before she left the courtyard. This time, there was nothing I could do about my hard-on: She was wearing those same blue shorts!

Friday rolled sancak escort around, and every Friday some neighbors and I usually fire up the grill. I hadn’t seen Ann too much, but once she smelled the charcoal she popped her head out of the door and asked what she should bring.

“Whatever you want to eat and your sweet self,” I shouted, instantly beating my ass for saying that. She laughed, though, and turned to grab something from the fridge. I watched as she turned, and maybe it was just my wishful thinking, but I got the idea there was no underwear under her shorts. Not the blue ones, though. If it were the blue, I think I could’ve seen.

She brought down two big porterhouse steaks. “One for my moving buddy,” she smiled as she handed it over. Good thing, too. I was starving and my pork spareribs just took a tumble in the dirt. I cooked the steaks, the last items to come off the grill. Someone else had made corn and a salad, and Ann & I settled in for a nice steak dinner with the neighbors. She sat across from me and we talked, laughed, made a little eye contact. I offered her a beer and she gratefully took it, sucking down half of the very hoppy IPA I brought down for the meal. She look ed at the label and commented on it, which got me going. I’m a beer snob, and once I get going on it I just can’t shut up. We talked about beer for a few minutes as we ate, the neighbors either quieting down and listening, or maybe they just faded away, as all I heard was Ann talking, eating, and nothing else.

I finished my steak and leaned back, resting my hand on the table as I turned slightly to face the rest of the assembled group. Ann picked up my plate and stacked it before returning to her seat. Her hand brushed against mine and I turned to catch a slight smile on her lips as she sat. I smiled back, feeling almost shy. After about 20 minutes, I finished my beer and noticed Ann was finishing hers.

“Want to help me with these dishes and grab another beer?” She jumped up and grabbed the dishes as I collected the empty bottles and motioned for her to lead the way. She walked up the stairs, giving me another fantastic view of her magnificent figure, and of course I tripped. I dropped the bottles, and I swear this was an accident… I ended up with my arms around her waist and my face pressed up against her ass. We both laughed as I turned beet red and collected the bottles, and this time I led the way lest I trip again.

She deposited the dishes in my sink as I opened the beer fridge and displayed my selection. She oohed and ahhed as she bent over to look at all the shelves and types of beers I had. Naturally, my eyes were all over her body, and I didn’t notice her looking up at me for a few seconds. Again, I turned beet red as she laughed and shook her ass at me.

“You seem to have a thing for my ass.” Oh, she had no idea how right she was! She grabbed two beers and stood up to face me. “How about that run you promised me?”

“Now? We’re kinda full of steak.” She moved closer to me, close enough that I could smell the sun on her skin.

“Then let’s drink these and decide what to do for the rest of the evening.” Words I had dreamed of hearing from her mouth for years, and here she is, uttering them to me. She smiled as she held up the two bottles and motioned to the couch. I closed the fridge and opened the bottles, handing her one as we walked to the couch. She moved over to look through my DVD collection. Oh, shit… I have two porno discs in there. She’s going to find them, and in a moment she does. Thankfully, she just “Hmm”s as she skips over them to pick a decent action film. I power up the DVD player and TV as she puts the disc in, then settles down on the couch next to me. The movie begins, but neither of us are really paying attention. She brushed my leg with her hand, I brushed her hand with mine. During the slow scene in the movie, she rested her head on my sarıyer escort shoulder, grabbing my hand and putting my arm around her.

We stayed that way through the rest of the film and through the credits before I decided it was time to make my move. I shifted slightly, prompting her to move her head and giving me the opportunity to touch her chin. I brought her lips to mine for a short, sweet kiss. She responds by returning the kiss, turning her body to mine and laying on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and began rubbing her back as we kissed on the couch. My hands started pushing up the back of her shirt, one hand rubbing her bare back as my other hand pushed down to her perfect, shapely ass, the ass dreams are made of. My cock was throbbing, straining to get out of my shorts, and I knew she could feel it. Her breathing got deeper, harder as she raised her body up to straddle me. As she moved, I pushed the front of her shirt off, and she helped me peel it off along with her bra. I began squeezing her breasts, sucking and licking the smooth, soft nipples and feeling them harden. She ground her crotch into mine lightly as I played with her breasts and her hands held me against her. I broke away from her breasts long enough to pull her lips down to mine, stopping for a moment to take my own shirt off. Skin to skin, we kissed on the couch for a while before our hands found their way to each other’s pants.

She stood, my hands fidgeting with the button holding her shorts closed, and she let me undo it. I began sliding her shorts off but she stopped me, instead turning her back to me and bending over, showing my that perfect ass. Her pussy peeked out from between her thighs, damp already, before she stood and turned back to me. She smiled and moved to one side, sitting on the couch and motioning for me to strip for her. I slowly unbuttoned my shorts, trying to be sexy as I slid my clothes off. My cock sprang out of my shorts, slapping me in the stomach as I bent down to step out of my clothes. She giggled softly before I heard her suck in her breath. I felt her hand grab my cock as she pulled me closer.

Positioning herself on the couch, she leaned forward and stroked my cock a little. Short strokes at the base as she looked at the crimson head. I closed my eyes as she moved her face closer, and I felt her tongue lick it softly. She bathed it with her tongue before she slid the head between her lips. I felt her soft lips wrap around my cock, sliding slowly down until she met her hand and slid back up. So soft and warm, I felt my hands grip her hair as she slid back and forth. She twisted her head and lips around the shaft, sending bolts of pleasure through my body and giving me that slightly cool sensation in my stomach and hips. I felt the need to move, but resisted, choosing instead to look down at her head, and her ass just past that. I felt her hand slide off my cock, move across my thigh, and cup my balls. She slid one finger between my ass to rub that spot between my legs, and I started moaning and gasping.

“Oh, yes, Ann, just like that!” I rolled my hips slightly as she began working further down on the shaft. I felt her nose press against my pelvis and her warm lips wrapped around the base of my cock. She slid slowly back up and off, looking up and smiling at me.

“You like this?”

“I love it.”

She smiled and slid back down on my cock, her lips squeezing and sucking hard as she pulled back. After a few more strokes, I was afraid I was going to cum, and I wanted to hold that until later. I took her face and lifted her to her feet before laying her back on the couch. I put one foot on the back of the couch and her other foot on the floor and knelt between her legs. She didn’t shave, but she kept things tidy on her pussy, and I couldn’t wait to taste it. But before I did that, I ran a finger along the lips, feeling the wetness growing there and smelling sefaköy escort the sweet scent of her body. Her hands pressed against her inner thighs as I moved my face closer. My hands moved to pull her lips open and show all of her pussy to me. I rolled the skin at the top back and found the dark pink piece of flesh which I knew would send her through the roof. I moved to lick it lightly before I slid my tongue down to her wet opening. I dug my tongue inside her to taste her body, and she tasted as sweet as she smelled. I licked the opening a little before sliding back up to her clitoris. I began sucking and licking her clit slowly as I pushed a single finger inside her. She felt tight around my finger, and I felt her squeeze lightly as I worked it in and out of her. Her clit throbbed between my lips as I licked and rolled it around, eliciting small moans from her mouth. I began to suck and push a little harder and her moans turned to groans and gasps. I knew her orgasm was building. I began to push my finger in harder, fucking her with my middle finger as I sucked her clit hard. Her hands moved to grip my hair as her thighs clamped on my head and I heard her cumming, breathing hard, grunting as her body shook. She went limp and I looked up to see her smiling and looking down at me. I rose up and slid up her body, kissing her as I moved up to her lips and fully intending to penetrate her in one smooth move when she stopped me.

“Wait, take me to your bed.” I grinned and stood up before bending down and lifting her off the bed. She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her into the bedroom and laid her down. I laid down beside her and began stroking her body as she caressed my face. She pulled me on top of her and began kissing me before she parted her legs.

“I’ve never gone this far,” she said. I stopped, looking into her eyes.

“Are you sure you want me to? I mean, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Yes,” she whispered as her legs wrapped around my waist and her hips tilted upward to let me in. I pushed my cock against her lips, moving my hips to rub the head against her opening and get it wet. After a few strokes, I pushed it down against her opening and began slowly pushing it in. I saw her eyes close, she bit her lip and smiled, squeezing her eyes shut as I pushed slowly into her. I stopped halfway in and pulled back, almost completely out before I began sinking back into her. I did this several more times before I felt myself sink fully into her. I stayed there for a moment, kissing her lips before raising back up. She opened her eyes and looked into mine before she began rolling her hips around and squeezing my cock. The movements made her breathing rapid and deep and I knew she was working up another orgasm. I began to move with her, pushing my cock around inside her before pulling it out again. I pushed in smoother, faster, and she gasped as I hit home a little harder than before. I fucked her slowly at first, getting her used to the feel of a cock inside her before I started going a little bit harder.

“Yes, oh God, yes!” She moaned, eyes closed, scratching my back as I pumped my cock harder and faster inside her. I felt her body shudder as she came again, and the flood of juice allowed me to move faster inside her. Panting, I felt my balls begin to tighten as my stomach went cool and my body took over. In a moment, I felt my cock erupt inside her, filling her with my cum. Her hips pumped to take all of my cum into her pussy before I collapsed on top of her. My lips sought hers as I felt my cock begin to soften inside her. I rose up and off of her, moving down to look at her pussy and watch my cum trickle out of her. I dipped a finger into it and offered it to her. She sucked my finger clean before dragging a finger across my cock and tasting that as well. I moved back beside her and kissed her shoulder as she closed her eyes and curled up next to me. After about ten minutes she looked up ad smiled, kissing me once more before settling in and falling asleep.

The next morning, we kissed and played around a little more before showering and getting dressed for a run. Best six-mile run I ever had, especially since I was following her and telling her which way to go. I loved watching her ass move.

Oh, and for the record, she wasn’t wearing panties that night.

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