Model for a Day


I moved out to Los Angeles about six months ago. Like many young women who make the move, I had dreams of being a movie star. I grew up in Alabama and after finishing high school, I packed up my stuff and headed west. Needless to say, this was an entirely different world than I was used to. Everyone was beautiful and seemed to be in a hurry at all times. Certainly not what I experienced in the South. I had a small studio apartment in the valley and made ends meet by working as a waitress. It was a decent job for all the reasons you probably already know – mostly the flexibility and cash. I didn’t make a lot of money but it was enough to pay rent and buy myself groceries, so I didn’t need much more. My story really begins when I started receiving fewer and fewer shifts at work. I think it had something to do with the fact that I simply would not flirt back with the manager like some of the other girls would. I grew up with good manners and self-respect. I wasn’t like some of these fake LA girls who seemed to do anything to get themselves ahead. I had lost track of the days and suddenly it was the sixth of May. This was a problem for several reasons. The biggest of which was that I did not have enough money in my bank account to cover the rent that was due five days ago. On top of that, after the fifth of the month, the landlord tacks on another five percent fee. I now owed $1365. I pulled up my banking account on my phone and saw a balance of $605. “Shit!” I said, out loud to myself. I needed to come up with almost $800 as soon as possible. I could easily call my parents but I knew the lecture I would receive if they found out I was out of money so soon. It simply wasn’t worth it. I started scrolling through some online job postings in hopes that I could find something that would pay in advance or would just be some odd job that could get me paid that day. After about twenty minutes of looking, one finally jumped out at me. Get paid cash today! Seeking assistants for photo shoots. Call 330-597-3412 and ask for James.  With a high school education, there wasn’t much that I was really qualified for so I decided to give James a call. After telling him about myself and my situation, he invited me to stop by his office so that we could get started right away. He had a photo shoot in about an hour and wanted to give me some basic training. This all seemed perfect. I asked how much it paid and James said it can vary but it will be no less than $300 for a three-hour session. Holy shit, a hundred dollars per hour?! I hopped in my car and started out towards James’ office. When I got there, I was not very impressed with the building at all. I guess I was expecting porno hikayeler more because the job was so high-paying. It looked like any other business park in LA – grey and industrial. I walked up to the door and found the intercom. “Hello? This is Amanda. I’m here for James.” I said into it. “Hey Amanda, come on in. We are third door on the left.” James said back through the speaker. I walked in and found the hallway completely empty. No buzz of activity. No sounds. Nothing. This was certainly not the glamorous Hollywood job I had imagined back in Alabama. I found the third door and entered the office reception room. James was sitting on a couch fiddling with a camera. “Hey Amanda, thanks for coming on such short notice! Let’s go over the basics.” He said. The next ten minutes were spent explaining my role. It was simple stuff – aiming the light in certain directions, grabbing wardrobe changes for the models, etc. Pretty much what I expected from the job title. “Alright – so todays shoot will be for a company that sells men’s underwear – boxer briefs, tank tops, that kind of thing.” James told me. “I know you are young but I still expect the utmost professionalism. Not gawking. No staring. None of that shit. Got it?” “Got it. No problem, James!” I chirped. The next hour was pretty boring. A model named Pete came in and James took pictures. After Pete was photographed in his third pair of boxer briefs, James put down his camera and seemed disappointed. “Something isn’t right, Pete. This is boring. Just the same lame ass underwear shots everyone does.” He said. Pete shrugged. Models never really say much, I learned. “Amanda, how do you feel about earning a little extra money by playing model today?” James said, without looking at me. “What? Really? I’m barely wearing any makeup! I would have to go home and change and…” I stammered. “There’s no time for that. You look fine as you are. Now put these on.” James said, as he tossed me a pair of men’s briefs. They were pink and very soft. I was kind of surprised they were men’s. I went behind the curtain that was hanging to provide a little privacy for the models to change. I shimmied out of my jeans and pulled my panties down. I pulled up the pink briefs and was surprised at how well they fit. Nervously, I walked out from behind the curtain. I was a little embarrassed to be wearing only a crop top t-shirt and underwear in front of two complete strangers but that was a feeling I would have to get over if I wanted to be in this business. Heck, if this goes well, this could be my big break, I thought. James came over and began messing with my hair. He removed the pony tail holder and ruffled seks hikayeleri my hair a little so it was messy. “Great, that looks perfect for this. This is going to be way better. You have an excellent body, Amanda!” James said, causing me to blush a bit. “Okay, get over there next to Pete. Just follow his lead and do some casual poses.” Pete was a little intimidating. He was about six foot, three inches tall and looked like he was carved from stone. Not big and hulking, but very toned. I didn’t realize that I would feel this nervous being near him – he was extremely good looking up close. The fact that he was wearing nothing but a tight pair of boxer briefs sure didn’t make me any more comfortable. I had only been this close to a boy wearing this little clothing a few times in my life and that was my high school boyfriend. We fooled around while we dated like teenagers do. I only let him have sex with me twice though. I felt so guilty afterwards that I swore I would not do it again until I’m married. For the next ten minutes, Pete and I followed James’s direction and posed, laughed, and had fun for the camera. “Something still isn’t right, guys. Amanda, lose the shirt.” James said. “What? James, I can’t do that. I thought this was for a magazine ad. They can’t show a topless girl!” I protested. “If you want an extra five hundred dollars, you will take off the shirt and bra and not worry about the ad. You can cover yourself with your hands and we’ll shoot it so no one can see your bare breasts. Trust me on this one. We’ll make it fun and sexy.” I barely heard a word he said after, ‘extra five hundred dollars’. I would be able to pay my rent! I turned away from them and pulled my shirt off, unsnapped my 32C bra, and covered myself with my hands before returning to the set with Pete. My breasts are not small but they aren’t huge either. I noticed him checking me out and I have to admit it felt pretty good to get that attention. “Okay guys, here’s how this is going to go. I’m going to pull the couch into the frame and you two are going to get playful. The story this will tell will be fun and sexy. Play fight, grab, roll around, whatever. Basically, it’s going to look like fun foreplay. I’ll tell you went to hold poses and all that, but for the most part, I’ll just be shooting, so just be natural.” James instructed us. I wasn’t really sure how to be ‘natural’ so I asked Pete to take the lead. He started by tickling me. I am super ticklish so this had the effect of me dropping my hands to try to push him away, which, of course, exposed my breasts. He stared for a second which gave me an opening to playfully grab his nipple. Those first sex hikayeleri few moments were a little awkward and forced, but after about a minute we were kind of into it. I nearly forgot about James snapping pictures as Pete and I messed around. I have to admit, despite the professional environment, I was getting a little bit aroused. Pete was hot and having his hands all over my body was having an effect on me. Suddenly, Pete scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder. I giggled and screamed and he dropped me on the couch. Quick as lightning, he jumped on top of me and pinned me down. Being a little competitive, I rolled as hard as I could to escape his pin. This had the effect of knocking us both off the couch. We landed on the ground with me on top of him. I quickly straddled him in my own attempt to pin him. As I did so, I ground myself down onto his crotch, where I felt the unmistakable feeling of a semi-hard penis below me. Apparently, I was having an effect on him as well. “Alright, Amanda, sit up and cover up those tits. Hold that pose. You guys are doing great.” James cut in. As I held the pose, James moved all around us, capturing different angles of us. Beneath me, I felt Pete getting harder. I didn’t dare look down but it felt big. “Okay, guys, let’s take a break. You’re doing great, but I have some other ideas we can try.” James said. I stood up off Pete and looked down. The plaid pattern on his boxer briefs did a good job hiding what has happening underneath but there was still quite the erection stretching the front of the underwear. He noticed me noticing him. I blushed and he smirked. James handed us two different pairs of briefs to change into. I headed behind the curtain to switch them out. As I peeled down the pink ones, I noticed a pretty obvious wet spot had formed on them. I was mortified. I hoped that wasn’t visible in the pictures! I balled them up and threw them into my purse. Then, I slipped on the new light blue pair. When I came out, James and Pete were chatting about the next set up for the shoot. “Amanda, glad you’re ready. We’re going to keep the same vibe going but turn up the sexiness this time. Just follow Pete’s lead again and roll with it.” James told me. I snuck a peak at Pete’s new briefs. They were a light green color and did nothing to hide his penis. He no longer had an erection but his dick outline was prominent. It still looked big, despite being soft. I was suddenly worried about another wet spot forming on my new briefs. James gave us the signal and Pete started things quickly. It was more playful rolling around and grabbing but we found ourselves in some sexual positions a little more often – me straddling him, him between my legs, him grabbing me from behind. No matter the position, I continuously felt his hardening dick rubbing against my ever moistening vagina. It was getting out of hand. “Amanda, get on your knees. Pete, stand in front of her.

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