Mom,BF and Daughter makes Three – Chapter 2


Chapter Two – Two becomes ThreeBetween their meets Lorie and Brad continued playing online, chatting and camming when they could, emailing naughty pics when they couldnt. Interestingly it seems that Beth had picked up her mom’s like of sensual pictures and had done some as well. Lorie and Beth were very close and new each other took pics and infact sometimes took some together. On this day Lorie emailed Brad some pics of her and included a couple of fun pics of her and Beth horsing around in front of the camera, somewhat sensual, but certainly not erotic and sexual. Secretly Brad loved these pics of Lorie and Beth together. Both ladies were very sexy and he always had this secret, kinky desire for a mom and daughter threesome.Brad had scheduled his meeting in Ak to occur over two weeks so he could have the weekend to spend with Lorie at her house. Arriving Friday night at her house she had prepared a wonderful meal and they dined together in candle light, with Brad bringing a nice wine and dessert too. Lorie was gorgeous as usual, wearing a sexy robe with some incredible lingerie underneath, which she flashed to Brad on occasion. Of course she had on some sexy stockings as well, knowing full well their effects on Brad. After supper they moved to the living room and relaxed on the couch, watching some TV. Being somewhat deliciously naughty, Lorie suggest a movie, grabs the remote and hits play. Brad groaned inwards as he thought oh no, Chick flick!!. Boy was he suprised when a the screen opened up with a clasic porn flick, Taboo! “Wow, where did you get this from?” asked Brad, and Lorie replied Erenköy escort bayan found it in a sale pile at the adult section in the video store. They both snuggled in close as the story unfolded.About half way through the film both were getting hot. Lorie was squirming a bit and Brad was getting pretty stiff and had to adjust himself a few times already. Fingers had started to wander with Brad gently caressing Lories nipples and rubbing her calves. Lorie had already unbuttoned Brad’s shirt and started toying with his nipples, increasing his excitement. As they watched and teased they talked about the movie, commenting on positions, techniques, and what they would and wouldnt like to try. The topic also edged towards family love and their thoughts on that subject. Seemed both thought it wasnt bad, providing it was between adults and both parties wanted it. This increased the excitement and Lorie slowly unzipped Brad’s pants, reached in and pulled him out. Squeezing him and then slowly bending down engulfed his head in her mouth and was immediately rewarded with a loud moan. This was followed by the front door slamming shut!”Mom, what are you doing?” “Christ” swears Brad and jumps up, wrentching is cock from Lorie’s mouth and quickly putting it away. Beth was standing in the doorway, mouth open, amazed. “You should knock Beth” says Lorie. “Well didnt think you would be blowing someone on the couch with dad away” shouts back Beth, and then she starts crying. Lorie quickly goes over holds her and brings her to the couch. Turns out that Beth’s Escort içerenköy husband was acting up again and Beth had to leave, and came home to mom. Brad, feeling out of place, trys to melt into the wood work. Seeing this Lorie explains to Beth who I am and introduces us formally. Turns out Beth has seen him before as Lorie has left some pics on the computer from their cam sessions. Brad then makes a couple of drinks and sits down across from Lorie and Beth as they discuss Beth’s ordeal. After a couple of hours Lorie takes Brad to the bedroom while Beth settles in on the couch. While Lorie and Brad make quiet love, Beth discovers the porno and watches it in its entirety.Next morning there is a knock on the bedroom door and in comes Beth with a tray of juice and muffins. She appologizes for disturbing our evening and hopes she can make it up to us. With that Lorie grabs her, gives her a big hug and invites her onto the bed to join us for breakfast. We chat and eat for the next while, and eventually the conversation turns to sex. Seems that Beth is down on herself and thinks the reason she has man trouble is she is not sexy. Both Lorie and Brad say no way. Lorie even tells her that Brad thinks Beth is hot. Brad, of course agrees. Beth runs out of the room, and comes back with the laptop and plops down beside Brad. Lorie then snuggles in on the other side and they both watch Beth start up the laptop. “So tell me which pictures you like and what parts you like” asks Beth. Brad gets a bit nervous now, here he is naked under the sheet with Lori in sexy Tuzla escort nightgown on one side and Beth, wearing a long shirt and sexy panties on the other side of him. Looking over at Lorie he gives her a quick kiss, then looks into her eyes. She smiles and then winks. Beth jabs Brad in the ribs, “hey, here they are”.Looking at the screen Brad sees a series of thumbnails on the screen. She clicks the first one and the slide show starts. There is a series of pics, all well taken, showing Beth in various poses. A few of Lorie and Beth flash by too, real cute, Brad loved the one where Lorie is spanking Beth and that caused a chuckle all around. All the while Brad is commenting on each photo, what he liked, the hair, the pose. Meanwhile Lorie’s hand was caressing Brads chest, pulling the sheet down to his belly, exposing his upper body. Brad felt a stirring happening and was hoping Beth wouldnt notice the movement. Lorie sure did and chuckled.The pictures on the laptop started to get a bit more risque. First one showed Beth in an Angel costume, compete with wings and halo. This did not cause religious feelings in Brad as the costume was semi transparent and you could just make out the nipples through the material. Next one was a hot devil costume, with a great red bra, made Beth look quite hot! Brad let out a “MMMMM that looks sexy” comment which caused a giggle from both sexy ladies. Similar pics kept showing up on the screen and then there was a picture of Beth, sitting up with a fuzzy boa and competely topless. “Wow” said Brad, “very sexy”. Beth then started questioning Brad on what he found sexy about this picture. While this conversation was occuring, sneaky Lorie’s hand had moved down, under the sheet and started fondling Brad’s growing cock, running her finger over the head, coaxing out the precum. Brad’s eyes flickered back and forth between Lorie’s devlish eyes, her fingers and Beth.

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