Missing Him


Oh, hell, they look like they’re having fun, I thought to myself with a sigh, watching a couple make out on-screen during the movie I was watching, while I was curled up on my couch, all alone. But as the scene progressed, and the couple went from kissing to getting hot and heavy, I felt myself growing frustrated too, as a longing and a tingling began to form between my legs and in my lower stomach. Ugh, if Mark doesn’t return from his deployment soon, I might just blow a gasket without him.My husband has been overseas now for three months, and it was starting to really get to me – me, the woman who was used to jumping him every day the moment he got in the door, and again before we went to bed, and sometimes a quickie while dinner was cooking. Suddenly, that tingling feeling grew to a much more feverish pitch, and I had to push those thoughts away. I missed him something crazy, and between thoughts of fucking my husband, and watching this couple practically fucking on-screen in front of me, my panties istanbul travesti were already growing damp as I sat uncomfortably on the couch, shifting my weight from side to side.But after a few more minutes of watching people getting something I’m not, crossing and uncrossing my legs, pressing my thighs together against the pressure building up there, I turned the TV off, knowing that I was going to have to do something and give in to these cravings before they drove me wild.I got up from the couch and walked down the hall towards the bedroom. On the way there, I glanced at a photo hanging on the wall of our wedding day, and I felt that tingling in my loins again, remembering the last time he had been here, and he’d had me bent over our bed, taking me from behind, hand roughly tangled in my hair, pulling me backwards into him, forcing me to ride his dick. Yes, I needed to do something about this calling inside of me; I was longing for him terribly.I got to the bedroom and threw myself travesti istanbul down on the bed, before eagerly stripping my pants and underwear off and tossing them aside. I left everything else on. First of all, my pussy was throbbing and desperately needing release, but secondly, it gave me a bit of a naughty thrill to be only naked from the waist down, legs spread, my sex pulsing, waiting for my fingers to touch myself, to make myself cum.I ran my hands up underneath my shirt, teasing myself but only for a moment, reaching up under my bra and grabbing at my nipples, pinching them both, pulling on them, my body crying out for more. I wish these were his hands on my breasts, his teeth lightly biting me.Then I dragged my hands downwards, tracing my fingertips softly over my stomach, teasing myself just a bit longer as goosebumps broke out over my sensitive skin. My legs parted a little more as my fingers passed my belly button, eagerly wanting more. My pussy felt like it was throbbing istanbul travestileri in time with my heartbeat; I couldn’t even keep my hips on the bed, constantly thrusting upwards, and the comforter underneath me already seemed wet.Slowly, I traced my fingertips along the top of my mound, my breath catching in my throat. I brought them down the outline of my lips, my hips still thrusting upwards, but I didn’t apply pressure yet, just touching myself ever so lightly. I could already feel my wetness leaking out between my swollen lips, just waiting to be spread.With agonizing slowness, I traveled the rest of the way down, just bypassing my aching hole, and then slid my fingertips along my thighs a minute longer, as a shudder and moan broke free from me. I knew he would approve of my teasing and prolonging of my orgasm, but I was ready for release now; I needed it badly.Trailing my fingers slowly up the sides of my legs once more, I made my way back to the top of my aching pussy, my fingers just brushing my open lips and over my clit as I went, and I let out a sigh. It would feel good to have a little sexual release. I had thought about breaking out some toys, and maybe even some lube, but I needed this right now, and my soft fingers would still do a perfect job.

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