Mother Knows Best Chapter Three


Over the next week, Jean and her son Rory seemed to spend every spare minute either fucking, sucking, or fingering each other. Like a broken dam, every ounce of lust in them seemed to pour out and flood their entire lives.“Penny for them,” Jean said as she looked at her naked son lying beside her on her bed. It had been another frantic bout of fucking, the second that day.“Penny for what, mum?”“For your thoughts, babe, because you seemed miles away. You are not growing tired of your mother’s old body are you?”Rory smiled to himself. No one in the world could describe Jean as old. Her forty-year-old body was as trim as someone half her age, firm tits, flat belly, and neatly trimmed pussy.“God, no, that will never happen. You are the greatest mum anyone could ever have.”“Well, there must be something on your mind. Come on spill the beans, tell mummy or she won’t wank this off anymore,” Jean giggled and tugged her son’s semi-hard cock.“You remember me telling you about Becky, she’s in my year at college. Well, we’ve been sort of seeing each other.”Jean could feel a familiar itch in her groin. She had wanted to hear her son talk of a girlfriend. Maybe it was Girne Escort a form of voyeurism, the thought of the cock that so often now slid inside her cunt, sliding in a tight teenage one.“When you say, seeing each other, do you mean fucking?” she asked, looking at the handsome youth lying beside her.“Just that, kissing and a bit of touching. We haven’t gone any further, for… reasons,” Rory coloured up as he saw his mother looking at him.“Reasons? Rory, I have spent the week or so teaching you to be the best cocksman in your college, and you haven’t fucked her yet? Why not?”“Mum, she is as unsure what to do as I was a week or so ago, before you showed me how to please a woman. She is not sure how to please a man.”“Do you know is she is a virgin?” Jean asked as she stroked his now hard cock.“Well, sort of, she has never had a cock in her, but has popped her own cherry with one of her mum’s dildos. She said it didn’t hurt and she and her best friend both did it together. She has rubbed my cock, but was so rough it hurt. Didn’t make me cum. You do mum, but then you are the best.”Jean could feel her lust growing, a Magosa Escort plan forming in her mind. The thought of not only seeing her son fuck another teenager, but the chance of playing with a young cunt herself was overcoming her natural caution.“Rory, love, I’ve got an idea. How about you bring Becky here? It’s a safe place to be and you won’t be disturbed. If, and only if, you think it would help I can guide her in the ways a woman can pleasure her man. That would be up to you, but I am offering.”“Mum, I think that would be great, and yes, she could watch what we do, and learn from that. I will text her now and set it up.”“Not so fast, mister. You have a raging hard-on, and I have an itching cunt. How about you fuck your old mum first, then text her?”Rory laughed and rolled onto his back, his cock standing up like a flagpole, “Oh yes, ride me, mum, tell me what we would do if Becky was here. That will make me cum.”Jean was only too happy to swing her leg over the teenage cock and impale herself on it. The feel of the hard rod of fuck meat sliding into her made her groan and leaning forward she started to ride Lefkoşa Escort her son.Rory loved his mother to ride him, the sight of her firm tits bouncing, the look of lust on her face, and the tight cunt muscles milking the spunk from his body was his idea of heaven. “Tell me what you would want to do if Becky were here mum, talk dirty to me.”Until recently Jean would never have dreamed of using filthy language to her son. Now, as they fucked it seemed so natural. Every thrust of his cock brought her closer to her climax. Already she could feel her cunt juices lubricating his shaft as she ground her clit against his cock base.“Oh babe, I am going to teach her how to suck you, fuck you, and wank you. I will show you how to bring her close and back off. I want to suck both of you. It has been years since I ate out a cunt, and never a teenage one. We are all going to have such fun together. Now bring me off you young cunt fucker, spunk up your mother’s wet cunt, shoot your load. You are going to cum twice this session. I have an important lesson to teach you.”This was enough for Rory to empty his straining balls into the warm, slippery cunt of the forty-year-old woman bouncing on top of him. As he shot his strings of spunk into his mother, he was rewarded by her cunt muscles gripping his cock tight as her body spasming in orgasm on top of him.“What’s this new lesson, mum?” Rory asked as the two lay side by side recovering from their strenuous fuck.

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