Morning Playtime


I’d already been on the net this morning, checking my email and perusing the various adult clubs I belonged to for new messages. Nothing good in the mail, but there were a lot of messages on the boards. I flirted with some of the regulars and added my own naughty thoughts to some of the discussions, then went to look at what else had been posted.

There was a hot new audio file posted from one of the female members. I quickly clicked it open and began to listen. I love to listen to the sounds of sex, whether it be a couple (or more) going at it or a solo act, listening in to someone else’s pleasure really arouses me. By the time I reached the end of the file and she was cumming, I found myself wishing I could have tasted her…

I’d already been thinking of the great sex with my husband last night. He had given me a good spanking for being so mouthy earlier in the day. After he had my butt cherry red I told him how sorry I was and that I would try harder to control myself. He knows I’ll mouth off again and he’ll spank me for it, but I know he likes spanking me just as much as I like having him do it. The sex we have while/after he spanks me is always wild and intense.

Mmm… all those thoughts running through my head were really getting me stirred up. Here it was only seven in the morning, and already I wanted to play. I sat there for a bit trying to write on a new story. My arm brushed against my breast and I could feel my nipple swell at the contact. I reached up and began gently teasing my nipples as I read what I had written so far. I could feel my clit just clamoring to be touched. But I made myself wait while I toyed with my nipples some more, making them swell and throb between Arnavutköy escort bayan my fingers.

I squeezed my breasts in my hands, kneading them and enjoy the feel of their fullness. I pulled my hands up and rolled my nipples between my fingers and palms. The current that traveled to my pussy was very nice. I could feel my nether regions becoming very warm, and knew I was also getting wet.

I opened my robe and slid my hand between my legs. I was right, I was very wet. I slid a finger between my pussy lips and into myself. I was slippery. I pulled my hand up and slid my wet finger over my clit, just once. It sent a shudder through my body. I was SO horny, I knew I had to make myself cum.

I got up and dialed the phone, hoping I would be able to reach my Master. The few times I had been SO in need and he hadn’t been available to ask permission had not been fun. I had ended up telling him later how I had wanted to play while he chuckled at my frustration. He picked up on the second ring, and we made small talk for a few minutes. I paused.

“Is there anything else, my pet?” he asked. I giggled in spite of myself, and he laughed softly, knowing of and enjoying my discomfort. No matter how many times I had made the request, it was still not an easy one for me to make.

“Yes, there is.” I answered, not quite ready to say the words yet.

“Well, what is it, my pet? Do you want something?” I could hear the amusement in his voice.

I answered him, suddenly shy. “Well… can I play?”

“Yes, you can, pet,” he generously granted my request. “but you must use two toys.”

I loved it when he told me what to do. I loved to play Escort Avcılar by myself anyway. I had discovered the joys of self pleasure at an early age, and even the fulfilling sex life we enjoyed did nothing to diminish my enjoyment of making myself cum. Knowing I was following his orders just increased the intensity of my orgasm.

I closed out of everything and went to the bedroom. I got out my favorite dildo, and the vibrating ass plug. I could feel my juices already starting to leak onto my thighs. I couldn’t wait to feel that plug vibrating in my ass while I fucked myself with the jelly cock. My clit was pulsing regularly, anticipating my wet fingers sliding over it, caressing it to climax.

I climbed up on the bed with my toys and slipped my robe off. My nipples were so hard and just aching for someone to suck on them. I lifted my breast to my mouth and darted my tongue out to take a quick lick. Mmm… it felt so good, such a wicked tingle right down to my clit. I lifted the other one to my mouth, and took a nice slow lick. I knew what I was going to do next. I wrapped my lips over my swollen nipple and sucked it into my mouth. I could feel the juices seeping from my pussy. The act felt quite perverse to me, but was so arousing because of that.

I laid back and put a pillow under my hips and slid the plug into my pussy. It slipped right in easily, I was soaking wet already. I played it in and out for a couple minutes and got it good and slippery, then began working it into my tight ass. It was such a snug fit. When the last bit popped in, I gasped. Then I turned on the vibration to a low hum while I picked up the dildo and started pushing it into my other Bağcılar escort wet opening.

The plug in my ass just made the dildo feel that much tighter going into my pussy. Once I pushed it past the bulge of the plug I shoved it in the rest of the way quickly… giving a little groan as it bumped against my inner walls and could go no further.

I pulled the dildo out a bit and then began fucking my self with quick short strokes, rubbing across those spots inside that felt the best… I could hear the sloppy wet sounds as I pumped it in and out of me. After a dozen or so strokes, I turned the vibe in my ass slowly up to it’s highest point as I kept the dildo moving in and out.

Finally I had to pay attention to my clit. I wet my fingers in the copious fluids that were leaking from my steaming pussy and rubbed them up over the throbbing button. The sensation made me jerk and quiver. I made slow little circles around my clit, getting ever closer to the little head that was starting to peek out.

Now I was caressing right on the most sensitive part of my sex… softly sliding my fingers around and around. The vibe humming deep in my ass and the friction of the jelly cock rubbing in and out of my pussy was making my climax build quickly. I began rocking my hips up and down to meet each stroke of the cock I was plunging into my sopping cunt. My fingers were flying over my clit, my breath coming in gasps…

I could no longer hold it back. My pussy and ass spasmed hard around the objects that were buried in them. I kept fucking myself with the dildo as I came, my eyes closed and my head back, low moans escaping my lips as I continued to plunge the cock into myself.

Finally spent, I lay there on the bed quivering until I could gather the strength to get up and clean the cum from myself. I eventually got up and cleaned my toys and put them away. Then I came back to the computer to sit and write all this down.

Just going over it in my mind is getting me wet all over again…

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