Spread yourpalms, let him read theMounts of Venus. Iris to iris,watch him tastethe tips of slender desirelonging to encirclesurrender.Go slow when you holdthe smoulder of the Sun.Feel it dip into the horizons of shoulders,invite thumbs and index Elvankent Escort to crafta vise,a gasp,a rapture oftwin peaks twisted onmolten flesh. Whimper,breathe, smile, swallow,follow Beşevler Escort the flash of instinct,exhale down to knees.Nascent passion grows when youlick the slick admission Cebeci Escort of desire,enclose a pulse in cheekbones taut,and glide away, a glacial pace.Steady hands will weavefamiliar patterns in your hair.Allow himto draw you to the rootof wantingand waitingfor your next intake ofbreathless air.By now, you know that loveis like oxygen,is like him watchingthe same woman behindclosed eyelids.Your safe space lies inthe mess you make ofa perfect syllablestifled by a push past lips,and a thrust too deep tosavour the presentpredicament -hold still, sweet girl, untilbutterfly seams hold time again.

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