Mommy and Son Chronicles Pt. 02


Disclaimer: All people in this story are over 18, and this is a work of friction. There are time jumps within this story.

Author’s note: Sorry it took so long to get this one out. In the ending of this story will be form the prospective of two different people and will be denoted of the change by /, and also this is the second part of the mommy and son chronicles. It starts the morning after part 1, and is more of a collection of stories. They ending is more of a setup for upcoming parts. Thank you for all the support!!

I woke the next morning in my mom’s bed, and she was not in bed with me. When I realized that my heart went into my throat. I remembered when I caught my mom masturbating, and how she reacted to how she saw me watching her. I started to think I made the worst mistake of my life, worrying that I ruined the relationships with the two women in my life. My mother and Emily, my now ex-girlfriend. I slid out of bed and put my boxers on, and wonder into the kitchen. My mom was in her robe, and at the stove cooking breakfast. She looked over to me and smiled. “Good morning handsome! How did my sweetie sleep?” My mother said cheerfully.

“I slept quiet well, thank you. How did you sleep mom?” I said cautiously.

“I slept wonderfully, all because of my handsome son,” she said with a big smile on her face. “Why the cation in your voice?” She said as she wrapped her arms around, and I put my hands on her hips.

“Well mom, I was worried that you and I having sex last I was worried that it would hurt, if not ruin our relationship,” I said with worry in my voice.

“There is no need for worry baby. I love you, and I feel that last night brought us closer together. Matter of fact I would love if we continue our little secret love affair,” my mom said flirty kissing my chest.

“Really? Of course, I want to continue all of this. Last night started to see you not as my mom, but as a woman with needs and cares,” I said lovingly kissing her head.

“Yes, I am Baby-boy. I need you to be my man, son,” she said, “just one thing though. No one will ever fine out. Not even the family. We have a lot to lose if this gets out.”

“Of course, mom. I totally agree.”

“Good, I made scrambled eggs, sausage, and hash browns for breakfast. Sound good baby?” As see turn back to the stove.

“Of course, I love your cooking mom. Mom, I got a question?”

My mom looked at me “What’s that my sweet Danny?”

“What do I call you now? Katie?? Mom?? Mommy?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

“What about this around the house you could me either mom or Katie. Out and about call me mom. Then in the bedroom call me mommy.” She said all flirty. “Let’s have breakfast.”

So, we sat down for breakfast. Halfway thought the meal I asked, “Katie, how long did you have feelings like this??”

“Well,” she chuckled, “you were always important to me. You being my only son, and all. I have to admit I started to notice you when you started to develop as a man, but it was not till after the night that Connie broke up with. I the reason being you were there for me, and I felt connected to you.”

“So that time I caught you masturbating was” I spoke.

She said halfway through my sentence, “It was neither my first and even the last time I masturbated to you.” She said as she grew in embarrassment.

“That’s pretty sexy,” I said with a smile growing.

“Now Danny Michael, get that smirk off your face. I could ask you that same question.”

“Yes, I had masturbated to you,” chuckling as I said it.

“What you mean by had?” My mom said with a look her face.

“I mean before last night. I always thought you were the sexiest woman there is. I couldn’t help but to. Matter of fact that day I caught you I grabbed the towel you squirted all over, and a pair of dirty panties and masturbated to them.”

“That explained a lot!”

“What you mean mom?”

“Well, was it a blueish pair of panties?”

“Yes, why mom?”

“Well, the following Saturday I was doing laundry, and I could not help but to noticed jizz stains on that pair the crotch of that pair.”

“I’m sorry about that,” I said in shame.

“No need to be sorry sweetheart! I love the fact you were so turned on by your own mother you couldn’t help yourself.”

We continued eating breakfast. “Mom, did you mean what you said yesterday about me being a lot like dad?” I curiously said.

Mom sighed and went, “Yes, you are a lot like your father. You some of his personality, but mainly you look like him. I think that is why I feel so attracted to you. Why are you curious about this?”

“I guess I am trying to piece together what is going on. Then on top of that I never really knew him. Thank you, mom, really.”

“What for?” she asked.

“For right now, for last night, for raising me.”

“Awe, Baby boy I love you so much. There is no need for a thank you. You made it so easy to raise you. I think last night was so hot because we are so comfortable together.” After saying that she stood kahramanmaraş escort up, and started walking to me around the table.

She grabbed my hand and had me to stand up. “What is going on mom?”

“Danny be honest with me. I just want to make about something.”

“What do you want to know mom?”

“Do you want to continue this love affair?” she said nervously.

“Of course, I do mom! More than anything.”

“Mhmm, that is good. So I would be you mommy, you woman, your lover, and your teacher,” she said as she started to lead me to the bedroom

“Where are we going? What we doing?”

She turned around, and kissed me, “Oh, Baby boy mommy is going to take you to her bedroom. To give another lesson on how to please a woman.”

We got into her bedroom. She went onto her tiptoes to kiss me on the lips, as she put her arms around me. She ran her nails down my chest and stomach. She started to fondle my cock though my boxers. “Oh mommy,” I moaned.

I reach forward to untie her robe. She moved my hands away. “Not yet my sweet prince. Let the tension build before we take our clothes off.” Then I my hands up, and put my hands on either side of her face. She looked at me with her bit green eyes, and biting her lip. We lock lips kissing. My mom pulls back and said trembling, “my sweet son I love you so much.”

“I love you too mommy.” I responded sweetly. As mom started to stroke my hard cock though my boxers. I moved my hand though the opening of her robe and feeling her perfect breast. Putting her nipples between my index finger and thumb.

“Well, baby boy,” she said while moaning. She slipped my boxers off, “yesterday I showed you three of my favorite things, this being one.” She dropped down to her knees in front of me. Grabbed my balls, and the base of my hard cock with the other. She started to kiss the head. Before, giving a nice suckle. “Mhm, I look sucking cock baby. I hope you like it too?”

I though my head back, “Oh, yes, I do mommy. It feels so good you sucking your baby boy off.” I said as I moaned. At this point she picked up the pace and started to deep throat. She went forward with her mouth and meeting the middle her hand. As she was doing that, she was squeezing my balls. I put my hand on back of her head. I asked her, “Mommy, do you like that big dick?”

“Yes, I do my sweet boy. You have an amazing cock,” she stood up as she took off her robe, and throwing it on the bed. She got on her back on the bed.” Do you know another thing of sex I love the most?” As she speared her legs, and putting a towel under her.

I got onto the bed, and went, “Is it getting your pussy getting eaten out?”

“Oh, you were paying attention last night,” she said as she was pointing to her pussy. “What you waiting for baby? It is all yours.” I lean forward and started to eat her pussy. “Oh, fuck baby boy!! You are a natural of eating pussy. It doesn’t help that you are my sexy son. FUCK!” I started to suck on her clit as I inserted two of my fingers into her sweet slit.

“Mommy you taste sooo yummy. Better then another juice I tried.” I said as went back to her clit. My other hand went up to her breast to play with it.

“Oh, baby! You know how to please your mommy!” she said as her body start to buck. “Baby, baby! Stop, stop.”

“What wrong mommy?” I said worried.

She beckoned me up and kissed me. Tasting her juices on my lips. “Mhm, you are right. I do taste yummy. No need to be worried. I don’t want to cum yet.” She said as she was panting. “Do you know what other thing I love in sex?” she said all flirty.

“Is you being on top?” I said not so sure about my answer.

“That is correct. I love at time being in charge of my man. Even more so in the beginning. Get onto your back. Make sure you are a good boy and be on the towel.” I got onto it. I could not believe how wet was already, and mom did not even cum yet. She got on top of me. Grabbed my cock and slid it in. “OH YEAH!! That is what momma is talking about. Herson’s big fucking cock is in her tight cunt!”

As she started slide up and down on my shaft I said, “Mommy, I never thought you had such a mouth on you.”

“Oh, my sweet baby boy. OH YEAH! I love dirty talk. Hope you don’t mind?”

I grabbed her waist, “No I differently don’t. I love it.” She put her hands on my chest. As she picked up the pace. “OH, MOMMY! Ride your baby boy’s cock!”

Oh, my sweet son you fill me perfectly!” As she started to clap her ass on my cock. “Baby, put a finger in my ass!”


“OH FUCK! Put a finger in my ass! Do it!” I reach over and started to finger my mother’s ass. “OH, BABY BOY!! JUST LIKE THAT! YOU GOING MAKE MOMMY CUM SO FUCKING HARD!” All I could feel is her tight pussy clenching around my hard cock, and her juices flooding all over my balls and dripping on to the towel. “OH, JUST THAT!!” she said as start to rub against me. “FUCKKKKK! IM CUMMING!”              She pushes herself off me as she squirted all over me. “Oh, Fuck son I love you!”

“I kahramanmaraş escort bayan love you too mommy! That was hot!”

“Thank you. It is your turn now. Now let me show another thing I love in sex. Doggy style. I love after something like where my engine is started.” She got onto all fours. “Son now fuck me. Fuck me like you mean dominate your mother.”

I lifted myself up got behind my sexy mother. “Mommy do you want me to continue fingering your asshole?”

“If you like my sweet prince.” She said as I slid into her slippery pussy. I put my finger into her asshole. I started to slide in and out of her pussy. “Baby fuck me like you mean it. Slap my ass. Fuck me hard!” I picked up the pace I leaned forward to pick up traction. I fucked her so hard. “Oh god! I’m going to cum again!”

“I am going to cum too mommy!” I moaned.

“I want us to cum together again baby boy!” As I fucked her, I picked up the pace even more. “OH SON! I’M CUMMING!!”

“OH, FUCK, OH FUCK!” We were saying as my hot cum filled her pussy, and her squirt were meeting.

“Oh yes baby fill me with that hot sticky cum!”

We collapse down as we cuddled. “Thank you, Danny, for wanting t make sweet love with your mother. I love you.”

“No need for thank you mom. I love you too.”

“I want you to come and visit me every night for now on.”

“I got an idea. What about I started to sleep with you for now on? Then we just keep my room for appearances?”

“I like that idea, okay let’s do it. Oh, Danny be mine forever, do not ever leave.”

“Oh, mom I wouldn’t I love being with all my heart.”

Life went on for us. The only difference is now my mom and I were in a love affair. We started to sneak around when family and friend where around. We could not let what we were doing be let out. A great case is the first Thanksgiving we had after we started our romance. We had the whole family over. It was packed. The whole house had people in it. I was talking to my grandmother (my mom’s mom). “So sweety how is school going?” my grand mom asked.

“It is tough, but not that bad. Considering I am in the honors program it forces me to take harder classes and keep a high GPA.”

“Oh, okay my sweetheart. I know you do well. You are so smart. Besides you have to look after you mom. You are in college and adult you’re the man of the house.”

I looked over to my mom, “of course grandma I love taking care of my mom.” Little does she knew what and how I do so.

My mom walked over, “baby, meet me in the den in ten minutes.” She whispered in my ear. She kissed me on the cheek.

“What? Now? Really?” she bit her lip and nodded yes. She had a tight blue dress on it, and her hair was curled. She looked so sexy to me. I felt my dress pants getting tight, as I thought about sneaking off to the den to fuck my own mother. Like we were two love sick teenagers.

My aunt Sophie (my mom’s sister) walked over to me and said, “Danny where is your mom, I wanted to tell her something?” My aunt Sophie was about my mom’s height but without the breast. My mom always teased her about that. More than anything though they were seriously close to each other. I was always surprised that my mom never told her about our relationship considering how close they are.

“I don’t know. I find her for you,” I replied. “What do you want me to tell her Aunty?”

“That the Freds are coming and they be bringing over some food,” she said. The Freds were her husband my uncle and her son. This was another case were my family owned a massive company. My uncle Fred ran an insurance company, his son Freddy was learning the industry.

“Okay Auntie I’ll tell her.”

“Thanks, sweetie.”

I went into the den and close the door behind me. My mom walked toward me very flirty like. Wrapped her arms around me, and she kissed me. “What took you so long my handsome baby?”

“Auntie stopped me wanting to tell you something. The Fred’s are coming over with more food.” I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Mhm we should be done by then.” She said as ran her hand to my crotch. “Looks like we both started without each other.” She said smiling. I put my hand under her dress and noticed she was not wearing any panties. “Now that is it my sweet boy.”

“I love being your sweet boy,” I whisper in her ear.

She back away and started to walk to the desk. She sat on top of the desk, and kicked her dress up a little. “Now, come here big boy, mhm, come to mamma,” as she beckoned me over to her. I walked over to her, and she started to toy with my cock over my pants. “God, Danny, I love you more than anything.”

“I love you so much too mommy,” as I kissed her passionately, and she started to unzip my pants. Then she took my hard cock out of my pants, and started to stroke it. She slid my hard member into her already stoking pussy. “Ohh, mommy,” I moaned into her ear.             

“Oh, baby boy you fill me better than another man had. I created the perfect cock for my tight cunt.” escort kahramanmaraş She moaned as I could tell she was fighting herself to not to be loud and let the family. I started to thrust in and out her. She wrapped her legs around me. I grabbed her thighs for better lavage. “Oh, baby, oh son. Hold on for a second,” as she lends over to grab a bive out of the desk drawer. She turned it on and held it over her clit. “Okay my perfect son starts fucking mommy again.”

I moved my hands up to my mom’s waist as I started to thrust again. We both started to get a little away with ourselves with moans. As we heard a knock on the door. “Katie? Danny? Are either of you in there?” it was my Aunt Sophie, wondering where both of us went.

“Is the door locked?” my asked me. I nodded yes. “Yes Sophie!” my mom yelled as I was still in her.             

She tried to open the door, “Sis, the door is locked! What is going on?”

“Danny and I are trading gifts to each other and we want a few moments to ourselves. What you want Sis?”

“The Freds are here where do you want them to put the food?”

“Tell them to find room in the dining room.” We both waited a few second so Sophie could walk away. Mom looked up at me and went, “That was so close, but so fucking hot!” As she pulled my shirt to bring me in to French kiss me. When she did that, she turned the vibe on, and as I started to thrust again.

“Mommy I’m getting so close. Your pussy is so tight my throbbing cock!”

“I am too baby boy. Oh fuck! I feel your cock getting so much harder, and so much thicker inside my cunt!” As she squirts all over the floor.

She drops down to the floor to finish me off in her mouth. “Mommy, mommy, I’m going to fucking explode inside your mouth.” As I filled her mouth I growled out in pure pleasure.

“Oh my god Danny!” She said as she was standing up. “That was a lot of cum. I had to sallow twice,” she said she laughed and kiss me.

“Well sorry mommy, just you are the sexiest woman I ever met. I can’t help but to be turned on.” As I wrapped my arms around her.

“The family probably wondering where the devil we went off to. Let’s go.” My chuckled. The party went on and throughout the party both of us were trying covertly to be flirty with one another. Finally, it came due for the whole family to sit down at the table for dinner. My cousin Frank who is Aunt Sophie’s and Uncle Fred’s other son who followed in our grandfather’s footsteps and became a minster. Said grace and did the blessing. As everyone started to eat enjoy the meal. My mom who was right next to me lead over and said, “Baby, I want you to finger mommy’s pussy under the table”

As I moved my hand up my mom’s dress and started to tease my mom’s clit. My uncle Fred asked,” Danny I have not gotten a chance to talk to you yet. How is school going?”

That force me to stop. “It is going quite well actually. Tough, but it is not too bad.”

“You are going into Electrical Engineering, right?”

“Yes, with a Mechanical Engineering minor.”

“That is good, nice that you are following in your father’s footsteps.”

I started to finger my mom again under the table. She whispers in my ear, “that’s a good baby boy finger fucking mommy under the table.”

My mom moaned a little as came on my fingers. Aunt Sophie went, “You okay sis,”

“Oh, yes Soph, just a piece of stuffing went down the wrong way.” My mom said calmly, and as I wiped her juices on her thigh. After dinner finished up my grandma, aunt and uncle, mom, and Frank all had a glass of wine, and Fred jr. and I couldn’t we were still under 21. Which in the U.S is the drinking age, and considering our family was very strict on that? After that everyone wished everyone well wishes and went on their ways. Mom and I were in the kitchen, looked at me and went, “Oh, Danny, my handsome son that was so fucking hot and sexy! Oh my god you gave me two great organism and all under our family’s nose. I love you so much! Also, thank you baby.” As she kissed me.

“Oh, mom I loved myself as well. This had to be my favorite thanksgiving yet. I love you too, and thank you too Katie.”

“So, my big boy,” as she grabbed me to pull us closer. “Want to go to bed, and make me cum one more time?”

“You don’t have to ask mom; I still am very horny mommy!” There was line of cloths going to the bedroom. I threw her onto our bed. I ate her slippery and sweet pussy.

“Oh, my sweet son! I taught and raise you right! I love you so much!” I made her squirt and cum two more time that night.

The night ended when we were spooning each other when I went, “Oh mommy! I am going to give my baby batter.” I grunted and came inside my sweet mother’s pussy. We fell asleep like that.

About a month went by, and I finished my first semester at college. Christmas break came up. There is a tradition in our family where we stay at my grandma’s house. Netless to say mom’s and I’s room was right next to grandma’s room. We had to be extra silent for that. We both have to admit to this day that was some of the hottest sex we had. I swear I thought we woke grandma up because mom and came at the same time. Anyhow time went on and I started my first winter semester at college. Then in March I turned 20. As a gif mom let me fuck her in the ass for the first time. As time went on summer vacation came about. Here in the States summer break for college is beginning of May to late August.

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