Mother-in-Law Stays for a Week


The burgeoning sexual relationship between my mother-in-law and I, as highlighted in my two previous submissions, was about to rise to even dizzier heights.

About a month after the first intitial sexual encounter with my mother-in-law, my wife informed me after work one day, that her dad was going out of town for work for about a week and that maybe it would be a good idea if we invited her mother Marilyn to stay with us while he was gone. She explained that she and her mom hadn’t gotten to spend much time together lately and this would give them a chance to do just that. Of course, I heartily agreed with her that this was a good idea, trying to hide my arousal at her suggestion.

A whole week of secret glances, touches, kisses, gropes and undoubtedly, a whole lot more. I thought life couldn’t possibly get any better.

Day 1

Marilyn arrived at our house at around 10:00 Monday morning. I was the first to greet her at the door. The unseasonably warm weather allowed Marilyn to dress in a pair of shorts which showed off her tan legs. Unlike her daughter, whose skin was fair as porcelain, Marilyn’s skin was always a sexy, olive brown. Immediately, upon seeing Marilyn, I took her suitcases and hearing Linzie’s approaching voice, contained myself to a polite peck on the cheek.

“Hi, mom, it’s so good to have you here,” Linzie greeted with a hug.

“It really is, Marilyn,” I smiled at her looking her directly in the eye and gave her my own big hug, feeling her chest press up against me.

Other pleasantries were exchanged. I took Marilyn’s suitcases to the guest bedroom while Linzie readied breakfast.

Other than a few knowing glances and some footsie while Linzie was busy preparing the meal, it was a rather uneventful morning. After breakfast, Marilyn and I did manage to steal a moment alone. She had went to her room to unpack, while Linzie was busy with the laundry, I snuck gaziantep rus escort bayan into the extra bedroom with Marilyn and shut the door.

Upon seeing each other, we giggled like two teenagers in love for the first time. I caressed her cheek and moved my lips towards hers. As my hand rested upon her hip, our tongues swam in unison as if our mouths were always supposed to have been connected. Just as my hand moved up her shirt, I heard my wife’s voice call out, “Honey, can you help me with something!” Alas, the passion between us momentarily halted, I kissed Marilyn deeply just a bit longer, and then headed off to help my wife.

The afternoon ended up being quite disappointing as Linzie had suggested a girls shopping trip with her mother. Marilyn feigned excitement, her mind, like mine was elsewhere. So while the girls went out for a few hours shopping, I sat in my recliner watching to TV, trying to think of something else besides the rock hard cock in my pants that was dying to be inside my mother-in-law again.

The women got back around 5 and soon it was dinner time. Once again, just a little footsie. My efforts to get some alone time with Marilyn, always seeming to be thwarted unintentionally by my wife.

After dinner, the three of us sat down to watch some TV. Linzie and I sat on the love seat and Marilyn in the recliner a few feet away. As we talked and watched television, I could feel the pre-cum leaking from me in anticipation. After Linzie goes to bed, we should be able to sneak in a quickie I hoped. But could we be quiet enough?

As Linzie rested her head on my shoulder, my arm around her, I got a naughty idea. What would Marilyn do if I started fondling her daughter right now? What would Linzie do? Slowly, but surely, I moved my hand from rubbing Linzie’s shoulder, down her arm, letting my pinky finger graze her gaziantep swinger escort bayan nipple ever time my hand came down. Her nipple began to get harder with ever graze. Pretty soon the grazes were turning to letting all my fingers run across her breast, and soon their was cuppage.

Meanwhile, I looked over at Marilyn, waiting for her to look over at what I was doing to her daughter. Eventually, her eyes caught what I was doing, and she quickly turned away out of nervousness…or maybe jealousy.

I took my hand and stuck it inside my wife’s shirt, which was a little to far for my wife’s tastes with her mother sitting next to us. She pushed my hand away, and I new the fun was over, at least momentarily.

At about 10:00, Linzie said she was getting pretty tired and wanted to get to work early, so she was heading to bed. Yes! I thought silently, now is my chance. But when my wife said, “Ben, you look pretty tired too, you better come to bed,” I knew my wife had something up her own sleeve. Of all nights she had to pick to be horny! Well, if I can get out of their quick enough, I can still have something left for Marilyn.

“Need anything before we go to bed mom?”

“No,” but I knew in her eyes she needed the very thing that her daughter was about to be getting.

As my wife led me by the hand to the bedroom, I turned to Marilyn and mouthed, “I’ll be back.”

Of course sex with the wife wasn’t immediate. There was the inevitable brushing of the teeth, getting the next day’s clothes ready, and chit chat.

When we finally got into bed, my wife laid down upon her back, and I immediately climbed on top of her. “Hey, not so fast!” come here she said, pulling my lips towards hers. We kissed. My wife wasn’t a bad kisser, but she was no match for her mother. I kissed her a few more times and then again tried to gaziantep travesti escort kızlar put my cock inside her, hoping to fuck her hard and fast and be done as quickly as possible. But once again she stopped me. “Kiss my breasts.” I reluctanltly complied and brought my lip to her nipple, flicking it across and circling it with my tongue, messaging her other tit with my hand.

I kissed Linzie’s neck a few times and once again made my move to begin to fuck her. This time she let me enter her. I think the fondling out in the living room had turned her on because she was sopping wet. My cock slid easily into her big pussy. I started out with a few short thrusts, but it didn’t take me long to start to get into full-fledge fucking. I watched my wife’s tits bounce with ever thrust getting turned on by her moans which seemed to be louder than ever before. Was she trying to make her mother hear her? It sure seemed that way. Our bedroom wasn’t that far away from the living room and it wouldn’t be that hard to hear us as loud as Linzie was moaning. The idea Marilyn was sitting out in that chair listening to me fuck her daughter was starting to really turn me on also.

“Fuck me! Fuck me baby!” Whoa! It wasn’t like my wife to talk dirty to me, something really had her going tonight. At the pace I was going, thrusting hard, fast and deep, I knew I couldn’t last long. With a final deep thrust, I couldn’t help but let out a loud, “Oh fuck!” as I came deep in my wife’s pussy. As several loads of semen shot inside her, my wife sighed, “Oh baby. Oh baby. You’re so good.”

I collapsed on top of her, drained. Come on Ben, I thought to myself, you gotta have something left for 57-year-old piece of ass waiting for you in the other room. “Stay inside me. Stay inside me as long as you can,” my wife said as she ran her fingers up and down my back. I lay there in her arms, waiting for my chance to get off of her and make my way to Marilyn. But I waited, and waited, hoping my wife would fall asleep, and as I waited my eyes grew heavier and heavier until I could keep them open no longer. As I drifted off to sleep, all I could think about was the disappointment of Marilyn waiting and waiting for me.

When my eyes finally opened again, it was 7 the next morning. I was going to have to make it up to my mother-in-law.

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