More Than Golf


As Rob woke up, he realized he had the day to himself—his wife had gone to visit their daughter—so he decided to play a round of golf. He called the club and booked a single for ten o’clock before he cooked breakfast, had a shower, and was ready for a relaxing day.

After his shower, he was going through his drawer and came across a pair of bikini briefs he’d purchased (on sale) over a year ago but hadn’t worn. For some reason, he decided he’d wear them that day—they felt good as he slipped them on. He checked himself in the mirror and liked what he saw.


Rob is sixty-one years old; five feet, ten inches tall; weighs one hundred seventy pounds; and is proud of how well he keeps himself in shape.


After he’d driven to the course and checked in, they informed him of his golf partner.

“You’ll be teamed up with Mr. Chow.”

Rob went to the practice green to work on his putting. After about ten minutes, an Asian man of about fifty years old approached him and introduced himself.

“Rob? I’m Terry. It appears we’ll be playing together today.”

They chatted for a while before Terry announced.

“It’s time to get going.”

As the game progressed, they continued to chat. As it turned out, both were married and both wives were out of town. Rob was driving the ball quite well, and Terry was impressed.

“You’re in good shape, Rob. I wish I had your body.”

Rob smiled and returned the compliment.

“You look to be in pretty good shape yourself, Terry.”

As they continued, Rob noted.

“I need to loosen up more before playing! My back always tightens up.”

Terry mentioned.

“I like to do yoga, and a good massage after a workout is a great way to keep muscles relaxed.”

Rob moaned.

“Oh, would I ever like that! Do you know anyone who gives a good massage?”

Terry surprised Rob.

“My wife says I give a great massage.”

After the game, they decided to have a drink in the club lounge.

“How’s your back, Rob?”

“It’s a little stiff but not too bad.”

“Well, let’s finish up these drinks, and you can come over to my place so I can fix your back for you. I live only a mile up the road.”

Rob was caught slightly off guard and was surprised.

“Ok, that sounds wonderful.”

Rob followed Terry to his building. It was a new tower and, as they stepped into the elevator, Terry pushed the button marked forty—the top floor. After they stepped off of the elevator, Terry opened the front door, which exposed a beautiful, big apartment with a breathtaking view of the mountains. Rob walked in and admired the view as he stood in front of the big windows.

“This is a beautiful view!”

“Yes, I like it because you can see for miles, yet no one can see in here…it’s Ankara escort very private!”

“Would you like a glass of chilled white wine, Rob?”

“Yes, thank you.”

They had a good chat while sipping their wine.

“Let’s see about loosening up those muscles of yours. Why don’t you stand up and remove your shirt, Rob?”

After Rob took his shirt off, Terry approached him from behind and placed both of his hands on the back of Rob’s neck. He started to gently knead Rob’s neck and shoulders. The first sensation Rob felt was the incredible warmth from Terry’s hands…it was so soothing. Terry continued to work Rob’s upper back and shoulders and then started to slowly work his way down his back.

“How does it feel, Rob?”

Rob moaned.

“It feels wonderful.”

Terry rubbed Rob’s back for a while longer.

“The body is all connected and often the problem is also the legs. I suggest that you remove your shorts so I can work on your legs for a while.”

Rob was slightly hesitant but was feeling quite relaxed, so he unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, slid them to the ground, and stood in front of Terry with only his bikini briefs on.

Terry was impressed.

“Wow! You really are in good shape! Nice body!”

Rob became sheepish after that comment.


Terry again started rubbing Rob’s neck and shoulders before working his way down his back. He then got onto his knees, put his hands on either side of Rob’s left thigh, and started to gently work those big muscles. The heat of Terry’s hands, and the expertise in which he was moving them, quickly relaxed Rob even more.

Terry continued to work his hands down Rob’s left leg, down his thigh, over his knee, and then his calf and shin. He then moved over to his right leg and, starting at his ankle, worked his way up to his knee and thigh.

“Rob, would you please turn around?”

As he did, Terry repeated the process, except on the front of Rob’s legs. Terry had one hand on each of Rob’s legs as he slid them up the outside of the ankles, up the outer thighs, gently over his butt, and then back down again.

After doing that for a few minutes, Terry focused on Rob’s left leg, with both hands, while slowly sliding them up his leg to his inner thigh. He left his left hand there as he slid his right hand over the hip and butt.

He continued to rub the top of Rob’s inner thigh with his left hand and lightly brushed against Rob’s balls and his firming penis. Rob was breathing a little more quickly and wasn’t sure what he was feeling.

Terry spoke at that same second.

“How are you feeling?”

Rob whispered.


Terry then stood up and again moved behind Rob. After rubbing his shoulders again, he moved in closer, reached under Rob’s arms, Ankara escort bayan and started to message his chest and abdominal areas. That caused Rob to involuntarily lean back into Terry as he continued to work with his magical hands.

Terry had his body pressed against Rob’s as he slid his hands over Rob’s chest and nipples. Rob could feel Terry’s warm breath against his neck and ear.

Terry whispered.

“How’s my man doing?”


“You know, in order to really get you relaxed, we need to work on that tight butt of yours a little.”

Rob wasn’t sure what to say but muttered.

“Um, ok.”

“The best thing is for you to have a quick, hot shower, and then we’ll get you totally relaxed.”

As he felt his firmness grow, Rob was embarrassed to undress right there, so he went into the bathroom to undress. As he removed his bikini briefs, he looked at his erection and wondered what was happening. He calmed himself down by thinking his body was just feeling good and there was nothing wrong with that.

After his shower, he put his bikini briefs back on and went out into the living room. As he did, he could hear Terry turning off the shower in the master bedroom. Terry was wearing a short bathrobe when he stepped out of the bathroom.

“Ah, there you are. Good, now we’re both refreshed and clean. Come on in, we can finish the massage in here.”

As he entered the bedroom, Rob noticed the king-size bed was covered with big towels.

“Lay on your stomach, and I’ll get those knots out.”

Rob did as instructed.

“I’m going to use a warm, non scented oil which will help release the tensions.”

Terry started to work the oil into Rob’s shoulders as Rob thought, ‘Oh! That feels good!’ He continued to knead the shoulders and work the oil in. Terry then straddled Rob’s hips as he slowly worked his hands down Rob’s back.

“We don’t want to get those nice bikinis covered in oil, so why don’t we take them off? Lift your hips and I’ll slide them off for you.”

Before he knew what he was doing, Rob had lifted his hips and felt Terry’s warm hands around his hips before he felt them being slid under his waist band and briefly touch his penis. Terry started to slide Rob’s bikinis down over his ass and legs very slowly—he suddenly realized he was totally naked on another man’s bed.

“That’s better, now we won’t stain those nice bikinis with the oil.”

Rob felt Terry straddling his hips again just as he saw Terry’s robe laying on the bed and realized they were both naked.

Before Rob could ponder the situation, he felt Terry’s oily hands again as he worked them on his shoulders and then quickly moved down his back. Terry slid his warm, oily hands over Rob’s ass and tenderly kneaded each cheek.

There was Escort Ankara a pause before Rob felt Terry drizzling the warm oil over his ass, which trickled between his cheeks, over his balls, and onto his stiffening cock. Before Rob could catch his breath, Terry ran his hand over Rob’s left butt cheek, down inside his crack, over his hole, past his balls, and down the inside of his inner thigh. Rob was having trouble breathing!

“How are you doing, Rob?”

All Rob could do was moan.

Terry continued to work Rob’s ass by alternately sliding his left, then right, hand over Rob’s cheeks and down the crack, over and over again. Terry gently spread Rob’s legs a little wider. As he moved his hands between Rob’s cheeks, he lingered over his hole, balls, and gently brushed his hard cock.

Rob was in heaven!

He couldn’t believe how relaxed, yet aroused, he was. Just as that thought crossed his mind, he felt Terry lying on top of him. He slid his body over Rob’s, starting with his chest over Rob’s ass, and then up and over Rob’s back until Rob felt Terry’s breath on his neck.

Then, Terry’s lips and tongue were on his neck, kissing and licking him. Terry moved his lips to Rob’s ear and caressed and licked him sensually. Terry continued to slide his body over Rob’s and soon, Rob felt Terry’s hardness rubbing between his cheeks.

Rob was in absolute bliss!

Terry continued to rub his body over Rob’s and continued kissing down his shoulder, back, and started to pay attention to his ass with tender kisses over each cheek. Rob’s body shivered as he felt Terry’s tongue slide between his cheeks.

Rob heard himself involuntarily moan.

“Oh, yes!”

Terry took the cue and continued to lick Rob’s crack and hover over his hole. The sensation of Terry’s expert tongue massaging and gently probing that area was a new experience Rob had never imagined. All he knew was he wanted more and could utter nothing more than a deep moan.

“Rob, you’re my special boy!”

Terry moved his body back over Rob’s until his lips were next to his ear.

“It’s time to turn over for me, sweetie.”

It was all Rob could do to muster the energy to turn his body over. As he did, Terry was still straddling and hovering above him. As he turned, he noticed Terry’s small, but very erect, penis and his quite fit body. As he turned, Terry’s hands were quickly roaming Rob’s chest and gently flicking his nipples.

“How’s my boy doing?”

“I cannot believe how special I feel right now.”

“I’m going to take you to places you’ve never imagined!”

Before Rob could respond, Terry had leaned over and very gently gave Rob soft kisses on his forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, nose, and cheeks. Rob’s eyes were closed as those kisses roamed all over his face, but then he felt another man’s lips gently kissing his…soft, gentle kisses.

Terry gently probed and parted Rob’s lips with his tongue until they felt their tongues having a gentle dance in Rob’s mouth.

Rob was in heaven!

To be continued…

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