Moment by moment…


She closed her eyes again. In her mind she pushed away the memory of the accident and concentrated on his hands. He had large soft hands. They were male hands. Gentle.. tender and hers. She loved his hands. She loved how he used his hands. His hands had gently squeezed her shoulder when she needed a little encouragement and there was not time for words. His hands also caressed her body… challenging her…. urging her… to join him in the wonderful bliss of an orgasm. It was his hands that attracted her at first.

She had been in a coffee shop needing an escape. She stumbled and almost fell. It was his hands… his soft large masculine hands, that prevented the fall. His hands pulled her to his body and held her… until she once again was stable. She was unwilling to leave the protection she felt in that one moment, and stood there for several long seconds savoring the warmth… his hard body and the feel of his hands on her back. She stepped back embarrassed. She was embarrassed by her delay. She was embarrassed that she was not more than her small dismal self. She lacked all that most women had. She felt like a timid mouse nibbling at the edges of life, never getting to the center were real people existed. Always on the sidelines watching… waiting.

Gradually she raised her eyes meeting his… she waited for a reproach that never came. He had big brown soft bear eyes. They exhibited both strength and tenderness. A tenderness so deep that she felt like she was swimming in the wombs of life. He held her in his gaze, not letting her go… not even for a moment. Then the magic shattered. Someone spoke. Another patron was concerned. An old ugly women that was witch than human. Her crackled voice broke into the magic, dispensing it on the wings of before…

She mumbled her thanks. She looked around almost lost. The moment held her so tight in its magical folds that the ice cold embrace of reality devoured her… She moaned… she wanted to cry. The moment had been the one she bursa eskort had been waiting for all her life… couldn’t it have lasted just one more second… one more minute. She knew that she would never have another moment… not like that one.

His voice was deep, beckoning and authoritative. She almost jumped when he reached out again, this time holding her upper arm tight. He dragged her to a chair, forcing her into its hard wooden arms. Again, she raised her eyes looking up at him. It was the first time she had looked at the whole picture. He was not an attractive man… actually he bordered on the edge of ugly. His faced was concealed beneath a thick blanket of hair. Bushy black hair that looked more like wire bristles. He was tall, almost 6 feet tall. She hadn’t realized at the time that he towered over her slim form. Her hands twisted in her lap like live eels… having no safe place to go.

The witch materialized with a glass of luke warm water, thrusting it into her face. She took a few small sips. As she swallowed she assured everyone that she was truly okay. She must have hit her head on something. She still felt a little unsteady but it did not have a physical reason. It was caused by him… he was standing just too close. She smelled the muskiness that enveloped all that were near him. He bent down looking into her face. His soft large hand touched her cheek. She was surprised by her reaction as she twisted her mouth to lay a little kiss on his large thumb. One little kiss… a kiss that said hello. A kiss that held the promise of a relationship that would follow.

Her concentration wavered. She felt the pain… the pain that was surging over her body. The pain that was taking her away. She knew that she had experienced just as much happiness as those others… the lucky ones that held the secret of living… surviving and enjoying life within the folds of reality, instead of nibbling on the rind. She had experienced the delicious sweetness of the meat that was bursa escort bayan within the rind. The red delicious meat of a wipe Watermelon that represented all she wanted… all she ever needed… all that she had strived for… that which all needed to enjoy the miracle of life. Life was a miracle. A sweet miracle that only lasted until you were done… until you had experienced your share and she had.

She turned her concentration back within… back to him. She remembered his lovemaking next to a roaring fire. His long large body molding her slim frame… and merging into one. The merger of two… making perfect moments that sprung from their love. She didn’t find their encounters dirty. Her mother had drilled in her head that it was dirty… though she dreamed about it… she devoured it the few times it was offered. But his loving was different. It was slow, easy… She felt so much of a women… he made her feel beautiful, wanted…. loved. She was loved. It was a first time… There is always time for firsts… and this was hers. A wonderful few years of loving.

He introduced her to lovemaking in a manner that she never knew existed. Lovemaking so expressive that it was an exquisite prelude to his love. She loved his large warm feet. After their tender lovemaking, his large feet would cover hers, shielding them from the cold. She enjoyed when he ran his foot up her leg as they were joining… there bodies twisting together… and they were becoming. Their joinings were passionate. He knew exactly how to stimulate her… drive her to the brink of lovely sticky sweetness. Their juices mingled… never sparking life, but they were warm with love. She never minded how sometimes he would spray her… hitting her face and inside her mouth. He was sweet… she enjoyed savoring his milk and begged him for more.

She knew she had to hold the memories tight in her mind. She heard the urgent voices and the screams of terror… some were görükle escort in the past and others were in the present. She knew yet others would be in the past. She knew her life was ebbing… Instead of him feeding her with life… Her life was draining with each drop lost. They weren’t even bothering to put more in. They all knew it was a waste of time. A waste of good life…

The accident took them by surprise. They had been driving back from one of their long easy weekends sharing plenty of themselves… and allowing others to bathe in their euphoria. She went back to show her parents that it wasn’t dirty… It was a beautiful present and one was presented to her. That she too was special… she was an individual that was worth love. He opened that door… and he had closed that door. Unable to avoid the racing truck, it hit them. Their car skidded and bounced down the side of the ravine. It hit bottom and caught on fire. She had been able to escape, but not unharmed. Her body was covered with black blistery skin and gashing flooding with her precious life source. He was gone… no one emerged from the flames… His eyes… his soft large hands… his ability to love… and make love… all gone. She wanted to share his decent. She didn’t want them to help, and knew by their comments she had nothing to fear.

She closed her eyes once more… and was gone. She felt weightless for a moment and then once again… for the second time… he reached out with his large soft hands… holding her close… shielding her and protecting her. The pain was gone. Once again she was filled with love… She drew her face up to his and they held their lips together enjoying a warm welcoming kiss. He looked down at her and brushed a stray strand away from her angelic face. He had fallen in love with her the very first moment that she stumbled in his arms. She was a present from heaven… a miracle of life. She was delicately beautiful with fragile features hidden under a mop of uncontrollable blonde hair. Her skin was so soft and warm. She had molded so easily with him… her body arching allowing him in. He had enjoyed each and every precious moment they had shared and would share…. as they together ascended to their new life…

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