Montreal Three


The discord was invite only. I logged into ‘principi d’oro del nord’ at 9 Saturday night.

It was dead. One person online that ended up being Leo. We chatted for a bit about home lives. He found it interesting that I was married, since I seemed, ‘pretty talented’.

“Well, someone’s gotta be kick-ass in bed. That’s her, I’m just decent.” I wrote, laughing to myself.

Devon came on around midnight, “Had to get Harper to bed, sorry.”

He gave me the address for his gym. “Your gym?” I asked.

“Yeah, I own it. We have fun times there. See you in the morning.” He signed out.

We were going to meet up there at 7am.

I got up the next morning at 5 and went through a very, very rigorous cleaning ritual. It’d been working for the last few days, so I had a bit of confidence.

The place was nice, as far as gyms go. Not one of those chain places and not a kinda hole in the wall either.

There were three cars when I got there. The Buick Regal, a minivan, and I parked the rental next to a Ford pickup at just after seven.

I’d been told to walk around the building and come in the side entrance, which would be open. Following these instructions led me into a low-lit hallway that ended in a weight room.

Leo sat on one of the weight benches. He was wearing a pair of shorts and T-shirt and looked like he’d been working out…a lot.

Devon was coming around with a water bottle towards where we were. He was naked.

Understand that when I point out that he’s built like a bodybuilder, it’s an appreciation of his effort. I’m not saying I prefer it over any other body type. I enjoy getting together with guys no matter what their body size or shape. Just hygiene…which, based on my particular kink seems somewhat hypocritical. It’s actually a commonplace thing among guys with this ‘particular’ kink.

He was coated in sweat. “Hey Joe!” He said, paused a second then laughed, “Jimi Hendrix, alright!”

He looked around, “Want to get a workout in before we retire to the showers?”

I started to say, ‘I don’t have workout clothes…’ then just shrugged, “Can I grab a towel to wipe stuff down?”

He reached into a cabinet and threw me a tightly rolled item, “Don’t stress it too much. I’ll be deep cleaning everything before open.”

I understand that our ancestors ran across the land naked, but a treadmill nude? An elliptical? I thought I was gonna beat myself silly.

Finally I just did some arm and back stuff. Free weights and a pull down.

During my brief workout Devon worked with Leo. It seemed like Leo was having a hard time with it all around, not just physically…he’s a big guy…but also psychologically, constantly saying he couldn’t or he can’t.

Devon was patient, gracious, supportive. Frequently when you see people like that there’s this air of…I don’t know…a facade? Superiority? Devon showed none of that. He came across legitimately concerned for Leo, psychologically invested.

When Leo went to the showers I said, “You have a way with Leo. It’s nice to watch.”

“Hey man, everyone deals with their demons. I worry for Leo. He was told by his doctor that if he didn’t lose weight it was going to kill him. He’s down 40, but he needs a lot more if he wants to see his kids grow up.” Devon looked almost like there was a tear in his eye.

He smiled as he glanced back at me, “If you can carry weight, not kill yourself and be happy in your life, hey man, that’s a beautiful thing and I’d never ask you to change.”

“Leo comes in on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Always mornings because he’s self conscious about people seeing him. I’d be in here anyway so it’s all good.” His smile grew.

I asked about his own physique, commenting that he looked amazing. “Glad you appreciate it! Honestly, it was just a hobby back in the day. I grew up super poor in Puerto Rico and didn’t have any kind of outlet, but my uncle had an old Jack LaLanne book about how to work out without stuff, so I started.”

“Twenty-five years later and I can’t eat spaghetti when my wife makes it!” He bellowed a laugh.

“How about…your situation? Are you top? Bottom? Vers? None of the above?” I know I’d fucked him yesterday. That doesn’t mean X=Y.

He took a second, “So, you know how bottoms…a lot of bottoms get legit pleasure from the feeling in their ass?”

“Yeah, I do. And I do. Not a complete bottom though.” I smiled.

He laughed, “Oh, I know! You got it going on!” I told him I appreciated the compliment, “No, but serious. Some folks have wild nerve endings in their nipples or ears or sack, right?” I nodded in agreement, “Ever since I can remember one of the greatest feelings in my life is feeling something rush down my piss tube…my urethra. During puberty I’d get hard-ons at the urinal in school. I can come from stimulation, sure. But if I feel the rush out of me. My God.”

“First time my wife saw me do it in the shower there was some soul-searching. A lot of discussions. I hadn’t even known I was bi until she pegged me istanbul travesti the first time, thinking if I had that feeling while pissing I could just lose it. She was right. We were on the floor in the bathroom and when I let go of my bladder with that dildo in my ass…fuck! Didn’t touch my dick at all and I’m shooting cum like a fountain at Caesar’s Palace!” He laughed.

“We do it periodically now, but mostly she’s fine with the pee stuff being other dudes. On a real rare occasion I’ll top a guy or fuck one of he’s ok with a pee enema.” He pointed at me, “But I prefer the feeling of something against the prostate while I piss. Blows my fucking mind.” He made the ‘exploding head’ motion.

“Who has the other vehicle out there?” I asked, changing the subject.

His brow creased in thought. “Oh shit, that’s just Charlie. He’s in the steam room. Goes there and sits like a lizard until someone touches his dick.” He laughed.

“Tim should be in his way. So should Andy. You haven’t met Andy. Older guy, so be a bit gentle.” He grinned, “nah, just fucking with you. Andy worked at a car plant in Windsor his whole life. He could beat the fuck out of either of us.”

I retired to the shower, guided by Devon’s direction. Since I was already naked, I just had to put my folded clothes on a bench.

The shower room was opulent. Long benches sat under spigots. A wire shelf next to the entrance held dozens of trial-size soaps and shampoos, along with some larger bottles with ‘please return’ labels. Across from that, a large cabinet held tightly rolled, heated towels.

The showers were a room some twenty-five feet long and twenty feet wide. Each side held a series of nozzles with stainless benches along the wall below. In the center of the room were two larger circular multi-head showers. At the far end it looked like there were three isolated showers for people who wanted privacy.

Leo was using the closest nozzle to the entrance. He sat on the shining steel and let the water from above pound down on his head and shoulders.

“Doing alright?” I asked him, taking the next shower.

He leaned back, “I’m so fucking beat.” He groaned a little, “can I ask you for a favor?”

I shrugged and said ‘sure’. “I’m not gonna be good for much today. Could you suck my dick? I’ll cum in like a minute, then I can go home and you can party.”

The soap smelled excellent. Something tangy, almost. “You sure? Could be a fun time if you stick around?”

He looked exhausted, but I still thought I should ask.

I moved towards him and got on my knees. His five inch erection was pointing almost directly at my face, its smooth, almost elegant texture felt as good as it tasted.

He was wrong about coming in a minute. Within 45 seconds he began oozing spunk into my mouth with these slow, easing movements. His taste was clean, savory. It was like his body knew it needed to cum but was too tired.

My shower was hot and powerful. Better than the hotel by a lot. I closed my eyes and let the water pound my face.

The reverie I was in suffered an interruption in only a moment or two. I felt two hands move around me and Tim’s voice, “Morning sunshine.”

I felt his hardness between my thighs as he pressed forward. “I’ve…I’ve got to go. I want it in you.” I just nodded.

He did a thing. He pressed only just the tip of his six inches into my anus. I didn’t even get the head inside before he let loose with one of his high pressure pisses.

Where he pushed wasn’t lubed, but he pressed in until I could feel a little pain. I jolted at the sharp sensation and he backed off, but continued to pee.

I mentally remarked to myself. Tim and Robert were REALLY into piss play. Like porn level. I hadn’t ever met someone this into things, not a single dude much less a couple. It wasn’t out of my comfort zone just yet. I draw the lines at anything to do with poop or anything morally reprehensible. Never been into pain much, and if someone says “CBT” to me I will definitely find somewhere else to be.

So the whole urolagnia thing is OK.

He finished a moment after I had the thought. I’d gone straight to ‘full’ in no time flat. Pulling away from me he said, “Wait right there.” and hustled his way over to his kit near the door to pull out a bottle of lube.

I stayed below the water as he came back, already spreading some of the thick gel over himself.

My system was prepared, more or less. I just needed something to enslicken myself. Tim had provided that upon himself.

His first try missed and hit my taint. Second was closer. “Closer!” I chuckled. Third slid up my crack towards my back.

The next one? He must’ve been a little peeved. I gasped as he hit, opened and went in a few inches. “Closer enough?”

“Ass.” I said as he began to work himself into me. It took him four motions.

For the next few minutes he took hold of my hips, leaned back and did some significant thrusting. He pushed me through the discomfort and straight into enjoyment.

Liquid istanbul travestileri ran down my leg, could have been the shower, could have been him escaping.

Without any real warning he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me, pushing me forward and straightening up. I had to take a shuffling step while he was still buried inside me.

A few moments went by where I crouched slightly while he held me and moved just his hips and thighs. His hairy chest, wet from the water cascading down, stuck to my back as he slightly moved. The curly hair stayed put while his body moved behind it. The sensation was…well, for lack of creative terms, my erection wasn’t easing up in the slightest.

Within just a few moments his legs began to shake. He pressed his face against my back, breathing hard with almost a wheeze behind. His lips moved against me, either kissing or speaking something I couldn’t hear.

He pressed up hard. I felt the scratchy texture of his shaved groin working against my asscheeks and where he could get into my crack. A long, desperate ‘uhhhnnnn’ came from him. I couldn’t tell if he moaned or just breathed involuntarily.

Two hard thrusts up, then a third and a fourth. The final one was the fifth. The throbbing rhythm of him as he flexed against my ring while filling me with his load was palpable.

It was an amazing position. It didn’t do anything for him with my mini bubble butt, as he’d gotten further in when I was bent over. I don’t define someone’s turn on.

The problem with the position was he didn’t hit my prostate at all. You’d think he would, but he was almost in parallel with my spine, that delicious curve going slightly to the right. My angle of just slightly forward meant the only stimulation…amazing stimulation…came from the nerve endings in my anus.

Before I could enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling knowing I’d helped a guy get off again, he’d pulled out and was sitting down on the stainless bench. He was so quick I barely caught him in motion covering the seven feet or so.

“You alright?” I was concerned. He was breathing pretty hard.

He smiled and leaned forward on his arms. His belly covered his equipment, “Just a bit winded. You’re a bit of something else. Three days in a row, three loads. I mean, I’ve only got so much jizz, kiddo.” He laughed.

“Anything fun happening here?” Devon’s voice issued from the hallway.

He walked in immediately after, accompanied by a man who looked grizzled and worn.

He could have been late 50’s or 60’s or 70’s. He looked to be that age where his appearance sort of hits a static point and won’t change until he’s dead, and then still won’t.

They were both nude as Devon walked in and took a shower near where Tim sat. It gave me the chance to get an eyeful of the man.

My 5’9″ had at least an inch on him, probably two. He had some extra fat on him, but it was surrounding serious muscle. His eyes were almost closed in that Clint Eastwood way, his hair was a severe crew cut. He had a dusting of grey and brown hair on his chest, arms and legs but nowhere else.

He was already erect. From my vantage point, I saw a veined, curved unit some 6 inches in length, of average girth with a slight flare to the frenulum. Also, completely out of place, there was a piercing in his connective skin between his cock-shaft and balls…the septum.

“This the dude?” He asked and his voice didn’t fit him at all. Almost melodic. Devon nodded.

He came towards me where I still stood by the shower. “You bottom? Top?” He asked, as though it were the easiest thing ever.

“Whatever you need.” I answered.

A short snort came from him, “I need to piss. Bad. Either you take it or you get me in the ass so it can go. Which do you want?”

“Again, it’s up to you.” I moved to my side to make room in the shower.

He nodded, “Fine. Ain’t fucked anyone in a few weeks. You game?” I answered sure.

When he borrowed Tim’s lube, I took the same position I had with the previous.

With very little difficulty and even less patience he made his way into me. One push his rigid…almost impossibly so…prick went in halfway. The second got him in fully.

At this point I was at a comfortable, easy feeling. He started a series of long, slow movements. I could just feel his head inside me as he’d pull back, pause and go back inside.

“Found a good one, Timmy. Takes it real easy.” His sonorous voice vibrated down through him and into me. It thrummed against my prostate and I could feel myself ooze precum.

The combination of the intense water pressure and the intense feelings of my asshole was rocking me. I felt like I could either fall asleep or cum. I was on the border of total relaxation and simulation.

“K, buddy. Here we go.” He went into me harder than he had yet. He couldn’t get any more erect, but I felt the spongy flesh around his urethra on the bottom swell. The heightened nerves inside my anus felt the buzzing of the flow as it started.

It was different travesti istanbul from the others so far this weekend. Instead of the rush from empty (or in my case ‘partially’ empty) to full it was slow, direct. Much like how he fucked. ‘Control’ came to mind.

Despite this easy motion I still began to get to the uncomfortable feeling of ‘too full’. A second into ‘I’m gonna lose it’ he began to start screwing me again. With every withdrawal he’d pull some fluid out, his flared cock head acting like a pump. With every thrust in I’d feel a little less panicked about being filled.

The wetness below me stuck to his piercing. I felt it thump against my ass periodically, felt it enter me only occasionally. It was fucking amazing. I’ve only rarely screwed guys with piercings, and never with the one where his was.

We went at things for several moments. His pace was calm and even. It was pleasant in that ‘woke up with a lover’ way.

The entire experience was astonishing. The combination of the water, the massage at my anus, the feeling of his hands on me. It was intense.

And then it was over.

No warning, he just stopped. Buried inside me past his piercing he calmly said, “There it is.” No other indication. I couldn’t even feel his equipment change its aspect. It was just sitting there with his pulse behind it.

A moment later I was sitting on the stainless bench. Out from the water for the first time in what felt like ages but could have been less than twenty minutes.

Leo was gone. Tim was showering so he could get to church. Andy was finishing his shower. Neither Devon nor Charlie were anywhere in sight.

I decided to head to the steam room. That’s where Devon had mentioned Charlie had been hanging out.

True to his estimate, Charlie’s comfortable, heavy form was lying on the upper of two tiers of tile in a room about eight feet deep and ten feet long. He glanced up as I entered.

His flaccid equipment was on display as you walked in. It was lying on his close-kept sack, its chaos of wrinkled flesh hot, sweaty, and wet in the heat.

“Oh hey, Joe. What’s shaking?” I recounted the shower area shenanigans. “Sounds like a good time! I haven’t take the…I guess ‘anal’ plunge yet. Neither direction, giving or receiving.” I asked why, “You’re gonna laugh…upbringing. I was always told it’s foul. I mean, I’ll sit on the floor and get coated in piss and cum, but a sex act that’s actually more ‘normal’ I’m like…iffy…about.”

He continued, “I mean, I’ve tried like dozens of times. Old girlfriends, my wife, guys since I’ve been screwing around. I’ll be hard as hell, put myself in a butt crack and lose my hard-on like fuckin magic.”

The door opened and in came Devon. “Hey, Joe.” He laughed again, “cannot get over the Jimi Hendrix thing” a cleared throat and he was still smiling, “I’ve got to open the place in fifteen minutes. You game for something quick?”

I was still hard from the showers.

Devon went forward and leaned on the lower tile seats. His muscled, toned ass pointed at me, the practiced hole ready for use.

He’d brought a small bottle of lube with him and I applied myself and his hairless cleft. As I did so, Charlie came down from his perch, “You feeling it, Devon?”

“It’ll take me three minutes, tops.” I pressed myself against his hole, ready to ease myself in.

Devon slammed his ass backwards. My entire 5.5″ went into him to the balls, followed by an ‘mmm’.

It was a strange sensation. The room was hotter than his insides. His intensely tight ring seized me and rolled up and down kneading the width and breadth of my meager equipment as he started a rolling motion.

“Yeah man! Yeah!” He was energized, emphatic. There was almost a joy to him.

Below, I heard the lavish sucking sound of Charlie on him. He was enthusiastically slurping away at Devon’s hardon like a lifeline.

A minute and a half in, Charlie’s voice rang through the stuffy room, “Oh fuck yeah! Gonna shoot.”

I couldn’t see his work from where I was, only his large arms as they urgently flexed and pumped.

My imagination started. I saw him down there, his nicely shaped prick shooting a gout of semen into the air, spattering on his lower belly. I wondered what it tasted like.

Which pushed me close. I gasped as my climax started almost without me knowing.

It was at that second Devon stopped moving. He was ground against my pelvis as I felt him start to empty himself.

“Oh fuck oh fuck ohhhh” he muttered as I felt the rushing against the shaft of my cock, perfectly placed on his prostate. I felt the piss, then immediately felt his orgasm.

My second gasp came with a shot of cum, “Devon, man, I’m coming.” My teeth clenched as a second surge.

“Fuuuuuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fill me up man!” He urged as I lost count of my shots fired into him.

He finished a scant few seconds before me. When he’d unloaded, apparently all over Charlie, he ground his ass against my groin with an ‘mmm’ from his closed lips.

He sighed, “Dude, it sucks you’re so far away. I could get used to you. Lot of fun with the boys.”

A moment later he pulled away from me and scooted us out so he could clean the room before opening. Charlie and I dutifully went to the showers.

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