Mona, the Uber Ride Home


Mona was my mom’s best friend for as long as I can remember. It seems that she’d always been part of my life; there for graduations, birthdays, and holidays over the years. She was a petite brunette with sparkling green eyes and a short bob cut. Her breasts were average, I guess, but her ass and legs were phenomenal. She spent a lot of time doing aerobics and was an avid runner. The way she walked accented her little bubble butt; her cheeks would hypnotize me with their circular dance.

The picture that comes to mind when I think of Mona, though, is sitting in our kitchen, a glass of wine in her hand, legs crossed under a short skirt with the tops of her sheer stockings peeking out. I always hoped for a quick glimpse of the treasure between those toned wheels, but to no end.

What changed her in my eyes happened one day when I was at her house babysitting her son. I was in the bathroom and saw a few magazines in a basket by the john. Peeking from the back of them was a Playboy, which I had in my hand in a second.

The centerfold was a petite brunette with a bob cut, and sparkling green eyes. The resemblance to Mona was striking, but this brunette was naked.

Naked in a bubble bath, naked in her dressing room. Bent over pulling off lacy white panties. On the bed with her legs in the air showing off her dark brown patch, and, finally, in an easy chair with her leg draped over the arm, sharing a glimpse of the inside of her treasure. She had bigger breasts than Mona; they hung down brushing the bedspread when she posed on her hands and knees, smiling back at me. I mean, the camera. But I was focused on that pussy.

Mona’s pussy, in my eyes. My god, all I could think of is Mona’s pussy must look just like that. I finished myself off in seconds, making a mess all over the bathroom floor, and went to the hamper to find a dirty towel to clean it all up. After the clean up, I dropped the towel in the hamper, but something caught my eye, something white and lacy. I lifted it out, and there were Mona’s panties, just like the model’s. Except they were dirty, a yellow streak up the crotch panel.

I’d never touched a woman’s panties before, and my heart pounded as I held them closer to inspect. So this stuff must have come from inside her. Wow. It wasn’t pee, it seemed like… I took a little sniff. Oh my god, what an amazing smell. Nasty and funky, is that what a pussy smells like? I took a deeper sniff and my cock surged to full erection. Amazing, just heavenly.

In no time I was rubbing out my second orgasm in minutes, my mind blown looking at Mona’s twin posing naked, while I smelled Mona’s secret scent directly from her panties.

After that, nothing about Mona was the same. Her perfume made me hard, her voice, her hugs, just hearing her name made me think of that secret funky spot between her legs.

All of my fantasies revolved around Mona. Every time I babysat, or we visited, I always snuck into the bathroom to search her laundry for a treat. It was hard to think about anything else when I was around her.

Of course my fantasy of seduction by the older woman never came true, but you can always dream. Until…

When I was a college I got a call from her, she had flown in for a wedding, and wanted to have lunch with me, so we could visit, and she could drop off a care package from Mom.

My imagination kicked into high gear, of course, and I couldn’t think about anything else all week. That morning I dressed a little better than usual, Escort Bayan showing off the physique I’d been working on in the gym for months, and sprayed on a little body spray, hoping she’d get a little idea that I wasn’t her friend’s little boy any longer.

Her hotel was walking distance from my dorm, so I arrived a little before 11. Mona answered the door in her usual short skirt, dark stockings, high heels, silky blouse opened to give just a peek of her lacy bra. Mmm she smelled fantastic. I hugged her a little tighter than I had, and she gripped my upper arms.

“Wow, Tommy, somebody got a little bigger since last summer!” As she said that, I though I felt her tummy rub my semi-hard cock. “Big college man, breaking a lot of hearts?”

“Not really, I’ve met a few nice girls I guess.”

She laughed, a musical giggle. “You know the difference between a good girl and a nice girl, don’t you?”

“Umm, no, I don’t know.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t think before I said that. Sorry.”

“Come on, Mrs. Wilson, you have to tell me now.”

“Well, ok, but you can’t ever tell your Mom I said anything like this to you. The difference is,” she hesitated, then said in a low sexy voice, “a nice girl puts it in for you.” She blushed furiously, and covered her face with her hands. “I can’t believe I said that.” I looked at her hands, imagined them putting it in her for me.

“MONA!” I acted shocked, “You nasty girl.”

She giggled, “Well, you’re a big boy now, I guess you’ll figure things out. Ok, I’ve got to tinkle, then we can get some lunch. Here’s the box from your mom.” She pointed at it sitting on the bed by her suitcase.

She disappeared into the bathroom, I heard the seat come down, and my imagination fired up. To distract myself, I sat on the bed and picked up the care package. Then, seeing her open suitcase, I peeked in a little. Sure enough, a couple of neatly folded pairs of her panties nestled on the side.

I could faintly hear the splash of her peeing, so I lifted a pair to my nose. A trace of her perfume, but, unfortunately, none of her scent.

The door unlatched, and I dropped the silk and busied myself with the box.

“Anything good in there? Mom send you some condoms? Maybe a Playboy?” she teased. Caught me off guard. Did she know about the Playboy from our past?

Now it was my turn to flush, “Uh, no, I doubt it.”

“Tommy! I was just kidding for god’s sake!” She sat next to me and grabbed the box, rummaging through it. “Good, all wholesome and clean. Next time maybe I’ll bring you something bad.”

Her teasing may have been meant to be innocent, but it had my heart hammering. Could you imagine a box from Mona, with the old Mona twin Playboy and a couple of pairs of her panties? That would be the best ever.

We left for lunch, and of course it was nothing but an older woman treating her friend’s son to a meal, all innocent.

When she dropped me off at my dorm, I got a hug and a quick kiss. On the lips, so that was enough, with the perfume from her hug, to give me a nice stroke fantasy as soon as I got into my room.

A few months went by, and I flew home for spring break. The day before, Mom told me that she’d have Mona pick me up at the airport, since she was working.

I came out of the airport and found her at the curb. She jumped out of the car, and bounced over to me, titties jiggling, big smile on her face, and gave me a tight hug. Her perfume lifted to my nose, and my cock Bayan Escort began to swell. I broke the hug before she could feel something inappropriate, but she held on, and swayed back and forth. Now I felt contact, and hoped she didn’t.

She held me at arm’s length, and looked me up and down, “Just look at you, even more handsome!” I didn’t have a second to adjust, so my chub was caught in an awkward position, and left a tell-tale lump in my jeans. I turned quickly, but don’t know if I was able to block her view.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” she grinned? Double meaning? No way.

We dropped my bags in the trunk, and jumped in the car. She had a duffle bag on the front seat, and leaned over to push it to the floor, affording me a spectacular view of her cleavage. I sat down, and we pulled away. I moved the bag over to get more leg room, and jumped a little when I saw into the open bag. Panties, right on top. All rolled up, like she had just peeled them off of her pussy.

I glanced at Mona,she was looking left to pull out. My heart hammered in my chest, as I grabbed them and took a quick sniff. They were warm, they were wet, they were Mona’s pussy to me. I licked them and got a small taste of her off of the crotch.

Feeling her turn towards me, I quickly stuffed them into my pocket, no plan, just reaction. I wondered if I could get away with swiping them, or maybe I should just drop them back into the bag. She glanced down at the bag and told me to just toss it in the back seat, get it out of the way. I said, “No, it’s no problem, it’s fine.”

Mona said, “Here, let me get it, and reached for the bag. You don’t need to be looking at my sweaty panties!”

As she picked it up, it opened wider, and she hesitated, looking into her bag of clothes. She stopped, and bent over to look closer, pushing clothes around a little. “Funny, I thought my panties were right there on top, are they on the floor?”

I must have turned crimson, because she giggled. “Oh my god, Tommy, did you steal Mrs. Wilsons smelly panties? You did! You give me back my panties right now!”

If I’d been able to think quickly, I would’ve snuck them to the floor, and “found” them, but I sheepishly pulled them from my pocket and handed them to her. She was silent for a minute, just kept on driving. I was mortified, would she tell my mom? I’d just die.

After a few minutes, she patted my thigh and told me, “Don’t worry, honey, I won’t tell anybody about this, but I just feel like I need to punish you somehow. You can’t just go taking other peoples property, especially something so personal as worn panties. I know that you were checking my undies out when you were in my hotel room, but taking them is a different matter.”

“I wasn’t going to keep them,” I told her, “I would have put them back after…”

“After?” She gave me a very direct look, just the hint of a smile, “After what?”

Speechless again.

We finally arrived at my house, and I thanked her as I began to open the door. “Not so fast,” she said. I looked over at her, she gazed directly at me. “Show me.”


“Show me. Show me what you were going to do with my panties before you put them back.”

“Please Mrs. Wilson..”

“No, just do it.” She handed me the panties, still a little damp, still rolled up. The crotch was gooey with whatever had leaked out of her during her workout. I was frozen, torn between crazy desire and pure embarrassment.

She gave me a hand, Escort pushed mine up towards my face. “I assume you like the smell of me? Is that it? Or do you like to wear them? Do you like feeling my sticky mess on your penis?

Now my libido took over, the smell of her sweaty crotch hit me in a wave of deep nasty pussy funk, and I pressed the mess to my nose. My eyes rolled back as a wave of pleasure rolled over me.

“Wow, your really do like my smell, don’t you?”

I gazed at her through half closed eyes. Had no words. I put my head back and just breathed her in.

And then came the next shock, I felt her undoing my belt, unbuttoning my jeans, pulling down my fly. “Lift up.” So I did. She pulled my jeans down to my ankles. My cock strained against my boxers, and she began to lightly touch me through them. Her fingers danced over the contours and I pulsed against her.

She seemed hesitant, could she really be molesting her best friend’s teenage son in his driveway? “Lift up.” I felt her cool fingers slide inside, and my boxers joined my jeans on the floorboards.

So there I sat, in my driveway, in the middle of the day. Naked from the waist down, my cock hard as it had ever been, my mom’s best friends panties on my nose as she caressed my cock. Touching so lightly, down the shaft, around my balls, down below towards my anus even, just lightly stroking.

“Look at me,” she ordered. I turned to my left, and she leaned towards me. Her eyes glittered. Slowly, she undid her blouse, then unfastened her bra. Her breasts hung free, soft and round, her nipples fat and purple. She leaned farther, and grasped the base of my cock. I groaned in pleasure.

“Don’t cum on me, yet.” She warned as she squeezed it hard, painfully, with her fingernails dug in. Then Mona slowly lowered her beautiful breasts to the head of my cock. First one pillowy soft breast, then the other, around and around, then the nipples bumping over. She ground one nipple hard against the pee slit, almost fucking it like a mini cock. I bucked involuntarily against her caress. “Not yet..” she sang.

She released her tight grip and softly stroked below my cock. Her fingernail traced from the very base of my cock all the way to the crown. A steady stream of pre-cum flowed, coating her nipple, dripping down my shaft.

Her tongue reached out to my neck, and slowly licked circles on my skin as she whispered, “Cum for me Tommy.”

I lurched against her, my cock flexing, followed by my first blast. It seemed to spurt in all directions, all over her chest, under her chin, on the car seats. I pumped more and more, and she lowered her chest, smothering me between the soft smooth breasts. I coated them with the viscous white cream, as she rubbed me around and around, all the while I was smelling Mona’s sweet pussy from her panties.

Her hands now covered with my cum, she sat up and looked me in the eyes. “Wow, I think somebody really likes my titties!” Her slippery fingers traced up and down my still quivering shaft.

“You know, since your mom’s not home, and her panties probably don’t smell as nice as mine, what do you say we hang out at my place for awhile.” My cock jumped in her hands. She laughed, “I guess you like that idea.”

She started the car, and backed out of the drive. What a picture, the windows open, Mona sitting there with my cum sliding down her neck, dripping off of her nipples. Me beside her with my cock waving in the breeze.

“If you want, you can suck on my nipples while I drive, baby. You know, I let you do that a couple of times when you were a baby to stop your crying. But they didn’t taste like cum back then.” She turned to me. “Today, you and I are going to do a lot of things we’ve never done.

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